Monday, June 20, 2011

Seychelles Communists Are Suffering From National Multiple Disorder

The Seychelles Communists Party is exposing their serious state of mind disorder in the month of June. On June 5th, they claim that they are liberators. But the person they liberated themselves from, James Mancham, a deposed President, sits besides them in public meetings, he is offered VIP status under their government and is pensioned. In public rallies, they proclaim quite arrogantly, “Se Nou Ki Lepep!”

That is the pitch for the days leading up to June 5th.

June 5th Fiasco

The focus of attention on June 5th is Zomn Lib, a metal statute, designed proudly by Pauline Ferrari when she was a Youth Pioneer in the One Party State Dictatorship, when the Communists of Seychelles restricted overtly and openly basic human freedoms. This included the jailing of descendants, the exiling of many, and the acquisition of lands belonging to Seychellois. They argued that the acquisition of lands was necessary to redistribute land to the landless to correct historical injustices. That does not explain why they exiled so many Seychellois, and today, they do not have the right to vote as bona fide citizens of the land. Many as Dr. Jose Suyave, travel regularly to Seychelles, own business interests here, that are very substantial and pay more then their fair share of taxes, but cannot vote. It equates to taxation without representation, and the Communists, will be happy to know, that this very concept, is what led to the American Revolution in 1776, when the Colonists declared Independence from King George of the England.

Today, this is what June 5th, has given us, Taxation without representation, it has given us a party that calls themselves, Lepep, and they say “Se Nou Ki Lepep”. Fair enough, but that represents if at all only 48% of the population legitimately, at best based on historical comparisons. The remaining percentages are scammed through rigging of the Voters List. We know it has been alleged and not denied, that as much as 5,000 votes can be rigged, and this last election a tremendous effort was made to rig an extra 2,000.

The opposition should unite, and demand that the sham elections be cancelled and run another one with UN and Commonwealth conducting the elections. I am 100% sure; James Michel will lose by a large substantial margin. In the meantime, a BOYCOTT of the National Assembly must be maintained and respected by all parties.

“Se Nou Ki Lepep”

The gross inference of “Se Nou Ki Le Pep”, is that if you do not support the Communists party of Seychelles, you do not form part of the people of Seychelles. This mental voyage that the Communist party has taken neglects to reflect accurately on the state of the nation, if it was made up of only their supporters.

In actuality, the country would be made up of the royal family Adam’s and Savy’s. Most of them are Communists, but they are the millionaire type, earning great wealth off the lard of national assets.

After that, there are the Faure’s, and Herminie’s who have become administrators. Beyond that, is a mass of  baka drinkers and dust kicking dancers who shake their ass at anything red, with a poor level of productivity and a high level of social welfare dependency.

To put it nicely, the country would seize if the opposition are excluded from the Seychelles population.

Change State of Mind on June 18th

By the time June 18th, the National Day of the 3rd Republic rolls around, it is evident to the President and the Cabinet, that they cannot face the challenges of National Bankruptcy, without the whole 100% of the population supporting program cuts, and efforts to increase national productivity.

 By June 18th, it is apparent, each year, the Communists come down from their clouds of June 5th, and we start to witness the transformation of their multiple mental disorders as they appeal for reconciliation with the Nation.

Before June 18th, they embarrassingly send out songs on the radio to tell the people subliminally to: “Koste”, or “Unite”, or even “put your problems and national failures in a corner and forget about them” (Chicco- nice jingle but advice that can come only from a fool).

June 18th, A Cover Up For Failure

Our National Day has become a major effort to cover up our innate failures under the Communists. The parade is the same Communist parade show you would see in North Korea or Ukraine every year. The goose step is the same that Hitler used to march upon Europe in WWII.

Since we do not have enough soldiers anymore to make a parade, they toss in children into the march, Police, Fire Brigade, and some visiting military personnel that are in port from different countries.

This seems to cover up the failings of the defense forces well. Cars are   washed and polished, and the President has a group of side cars to escort him alone. His wife has to take another vehicle to the parade. IMF should look into this highly autocratic expense and practice. 

The side cars were donated from Morocco and these units could have been consigned to the Police, where they are badly needed, but they stay in an air conditioned garage all year long instead; another sign of failing, but this time it is the Police of their duties to reduce crime and increase patrols. 

