Thursday, November 17, 2011

Letter To Mo-Ibrahim Foundation

Seychelles Freedom Party
Docklands, Room 16, Newport, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
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November 11, 2011

Mo Ibrahim Foundation
3rd Floor North
35 Portman SQ.
London, W1H6LR


ATTN: Mr. Mo Ibrahim, Chairman of Foundation

RE: Seychelles Move To One Party State

Dear Mr. Ibrahim:

I am writing to you as a leader of the most vocal opposition political voice in the Seychelles, The Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP), to register my deep growing concern of the rapidly degrading political landscape in the Seychelles, caused fundamentally by the lack of sincerity, and lack of genuine commitment to true Democracy, Good Governance by the ruling Communist party in the Seychelles for 34 years.

Briefly, the ruling party had closed the National Assembly early, to run speedy elections, before the mandate had run out.

Four (4) months prior to these elections, the ruling party President- Mr. James Michel announced in National Day festivities on June 18th, 2011, that he wanted a serious opposition in the National Assembly, inferring a cooperative opposition. Failing that, he said he we will replace the opposition with another party.

On the Eve of National Assembly elections, a Boycott was called by the Seychelles Freedom Party, and this was followed by the Seychelles National Party, the New Democratic Party calling for a Boycott of elections as well.

The fundamental rational behind the Boycott was that Seychelles had ushered in Democracy Eighteen (18) years ago, and throughout this time, democratic reforms were being buried by the ruling Communist party. We had the window dressing for Democracy, a highly paid opposition in Assembly, with 38% salary increases and even a pensioned for life opposition with 70% of salary being pensioned, but true democratic reform has been systematically ignored for years. The highest paid opposition was the Leader of the Opposition, paid and pensioned like a Minister. I believe that pension is now Sr. 32,000.00 per year.

Other issues that we grappled with are the lack of independence of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), the use of a one party state Public Orders Act that prohibits Three (3) persons from meeting in Public.

Additionally, the Newspaper Act and the Seychelles Licensing Act is archaic one party state and serve only to control the populace in a submission mode.

In addition to this, human rights organizations were denied registration using the Land Registration Act in 2011.

Political parties have not been free to co exist in Seychelles without fear, intimidation, threat of violence. Last year, our offices were broken into. Computers and printers taken. Campaign materials stolen and files broken into and taken. The details of these items taken from our office, found there way arrogantly on the pages of the Communist party paper called “The People” . This included printer model numbers etc… 

Two activists were threatened with murder last year. No investigation took place. Our Secretary General Mr. Jean Paul Isaac was detained by the Police in December 2010, and beaten while in their custody. The Human Rights Commissioner wrote to him and told him to file a case. Subsequently, she wrote to him and told him not to file a case to protect the culprits and the government of the day.

In May 2011, the Seychelles was sanctioned by the UN Committee of Human Rights in Genève, Switzerland for not filing any Country Human Rights Report for 18 years required under United Nations Conventions.

As we have had a loyal opposition held prisoner by high salaries and perks over the years, no pressure has been placed on the ruling communist party to file Country Human Rights Reports annually. The Government claims it lacks financial capacity to do this. But this false and human rights is an issue still being buried in the ground like many of its victims in the past.

Most recently, the sham National Assembly elections showed that the majority of Seychellois did not vote for a 100% Communist party ruling National Assembly. Yet, the Communist party retains all seats.

Today, no opposition sits in the National Assembly, in violation of the Constitution of Seychelles. Yet, the Commissioner of Elections Mr. Hendrick Gappy, validated the elections results, and allowed a bogus National Assembly to be sworn into office. He should have “Null and Void” the Elections and called for fresh elections that represent the true undisputed will of the People.

In line with this, we have cited over 40 provisions of the Constitution of Seychelles that have been abrogated over the past 18 years to defeat the true intention of the Founding Fathers. Even the Founded Fathers, have been denied recognition on the official Protocol Listing, a gross offense in any democracy, and a poor example of proper Governance in any country. However, this is an excellent display of political arrogance.

In the face of this growing quagmire of political failure, I respectfully alert the Mo Ibrahim Foundation of the these developments in Seychelles and will be happy to provide you with more details if you should so need them, to help Seychelles get back on the right track.


Christopher Gill

Seychelles Freedom Party


Anonymous said...

One Party State EXPOSED!

Anonymous said...

Wast of time

Anonymous said...

Good move!That is how a responsible and serious politcal party should operate and act.not like what we have seen in the last eighteen years under the opposition leadership of RAm and others.

