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Need for greater unity in the country. I agreed, and realised that the occasion of the launch of a book of speeches of the Head of State on his anniversary would be an occasion for a call for greater unity in the country to be made in the presence of the highest people in the government. This is what I did. And, it was well-received by everyone there – politicians, judges and members of the public. Just so that you know what I said, I am enclosing a copy of the speech with this message. This is all I said, no more, no less. And, if the question is asked, the answer is: No, I have not left the SNP or joined the SPPF. That was never on the agenda of anybody. I have not changed. My wish is that there should be a dialogue between people and political parties and that this dialogue is already overdue. We are all Seychellois and we must learn to talk to each other and heal the divisions which exist. That is what my message was. And that is a message that I shall continue to push for because it has been the guiding principle of my life and work. I only hope that others will support my initiative."

From Facebook Seychelles Daily By SNP Leadership!.


      Kyrie eleison. God, our Lord, King of ages, All-powerful and Almighty, You Who made everything and Who transforms everything simply by Your will. You Who in Babylon changed into dew the flames of the "seven-times hotter" furnace and protected and saved the three holy children. You are the doctor and the physician of our souls. You are the salvation of those who turn to You. We beseech You to make powerless, banish, and drive out every diabolic power, presence and machination; every evil influence, malefice, or evil eye and all evil actions aimed against your servant. . . Where there is envy and malice, give us an abundance of goodness, endurance, victory, and charity. O Lord, You who love man, we beg You to reach out Your powerful hands and Your most high and mighty arms and come to our aid. Help us, who are made in Your image, send the angel of peace over us, to protect us body and soul. May he keep at bay and vanquish every evil power, every poison or malice invoked against us by corrupt and envious people. Then, under the protection of Your authority may we sing, in gratitude, "The Lord is my salvation; whom should I fear?" I will not fear evil because You are with me, my God, my strength, my powerful Lord, Lord of peace, Father of all ages. Yes, Lord our God, be merciful to us, Your image, and save your servant . . . from every threat or harm from the evil one, and protect him by raising him above all evil. We ask you this through the intercession of our Most Blessed, Glorious Lady, Mary ever Virgin, Mother of God, of the most splendid archangels and all yours saints. Amen."

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National Reconciliation Can Only exist When There Is A Balance Of Harmonious Gestures And Compromise So What Is James Mancham Doing At The Exhibition??

Exhibition marking President Michel 10th Year in office

Mon, 14 April 2014

President James Michel attended the opening of a photo exhibition commemorating his 10 years in office as president, which was officially opened by the Vice President, Mr. Danny Faure.

The President was accompanied by his daughter, Laeticia.

In his opening address, the Vice President expressed recognition and saluted President Michel for his hard work, dedication and leadership throughout these ten years, describing it as “a remarkable achievement by a remarkable man.”

Vice President Faure also spoke about the theme of this exhibition, “Judge me by my actions”, which is a statement President Michel made on the 14th April 2004 during his inaugural speech.

“Making such a bold statement, demands a strength of character, a spirit of great determination and a willingness for one’s decisions and actions to be questioned, to be weighed. Judge me through what I do is being courageous enough to lay oneself open to critics, but it is a statement that calls for transparency in one’s work and responsibility and accountability for the results,” said Vice President Faure.

He further said, “Judging has an aspect of appraising, of evaluating and pointing out the weaknesses so that shortcomings can be adjusted and gaps filled, all in the spirit of wanting the best for Seychellois and the Seychellois people. The statement also echoes the principle of democracy, asking to be questioned and being ready to listen, to respond and to deliver. This is what has happened during the past 10 years. The nation has been consulted, citizens have participated in decision making, and their views have been sought, listened to and taken into account.”

He also noted that this theme, should be a point of focus for everyone, an ongoing call to move forward and enhancing determination for a better future.

“Follow step by step this decade of incessant striving to consolidate our economic and social gains, of major efforts invested in cementing international relations, in advocating for environment conservation and protection, in championing the cause of small island developing states, in promoting the concept of the blue economy, and in strengthening our democracy always with the same clear vision of wanting the best for the Seychellois people,” he said.

During the ceremony, five children, all born on the 14th April 2004, shared their own experiences of growing up under the leadership of President Michel through a sketch.

The exhibition which, was mounted in the main hall of State House, showcased different photos in relation to the ten key messages President Michel emphasized during his inaugural speech in 2004, such as climate change, democracy, progress and prosperity among others.

