Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stop Playing Politics with Escobar’s and Drugs


Our country is being overrun with drugs and it is ripping the very fabric of our society and making it highly dysfunctional. This has been ongoing for the last decade and it has reached a collapse mode today. Over 3,500 addicts of hard drugs in Seychelles today. Treatment centers collectively can take only 18 patients on a 4 month cycle. 54 patients a year, at a possible 40% success rate.

This means we have a serious national crisis on hand.

NDEA Numbers Give Fake Results

As a consequence of drug use and addiction, addicts resort to crime and illicit activity such as prostitution to fund their habits. The viability of our work force is under threat; the availability of young men able to work is under threat as NDEA records 400-600 arrest and charges detentions per annum.

Montagne Possee is full over capacity. The strategy to arrest every man with a little drug like marijuana on hand has been implemented to fill quotas and provide proof to Michel that the Irish are doing a good job.

The reality is that they are arresting the victims of drug abuse, and they are letting the Escobar’s free to continue the supply chain of drugs into Seychelles.

Morgan Says He Knows the 25 Escobar’s

Minister Joel Morgan, a former SNP Parti Seselwa executive committee member, said on SBC Three (3) weeks ago that he knows all the Escobar’s operating in Seychelles. Minister Morgan said there are Twenty –Five (25) Escobar’s in Seychelles, and he personally has all the information he needs on them to arrest them, and he is watching them.

I salute Minister Morgan on his excellent intelligence work. I now ask publicly that Minister Morgan please, take the next step, with the wind of all the Gods pushing your back and bones, and arrest the Twenty –Five (25) Escobar’s. If you can manage that, you will put John Wayne to shame, and show us all, that after all, John Wayne was just an actor and you, Minister Morgan, are the real DEAL.

NDEA Morgan Need to Put Up or Shut  Down!
I watched with complete amusement as Sergeant Naill Scully, ex Guardia Army Irish Reserve, explained to us on SBC that NDEA is involved in a major sting operation with cartoons from a computer print out collage depicting drug lords in different locations of the globe.

This is total nonsense that only a person not qualified for a job would do on national television. If you are doing your job Scully, you do not need graphs and pointers and cartoon characters to tell us you are doing your job.

We will tell you ourselves, that you are doing your job. So far, you have been arresting young men with tidbits of marijuana on possession and that means you are not arresting the Twenty –Five (25) Escobar’s.

We want what James Michel promised: ESCOBARS. When you have them, do not hide them, put them out to dry, and show their: 1. face, 2. name, 3. district, 4. age. Then we want to know what assets are seized and how many years they are sentenced.

NDEA Not Police

A widely miss-held perception in Seychelles is that the NDEA is the Seychelles Police. It is not. NDEA is a Para military unit headed by a recruit mercenary named Nail Scully from ex- Guardia Irish Army Reserve. Scully has no Police experience, prior to coming to Seychelles. At one point Michel appointed Scully as Deputy Commissioner of Police. Under his watch more professional Police resigned or were removed by a non police then we have ever seen in recent Seychelles Police history. Anyone that disagreed with Scully which I am not sure if he even holds a college degree, was given the boot. Today our Police force is meek and weak, only because it has been made so in a deliberate systematic manner. To rebuild will take another generation. Let us not kid ourselves.

The NDEA use a bogus enabling statute that created it to conduct search and seizure without warrants ( a violation of fundamental human rights), stop searches without probable cause (another violation of fundamental human rights) , and they are overly armed with assault weaponry (Para military aspect of NDEA) which they use in a civilian setting.

Mr. Michel, this is not on.

We also know that NDEA is used by Mr. Michel himself, or with his tacit consent of silence, for political intimidation. The case that comes to mind is the shooting of MSR truck by one NDEA staff or agent with a 9mm gun. I have written to Mr. Michel to address this matter, and until today, he has remained silent. In the modern world, silence equates to guilty as hell. I expect Mr. Michel to resolve this matter that is still pending. The Police that received the complaint form of the incident told us nothing will be done on this.

Breaking Into of MSR Office

Another matter that has been alleged to involve NDEA agents that were based at State House is the breaking into of the MSR office at Docklands. This matter was addressed in a letter to Mr. Michel, and he did not reply. It is still an outstanding matter that we want addressed and resolved. The using of NDEA for meeting political agendas is equates Seychelles Government to a tyranny and Para military state. This disgraceful malpractice must be stopped.

In such a small place, such a small country, there is no place for bullying with AK-47’s and Israeli manufactured short neck machine guns. You don’t need that entire armory to stop Escobar’s, Michel. You just need a little will!

