Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If High Pay For British Executives Proves To Be Corrosive To The British Economy, Then What Do We Expect From The High Pay And Pension For Life In Seychelles Approved By Former Assembly Members both From SNP And Pl Which Is Still Active???

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High pay of British executive’s corrosive, report says
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November 22, 2011

High pay of British executive’s corrosive, report says

The high salaries of British executives are “corrosive” to the economy, the High Pay Commission has argued.

The commission – set up by a think tank – says the disparity between what top executives earn compared with average workers has been building for 30 years.

Its study lists a 12-point plan “to halt high pay creating inequalities last seen in the Victorian era”.

These include forcing companies to publish a pay ratio between the highest paid executive and the company median.

The High Pay Commission was set up with charity funding to investigate boardroom pay.

Its year-long inquiry found that the pay of top executives at a number of FTSE companies had soared by more than 4,000% on average in the last 30 years.

Former Barclay’s chief executive John Varley’s salary was cited in the study.

It says he earned £4,365,636 – 169 times more than the average worker in England with the average worker on around £13,000 today. It equates to an increase of 4,899.4% since 1980, when the top pay at Barclays was £87,323 and just 13 times the British average, the report says. With the average worker’s pay rising if all! To around 2.5% to 3% which most haven’t had a rise in pay in the past 5 years?

It also says the salary for the post of chief executive at the now partly state-owned Lloyds Bank has increased by more than 3,000% to more than £2.5m since 1980.

It says this is 75 times the average Lloyds employee’s salary, when in 1980 it was just 13.6 times the average.

Average wages in the UK today stand at £12,900 per year, up from £6,474 in 1980 – a very small fold increase, according to the commission.

The commission calls for a number of reforms, including a “radical simplification” of executive pay, putting employees on remuneration committees and publishing the top 10 executive pay packages more widely.

It says companies should be made to reveal the total pay figure earned by executives and a new national body to monitor high pay should be established.

High Pay Commission chairwoman Deborah Hargreaves said: “There’s a crisis at the top of British business and it is deeply corrosive to our economy.

“When pay for senior executives are set behind closed doors, does not reflect company success and is fuelling massive inequality, it represents a deep malaise at the very top of our society.

“The English people believe in fairness and, at a time of unparalleled austerity, one tiny section of society – the top 0.1% – continues to enjoy huge annual increases in pay awards while your average work see none.

“Everyone, including each of the main political parties, recognises there is a need to tackle top pay


Anonymous said...

If High Pay For British Executives pProves To Be Corosive To The British Economy , Then What Do We Exspect From HighPay And Pension For Life In Seychelles Aproved By Former Assembly Members both From SNP And Pl Which Is Still Active???

Was that written by a 5-year old ? Can anyone at Freedom Party write English ?

About 6 mistakes in 41 words.

Anonymous said...

The chickens have home to roost.. the product of FAR's education system.. since he took over, to keep our people dependent on him and deprive them of a good education..so they cannot think for themselves let alone write properly..Not the fault of those now trying to voice their opinion anyway they can.. Give them a break..At least they are trying.. Remember when Jacques Hodoul held up his certificate in Gordon square and said"" they were useless..that kind of education is not necessary"???Remember?? i bet when he goes to see his doctor he made sure the doctor was well educated!!

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that people at SFP cannot write proper english. It's a shame that our future leaders are unable to express themselves in writing. Shame on Michel and Albert education system.
Christopher please proof read these articles before they get published. It looks bad on your party if you want to portray it as serious and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Critic-

I do not administer this site. So I do not proof read the articles.

There is always room for improvement in everyone's writing even the best writers can improve their work.

But the room for improvement must not distract us from the message being conveyed.

The cartoons I understand, were spell checked.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill
Seychelles Freedom Party

Anonymous said...

I have said it before and i repeat. The time to UNITE is now. Let us put aside differences and create a solid opposition.

The SNP Members/Supporters have spoken and elected Ramkalawan as their Leader. My understanding is that he does not wish to stand for elections at national level. Let us look for a good and solid candidate to face Michel.


Anonymous said...

If you list all our differences (either in creole or in broken English), you will find that the only thing that really divides us is our egos. How do we get these big shots to come together and leave their baggage behind? The way things are going, more independent candidates will appear and soon they will end up having a party that no one would want to be part of.


Anonymous said...

we will become the 8th emirate ..if we do not UNITE!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Unite-

Ramkalawan is already financed by SIVA. So what is there to unite with?

Siva is part of the 8th emirate with 600 acres on la Digue , 700 on Mahe 800 on Praslin, Coetivy Island.

What do you think Ramkalawan promised this man for 30 pieces of silver in the last Presidential elections?

If you are an SNP supporter, you better start thinking of closing your party . That is the best step to work towards unity.

This is not an ego issue. It is a issue of principle and validity of our cause, "Sesel Pou Seselwa"!
If you believe in this cause, you do not get financed by a FABRIKE investor opportunist!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill
Seychelles Freedom Party

Gill the Corrupt said...

Gill who cares about the English economy ? Stop barking up the wrong tree you pea brain. You are far more corrupt than any other politician in this country and the Seychellois know about the criminal activity of you and your family in Guam. We in SNP know it all yankee boy! Beware of the man who has to tell everybody how honest he is all the time and how corrupt everybody else is , is in fact the most corrupt himself. This is YOU Christopher Gill. Father pou deal ek ou Totof voler !

Anonymous said...

Ah if the cap fits let them wear it!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Fada is the only SNP member who is able to run this party and the others are just baggages who are either too stupid to lead a party or too stupid to know when to leave.