Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Emperor Is Naked In 2012

We are back!

In 2012, the mumbo jumbo of James Michel will be brought to task. After years of fielding and faking a democracy under France Albert Rene, and then James Michel, the SPPF PL will be brought to task to deliver democracy in Seychelles and make a full and effective transition as recommended by the Commonwealth Observer Report of the 2011 “Sham Presidential Elections”.

The cost of faking democracy for Eighteen (18) years will now begin to tally. Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) is pressing all necessary buttons to do its part to expose this sham and educate our people and the international community of the realities of Seychelles. 

Seychelles Under UN Commission Human Rights Sanction

In 2012, the Seychelles PL government remains under UN Commission Human Rights Sanction for failing to submit a single country report as required by international conventions Seychelles is a signing party to for Eighteen (18) years. The former party of SFP the MSR did much work to expose the lack of commitment of the SPPF PL to respect human rights in Seychelles in 2011. Three (3) of Five(5) sample cases were MSR cases filed with the Centre of Civil and Political Rights in Geneve, Switzerland  in 2011.

There were no other Human Rights complaints filed for this period, though a high ranking SNP official sits on the LUNGOS Board and a human rights organization in Seychelles.

Not filing country human rights reports is part of the SPPF-PL strategy to not impose any checks and balances on human rights abuse in order that political cleansing of Seychelles can persist as it did from 1977.

If there are no reports, thugs, killers, feel they can still operate freely as we have exposed numerous times in 2010 and 2011 in detailed factual letter, yet State House replied to not one single complaint. They do not reply because they want to persist with their political cleansing of national opponents.

On Human Rights Reporting, the Emperor is exposed and naked in 2012!

Fallacy of Piracy Alerts

Late in 2011, James Michel sent out a worldwide press release, calling the entire world to lend a hand in the fight against piracy in the Indian Ocean.

By that untimely press release, the world had already responded to the piracy threat in Somalia and in fact between August and December 2011, successful hostage taken by Somalia pirates was down - 60% from last year.

The reduction according to experts on piracy is due to a systematic coordinated response by the international community over the threat. Even Filipino seamen must now receive training in piracy deterrence before accepting employment contract on merchant ships.

To date, James Michel has failed to arm or even train our Seychellois fishermen on how to deal with a pirate attack. 

Instead, he has systematically used the Somalia piracy issue as a false pretext to open doors for Communist PRC by open invitation, to set up a military base in Seychelles, which we all know has been the PRC long term ambition for decades now. Michel has done this to try to get millions of dollars over and above the $10 Million PRC will fund his government this year. The hunger for hard cash has blinded Michel’s view of the need to maintain stability in the region.

The presence of PRC Communist troops in Seychelles is wholesaling of our patrimony by James Michel in my opinion and it violates the principles of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”.

All Seychellois who love their country must resist any attempt by James Michel to post foreign troops on Seychelles soil. Every voice will count.

Trying to milk PRC of money to prop himself and his failed regime, and selling Seychelles to another Communist country the Emperor is naked in 2012!

UAE Troops in Seychelles 2012

Michel has made a similar request to UAE for stationing of troops on Seychelles soil. UAE has funded a $15 Million military base. Again this was done under the pretext of fighting piracy, but it is in fact a source of troops to protect James Michel government from its own people and Khalifa interests in Seychelles which is expanding every year, through a systematic land grab effort, sanctioned by James Michel.

Khalifa’s troops are not welcome in Seychelles. All Seychellois must state this point and make it clear to defend the principle of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”.

This scared principle is the only principle that can successfully repel those who have illusions of grandeur to take over our country and keep Seychellois as 3rd class citizens husking coconuts for a living.

In national partnership with “all Freedom Loving Seychellois”, Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) and myself  stand ready to defend our territorial integrity and restore our national dignity, which James Michel ,in our opinion, has degraded, beyond the imagination of any respectable Seychellois, that loves Seychelles.

Trying to help Sheik Khalifa expand his sphere of influence into the Indian Ocean, and protect himself, selling our patrimony, sapping the dignity of each Seychellois, the Emperor is naked in 2012!

ICC Crimes Reported By SFP

At SFP we have noticed an abnormal amount of murders and disappearances-the victims are all from a common “political national grouping”.