Speaking to the local press after the ceremony, the Chief of Protocol in the Office of the President, Mr. Gervais Moumou explained how the exhibition is laid out and other venues for public viewing.

“Apart from State House, the exhibition will turn into a mobile exhibition, going to Anse Boileau and Bel Ombre, targeting people living in the South and North respectively. We have our key partners helping us, such as the Department of Community Development, in making sure that people in all districts come and appreciate the exhibition. We’re also targeting school children in view that it will be school holiday soon. The Ministry of Education has been of great help and they have informed all the schools so that they too can participate at other venues such as ICCS, Maritime Training Centre, Praslin and also La Digue,” Mr. Moumou explained.

The mobile exhibition will end on Wednesday 30th April 2014, on La Digue.

Editor's Note:
The opening ceremony and viewing of the exhibition was attended by Sir James Mancham, Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Herminie , Chief Justice Egonda Ntende, the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Francis MacGregor, Ministers, Chief of Defence Forces, Brigadier Leopold Payet, Attorney General, Mr. Ronny Govinden, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Andre Pool, Leader of Government Business, Ms. Marie-Antoinette Rose, Leader of the Opposition, Mr. David Pierre, Members of the National Assembly and other distinguished guests.
You may find a copy of the address by the Vice President through this link:

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Muslim Beliefs and Practices Hinders, Opresses and Abuses Human Right's While Seychelles Appoint One of Their Believers To Uphold Our And Others Right on The Human Rights Commission.




When Will We Stand Up For Our Own selves?? Others And Fake Opositions Clearly Cannot! Some Foreigners Are Trying. So What Will You Do!

Okay... Sorry for the delay.

I'll do it in French, i have a ton of work and it'll be easier in and more precise in French to me.

Je suis Français et je travaille dans le milieu culturel depuis des années.
Je suis venu en vacance à la Digue en Aout 2012 chez des amis (Français) qui habitent là bas la moitié de l'année.

Très rapidement, et comme beaucoup de touristes, je suis complètement tombé sous le charme de Seychelles et de la Digue en particulier.

Très vite j'ai voulu m'intéresser à l'histoire de ce pays, à la culture, la politique (aieaie), bref à ce qui a construit l'identité Seychelloise.
On m'a rapidement fait comprendre qu'il valait mieux profiter de la vie, du paysage et des bonnes choses qu'offrait le pays plutôt que de parler de ces choses "ennuyeuses".

Comme je ne suis pas du genre à rester sagement en place, j'ai fais l'inverse de ce qu'on m'a dit et j'ai essayé de comprendre.

J'ai découvert des gens extraordinaires qui se battaient pour vivre tout ça dans une misère noire avec un gouvernement qui ressemble plus à des entrepreneurs qu'à des hommes politiques.

Mon métier c'est tout ce qui touche aux arts et à la culture. J'ai senti que toutes les connaissances que j'avais amassé pendant des années pouvaient éventuellement servir à ces personnes à qui on a ôté une partie de leur identité.

Pour moi faire de la musique est aussi important que de manger. Alors bien sûr aux Seychelles on fait de la musique, je veux dire créer de la musique.

Et pas seulement ça, monter sur une scène et raconter une histoire, jouer la comédie, apprendre à sculpter, bref créer quelque chose, laisser une trace, montrer qu'on existe en dehors de l'entretien de sa maison, encadrer les touristes et travailler 20h par jour pour aider toute sa famille.

J'ai donc eu l'idée (avec l'aide très précieuse de mes amis) d'ouvrir un centre culturel et social pour les habitants de la Digue.

Pourquoi la Digue? Pour des raisons pratiques, il y'a déjà un local près à l'emploi (le bâtiment près de La Passe qui sert de Salle des fêtes) et que, en discutant, j'y ai trouvé une population de jeunes gens dont le potentiel artistique ne demandait qu'à exploser.

J'ai vu une jeune fille qui jouait de la guitare et chantait en ayant tout fait d'oreille et qui se débrouillait mieux que certains musiciens chevronnés que je cotoie en France, j'ai vu des jeunes gens me raconter leur histoire comme si ils étaient sur une scène, enfin j'ai discuté avec des musiciens plus expérimentés qui m'ont avoués que le seul problème des Seychelles, c'est le manque d'encadrement et de moyen.

Je sentais que mon projet avait toute sa place à la Digue.

