Friday, July 1, 2011

We Will Never See An Independent Committee As Long As There Is No Strong Opposition Like SFP To Boycott!!





President James Michel has appointed the National Committee for Social Renaissance which will be working to steer the national dialogue which the President will be launching soon in accordance with his National Day address this year.

“We will hold debates and find the cure to the diseases gnawing away at our communities. This national debate is the first priority on my agenda for the next five years. It will provide the basis for all the decisions that government will take to enable all of us together to find strategies to fight the social ills in our country,” said the President during the address on 18th June.

Minister Vincent Meriton has been appointed the Chairman of the new Committee, together with fifteen other members.
“I believe that the National Committee should reflect a wide spectrum of society and its members, appointed either in their official or private capacity, as the case may be; the prime consideration being the contribution they can make to this all important exercise accordingly,” said the President.

The full composition of the Committee is as follows:

·         Designated Minister Vincent Meriton (Chairman)
·         Minister Joël Morgan
·         Minister Bernard Shamlaye
·         Minister Macsuzy Mondon
·         Mrs. Marie-Pierre Lloyd, Former Minister
·         Mr. Frederic Egonda Ntende, Chief Justice
·         Mr. Ronny Govinden, Attorney General
·         Mrs Germaine Michaud (Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry-SCCI)
·         Mr. Bernard Elizabeth (SCCI)
·         Mr. Bernard Georges, Seychelles National Party Member of the National Assembly
·         Mrs. Joevana Charles, Parti Lepep Member of the National Assembly
·         Ms. Marie-Claire Elizabeth (media expert)
·         Mr. Patrick Victor (artist)
·         Mr. Andy Jean-Louis (Secretary to the Committee)

The Inter-Faith Committee has been invited to propose its representative on the steering committee, and is expected to do so shortly.
The Committee held its first meeting this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Look at Bernard Georges running to give PL credibility.

Ex lawyer of Khalifa, wife sold Felicite Island for Sr. 1.0 as notary for Rene in illegal deal.

This is renaissance?

More of the same.

Boycott! Boycott ! Boycott!

Anonymous said...

PL is pitching the cooperation card to SNP to get them to tow th eline in exchange for unity government.

Same bait as 5 years ago.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Here we go! go! go!- Again!

Anonymous said...

Bernard Georges should not be part of this. SBC boycotted Wavel Ramkalawan's independence anniversary message, presumably because he has snubbed SBC on two occasions.

It is hard to understand the logic behind SNP's presence on this useless committee. Especially as PL tried to push through the electoral commission change on its own.

Just like PL used his presence on the constitutional reform committee to vote down the motion for electoral reform commission, PL will use his presence on this committee to score points.

Anonymous said...

The whole setting is a masquerade you take the same old crooks and you startall over again.The end result seems clear it would benard was called in just to give us the impression that it is a serious and committed committee,which is nothing than a joke.

Anonymous said...

the end result seems clear ,it would be another shot in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Committee violates the principle of Separation of Powers, Michel is a total idiot!

Executive cannot appoint a Chief Justice to executive Committee and MNA's from Legislative Committee.


Also involvement of Church violates Separation of Church and State.

Total joke from Jack Joker Shammer!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

SPPF heading Social Renaissance in Seychelles, what a joke. How can you ask a robber to look after your money ? How can you ask a child molester to baby sit a child ? How can you ask murders to judge ? Can'y you see everything is run up side down in Seychelles. Social Renaissance headed by SPPF is the biggest joke of the week of not the biggest joke of the year.

Anonymous said...

What a load of tosh, Gill. There are no constitutional implications for their participation on this committee. As long as the judiciary is independent in the discharge of its judicial responsibilities - that is the issue. My concern with the CJ getting on these committees and attending things like book launching ceremony at State House is what time is left for his judiciary work.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Please find below a press release. Please note that Mr Bernard Elizabeth is a representative of LUNGOS and not SCCI.

Kind regards,

Srdjana Janosevic

Chief Press Secretary
Office of the President

Anonymous said...

So what!It does not matter which organisation he is a member of,the fact is that he is a Pp collaborator to your likes serving yourselves from state coffers with impunity.

Anonymous said...

Michel is like a manager who gets his staff to do useless work and then complains that the real work is
not getting done.

The judiciary is short of judges. The CJ cannot afford to be doing other things.

Anonymous said...

Michel problem isthat he is a bumbling manager(leader) with low IQ.,I think his IQ has a score of 10 -compare to high IQ which has a score of 130.It means that Michel is gifted with the genius of an idiot,with severe mental retardation, meaning a condition of mental ability in that it is produces dificulty in adapting to the demands of life.

Jeanne DÂrc