Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If Ile Perseverance is a new housing estate with approximately 8,000 habitants where are these extra people staying as we know the projects has not even surpased 600 houses, 220 from sheikh khaliffa a few hundred for Jeux des iles is hardly enough for 8,000??

Australia and the Seychelles

Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, Richard Marles, has today completed a visit to the Republic of the Seychelles. The first visit by an Australian Minister following Australia’s Governor-General, Ms Quentin Bryce, visited in 2009.

“Australia is committed to building its relations with the small island states of the Indian Ocean,” said Mr Marles.

“As Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs I am very familiar with the challenges faced by small island states.”

“Fisheries management, coral reef protection, climate change and the challenges of integrating small island economies into the global market – these are some of the issues we in Australia work on every day with our Pacific island partners.”

“I believe Australia can work with our island neighbours here in the Indian Ocean as we work with our island neighbours in the Pacific, sharing our expertise and experience.”

“As the current President of the Indian Ocean Commission and a close friend to Australia, Seychelles is an important partner as we take this forward. I was honoured to have the opportunity to discuss these issues and possible areas of cooperation with President Michel, Vice President Faure and Foreign Minister Adam here today in Victoria.”

Australia is a strong advocate for small island states and recently hosted a meeting of small developing states from around the world in the margins of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in October. 48 small states assembled in Perth to discuss the critical challenges they face from climate change and sustainable development.

“It is small island states who are most affected by issues such as coastal inundation and the frequency and intensity of natural disasters,” said Mr Marles. “The meeting in Perth gave those small states a chance to have their voice heard. We hope it will also help build political momentum ahead of the Durban climate change summit in a few weeks.”

Australia and Seychelles share strong people to people links, led by the large Seychelles diaspora in Australia and an increasing number of Seychellois students studying in Australia under the Australian Government’s Australia Awards scholarship program – 11 in 2011, and a further 10 in 2012.

While in the Seychelles, Mr Marles also announced Australia would provide A$20,000 through the Australian Sports Outreach Program to the Seychelles National Youth Council to build a multipurpose volleyball and basketball court for the youth of Ile Perseverance, a new housing estate with approximately 8,000 habitants.


Anonymous said...

1,000 houses for 8,000 inhabitants. That 8 inhabitants per house. Does it begin to make sense ? You should do something about your maths. Get in touch with David Pierre, the well-known mathematician, who can't distinguish between 7.5% and 10%.

How did the Aussies come up with the donation of A$20,000 for a multi-purpose sports court ? Was that on Parti Lepep's begging list ?

As we use the sports court, we should spare a thought for the Aborigines who do not have such sporting facilities and are well out of reach of the Australian Sports Outreach Programme. Parti Lepep will take candy from a baby without any qualms.

The Australian government should stop encouraging the Parti Lepep's begging on the international stage. The best way for them to contribute to the well being and development of the Seychellois people is for them to stop flattering this incompetent government, and to encourage them to implement democratic and economic policies that will generate wealth for the country. That way we will not have to compete for sports facilities with the Aborigines. They should have done that back in 1977 but we will forgive their late start.

Or better still, the Aussies could keep both Rene and Michel in Australia for ever the next time they set foot there. They do go there often after all. We will be set free to start paying our own way in the world, and the Aussies will find that charity begins at home.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps the 8,000 figure is being deliberately bumped up to justify the additional 2-4 districts for the national assembly. The grateful inhabitants, real and fake, will of course support Parti Lepep. Is it making sense now ? Do you still think the 1,000 houses are not enough ?

Anonymous said...

Lets get off cloud nine guys a thousand houses my arse.

During the indian ocean games 140 to two hundred was built shekh khaliffas trojan company built 220 this is if multiply by 8 houses...

Sorry a lot less than 8000 if you need proof enough go to perseverance and count the houses completed, another is the concern that people are people not sardines only sardine are stacked in a box..

Thank you PL and Ramkalawan for his poor attempt to show reality blog wrong maybe ramka should stop just concentrating on the pussy he is fucking at late hours in the perseverance bushes he should take a drive there in broad day light and know why seychellois is almost going on the homeless list.

Since he is also in the business of buying everyones land with pl's aid for peanuts or through land bank.

On the other hand he might go on dejavou when he would drive by the national assembly building....

Anonymous said...

The Australians are licking Michels bum because they want Seychelles vote for Australia to join the Security Council. More importantly is the additional increase in Electricity tariffs especially for business of 24%, this is bloody crazy and will have a knock on effect on prices of everything produced locally. Are we now being made to pay for the last election??!!!!

Anonymous said...

Australia wants our support for a sit in the UN but also very interesting in our oil fields.No words on promoting democracy,no words on human rights and they might even go as far as telling us we are in a democracy.

Why should Pp build year after year,no stop. houses for Seychellois?What does that tell us?It means seychellois cannot leave with the peanuts they gain for their hard work that they cannot even afford to build their own house by the hard work.This is sign of poverty that PP has brought us into after fourty years of communism .Sending Seychellois into camps also means making place and firm land for more sell out to foreigners.

Time to topple Pp.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Buying our vote for 20,000 dollars? I suppose it comes from th e tax contributions of all the Seychellois that have emigrated there..

Putting seychellois out on teh "comblaz" in the heat and the glare and the dust.. packed like tilapia dans la boue so dry they swim sideways..while the rich foreigners who have paid their dues to Michel and company will look down on us from the tops of our lush hills.. whiel we listen to the sound of them calling their people to prayer from the top of their newly built mosques!

we will have no beaches to go to except the "fake ones'' and for amusement we will let the tortoises look at us now at the old pier..that is where we will swim..

Anonymous said...

Over the coming years, we will have to accept a new system. Prior to 1971 there was a system of 'grand blanc' I wonder what we will call this new system !Lets face the facts, we are already into this new system !


Anonymous said...

New system: Lepok Gran Kouyon!

Anonymous said...

We do not have to accept dictation .This is our lands we must stop thinking Pp is our lords and we should accept its dictation.What we must do is stop PP by all means-the best and most ffective porven by Tunisian,Egy<ptian and others is mass protest all other the country.Let finish with pp once and for all.
Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Pp communists is proud to have voted for the Palestinian as memeber of the UNESCO.It is true that as a member we have the right to vote with our conscience and tzhat freely.But should a small country like ours should rather not stay out of International conflict for example by "Abstaining"instead of getting involve in an ancient conflict which we cannot even have a dent into and which only solution lies betwwen the two states which in reality are brothers and sisters by blood but which religious devergent have been the cause of their conflict.What makes Michel go on to support the paslestian while it on the another hands we are begging other countries and depending on other for our own survival?

As a small country i believe we should not meddle in mamuths International policies just for the sake of doing so though it is not in our best interest.

MY piece of advice to the butcher and his minions-when you see countires with centuries of conflict fighting each others the best option is to stay out of it -by stay neutral in your vote or abstaining instead of taking isde which will make us have enemies when we should not.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

KUDOS to the Seychelles Government for voting in favour of the Palestinian to join UNESCO. I hope they also vote in favour of a Palestinian state as a full member of the UN.


Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'arc you hit the nail right on the head with your last comment.
We should have abstain.
Don't we go begging from the Jews as well. Maybe with Michel active diplomacy he is hoping Palestinian will give us some suicide bombers. Our illiterate president will take anything for free.

Anonymous said...

If you can only function as a hammer then it wouldn't be strange if everything you see looks like nails.

I guess if it was up to you and your pen-friend, Apartheid would have prevailed in South Africa.


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