Je suis retourné aux Seychelles l'année d'après ayant préparé un dossier résumant tout ce que je voulais faire.

J'ai pu avoir des entretiens avec plusieurs responsables du gouvernement dont le ministre Saint Ange, je suis même allé dans le cabinet de Lise Bastienne (reçu par son assistante).

Même si tous m'ont dit que mon projet était cohérent, je n'ai retenu qu'une seule chose:

"Comment va t'on faire pour que les touristes donnent leur argent?"


Évidemment, je n'ai jamais envisagé l'hypothèse de créer un centre culturel et social pour les jeunes dans le but que les touristes donnent leur argent. Et le donner à qui? A Monsieur Saint Ange?

Monsieur Saint Ange m'a très clairement dit que son but n'était pas de faire des manifestations culturelles ou de promouvoir tel ou tel artiste dans un simple but artistique. Son but c'est de faire venir les touristes aux Seychelles et qu'ils dépensent leur argent dans des infrastructures dont il aura eu l'idée.

A ce sujet il m'a parlé d'un "formidable" projet de bibliothèque qu'il voulait construire à la Digue, le bâtiment (à l'époque nous sommes en Mai 2013) allait être énorme et sensé être la première chose que les touristes verront quand ils arrivent en Catcoco.

Une bibliothèque? Ai-je pensé.
Il y'en a déjà une en dessous de la salle des fêtes et elle est désertée. C'est pas grave, il faut en construire une plus grande et plus belle.Peu importe son utilité.
t est mené à son terme, il finira en hôtel ou villa pour les touristes Russes ou Qataris.Je suppose que si ce proj

Je suis amer quand je pense à tout ce qu'on peut faire dans ce pays vu la vivacité et l'intelligence qu'ont ses habitants.

J'ai pu m'en rendre compte en habitant pendant deux semaines (pour mes entretiens) chez une amie à Montfleuri. J'ai pu faire le tour de Mahé ou on m'a expliqué que la moitié de l'île était vendue aux arabes et à d'autres fortunés touristes.

C'est pendant ces deux semaines que des personnes m'ont racontés un peu comment ce gouvernement avait été "créé" et qui le dirigeait.

Je me suis demandé si je devais vraiment écrire ça parce que j'ai un peu peur qu'ils soient reconnu où que eux fassent le lien avec moi étant donné qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de Français qui habitent là bas la moitié de l'année.
Et puis je me suis dis que, finalement, ça résumait assez bien le problème qu'on rencontre aux Seychelles. On ose pas dire ou faire ce qu'on veut par peur du gouvernement, de la police, des hommes/femmes influent(e)s des îles (Seychellois ou non) bref, des gens derrière le vernis paradisiaque de l'île.

Pour reprendre le fil de mon histoire, j'ai passé tout mes entretiens, avec plein de promesses encourageantes "on vous rappellera promis".

Pas un mail depuis Mai 2013. Je leur ai renvoyé de multiple rappel, j'ai essayé de les appeler, pas une réponse.
Mes amis m'ont conseillé de réunir de l'argent et du matériel et de partir sans attendre de réponse mais ils avaient oubliés que j'étais tout seul.

Je dis tout seul parce que, toutes les personnes que j'ai rencontré envisageaient ce projet comme si c'était l'ouverture d'un McDonald, c'est à dire une entreprise qui allait rapporter de l'argent.
Si il y' a bien quelque chose que je sais, c'est qu'on ne gagne pas d'argent dans le culturel et encore moins dans le social. C'est d'ailleurs pas pour ça qu'on s'engage dans ce domaine même si l'argent permet de faire certaines choses (et en pourri plein d'autre.)

Comme je n'ai pas trouvé que les membres du gouvernement étaient particulièrement engageant et que j'ai commencé à lire et entendre des histoires assez sinistres, j'ai commencé à abandonner mon projet. Ca m'a brisé le coeur parce que lorsque je m'engage dans quelque chose je le fais à 200%.

Lors de mon périple, j'ai rencontré un étranger résidant aux Seychelles depuis 25 ans qui m'a mis en garde:

"Ne réfléchis pas trop ici, le Seychellois ne sont pas forts pour ça. Ici tu fermes ta gueule, tu ne parles jamais de politique, tu ne remets rien en question, tu fais avec et tu profites de la nourriture, des femmes et du paysage. Tu es blanc donc tu peux passer du bon temps."