The NDEA reminds me a bit of the dumb bully in school. He was much bigger then everyone else, had some contacts in high places, and pushed his way around, because he was not smart enough to do his work in a cool way to move ahead. We Seychellois are tired of being bullied especially by a bunch of dummies that cannot deliver what they have promised.

Go Talk To The Escobar’s

If Nail Scully cannot track down the ESCOBARS as James Michel promised, all Twenty –Five (25) of them as declared by Minister Joel Morgan, then Minister Morgan should change tactics. Go talk to these ESCOBARS. Tell them they are ruining our country, and destroying lives, and breaking families. Tell the Escobar’s they are ruining Seychelles. Beg them to stop and change, turn to the inspirational word of the Lord, and earn their living another way. If they need help, send them to Saving Bank where Carpin and Pierre go to collect their pay packet. If they can go to Savings Bank, why cannot an Escobar get a loan for a fresh start? You seem to be good at handling the SNP, why cannot you handle the ESCOBARS?

When you talk to the ESCOBAR, tell him, if you do not stop, next time I will come back with one armed man and one Vice President to discuss your future. If that does not work, tell him on the third visit, we will bring the President of the Country along with the Vice President.

By then, the Escobar will either stop, or he will be encouraged by the guest list to continue his evil trade and prepare a grand feast for you all that will put to shame what you dished out last month: Burgers, Bake, and Bakka!
People of Seychelles, we must hold SPPF PL fully accountable for the 25 Escobar’s!

We are waiting.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

I agree with you - "Stop Playing Politics with Escobar's and Drugs". You show great skill in invesigative journalism like finding nude pictures of underage girls for your blog. So why don't you show your skill and expose the Escobars on this blog. Name them and their district and businesses. If you have the guts take their pictures and paste it on this blog.

How's that for a constructive suggestion?

Anonymous said...

To the last blogger.

Unfortunately, it was not Joel Morgan who wrote this blog. I hope Joel can be brave enough to come and expose these 25 Escobars which he claims to know and possibly procting them !

A Dalon.

Anonymous said...

This is true it is not Joel who writes this blog but it is some who say they are far better and competent. So it seems such an easy thing to post the names here, unless SFP or MSR or STAR whatever wish to leave the Escobar's alone. Seems a shame some poor teenage girl you are eager to print nude pictures but for Escobar you wait for Joel.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Christopher can put real pressure on the escobars and make it hard for PL to ignore them. Make a real difference for Seselwa right here right now.

Take the initiative in the war on drugs. Would make a nice change from just talking and promising and fixating on power first actions later.

Get rid of the Escobars and you don't need capacity for addicts and re-habs and other schemes to make such legal washed money from drugs. This is not just moral sense this is economic sense.

You know it. So do it.

Anonymous said...

Reply to First Comment-

I do not know the Escobars, it is Joel Morgan that knows them , all 25 of them.That means Consul of Minsiters knows all 25 of them and they are being protected if they are not being arrested. That is the point of the article.

So if Morgan cannot load thier pictures, and make it public, he can contact the Seychelles Reality blog administrator, and the Admin can help him out. We are not afraid to face our societal ghosts that are destroying all our lives. Morgan should not be afraid either.

Stop playing politics with Escobars, get to work. That is the point. Stop the B.S.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Come on Joel, give us the names of these 25 Escobars. We do not need their photos, we only need their names.

Joel, we will leavbe the Somalian Pirates for yoiu to deal with. You seem to be doing a fair job on the Somalian Pirates front. However, you are failing with the Escobars. So pass their name onto the administrater, we will try dealing with them from a different angle.

Joel, this is a fair deal. Let us work together to the good of all Seselwa !

Anonymous said...

Pp will play politics with Escobars for the simple reason that they want us to believe they are working hard on the issue and that it is not PP croines who are Escobars.The fact is that Pp has failed and unable to arrest those Escobars beucase they have become finacially powerful and Pp demand of their dirty moneys to survive.Escobars are the Sons and duagthers of PP cronies do not expect PP to bring solution:In of words,you do not ask a criminal to be the judge of his own crimes.

Jeann D^'Arc

Anonymous said...

sounds like you know them JA? But no use you naming them you coward fake profile troll as Chris calls you. Give the names to Chris and he will publish with his ID the brave leader.
Or maybe not it looks like Chris wants to collaborate with PL now.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Pathetic SNP last comment-

We in SFP are not afraid of Escobars. We face them just buy writing about them.

We are writing this article to hold Joel Morgan accountable, 100% to expose arrest detain, charge the 25 Escobars, he says he has information on.

When we hold Joel Morgan accountable, we hold the PL Communist regime accountable on DRUGS.

Your politics of confusion which has led to the destruction of SNP in no more then 90 days has no place here, on an SFP blog, where we are trying to fight drugs and Escobars and hold Joel Morgan accountable.