We have been perplexed why no opposition party has ever taken action on this matter. Hence, to start off the year, we got the ball rolling late in 2011 to write to the ICC and make a preliminary list of those persons murdered, but the culprits have never been brought to justice. Silence has reigned for years, as we perked politicians with salary increases and excessive pensions for life.

In line with this, our research revealed that Seychelles is an assenting signing country to the UN Convention on Prevention and Punishment of Genocide (May 1992).

By definition, these murders, acts of torture, bodily dismemberment, gutting,  fit squarely into the genocide definitions because they involved “the killing, torture, and victimization of a national group…that opposed the F.A. Rene one party state regime”.

In timely conjunction with these murders, during the Rene Era, there was open victimization of political groups that opposed his regime.

Many were jailed, and many more were exiled by force, or by sheer intimidation. These crimes against humanity and the Seychellois people have never been reconciled, or investigated. Not even an apology has ever been tendered.

This too forms part of the Genocide package of political cleansing that the SPPF implemented from 1977 onwards, and during 1993, onwards, the SPPF continued the practice of political cleansing of Seychelles through a systematic implementation of Security Clearance, cronyism, access to opportunities, while denying the opposing national groups the same, except for political figures, who were caressed into silence with perks, fat cat salaries, fat pensions for life, even tax free cars, in some cases free cars every Three (3) years.

The lack of solid opposition pressure, has given the SPPF PL a free ride. Hence why, since 1977, not a single case of corruption has ever been brought against a single SPPF crony. If any knows of one, please name him.

No country can progress without redeeming and absolving itself of its past bad deeds.

The Emperor has failed to bury the murdered in silence and 2012, he is exposed before the international community!

Now there will be nothing to buy in the opposition camp that can save you from Justice!

Round Table For Democratization of Seychelles

After the political impasse brought about by the BOYCOTT results of the National Assembly elections, many asked me: “what next?” I immediately, wrote in Seychelles Today, an article calling for a Round Table of all parties to discuss the process forward.

I am happy to report that my request was met by all parties, even by those that said they would not attend the meetings.   

In January and February 2012, a national Round Table is due to take place on Electoral Reforms and democratization of Seychelles . It is unfortunate that the SNP NDP have decided to meet and form their own strategies without the SFP in dialogue, yet it was the SFP that pushed their hand into a Boycott.

Though we called for a united opposition for years now, and recently, a call for a Round Table of the opposition to form a common front line against the SPPFPL, they have chosen to face SPPFPL through private meetings, and apparently collusion, without the knowledge of the Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP). This is highly unfortunate for their supporters.

I ask these leaders to reconsider seriously what is at stake, and join with us in dialogue, to form a common strategy forward for Seychelles.

Seychelles needs us all to look beyond personal financial gain through politics at this time. Seychelles needs us all too truly serve her and her people selflessly as true patriots of our motherland.

By facing SPPF PL divided, you are only making them stronger and lending a hand at their effort to politically cleanse Seychelles of opponents in order to give them a free hand to set up Communist base in Seychelles, and give Sheik Khalifa what he wants in the Indian Ocean, now his extended sphere of influence thanks to Mr. James Michel, a sell out leader.

Impending Commonwealth Sanction

If Seychelles does not complete the task of full transition to democracy, which as we can see, we are far from achieving, we will face SUSPENSION  from the Commonwealth group of nations in the near future. The warning signs have been posted. It will not be dissimilar to what Pakistan or Zimbabwe went through in the recent past.

Communist  Lack of Sincerity

The SPPF was never sincere about democracy. Today we all see this. One photo recently taken by an SFP informant at a meeting at Iles Perservans, showed PL supports holding up a sign that says: “ Iles Perservans 100% PL!”

Well, if PL gives out houses only to itself and politically victimizes housing applicants in the opposition, then it is not committed to democracy clearly, it is only implementing another level of political cleansing, which is not dissimilar to ethnic cleansing as seen in Rwanda, only the means are different, the end is the same.

If Iles Perservans is 100% PL, then PL SPPF has succeeded in its effort at political cleansing.

The Emperor is naked in 2012 even at Iles Perservans!

Let us see what all the talk about sincerity is all about in 2012!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Next week- Seychelles Economy in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Long live SNP. Long live Ramkalawan.

Anonymous said...

