Friday, August 19, 2011

People's Party Communist Government Of Seychelles Lead By Sham Elected President James Alix Michel Was Warned Of Other Possible Shark Attack But Refrain From Taking Effective Actions!!

Shark expert warns Seychelles has a 'serious problem' and further attacks are possible

A leading shark expert who has been asked to find out why the animals are killing swimmers in the Seychelles has warned that further attacks are possible.

A bull shark
Predator: a bull shark. Photo: Michael Patrick O'Neill / Alamy
Jeremy Cliff, head of research at the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board in South Africa, advised local authorities to close the beaches after telling them they had “a serious problem”.
He believes that changes to the sharks’ environment, possibly caused by fishing methods, are bringing them closer to the shore, and will fly to the Seychelles later this week to advise the government on what to do.
He said: “The fact that there have been two shark (attacks) so close together suggests there is a serious problem and we must therefore assume it could happen again.
“It is always impossible to say for sure what is happening when we're dealing with sharks, but we must make educated assumptions based on the evidence we have.
“I will assess the whole sea situation around the Seychelles. It could be that fishermen have been discarding part of their catch in shallow waters which has brought the sharks closer to shore.


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