If I were you, SNP Pathetic, I would be checking my list twice, and finding out who is the next sell out on your Executive committee. That is, what is left: 1. lawyer, who is Khalifa's lawyer, 2. one priest millionaire cum ex paid informant to SPPF. 3. one coup plotter who stood over the dying body of Son Chang Him on June 5th, 1977 with his Daddy doctor holding his hand.

Don't touch SFP SNP. Leave us alone, we do not want your sell out fever to catch the entire country!

From now on, SNP is quarantined for 120 days. No one trust SNP until all sell outs are cleared.

From what I know, there is more sell outs coming our way!~

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Brigitte said...

The Nation today says,
"students to educate peers on dangers of drugs & prostitution. The best way for young people to learn about the dangers and effects of drugs and prostitution is from tehir peers."

So they get second-hand info from the Police, who doesn't even understand the dangers & effects of drugs themselves and then they will pass that on to their peers. Mrs Mondon what is going on? First the students have to make sure that their peers attend school & show love for their school & have respect for others, now they must teach others about the dangers of drugs & prostitution. They cannot even conduct themselves in an interview - "During the meeting the employment agencies also spoke about the concerns that the employers have. For example, many have complained that young people do not know how to conduct themselves during an interview." The Nation re unemployment - But we want them to take on the drugs & prostitution problems of our country. How very responsible our hierarchies are. & where will they have time to study?? Or are we planning to send all state school students to IOT, and the private ones to further their career abroad.

Brigitte said...

btw Prostitution has been around since the very beginning. Since before the HIV/Aids virus reached our shores, but now we are blaming it on drugs, just as we blame it on everything else that is going wrong in the country.

Brigitte said...

just as we blame everything else that is going wrong in the country, on it.

Anonymous said...

SNP Pathetic Troll- go check out your party, there are some serious problems there. Please sort yourselves out then speak with one united voice.

You have no moral legitimacy as an SNP to raise any debate issue at this point, on this blog.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Is that right Gill ? You are shutting down freedom of expression ? Can't take the beating that you get on this blog and STAR anymore ?

You led the way for Jane Carpin.

Anonymous said...

Reply to SNP Pathetic and Beyond!

Carpin from all I can see so far, is a product of the politics of self interest cultured in the SNP.

I have been warning you SNP Pathetic en bloc of this malaise for quite sometime.I even told you Pathetics and Beyond that this will happen and there is more to come, because your party no longer stands for anything, instead it uses people to help you all make money off their plight and suffering under communism.

Carpin's speech was pathetic and beyond, much like the rest of you -what is left of SNP.

She represents what is wrong with all of you on the SNP executive committee. You are all self righteous, and you all pick on people hoping you will break them and destroy their spirit as humans. This is Ferrari DNA that has been cultivated in SNP, which today, your party is now a victim of that very DNA you enjoyed all these years.

Ferrari and Ramkalawan have hidden each other because one was a paid informant and the other a coup co conspirator. The latter will face charges, if a government ever changes which it will and he will face those charges. There is no limitations period for murder and conspiracy to murder.The Chang Him family have told me they will hold me to this promise to deal with Ferrari.

I feel sorry for you all. You are a sorry ass lot. No principles, no empathy, no compassion for even people that helped you get to where you are or were.

You have all collectively given politicians a bad wrap in Seychelles, right along side the communist PL.You are no better, because your DN is them :SPPF.

The country deserves more then what your sorry lot has to offer.

God have Mercy on us! Inspite of yourselves, we at SFP will pray for you all, as hard as it is.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Charpin is protituting with PP.She is a complete sycophant and a down right hypocrite.Turf this tart from the SNP.And i call on all voters who voted for this traitor to sign a petition asking her immediate departure for she has no credibility any more.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Gill, you can bark as much as you want. It does not change the fact that Carpin was following in your footsteps. You gave opposition politics a bad name. When do you think you underwent a conversion ? I want to know.

Anonymous said...

Charpin is rather following in the foot step of RAM who has long taught them to accept perks,bonuses in return for their collaboration.Charpin probably remember quite well when Pp bankrupted us thus making our people poorer in 2008, instead of having RAM using the circumstances to topple PP he went on to state to sign himself a salary increase PLUS all kinds of perks.I guess Charpin was not happy to see RAM getting all the benefits She now just want to do the same in order to get a piece of the pie that RAm has too long been enjoying alone.

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are definately fighting over money and position in the SNP.


Anonymous said...

One other thing that catched my attention in the above photo,is the fact that a bodyguard (a miltary person)publicly wearing a T-shirt of Michel/Faure.Should an active soldier being paid by tax payers money be supporting publicly a political person?Should they not be neutral as long as the are still serving ?

Jeanne D^Ârc

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