Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We demanded Democratic Reforms James old boy not Electoral Reforms,Yes to reforms and thank you MR. Gappy but you have to go!!




President James Michel has thanked the Seychellois people who voted during the National Assembly elections for exercising their civic rights and their expressing their political will.

“Democracy is first and foremost the expression of the will of the people, which gives authority to legislative and executive bodies. All the people who voted were able to clearly indicate who they supported or did not support for the creation of the new National Assembly. The electorate has expressed its choice freely and fairly. And this should be respected,” said President Michel.

“Participation is the key to democracy, and I call on all stakeholders to participate in future fora where they can make their opinions heard,” added the President.

The President also called on the Electoral Commission to accelerate the process of electoral law reform, and to ensure that all stakeholders participate in this process.

“When the Electoral Commission was created in July this year, it was tasked with reviewing presidential, legislative and other election laws in Seychelles, and matters related to Articles 117 and 118 of the Constitution such as the funding and expenditure of political parties in the context of election campaigns.”

Insisting that the responsibility for initiating and conducting dialogue with all stakeholders in the process of electoral reform lies with the Commission, then President noted that it was of paramount importance for the Commission to educate and keep the people informed of developments as they happen.

“Now that the National Assembly elections are over, the Commission should put every effort into this process and seek the views of all stakeholders, in order to continue reinforcing democracy in our country,” said the President.


Anonymous said...

NO MICHEL,Democracy is foremost about rule of the people,by the people and for the people.It is about human right.

DEMOCRACY is originated form the GREEK(not communists) word meaning.DEMO=PEOPLE,KRATOS=POWER,it is about people's power donkey.

Here are some values and procedures that come to mind when defining DEMOCRACY:

-Values srtructures/procedures
-Equality mandate
-Fairness elelction
-Accountability Representative governemnt
-Transparenca multi-level court system
-Respect for humna rights checks and balances
-Freedom of expression consultation of the people
And so forth the list is long .

The demcracy Michel is taking about is what in the old days was called facism niothing else.

Go back to SCHOOL PP.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Michel told us the Electoral Commission must conduct the dialogue,but who are those guys on the commission ?,how were they appointed on this Commission?What it not by the same Michel illegally.Is that the way the constitution says thing must be done Michel? Pp, before any discussion or any reforms conducted by Elelection Commission we must first have an independent Elelctoral Commission and its members ellected not appointed by Pp.Only then, discussion can take place,not before Pp.

Jeanne D'Arc