SBC is nothing than the mouth piece of the autocrate regime,furthermore and which also raise concern,in any country a President would and should find time to answer question to any registered press be it private or national.A ntional media should normally organize programme whereby other juornalists from independence press can debate and question any minster of governemnt on issues they thinks more explaination,clarity should be p4rovided In this Country none of these exist.Not even oppostion leaders are ever been appraoch by SBC to be asked on their opinions of governemnt actions.

We always sees our disconnected Prersident presenting himself with SBCon his side on the opening of the naval base,inviting himself in hostage families without their consent etc...etc...etc .In other all the President moves and actions are only ocver and follw by SBc .A president who proclaim himself as working for the people should also answer questions of the people and in order to do that independence press and journalists should be given access in order to be able to question the President and any of his ministers when find is our right to get full access to information PP.

Time for regime change now`!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

In 2001, Air Seychelles used Velling Ltd for the sublease of a Boeing 737. In 2005, David Savy joined the board of Velling while still in charge of Air Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

It is call accumulation of position just as in Pp governemnt having ministers holding twenty positions while knowing nothing just in order to accumulate and pocket tax payers money.It is a way to steal more from the people.

Note David is Still colonel of our no-existing Air force thus being paid as army officer when he is not having any active or even passive military duties.

Time for regime change.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

PP is in search for lucrative destination that can boost tourists arrival-frankly should be a country where we should be operating keeping in mind that Australians are the one in the region that travel most and taking in consideration the thousands of Seychellois that would have probably come on holiday here?No PP wants to fly from Ethopia,porbably later from Somali,Zwimbabwe,and maybe North Korea too,then we wil have all our hotels ,gues houses at full pension all year long.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

He needs the money to make sure his daughter gets the best education at Stanford California..

Anonymous said...

So the UNI of SEYCHELLES is not good enough for her.Oooops I forgot the one in Seychelles is reserved for the Isaac,Simara,Malbrook ek lakelera.Akoz si zot al deor la freser yia bez zot e fer zot blansi.Ler zot a retourne zot avar anmenm la kleraz kot zot.


Anonymous said...

Gill you f88674ing ass hole. Why did you write to Mo Ibrahim?

Now you will expose Seychelles for lack of good governance and soon EU IMF will know officially and Commonwealth.

You will make us look worse then Zimbabwe where there is a opposition that is prime minister.

We are the laughing stock of Africa thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Well ,exposing PP at all level ,especially on Interantional stage where the butcher occasionally abuse to preach lies and fake democracy to the world in order to be gifted millions of dollars into loans (keeping in mind that money given to us are debts)which Pp then steal to sponsor its politcal campaign,buy votes,import hard drugs to kill our children,banked on their private accounts aborad and so forth is more than a necessity ,it is a duty .

These Interantional oraganizations,with world reputate base on principles of fairness,democracy,human rights and all that oges with it ,are knowingly or have benn faked by Pp communist regime which has so far been able to hide the ruth from them of what a croked regime we have.For those of these organizations who know that we are lead by a butcher but pretend not to see or recognize the reality ,by doing what SFP has should be remember for them that they neither support democracy the same they preach around the world and that they enjoy in their own countires or continue supporting a crooked system that represent tyranny.Those who opt for the second opposition ,thne the people will continue telling them that we do not accept their policies.

Lastly,Pp still has a choice,it can just abide by democratic norms,our constitution,and rules of law,then you won^t need to cry out in defending their atrocities and abuses.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Correction: where The butcher abuses the stage

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gill ignore these ass holes attacking you. You have done the right thing to expose Michel one party state internationally.

Go further. Take it to Commonwealth, EU, USA, Africa, Zimbabwe and ask Robert Mugabe to tell Michel to straighten up.


Anonymous said...

Nobody will take words of communist seriuosly and i think we should forgive him all those decades that Pp has been on power he never had a change to express and speak out his mind.He has at last get a site where he can express himself freely :Just be tolerant to him ,he can just no longer hold in the pain hurtung him from inside.Help him get away from communism.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Gill is exposing the fraudulent Seychelles government not the Seychellois.


Anonymous said...

Both the rogue governemnt or any Seychellois who help the dictatorial regime survival.For example RAM,St Ange and anyone else.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Fake democracy exposed!

Fake opposition exposed!

Fake Statesman exposed!

Fake success of National Air Carrier exposed!

Fake President exposed!

Anything else to expose?

Anonymous said...