The Autocrat Speaks

This year, James Michel came out of his shell. With a divided opposition against him, and a faltering lead opposition not even threatening his bad ideas, even remotely, he was 100% himself.

It is in being himself that he allows us to DNA his autocrat style.

Michel called for another opposition, and not the one that exist now, the inference, being, he will replace the opposition. One does not get more autocratic then that, but he did. No leader in a democratic country can choose an opposition. That is a sham democracy, as Seychelles has become under Michel. It has come from his own mouth, not mine.

Michel set out an elaborate snakes and ladder of conditions the opposition must meet for him to engage in discussion with them. That is very autocratic. In which democracy does a leader set out conditions for discussions? Dialogue does not have conditions set to it? Who is Michel to set conditions? Is he some kind of super Citizen? I suppose in his own mind, he is.

Michel said again, he will destroy xenophobic ideas in Seychelles once and for all. This is highly autocratic in that he is overtly restricting the free flow of ideas and information in the society, a violation of the Human Rights Charter of the Seychelles Constitution, on National Day.

Michel is not much of a scholar, and seems to misunderstand the opposition’s ideas on foreigners in Seychelles. It is not being foreigner in Seychelles that the opposition opposes, it is the selling of passports and the selling of citizenship, which has been prolific under his autocrat rule that we find highly offensive and will never accept.

So Michel not being a very good scholar, should be informed and be put on notice, ideas cannot be killed! That means, you cannot kill “Sesel Pou Seselwa”! You cannot shoot it. It is invincible and bullet proof. So put your AK-47 away.

Similarly, you will be delighted to learn, that you cannot jail “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, by jailing a political leader. Did you not follow the South African Revolution and Nelson Mandela, Walter Susule story at University of Seychelles? If you did, it would have saved you a moment of intellectual self inflicted humiliation. I noticed the President of Tanzania was laughing throughout the speech, he must have found something very funny indeed.

After June 18th National Day

Conveniently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be back after June 18th National Day. After the side cars and luxury sedans and soldiers all put on a show to empower James Michel, the real boss will be back in town, calling the shots, under Parti le Pep: IMF.

No Water For Indian Ocean Games

In his June 18th National Day speech, James Michel called for a victory for Seychelles at the Indian Ocean Games to be hosted by Seychelles, herself. I salute all the players, and wish them luck. But this year we have a slight problem, we seem to not have enough water for residents, and the arrival of IOG teams will coincide with the Seychelles tourism peak season.

Where will we get water for everyone, Mr. Michel?

It seems that while you were giving talks around the World on “global warming”, and “Sea Level Rise Foundation” as you rightly profess, you forgot in derelict fashion, one little detail at home: no provision for sufficient water for the people, and 85% leakage of pipes, which has nothing to do with global warming and nothing to do with the rise of sea levels!

End Game of National Personality Disorder

So for 11 months, Michel will say “Koste”, “Unite”, “Leve Debourye”. Then next year, around June 5th, we will hear it all over again, “Se Nou Ki Lepep”…..Le Pep se Nou”!

Now, if you think you will propel a micro island state out of national BANKRUPTCY with this type of split national personality disorder, you may be flying over the Cookoo’s nest before your next IMF extended facility is extended to your government.

I suggest you seriously consider seeking medical attention to resolve these conflicting messages you are sending out to the people. You are confusing them and sending the potentially productive energy of a people, back into the barrel of baka tubs for Five (5) more years!

Remember one thing Michel, before June 5th, 1977, it was Seychellois that built State House, it was Seychellois masons that built Liberty House, where the Ministry of Finance sits, it was Seychellois that built the Catholic Mission. We were waking up and hustling (Leve Debouye) long before you pulled guns on us and imposed Communism on us as a people.

But I know, to Communists, it all makes sense… the results will not differ anytime now or in the near future. So bring on the IMF and drop the devaluation on our heads again!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill delivers a victorious article for the People of Seychelles again!

Bravo Gill!

Register that Party!

My family will join you!

Anonymous said...

June 5 is the day that 55% Seselwa took back the government stolen by 2% rich man and their brain-wash slave yes-men.

Even today the same 2% want to find a way to steal the government and slave the Seychellois once more.

Debout Zom Lib!

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