Tuesday, August 23, 2011

90ft Jaws hunt boat is called.. Amity

This Article is a replica from the: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3768265/4p-off-petrol-if-Colonel-Gaddafi-goes.html

 Terror ... Great White shark

Terror ... Great White shark
Discovery Networks Europe

THE paradise isle where a shark killed honeymoon Brit Ian Redmond drafted in bigger boats yesterday to hunt for the monster.

Officials determined to kill the beast ordered in a 90ft trawler called Amity - ironically the name of the town terrorised in the film Jaws.
A coastguard gunboat searching for the shark off Praslin Island in the Seychelles was replaced by a larger one - with a machine gun crew under orders to shoot on sight.
The moves came amid fresh evidence Ian, 30 - whose bride Gemma, 27, saw him die last week - was attacked by a rogue Great White.
Experts confirmed teethmarks on the body of the IT consultant, from Roby Mill, Lancs, were not those of a more common bull shark.
Beaches are poised to reopen in days - protected by shark nets


brigitte said...

on Praslin Island, Seychelles
Published: Today"

You are so misleading. Nick Parker is a journalist for The Sun Tabloid newspaper in the UK.


From NICK PARKER on Praslin Island, in the Seychelles
Published: 18 Aug 2011

You copied the above & replaced the date with 'today'.

NICK PARKER did not give you all these links for The Sun newspaper. It's not illegal to offer people links to articles or find links yourself etc, but i wouldn't use someone's name who had been investigating the Shark incident back home & make out he's written all these other stories in The Sun.

for eg:

was written by:
Defence Editor, and DAVID WILLETTS, Defence Correspondent
Published: Today!!!!!!

You could get sued for that, especially by a tabloid newspaper like the sun who is at the moment hungry for someone's blood over the death of the british tourist.

Pissedoff said...

That would just make my day...after all those illegal nude photos of innocent young and perhaps some underaged people and the mauled bodies of the shark victims that he's posted on his obscene bloggs!
Is there a way of putting his link on that Sun Newspaper web page?

brigitte said...

Well i wouldn't help The Sun newspaper, i'm not a fan, they're a very 'dirty - manipulative - would go out of their way to print a story' to help the sales of the newspaper of course.
But Mr Editor needs to come correct with his info.

brigitte said...

Stop manipulating the people for your own gain.

brigitte said...

He is also 'pirating' other news resources as his own. That's how it comes across on this blog anyway.

Pissedoff said...

Now do you believe me when I said from the start that this man is vindictive, a liar, manipulator and overall sleaze bag?!

brigitte said...

ok, i wouldn't get that personal but i do admit that it was naive of me to believe that he genuinely wanted to change things for the better, to progress the country, to give the people the correct information at all times.
oh well, lesson to be learned still eh!! :)

Anonymous said...

If both of you guys were smart you would have noticed that the links were left on the article, so by clicking the links you idiots it takes you directly to the sun web site!

The sun newspaper merely just wanted to show their rights to the article which stupidly they did not notice that all the right were left along with the link!

brigitte said...

all u need to to do is put www.thesun.co.uk, not turn your blog into a second hand the sun & the newzealand whatever it is.

that's all you need to do & boom we're on the link outside of your blogg but you are putting it across as if it's your investigation & it's your blog who's done all this work. You haven't started your own newspaper.....yet. Don't poach others in the mean time. Do some journalistic work on finding proof for all these allegations for corruptions and on the people who needs to be brought to justice instead mate.

brigitte said...

Talk Talk Talk that's all!!!

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