C'est la raison pour laquelle j'ai abandonné mon projet, même si il partait d'un bon sentiment, il finirait invariablement par se retourner contre moi. Je ne fais pas un projet comme ça pour passer du bon temps sur une île paradisiaque. Je le fais par conviction et pour me rendre utile.

Ce texte je l'ai rédigé très rapidement entre deux séances de cinéma, je peux le reprendre si tu veux. Je pense qu'il est un peu long. Je pense qu'on peut enlever plein de trucs mais je n'ai malheureusement pas le temps de me relire.

Dis moi ce que t'en penses et si tu veux que je raconte autre chose.

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Others presses forward were the Seychelles oppositions should have had to lead by example. Meanwhile this move should be taken heed as not to set foot through the front door merely to walk out the back door as has been the case in the past. Shame on you so called oppositions!!

Note From Blogger: The supports any move to ensure the protection of individuals rights and freedom towards Democracy, the blog equally does not tolerate the abuse of violations for individual means of self enrichment or "escroquerie" and extortion.

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Another So Called Human Rights Appointment Without A Lantern everything In The Cold Darkness..

National Human Rights Commission sworn into office

Thu, 27 March 2014
The National Human Rights Commission Chairperson, Ms. Dora Zatte and its two members, Justice Ranjan Perera and Ms. Farzana Jumaye, were sworn into office at State House this morning.
The appointment of the chairperson and its members is in accordance with Section 3(9) of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 2009 for a four year tenure. They took their Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution and their Oath of Office in the presence of the President of the Republic, Mr. James Michel. The Commission was appointment by President Michel in consultation with the Chief Justice and the Speaker of the National Assembly.
The ceremony was attended by the Vice-President, Mr Danny Faure, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Andre Pool, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr Frederick Egonda-Ntende, the President of the Court of Appeal, Mr Francis MacGregor, the Attorney General, Mr Ronny Govinden and other senior officials in the Office of the President.
The National Human Rights Commission was established by law under the Protection of Human Rights Act in 2009 for better protection and promotion of human rights in Seychelles.

The Commission comprises of three members, among them the chairperson of the Commission is the person appointed as the Ombudsman under article 143 (1) and the two other members should be a person who has been a Judge or is a barrister for more than five years standing or a person having knowledge of, or practical experience in matters relating to human rights.

In a press interview with the national media after the swearing-in ceremony, Ms. Dora Zatte said, "For this forthcoming mandate, we expect to see a more dynamic National Human Rights Commission. I welcome the appointment of the two members, I am sure that we’re going to benefit from the expertise of Justice Perera who has served the judiciary for a long time and from Ms. Jumaye as well, who has worked in the legal field..."

"We hope within the coming years that we will see greater degree of commitment towards the funding of the Commission’s activities. We intend to primarily deal with the allegations of human rights violations.... we have also other roles to play in educating and promoting human rights issues but for the time being our resources do not allow us to give maximum emphasis to all of these sectors, so we have to priorities our resources to where its most crucial and that is in investigation of allegations and breaches,” she said.

Blogger Note: A human rights commissioner as well as the ombudsman is a conflict of interest and an abuse of power vested by a state. The lack of transparency and equality is born out of work load bias-ness and inability to perform.

Number (2) two: Is the right to stand for humanitarian rights which does not discriminate or eliminate rather it encourages and welcomes each and every able men and women despite  his or her educational background or tenure of office.

You can be a good Samaritan anywhere, anyplace, anyhow; no need to have a few millions or royalty and title to do so as this would in fact be morally and social discriminatory which is in directly violation to what human rights stands for.

Number 3: Is the human rights work which is based on study, analysis and evidence. A Human Rights board can only perform in accordance with intelligence and facility without constraint when the writing is not on the wall but when it is why should there be constraints or excuses?

If a Human rights organisation priorities than it is not deemed credible as to each individual which ever religion, race or status the Right To Equal protection under the law is guaranteed even as per section 1 article 27 of the Constitution of seychelles and part of the universal declaration of human rights adopted by the state of seychelles.

Neglect duty or failure to perform is not acceptable when it comes to humanity as the pivotal aspect of a great nation and good society depends on the ability to listen, to concern to act for all individuals equally without ill taught or favors.

Independent investigators can be tasked to provide independent reports on violations and claims for a commission. Testimonies must be made to be challenged based on it actuality and realism.

