Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seychelles Freedom Party Filed Application Documents For Registration At Electoral Commission National Library Today!!

Press Release

The Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) successfully filed political party registration today on August 9th, 2011 at 10.00 am before the office of the Electoral Commission and Mr. Hendrick Gappy, the Chairman of the Commission received the documents, personally.
Mr. Gappy received Mr. Christopher Gill, Leader Pro Tem of the Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) along with the documents, which was evidenced by a acknowledged receipt signed by Mr. Gappy dated and timed.

The SFP will now wait for a reply by the Commission.
Mr. Gill said that he does not expect any unreasonable delays in the certifying of the SFP as a political party in Seychelles. 

The presence of SFP will solidify the Seychelles democratic exercise by providing the Nation with a solid and serious opposition that will critic, but will also provide solutions and foster dialogue, if possible. Mr. Gill says he defines dialogue as being an exchange of ideas but also concrete compromise which is necessary in Seychelles today if Democracy is not to fail at this hour. 

Dialogue must be public and not behind closed doors, to exclude the Public as has been the practice by the opposition and Ruling Party in the past.


La Comet Artwoks ©™ said...

SEYCHELLES FREEDOM PARTY bless be this name in the lands of Seychelles and across the globe and back.

Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Anonymous said...

The next step is to find some supporters. Gill managed to find a decent pair of trousers. We can stop looking at your trousers now.

Anonymous said...

Who is that lady on the left?
If she is an SFP activist and election is being next week,she will cross over to PP a day before. Gill no opposition party CAN win. You need 200 men like FRANK JUMEAU to do a COUP2TA! GET-IT.

KARANJA.. opps Kampala

Anonymous said...

Reply to Silly SNP Pathetic-

You seem to think the effort of the SFP is a funny, only after making a total "donkey" of yourselves, through gross mis management of your party for years, and then you say no one can win.

No one can win with SNP as it is today. For this is why we ask you all with all due respect for your good work in the past, to now shut down, since you are doing nothing any more.

Your effort has become only an enigma to Seychelles that the PL now thrives on.

If you would have taken meaningful steps, to unite the opposition, and been sincere in that effort, instead of back stabbing anyone with an idea, you would not be making funny comments today over the formation of the SFP.

Your jokes do not belittle SFP, but expose your own intellectual limitations and perhaps your depression as a person and as a Party which you represent.

Perhaps this is why you hide, like a ghost in this comment section.

Reflect! Then seek a moment of prayer and ask the Lord for some guidance, you badly,badly, need it.

Seek inspiration to go beyond the ways of sharks or even worms and conduct yourself like a man as God intended you to be.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

the only Coup D'etat Seychelles Freedom Party has seen and will be seing is the one in which all of its ex- supporters formed a party called the UO today it is the mortuary and waiting to be insinerated and that is SNP!!

List of two hundred for a coup what a joke, as we all know the whole ferrari family and rene's men amounted to thousands in numbers!!

So are you saying Christopher Gill has got solid men and woman by his side enough to amass two hundred and overthrow the country??

As much as i know ramka and ferrari is shitting in their pants, because Gill has not back down once despite all negativity, and his crew and moral is on high peaks of morne seychellois screaming "Sesel Pou Seselwa" with dignity valor and pride. I firmly believe that Gills next step should be to Print some of those land deals and sales for all to see as well as these informants affidavit and killings!!

We know he has an affidavit to blow away a variety of communist and the ferrari and Ramka clan but lets just wait and see!!

Run Ferrari Run... Run man Run!!!!!
James michel's lies finally will once and for all be exposed to the freedom loving seychellois.

Sinyen en Ferrari Prop!!

Anonymous said...

SFP does not live in a closet. So dormant sell outs will not thrive!

If sell outs are exposed, we will deal with it, not die with it.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

KARANJA.. opps Kampala

Dat lady on the left is none other than the administrator of SFP myself Ms. Vanessa Jennifer Gertrude.

I am a very well educated individual despite Parti Lepep and SNP goons attempts to buy me.