We must all get united in order to fight back Pp^s merchants of doom and gloom.The future of this country will be decided in the battle by between "Future makers" and those who want to keep us slave forever"future "rapers" or"takers".we have been witnessing for decades now is the handiwork of "future"rapers" takers",they have taken everything in the present-the rights of the people,their dignity,their daily bread,their land,their hopes and their dreams-so that there would be no future for them.They calculate that the future to be a continuation of the past,and they will do anything possible to pereptuate the past into the future,by worshiping at altar of greed and corruption,becuase for them decency,fairness,genrosity and morality are anathema.

SEYCHELLOIS,we must unite now to change the course of things,it is our own survival at stake and that of our children.Great Nations rise and fall,governemnt come and go,leaders change and are replaced,but NATIONs survive becuase each generations accepts its responsibilities and forge ahead with the enormous tasks of Future -building, and to achieve that change must happen.

Unity now!Say No to colonization of our land by Khalifa and Chinese.Say no to Pp thugocracy.Say No to anyone in the so call Opposition who massage Pp's back in order to keep us slave.

Thaks SFP for ungraving once again Pp's buried secrets.

Time for regime change!

To the first comment-Long Live Ram,SNp,!we hope the same too,for then we can be sure ,he does not leave us Like FAR without facing justice to answer for his particiaption in PP's crimes..

Jeanne D'Arc

Pissedoff said...

Question to Jean Paul Isaac:

Do you have an issue with your colour?
I know for a fact that the Isaac family although black denied their colour and would look down and not socialise with other blacks. They only talked about dinner at the “Lionets” “The Savys” and other gran blanc ek labous plein as we say!
I ask this because you had to come and explain that your daddy is white. No one asked you to explain your colour and background. For us in Seychelles that is not important, whatever our mixture we are all one big curry kreol but the fact that your mummy had to have you with a white boy explains their rejection of their own colour which brings me to my second question; (if you keep reading you’ll see the point I’m coming to at the end)
Why are you always trying to denigrate Jean Paul Adam? What has he done to you? You have nothing against him except that one picture where a young man is having a drink and fooling around with his mates, something every normal youngster does except those like yourself that doesn’t have a life! Do you think that one picture of JP Adam and his mates is enough to taint him? Why don’t you bring out more pictures of him and post it on here?
You are trying so hard to denigrate him with that one picture that you are making not just yourself but your Mickey Mouse organisation pathetic!
What’s your problem with Jean Paul Adam, are you jealous because from the time you guys were youngsters he was better than you at everything and now as adults he is more of a politician than you or is it the fact that there is a Jean Paul whiter than you? Not that it matters to anybody else!

Third question; what’s on the menu for lunch tomorrow?

P.S. Are you Jean la kok pistas from AKS?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mr. Adam a public figure? Is he not the Minister for Foreign Affairs? Has he not failed to submit a single report to the UN Commission on Human Rights in the Seychelles? Can he not speak for himself? Are you the Emperor towel or his toga?


Anonymous said...

This picture of JPA tells a thousand words. What's on JPA's menu ?

Jean Paul Isaac said...

my apology if i have hurt any of Jean-Paul adams deciples.

My family nor i are racist and will never be, i am a seychellois that does not see anyone's color as a barier to socialize with this is from the manner in which i was brought up by the isaac's.

Yes my grandma worked for the chenard which were white people and she was not a big person there she was a simple cook. My mom on the other hand did the cleaning up and laundry with many more of my family.

So sorry to dissapoint you on racism; in the isaac's it does not exist.

As for jean-paul adam's intelect i will boast about a lot of my former school mates especially plaisance school where miss dora ernesta was headteacher with famous teacher's like jeanette larue patrick coopoosamy, arthur maths teacher rolly mancienne they were super and the reason's why most pls kid's are well groomed for the work community.

Adam is minister for foreign affairs the responsibility for human right reporting is in his court not mine he took over for a while and yet there was no report. the picture posted clearly shows reason enough why there is no report he drink's and party's with friends. Please do not ask me to post anymore pictures as it is shamful to do so adam has a wall of him and arab's drinking at party's coming to think of it in every picture he is aquainting with a glass of champagne or a beer.

You see jpa as a public figure should not fail to realise that if he looks at himself in a miror and listen to cases whereby security officer's drink's on duty and sleep's on the job while robbery is in progress.Well in short he put's them all to shame.

