Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Glimpse Of James Michel's "Nouvo Sesel", With A Dead Opposition!!

No water for local business man and the common man of Seychelles, yet daily distribution at 17:00hrs on wards to foreign businesses, Eden Island, former ministers homes, Sheikh Khaliffa's Properties and James Michel's home and more.............

With the parliamentary elections well under our feet James Michel's DA and MNA's Remains fast asleep on human right as well as the so call SNP opposition Majority and the Judiciary. A family at the beginning of the road to the Ex-Allamanda Resort Anse Fort Bans and hotel are being victimized and deprived of access to move about yet this government is set on selling islands and properties at the cost of one rupee. The family which uses their vehicle a truck to function as Takamaka is a distant away from town, has seen that a construction has decided to bolt a tight squeeze so that they would have to use buses and footpath. The owner of the truck said that a case is currently in court yet the construction goes on despite any attempt of an injunction so they can move freely. Another Seychellois family is put in a cage all under the "Nouvo Sesel" which James Alix Michel has proclaimed. See pictures...

Planing Authority either plane slackers on the job or corrupted, a small alley way for the Residents of Chenard Estate Plaisance agreed to build walls to boundary their properties and leave a small way for vehicle access to and from their properties. As per a rule stated to one of the Residents by the Planing Authority their should be a certain amount of distance fro the road to allow vehicle flow and rain debris down wash. 

Unfortunately today under the "Nouvo Sesel" things remains same for one man whom his family and friends saw constant interactions with the district MNA present MR. Bernard Adonis whom might currently not be in the country at present. This individual without due respect to planing authorities and neighborhood folks has chosen to build his wall directly within the road access such as he saw fit to himself. Despite contacting the planing authority till today the situation remains same and a traffic hazard for the neighborhood people.

This individual also doing a  massive construction chose to use a very heavy vehicle to shorten trips of his coral fill deposits on a property just above and wrecked his neighbors drive in path in the process. This is the state of planing authority and James Michel's war on corruption in his government and sub departments; just another bed time story see picture and denote for yourself............

Stay tuned in with a Seychelles reality as Seychelles Freedom Party Tours the Seychelles exposing the "Nouvo Sesel" which James Michel is creating and a Silent opposition is endorsing!!

If You wish to report your own violation contact J.P on 515174 at any time.


Anonymous said...

Wow nice road PL.

Keep it up.

Roads for scooters, water tanks for Gren -Wi's but not for people.

Smart as Michel would say!

La, La, La, La, La La!

Anonymous said...

What kind of roads does the SPPF build?

Is this Nouvo Sesel!

Anonymous said...

You should see the bridges that they build. They get washed away into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Communism never builds anything that last.

People of Seychelles, "we are being ruined everyday, our lives, our homes, our families, our children's future, with Communism a la James Michel".

Spread the word via text on the mobile phone.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I believe it is not fair to say we have a dead opposition in Seychelles.

The SNP are in ICU ward. Leave them alone for now.

Give them one dose of medicine to make them strong again for us all:


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