For your information I AM NOT FOR SALE!!

Seselwa Unite!!

Seselwa pou Seselwa!!

Pissedoff le slim said...

Zot Totof, me ounn kanze hier en? The occasion must have been extra special for you to leave the bunbag at home?
Who's the group? All your lieutenants? All Rasins?
From left to right: Zandark. Rasin Ganja a.k.a. Vox, Little Johnny and the man himself Totof le pans!

P.S. I see that en Ferrari prop sent a comment!

ciao ciao.

Anonymous said...

This is one small step towards the larger goal. SFP did not back down. All the pressure has cracked the nut.It is a momment of victory and say we have prevailed.

The larger step is to prove that SFP means professionalism to achieve the goal. This implies SFP needs to be very cautious, strategic and meticulous, because it may be that every little step will be monitored. Any sloopy mistake can cost us dealy. I can only say one final word. SFP partly aims to expose the truth and address transparnecy and accountability.

The question is who will watch over SPF!. This is why this hour will demand more villance while doing the job.

Congratulations on this day

Anonymous said...

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Pissedoff i click said...

Totof how much did you pay these two guys and the woman to be photographed with you?
One can see that these three are clearly not in the picture so to speak!

Jean Paul Isaac said...

Pissed off

No body needs to pay me off to be on the side of Freedom.

In Reality i am one freedom loving seychellois and so where my friends and believe me there is more than you will ever know and just to please your curiousness.

We intent to be that same majority that will be sitting at home tending to a Boycott of this upcoming sham parliamentary election while you say please guys come down and vote and give credibility to this rigged election!!

Anonymous said...

Pissed off-

I see you are getting polite. That is nice. Keep it up.

These people told you, they are Freedom Loving Seychellois!

I do not believe you could touch their little toes on their left foot, communist!

BOYCOTT SHAM Elections !

One Party state you want, One Party State you get!

Pass it on!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

A be zot o... stop dreaming,,,,
Pou napa BOYCOTT enkor sesel,,,,

Sel BOYOKOT ki mon connen ti arive se OKTOB 1979''''''





DEMON ROUZ i enkor la e pou toulten la.

Anonymous said...

The ? is. Is this a Wonderbra?
Or Toto...oops.. Totof bunbag is misplaced? Mon cher believe me when the time is ripe,you will be bought. PP ki la e pou toulten la.

K@pil@ on the B@R pe defen the LEGEND.

Jean Paul Isaac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean Paul Isaac said...

The Boycott During the NYS has not achieved anything secure as back then it was a one party state and today guess what?

It is still a one party state!!

The Boycott which we have brought about has become the fence to show that there is no Democracy in Seychelles, just the window dressing of one.

We can clearly understand the need as an Ex -NYS student where Jean Francois and Wavel Ramkalawan got their masters degree from to be fearfull when youth of the multiparty era such as myself and out numbering majority of youths, comes up with the right state of a boycott and the know how.

Well enough is enough!! Comes Election day little miss muffet Pissed off you might just be the only green apple queuing in the line to the poling station to give credibility to a rigged process set by a Communist regime.

Mind you that not even your kids and wife will fancy the idea of voting in a rigged election in this day and age!!

Last Election i told you so, and comes the 29th,30th to the first am telling you again.

Go in it with the little bit of remaining green bottles, they will be falling off the wall by the numbers at the final whistle!!

God be with you and bless us all freedom loving seychellois who knows and has seen the light!!

Anonymous said...

Since SNP defeat you sound more reconciliatary.It seems you want to tell us publicly that you want to join the movement you love to hate or pretended to hate.Come on`,do not hesitate to tell us that you for SFP,i know it is not easy for someone who long has criticized for the sake of critcizing,but man change do not be afraid to say it publicly.YOu welcome PISSEDOFF,go for it Now!

Jeanne D'Arc

Pissedoff said...