Anyone wishing to see jean paul adam's partying orgasm's just go to his profile on facebook.

Regards today we are cooking bouyon bred and lentil's.

Anonymous said...


neither my family nor I

a Seychellois who does not see

security officer drinks on duty and sleeps on the job


Anonymous said...

i think JPI is suffering from 'rosbif withdrawal syndrome' on a Sunday. He has gone crazy with apostrophes (') and they are all in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

Long live SNP. Long live Ramkalawan. Nou pa pou zanmen les tonbe !

Anonymous said...

Not only scurity officers Police,soldiers name it their all high when they are on duty,i agree with 100%.
Normal policeman and soldiers in EU give their urine every time they come on duty.
Seychelles have to start to do the same and may be this idoit Michel can start to applies those kind of rule soon that our policeman and soldiers can be more proffersional when they are on duty.Things like this communist never think about they are thinking only were they can get some more credits to left Seselwa to pay debts all their life.When them those old crooks have gone then we young generation will carry the heavy loud.

Anonymous said...

i will use as many apostrophy's as i want when i want because i am proud to be a real seychellois.

In the first place a true seychellois should have never have had to use the word nou pa pou zanmen les tonbe because this shows that they have had les tonbe an avan.

redemption is given but the story is never truly told.

My english is so crappy and my inteligence was founded under a banana tree but i want you to know that i welcome anyone of you from which ever camp to an open debate in any of our three languages of the country creole english or french written or spoken for the world to see who is and what is.

i will not waste my time puntuating anything when it comes to fake profiles as they are no cause or any effects.
Regards J.P isaac

Pissedoff said...

''''''''''''''....there! I have given you a few more apostrophys pou bez zot avek...go for it!

Pissedoff said...

"Regards today we are cooking bouyon bred and lentil's"

Have you taken my advise on board and started eating healthily or is Gill leading by example and have rejected his pension therefore salary cut backs are being applied at the Seychelles Fake Party's office and everyone pe ser sang?

Rosbif = red meat = tres high colesterol + tres gran risque of colorectal cancer = Pa tro bon pou la sante e risque of piti being very young orphan.

Lentil=good for your body, your blood and your taste buds + Low in Fat and Sodium = less risk of zanfan vin orphan zenn

Bouillion bred = pli bon ankor = bon pou disan ki bon pou sirkilasyon = enforsi lezo + netway dan bowel = lekor function pli byen e kok red tre byen = daddy has a chance pou fer lezon piti e en jour vinn grandaddy e enmen grand child picnic!

Anonymous said...

So when is pay day at SFP ?

Anonymous said...

....err before I sign out.. enn pti Seybrew byen glase enba la lin kler pou byen kapab dodo.

Anonymous said...

Pissoff this blog is not a blog for you to give your diet plane just keep it for your self and try also to look your self in the mirror to see what is wrong with you.This blog is for debate
Pissoff,you know what is your problem!you have also a brain diseases like Michel you need to get reed of that do us a favour do a brain surgery then you can come back on this blog and write some things positive not bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Can't you use Photoshop to put Vincent Meriton in that Jean-Paul Adam photo ? It is unfair to focus on JPA only.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to last comment Photoshop is only used by Parti Lepep to run the country.

where a land is sold for one rupee they use Photoshop to turn it into a million, where the president says i know twenty five escobars yet no arrest's made containing a single one of them they use Photoshop to change his face and say gill said so.

Many more of such things are done by parti lepep with the use of Photoshop such as the cover of both of Michel's books turning him into a 40 year old while in reality he needs skin intensive care. but let's refrain from the disgust of our presidents good looks.

Come to think of it parti lepep's history is actually born out of Photoshop yet we thought it was adobe page maker that was the culprit..

One of the three wise men!

Anonymous said...

It is Pp who bankrutped us ,it would be normal and morally just if the same crooks who bankrupted us lead by example by reducing their salaries and pensions which astronomic for a small country like ours and given the fact that those same crooks are responsible for the mess.

