Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sheikh Khaliffa had no choice but to give a desalination plant donation to amend the Deathly Hollows he had given for Parti Lepep to use as one of the means to win the election, "The houses at Ile Perseverance".

If you would look closely at the picture you will clearly see that the Ile Persevrance project is a classic comic of the Arab world it is in the midst of a deserted area, it has very little vegetation facilities no wild life but hard scourging burning sun rays. So as to the point; one must be realist and ask this question where will the water thanks be established if a Seselwa residing there wore to purchase one to consolidate to the water restrictions??

The answer is "BS", no places to do such, by packing all of our Seychelles like sardine in a box only to sell prime pieces of land at a one rupee rate to Arab friends Michel forgot to even explore the possibilities of rain issues after all not even he can do the Rain dance. The last option was the Sheikh to the rescue with desalination solution. Only in the time when Pierre Laporte will soon announce the devalution of the rupee on it second time.Will we be able to run the plant or will the sheikh do it??

But rest assure that Minister Joel Morgan has promised to bring down some very experienced red Indians in other word Rain maker to do the rain dance and solve our problem even will be attaching some of party lepeps finest to learn the deal and help out when there is a need!!

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