Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Should We Let The SNP Keep Giving Credibility To PL's Communist Regime!! Seychelles Needs An All Out Boycott!!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Press release
8th August 2011

Seychelles’ Government welcomes final Commonwealth Election Report

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam has written to the Commonwealth Secretary General, Mr. Kamalesh Sharma, welcoming the issue of the Commonwealth’s final report on the presidential elections held in Seychelles from the 19th-21st May 2011.

Commonwealth Secretariat shaking the hand of a sham Elected Communist President

The Minister noted that the Commonwealth have declared the elections credible and have highlighted a number of recommendations that the Government has already declared its willingness to implement.  The Minister also remarks that the report notes that the opposition candidates made many allegations about the voting process, but none of these were substantiated through evidence submitted to the observers.

Sham Election Result attended only by Communist's

The main recommendation for the creation of an Electoral Commission to replace the Electoral Commissioner has already been implemented.  On the 12th July, the National Assembly passed the amendment of the Constitution to create the Electoral Commission.  The new members were identified by the Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA) after advertising in the local media.  On the recommendation of the CAA, the President appointed the new members of the Commission on 28th July 2011, who were sworn in on the 2nd August 2011.

The Electoral Commission short of one man Currently overseas

Minister Adam also noted that the Electoral Commission also has the remit to propose further reform of the Elections Act and other laws.

Are We in a Democracy in Seychelles??

The Seychelles Government has also informed the Commonwealth that it is finalizing the review of the licensing fees for private television and radio to bring these fees down to a level that is commensurate with other jurisdictions of similar size.

One Party state run by Communist's

The Government has also committed to the reform of Campaign Finance Laws to make all parties more accountable, and to improve the transparency in which parties raise and use their funds. Under the current Elections Act, all parties must declare their expenses to the Electoral Commissioner, but the Government has agreed that further reform is needed to make all parties more accountable to their supporters.  The Government has asked the newly formed Electoral Commission to propose legislation to that addresses this.

Rigging the Seychelles Constitutional Laws

In a further statement Minister Adam commented:  “We are pleased that the Commonwealth has confirmed our electoral process as credible, as elections always are in Seychelles.  We recognize there are nonetheless areas for improvement.  The commitments made by the government show that we are serious about undertaking the reforms required.  However, we now need a working and committed National Assembly to be able to legislate the remaining reforms, and we look forward to the forthcoming elections to deliver a serious and responsible legislative body.”

Party Junior Minister For Foreign Affairs Jean Paul Adams Friendly to the Ladies, may throw a Fiesta for their SNP Friends by Giving Credibility to a Rigged Electoral Process and For the Commonwealth Secretariat Report Because Of Their Actions


Anonymous said...

Can't understand why Adam should be looking so scared.

Anonymous said...

He is looking like a drag queen.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you have more interesting shots of Jean Paul Adam. With the soft ones, you are just preparing us for what is yet to come.

Brigitte said...

What is the purpose of Mr Adam's picture??

You have to enlighten us, just like with the shark bite, enlighten us!!

Was he at an SNP party but everyone was wearing red? One of these ladies are his companion? What? Or are we just suppose to get mad from seeing a picture of him with SPPF ladies?????

Brigitte said...

Or just for people to throw insults at??

Anonymous said...

The Commonwealth said the elections according to them is "credible".

This is the minimal credit for a national election. Below that, is "not credible", and the SPPF PL cut it close in the Commonwealth eyes.However, we Seychellois on the ground know the Truth.

They did not say the elections were" Free and Fair".

Secondly, the Press Release says they (SPPF PL) have already implemented the creation of a Electoral Commission.

The Commonwealth Report asked for an "INDEPENDENT ELECTION COMMISSION". By Michel implementing a constitutional amendment to reduce the powers of the CAA and choose 5 of 7 nominations , he has made the Commission not credible because quite simply the process of choosing a commission is not Independent.

Hence the Communist Government, advised by Adam, has failed again to deliver democratic practice to the People of Seychelles.

The Commonwealth did not certify the Voters List, which is patently bedded in fraud.

I will read the Report in full and write a follow up article in greater detail.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Whether we throw insults or not that is their right of freedom of expression.

i think that this picture clearly shows why Adams is the minister for foreign affairs, goes to show how many foreign affairs he has been into lately.

Another is there is no green or opposition in Seychelles my dear that's why they are all in red did you not see the way they voted on their salaries and lifetime pension?? Well let me refresh your mind it was done as one!!

Anonymous said...

Adam is SNP!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can tell us about Adam's erection. Is it credible ? Does he need an Independent Erection Commission headed by Gappy ?

Anonymous said...

No wonder why the Renaissance Moral Committee will fail the job !!

Because Ferrari defending Junior |Minister adams on Seychelles reality by talking of erection and Gappy while reginald perve away in a movie not only this even mitcy larues son has perve out and is in circulation on the internet what another fiasco!!

Anonymous said...

When international observers said they have doubts and concerns only idiots would interpret that as postive or a praise.

-Refusal to registered new parties
-No local observers
-No independent EC
-A chairman paid to rape out comes
I mean who the fool would believe they praised Pp autocratic regime and since whne does autocratic regime operate legally?

Only a fool beleives in his own lies.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

ADAM looks more like a brothel owner with his chics.

Jeanne D'Arc

Brigitte said...


Brigitte said...

Throwing insults is not an intelligent way of expressing yourself.
It's not expressing yourself at all actually, it's called VERY VERY VERY LOW VOCABULARY.

Brigitte said...

"ADAM looks more like a brothel owner with his chics."

Brothel owner with his chics is still Foreign Minister due to his Father's political contacts while you guys carry on fighting each other for POWER.
carry on carry on then.

& you're doing it for the people yea??????

Brigitte said...

That's what i thought.

Anonymous said...

Zot zalou akoz zot pa ganny fanm parey JP Adam. Lekel sa pti fanm de nou zour ki pou le en boug ki mars ek termous? Ha ha ha!
Sa lot ti pilon ankor lekel ki pou le li? Ha ha ha!

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