Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seychelles Sham Elections Move To One Party State

No sooner than the British Royal couple Prince William and Catherine of Cambridge left Seychelles, the results of the rigged election and sham process by the Communists surfaced for the world to see.

Quickly Swear in the Sham President
As quickly as the rigged elections in Seychelles were shammed with the help of the appointed Electoral Commissioner, the Sham President Elect James Michel held ceremonies at State House on the grass, inviting ex -wives, current wives and future wives to attend.  In the back row from the women, one could see the religious and the diplomatic corps that seemed to keep a distance from the fanfare and a stricken frown on their faces as the kissing went on.

Swear in The Sham Consul of Ministers in a Hurry
This week, the Consul of Ministers was sworn in. All those that lined up to kiss the Communist President, were re-instated in their posts. The boot lickers that sold out from the opposition were not seen in the line up. They must have been at home watching the event, and wondering what their future had in store for them.

A word of advice to the “sell outs”: when you make a deal with the devil, the devil is always in the details. Don’t say I did not tell you so, I did.

As Christians we will all pray for you all and your family for liberation from mental slavery under the Communists. When you are down, sing a song of “Freedom”. Sometimes, it is all you really ever have.

No Opposition in National Assembly

There was no opposition (SNP) in the National Assembly this week. They have promised the People of Seychelles, that they will not to go back to the National Assembly where laws and national issues are debated until the One Party Electoral Laws that have not changed materially for Seventeen (17 years as per Commonwealth recommendations and SADC be so amended to allow a genuinely free fair level playing field for all parties.

This bold but necessary and overdue move by the SNP is heroic on their part if they stick to their guns, and do not waiver and change their minds and give us another lame excuse why they cannot stay out of the National Assembly.

Judging from past experience, I will not hold my breath on the matter. The No. 2 mentality if heavily and deeply engrained in SNP leadership DNA, they like to lose. Hence why we had a Three (3) man opposition race in the election and encouraged it, by ignoring my pleas for a united opposition for years now.

They must change leadership to have any hope as a party. When that happens, I will be happy to work with new dynamic pro-active, leadership to bring about change. We do not have to lose every Five (5) years, when we
Can win everyday!

“Attitude” is that little thing that makes a big difference, in an organization.

Enter One Party State Seychelles
This counter reaction to rigged elections and a sham process by the Communist Party of Seychelles, now takes Seychelles back in a One Party State. You will recall MSR was denied registration as a party. Viral Dhanjee was kicked out of the corridors of the Electoral Commissioners office, denied to stand as an Independent Candidate. The Courts conspired with the Communists to enforce these arbitrary and capricious decisions.

Autocracy Rules Us
James Michel the sham election President has now turned a chapter and become an autocratic leader. The evidence of this evolving autocracy is evident to the international community.

Soon when Michel makes a phone call to a supplier, we will get a press release. This practice is similar to his friend Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nayan’s manner in which he runs his government. Michel is ignoring how Rene did things or tried to improve, and imitates what Khalifa does, though without the same purse. We are faced with a reality today, that Michel could be worse for Seychelles then Rene himself at this point. He runs the country like a Ten (10) year old behind a Ferrari, ignoring sensitivities that hold the country together like little fabric to a cloth. Left unfettered, Seychelles will come apart under James Michel watch.

Already the mountains behind Ephelia Hotel Port Glaud are burning on fire. La Misere, mountains, near Khalifa’s residence burns. My Office Annex has been set aflame. Lydia Jumeau’s car was set a blaze in the darkness of the night.  Last night, human bones were found at Intendance Beach planted in the beach sand, next to Banyan Tree Hotel. The head of  what appears to be a missing worker at Ephelia Hotel, as been found this week at the bottom of the sea not far from Ephelia Hotel.

Before elections, MSR truck was shot by a 9mm gun by State House agent.

I demanded a settlement in the matter and it has been ignored. I demand a settlement again. As I do for the breaking into the MSR office and stealing of our campaign materials and office equipment.

