Friday, September 23, 2011

We know IDC (Glenny Savy) made money by the loads from the US Drone Ventures in Seychelles but who is Getting the millions now and why is it not Disclosed to Seychellois??

In tropical paradise, U.S. drones meant Revenue Published 

Craig Whitlock for The Washington Post
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Drones can clearly track down terrorists. But they can apparently boost an economy, too.

The U.S. military’s deployment of MQ-9 Reaper drones to the Seychelles, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, generated $3.1 million in revenue for local businesses during their first four months of operations, according to an unclassified U.S. diplomatic cable buried in the database of State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

As the subject line of the 2010 cable touted: “U.S. Military Presence Benefits Seychelles Economy.

The Reapers – known as “hunter-killer” drones for their tracking ability – may be unmanned. But it takes a whole village of military personnel and contractors to operate the aircraft from the ground. In this case, that meant 82 people deploying to Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, the island chain known for its Sports Illustrated swimsuit model shoots and royal honeymoons.

When they weren’t flying the Reapers, the drone crew spent $937,260 on “Food/Liberty,” or about $11,400 per person over a four-month period ending in December 2009 (the Reapers arrived in late September).

Expenses also included $51,760 for vehicle rentals, $70,777 for aircraft fuel and $598,363 for the catchall category of “facilities/services.”

All told, “a significant sum in a country as small as Seychelles,” the cable noted.

“The Seychellois have already taken notice of the economic benefits,” the cable continued. “Local shop owners and restaurateurs have commented that the U.S. military is bringing a steady income into hotels, restaurants, and shops: a direct influence of the American presence.” 

Accommodations accounted for a particularly large chunk of change. The drone crew accumulated a tab of $1,457,784, which comes to roughly $150 per night per person over four months.

Not bad for a tropical dreamland. The Four Seasons Resort nearby charges more than $500 a day.


Anonymous said...

As to all parastatels in Seychelles be SEPEC;IDC;AIR SEYCHELLES we have never had any information of what they earned reality each time the quetion is raise a pp stooge will come to tell us to believe in their words and that there is no necessity to publish or make public any record,no check and balance,no accountability no figures just words.Pp is the state and the people in one so donot ask them just accept what they said.


Anonymous said...

And tiklor will step forward and say: Pa zot konsern

Anonymous said...

People money is the people ownership,we want accoutability Tikolor.We have a right and want to know how much US is paying and where is the money going.We supposed that since Pp has been silence It is probably stealing as always,We want laso to know how much money IDC;SEPEC,and AIr Seychelles real made and that supported by physical proofs not only words.

If Pp refuses to publicize and make public the info,then we will have to maybe contact the US ambassy to have an answer.We have a right to information ,we have a right to know,tikolor.

Jeanne D'Arc

Pissedoff said...

Zandark go ahead an contact the US embassy for the answer banla a bez fer ou kanmi!

Anonymous said...

Do not be afraid Pissed,we have a right to know ,if you have get used of letting Pp communists think,decide for you ,we the new generation will not accept such hypocracy.

We must also let the US know that we the people do support the US as we always did in the past while communists was fighting them and what we would expect from the Us is foremost permanent friendships and not only permannet intersts.This permanent friendship can only be achieved by having the Us governemnt sticks to its policy of supporting pro-democractic movement rather than outmoding a tyrannical autocrateand as such hatedc by its own people which in turn and by extension hated Us for supporting an autocratic regime bent on staying in power for lifr.

victory of the people and for democracy is also a victory ofr the Us.Making a secretive deal with a tyrannt can in any way help achieve niether our national objectives nor that of the US.The US must stand to its plegde to support democracy .but at the moment it finds itself propping up a dictatorial regime thus giving it free hand to tighten the nut of communism on us.
As the people of the US we also want genuine democracy and we do beleive in those brilant,world famous and historic words of Hon.Jefferson namely "that democracy is the governemnt of the people,by the people and for the people.And i will add that democracy does not deny the people's rights of self-determination but give life to this right.

So stick to your words USA.

Jeanne D'Arc

True Seselwa said...

SEPEC, Air Seychelles and IDC are audited by private companies such as BDO and Pool & Patel so therefore accounts are published. To say that they have no accounts is a load of rubbish. It would come under accounts receivable in Revenue you ignorant nut. At least the money is coming to Seselwa companies. You are ok with berjaya Beau Vallon Bay earning the biggest share but have a problem when our parastatals earn some much needed revenue. You are a bunch of twisted individuals so full of you own BS and want us to believe you are true Seselwa. You have just proved you do not have Sesel at heart. Gill and Issac do us all a favour and bury yourselves! Leave Sesel for the TRUE seselwa.

Anonymous said...

Acounts are published where at the polite Buro? Can we have at least one single copy or tells us what was the revenue of last year and where did the money go and spent?

Jeanne D^Arc

True Seselwa said...

Jeanne Darc alias Isac and Gill you show how so ignorant you are . Those three parastatals are registered companies under the company act in Seychelles and by law have to register their audited accounts at the registrar. Just go there and get sight of their accounts. You are insulting companies such as BDO and Pool & Patel when you say that the accounts they certify are rubbish.

Anonymous said...

The good captain Adam said on SBC that SEPEC had never been audited. See also WikiLeaks cable on corruption.

Anonymous said...

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