Friday, September 16, 2011

Is sham Elected President James Alix Michel Mad Or Simply The Alcapone Of The Twentieth Century??





President James Michel has appointed Bram Steller as the new Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles. Mr. Steller is expected to take office as from October 1st 2011.

Bram Steller was previously the Chief Operating Officer of Kenya Airways since 2008 and was in charge of flight operations, ground operations, technical, commercial and network planning, revenue management , operations control and cargo. He was also employed as the Commercial Director of Kenya Airways  responsible for designing its network and schedule and expanding the Kenyan airline’s  Europe – Africa connections and doubling the Asia-Africa traffic.

Prior to joining Kenya Airways, Mr. Steller was the Vice-President of KLM-Middle East, Central and South Asia, based in Dubai.

He joined the aviation industry in 1975 as a management consultant with KLM and has worked in its in-flight and catering production departments and has served as KLM’s general manager in Cairo and Sweden in addition to KLMs Director for Commercial Co-operation.

Bram Steller’s work experience in the airline industry has taken him to Jet Airways in Mumbai where he was the Executive Vice President Commercial and was responsible for networking, scheduling, marketing, sales, cargo, in-flight and ground services.
As the Managing Director of Trans Maldivian Airways based in Male, Mr. Steller changed the airline’s operations into high profitable results with reliability and service and has also worked as the Executive Director for Field Services of Nigeria Airways responsible for its marketing, sales and service network.

Mr. Steller’s  professional objective in the airline industry is to manage turnaround, growth and development process and also to encourage a skilled and talented work team.

The out-going Executive Chairman, Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne will hand over the daily operations of Air Seychelles to Mr Steller and will be resuming his post as Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs but remains the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Air Seychelles.

The Deputy CEO , Mr. Garry Albert will work alongside Mr. Steller during his two-year contract with Air Seychelles.

Mr. Steller is a Dutch national and is fluent in English, French, German and Dutch.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it could have been worse. They could have brought David Savy back, as PL likes to recycle its sycophants.

After 2 years with PL at Air Seychelles, he will emerge a different person.

Anonymous said...

This is unacceptable for our Country.

We have a national carrier and it is run by a foreigner, we had one problem with Savy and that was his stealing of the Airlines money and Bankrupting it to the brim.

But when it comes to recruiting a foreigner only to replace a Seychellois and to rob us and take it home with him am sorry to this insult james michel!!

Seychellois should not accept this mo query and Demand the contract to be cancelled note that we have very qualified Seychellois for the job like Freddy kakaria, Louis d'offay, even the Deputy CEO Garry Albert is able to run the show.

This old man looks like he is about to retire permanently and we bring him here to secure a bigger pension when The Airline is down in the Gutters.

Atypical stupidity from James Michel!!

brigitte said...

Was Savy a Foreigner?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SFP might still be in the 20th century. SNP has moved into the 21st. Sorry, couldn't resist breaking the entente cordiale for this one.

Leave it alone, my child loves her job at Air Seych said...

I agree that this is a serious state of affairs and we need to put party politics aside and have the best man for the job. We are talking about our national pride and nearly a thousand jobs of highly trained Seychellois. No one CEO will ever be loved by everyone and this was the case of Karkaria, Lalane, Benoiton and Savy. To be fair Benoiton and Savy were the better ones and if I am not mistaken Savy ran this airline profitably ten years in a stretch and trained dozens of Seychellois. We all forget very fast that the reason Air Seychelles started to make loses recently is because of Emirates and Qatar. My daughter works for Air Seychelles and she tells me that most staff would like to see the old management back and can see the damage Emirates has done. Yes they would prefer Savy even if he is a Lepep and most of Air Seychelles staff are not because they were sure their jobs were secure. But let us not go back on the past and stop criticizing the new appointment. Let his actions speak. Jean Paul and Christopher if your aim is to just criticise then continue and even if they put Richard bran son you would criticise as you have always done

Anonymous said...

I suppose that this new ceo, has been given his details. That is to cut staffs and make redundancies to make the airline profitable if it has to stay in competion.THERE ARE REASONS FOR THIS APPOINTMENT.


Anonymous said...

With no doubt this Guy is well experienced, and has been given the unenviable task of saving the airline. But like many much larger Airlines, cuts will have to be made as you cannot continue running a business at a loss, especially when it is tax payers money!

Anonymous said...

My God, don't tell me Michel could not find a Seychellois to do this job. How many planes do we lease?

3 planes?

How many twin otters?


How many shorts?


How many staff?


This issue is not about politics when it concerns the successful operation of Air Seychelles,a national carrier.

It is about our place in our country and about effective business operations for the national flag carrier.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Michelproves again he loves foreigners and hate Seychellois.We could have agreed with Michel if at least there would have been a open vacancy for Seychellois first,and in case no one applies then only the offer could have been made to foreigners.Secondly,St Ange and Michel were in Australia,i am sure in those 30 thousands heads there must be someone as experience as this foreigner guy,dito in canada.

But no his a dictator so all decisions are taken unilaterally.Shame on you ¨!

Jeanne D'Arc