Zandark; My support is for one person only.
Americans loves to think that they have JFK and Abe Lincoln, Washington and his father’s Cherry Tree and whatever else takes holywood's fancy!
China had Mao.
Cuba has a REAL legend by the name of FIDEL CASTRO!
Not ten JFKs, Abe Lincoln and Washington with even an orchard of Cherry trees can match Castro!
Seychelles' own legend FAR stands right up there with Fidel!
One day if his statue is not erected on Montagne Trois Frere there shall be a revolt led by yours truly!
We will also make sure to erect one at the entrance of Baie Ste Anne just to PISSOFF Christopher Gill and your family and all those other Republic Praslin fantasists!

JAM should make it a law that all leaders of registered political parties or movement should on June 5th pay homage to ZOM LIB!
That will be law the day I am inaugurated president!

As for SFP; we need it just to keep our democracy alive and I will hate it when Zandark crosses the floor because then there only remain three members as in rub a dub dub...three men in a tub!...one cannot help but wonder what three men were doing in a tub?
Mmmmm...any ideas ZanpolIzak?

Jean Paul Isaac said...

Well i may have a slight idea if you meant Wavel, Volcere and Boulle!!

The answer is : Giving credibility to a rigged process and keeping PL in power right pissed off??

Oh sorry did i hear you support Wavel??

Lets make our heads work, so your in wavels tub as well!!

Jean Paul Isaac said...

So who is the rubber ducky in the tub of three??

who is it??

May that be why you are so pissed off and called yourself so??

Well SFP has pulled the plug of the tub if you haven't heard and the three musketeer are calling out for their towels. Now is your chance to get out of their and get yourself a real name like pauline, Jean francois or even james!

Pissedoff ti zero dan laklas said...

You know very well who I'm talking about!
Bougla o please....ecrire en kreol s'il vous plait! Pou bann dimounn ki Kris is dir zot swadizan edike zot pe merder granmer angle!

By the way laba Praslin Lezar, i annan grenn? Poul i annan ledan?
Let me no....ooops know and I will tell you why I asked...okay?

La mon pe al bwar en bon tas dite de l'apremidi komm dir mon granmer kreol...rasin.

Anonymous said...

That explains why you a communist, you did not have the option to choose and we can say that Pp has succeeded in its communist indoctrination at least have had an effect on some weak souls.

Jeanne D'Arc.

Anonymous said...

Rasin pa bwar dite midi . apremidi lizour ek aswar zot pe still rod liberte.

Sorry piss off!!

Anonymous said...

In as much it is the right step for SFP - the question is being ask how many recall the situation, circumstance, challenges of those and Mr Gwilym Sicobo to set up the concept of Seynews. com International Portal, the British and Seychelles Team, their political affiliation.

This important conecpt portal project was build on the back of the, a larger Seychelles EU Community project. http://seyeu.com/

It was the era of none confrontational politic in Seychelles as being advocated by Sir James Mancham, the very positive aspect of Seynews.com - it brought a common communication plat from, for Seychellois across the world - be they exile/refugee, SNM/MPR, New DP, SPPF and other political affiliation. To strive to build their Home Land/country, again the issues which were coming up.

The political dynamic and kind of dynamic it had began to build in Seychelles. It showed, reflected to the greater world a positiver, young Seychelles wanting to strive forward. This Project came to a sudden end two years ago and why. Every body ought to be preocupied with they why it came down.

Because of its termination, the political climate which ensued, develop in Seychelles and the Factions, to todays, recent Presidential election and the forthcoming National Election. It is as if everything is beig reinvented in political term in Seychelles.

Nation, people and economy get build, move forward on experiences, knowledge amassed, acquired over the many years of that nation and its people existance.

Anonymous said...

We had wanted to set up such project - with our hands full judge other ought to play their party. We had wanted a more political oriented project to cater particularly for the Exile/refugees from Sechelles Seychelles. Once again all the younger generation of political activist and other form of activist who fail and keep failing to remember, understand how our greater Seychelles system funtion and work - what we have inherited, not invented.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments on Seynews.

Unto ourselves, we are not born!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

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