When there is no rights protected we may have tyranny or anarchy; the law is but a mirage of peace and tranquility.

"So when Seychelles decides to get serious with human rights work and stop paying for massive homes, cars and fuel, expensive meals and trips for appointed individual.

The men and women who can go on the field manage an office without constraint on a budget now that's when we can say we have a human rights commission.
Until then we merely have a window dressing of a commission and all seychellois should petition for its dissemble and restructuring immediately as well as a forensic audit of its work and expenditures.

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Seychelles John Desaubin Refunded By Seychelles Lawyer A. Derjaques After Plaint To Chief Justice.

Left Wavel Ramkalawan Right Lawyer Anthony Derjaques

MR. Desaubin was paid off 17,500 SCR from Lawyer Anthony Derjaques after non completion of the duty the lawyer was hired for.

Desaubin's complaint to the seychelles Justice Mr Frederick Egonda Ntende complained that his former lawyer Derjaques withdrew himself from his case when he started to question him as to why there was so many mentions rather than proceeding with the trial of (Desaubin versus seychelles Port Authority) he had paid for.

Since it was taking Lawyer Derjaques so many months before in civility coming to terms that when you take money for a work and you do not complete it or discontinue with by own will;where there is no clause that binds the clients money to forfeiture under any circumstance or agreement/ arrangement then the right thing to do is to reimburse for non compliance to meet service and demand.

In this case straight forward and simple the lawyer in question took his fees for a service which he did not complete by choice.Since according to his explanation referenced in the chief justice letter of response the lack of a plaint or action from the proper authorities or forces when a life is threaten is put to scrutiny and doubt. 

Lawyer Derjaques Withdrew His Services as indicated in red above.
Mr. Desaubin who in his turn claims he had witnesses that heard him talking to lawyer Derjauqes outside the court house then in victoria, Mahe , Seychelles says he did not threatened the life of lawyer Derjauqes; but merely asked for an explanation on his case in regards to delays in mentions and the lack of the lawyers office to keep him abreast with the proceedings follow through. According to MR. Desaubin that is when the same lawyer arrogantly to his face exclaimed he is withdrawing himself as his lawyer.

Following this the Plaint to the chief justice came after it took lawyer Derjaques several days, months or years to realize that he should have had refunded the money to his client when he refused to continue with the job so that his former client could afford someone else to continue what he left off.

As there is a code of ethics in place in seychelles now and civil suits cost money which MR. Desaubin did not have the luxury to entertain.This course of action by plaint was deemed appropriate after legal advice from a human rights activist to MR. Desaubin.

It took the same justice system over two week to finally respond in relation to the plaint of MR. Desaubin and the explanation is as follows.

"MR. Desaubin was not even brought in for questioning nor verification of his plaint and add-ons and neither was he provided with any sort off explanatory findings throughout the CJ's office inquiry.

On the letter MR Desaubin said that he had no choice but to at least recover the amount that was nominated by Lawyer Derjaques and concurred by the Chief Justice who found it to be reasonable; rather than nothing despite being appalled by the sheer lack of discipline by the judiciary to take appropriate measures or to reprimand missconduct MR Desaubin was left with a take it or leave it and even ill see you in court choice.

Further plaints in the same situation on the same lawyer showed that there was a cs 271/07 that was simply adjourned without a date (Sine Dei) by both the defense and plaintiffs lawyer in agreement, with the client being clueless of this course of action through lack of communication from his lawyer and his Lawyer's office.


The Chief Justice and his office should have explained as follows

Questions: Why didn't Lawyer Derjaques notify the police of MR Desaubin threatening him if he really felt his life to be in danger and took the step of withdrawal from the case?

Why did he withdraw from Desaubin's case when Desaubin Started to ask Questions?

Why did he close Cs 271/07 without a date and continued with another one? Is that not more court fees and legal representation fees for his client to pay? What will or what happened to CS 271/07?

Why did the chief Justice agreed to Derjaques explanation right away but failed to explain to MR Desaubin of CS 271/07 part of his plaint confirmed by email to Miss Jessica Kerr his Legal Assistant?

Why only 50% of the 35,000 SCR was appropriate when the case was overwhelmed with mentions and with the same lawyer filling another case on same magnitude was placed dormant without advise? What did Derjaques do to earn that 50%?

A Human Rights Case is well on the way again for MR. Desaubin in the meantime i keep following this case closely.

MORE To Come .................................