Think twice; when you decide you want to abuse power, man. The days of Idi Amin Da Da are over. If you think you will pull a Sheik Khalifa on us, you better think twice. Seychellois will not tolerate Autocracy! 

UN Human Rights Sanction on Seychelles

Recently, the UN Human Rights Commission sanctioned Seychelles for not filing a Human Rights Country Report for Seventeen (17) years, required under Eight (8) international conventions. Not a single report- 17 years.

The real reason being, the human rights violations in Seychelles are committed mostly by the Communists themselves, they are tasked with preparing the reports. Sanctions can last as long as Four (4) years. The cover up has been for 34 years. Now the World is on to the sham on human rights.

Freedom House Ranks Seychelles With Ukraine

Freedom House, which promotes freedom, civil liberties in emerging democracies ranked Seychelles recently, along side Ukraine in curtailing of Freedom of the Press. The survey was released in honor of World Press Freedom Day, May 3.

We did not hear a peep on World Press Freedom Day in the Seychelles. That is because under Michel PL Communist Party similar to the Ukraine, too much power is concentrated in the hands of one man.  

We see him on TV every night for 15 minutes out of a 30 minute news program. Additionally these programs are run three (3) more times over and over.

When Michel shakes hands with someone, the cameras are there. When Michel kisses someone, the cameras are there. When Michel sits down, the cameras are there. When Michel walks, the cameras are there. This omnipresence is highly destructive to democracy. It is like putting acid in our rice and wishing a healthy meal to the people.

Newspaper Act et al of 1991 

Freedom House could not have been on point more, to rank Seychelles with Ukraine in Press Freedom.

Until today, the Seychelles Press functions if at all, under the One Party dictatorship laws enacted by France Albert Rene called the Newspaper Act.

This ancient law imposes severe brutal restrictions on the Press and makes it penal in nature, to publish if the Communist government does not like what is being written.

Public Orders Act et al (1991)

This One Party State act, which is still in full enforce, provides for strict requirements to protest and peaceful assembly. One must obtain approval

from the Commissioner of Police to conduct a meeting in Public where three (3) or more persons collect. Failing an approval, the Police have the power to arrest and power to detain the Three (3) citizens.

For Seventeen (17) years the SPPF PL Communist Party has kept this law in force. Recently this year, just before the election season was launched, the Commissioner of Police Andre Quatre and the Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Joel Morgan, went on television and declared that any person that conducts

an assembly or protest will be dealt with, as they said that pictures of men holding ak-47’s and tear gas was flashed.

This overt threat and massacre of the right to assemble, protest and expression, applies only to opponents of the Communist government in Seychelles. It does not apply to the Communists themselves. Pictures of the Freedom Square rally and other rallies in the last election show this. The right to assemble is a reserved and privileged right in the Seychelles.

The international community is put on notice of this grave autocratic practice ongoing in the Seychelles today, that is another nail in the coffin of Democracy and Freedom in this Country.

There is no Democracy in Seychelles and Freedom’s are not respected. What we have is a very efficient voting process that is patently laden with fraudulent voters on the Voters List. This, the Commonwealth Head of Delegation, Dr. Hunt from St. Lucia, told NGO’s in Seychelles is common in all countries and we as citizens must take proactive steps to clean up the list once and for all.

Initial Observer Reports Do Not look Good

Initial reports point to a “credible voting process” (D- of reports) and do not address the leveling of the playing field in which Freedom must respected to allow Democracy in Seychelles to flourish.

No observer group was forth coming with the A+ of reports: “……that the elections were Free and Fair’ Hence, the voting results was credible”.

Seychelles elections are impossible to be “Free and Fair” under Communists, especially now that we are back in the One Party State, and there is no debate anymore. Silence rules, as James Michel hogs the television screen, radio airwaves, and newspapers, all funded by the State.

I expect to be arrested and detained for this blog any day now.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


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