Second step,Pp will have to reduce state expenses which is above GDP and taxes collect by government.
Thirdly,Pp must have an expansionary policy,thus keeping interest rates low to encourage borrowing by industries which as an effect will give a boost to the economy.It also restricts deflation.
Fourly,Pp must put seychellois at work,for high employment means consumers have more money to spend thus bussiness enjoy increasing revenues and profits.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Is it bouyon bred ek lentil or Kari Coco Kituz(those salted green turtles meat Glenny dilivêred to all Pp crooks and cronies for Xmas) ek brenzel.I thought your" Kitu" stock was empty?How much kilos did Glenny delivered to you?

jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

It is alleged that Jean Paul Isaac is ..........

Awaiting confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Albert Rene is a murderer,a coward,a man with no moral values.A man full of curse who has brought shame to the Seychelles.He is a thief and a first class liar.

Pissedoff said...

And to the majority of Seychellois he is a saviour, a redeemer, and a liberator. A man who has taught his people to be upstanding and proud. He is a legend!

Anonymous said...

Rene has committed acts of pervertion and phedophelia while he was president.
A few time he indulged himself in these acts with underage girls at NYS.Wearing nun's outfit to disguise himself,he would order his driver to take him to these camps in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

A murderer will be always a hero to his accomplice.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is our saviour,redeemer and liberator.
Rene is a dirty,despicable piece of shit

Anonymous said...

Seychellois will never forgive him.We will spit on his grave.

Pissedoff said...

...and you are the voice of all Seychellois?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Long Live SNP-

While your party is dying, if you want it to live long, do your self a favour: write a letter to ICC and ask for investigations on human rights abuse and crimes against humanity by SPPF. Ignore the fact that Ramkalawan will go down as a conspirator.

Anonymous said...

I thought Gill stopped writing.

Please stop writing.

Anonymous said...

Pissdeoff you live under the curse of Rene.Directly or indirectly you have blood on your hands,the blood of your fellow countrymen.You should be ashamed that you have to reply on his behalf.
Either your are Rene himself,his wife or one of his cronies.Be ashamed of yourself because one day you will have to face the music and it won't be long,i can guarantee that.

Anonymous said...

Pissoff i evidence to bring those killer like Rene and Michel in court and prosecute them basrtard i'am waiting the right time to give to Gill in his hand.

Anonymous said...

You right,i been saying seen a long time that this guy also have blood on his hand and he also took part in the killing.


Anonymous said...

He is a legend for you sucker not for us,for us he is a murder.

Pissedoff said...

Ti Johnny a.k.a. Jean Paul Isaac; did you enjoy your boullion bred ek lentil yesterday?

Why do you post something and immediately answer it yourself?
C'est tres evident mon ami!
Jeanne D'arc, Jean Paul & Ti Johnny all write like shit with identical smell its too coincidental!
Jean Paul when you want to get pseudos try moving away from your name! Jean Paul, Jeanne D'arc and the english version John or Johnny!
It says a lot about Gill and SFP if he managed to recruit three staff who are all donkeys heehaw! Heehaw! heehaw!

Anonymous said...

Please tell Pissedoff to go back to AKS so he can be with his buddy Heysey, you will note that he does not want to talk about the Finance or Human Rights situation in seychelles, but instead he prefers to bark and spit at genuine critics about his beloved COMMUNISTS buddies, has he heard of G. Hoareau or Hassa Ali? to name a few? No he has not I'm certain.

Anonymous said...

Gill stop writing.Go enjoy your life.

Anonymous said...

Christopher may I give you some advice please.
I am a Seychellois residing abroad therefore cannot vote. I come on this blog regularly to know what is going on in my country. It seems to be the only place for those of us not in Seychelles to learn a little bit of the reality back home. It appears that many non-resident Seychellois reads this blog and unfortunaltely will not be able to give you our vote come election day. However we do appreciate the free information you provide. I am however quite surprise to realise that most Seychellois back home is unaware of this blog and therefore does not know the reality on the ground in their hometown. I have been doing my part lately to spread the news about the existence of this blog but there is a limit to what I can do from here. You need to do more Christopher to make people in Seychelles aware of it cause they are the ones that can vote. I am not in a position to advise you exactly on how to do it cause I don't live there, but you need to reflect on this to see what is missing to get the news out to all Seychellois residing in Seychelles.
Lastly, please do not give up the fight no matter how discouraging it might be. We appreciate the work you are doing to save our country and remember when the war is won that we need to restore Seychelles to it's former glory: Without arabs and islam please.

Anonymous said...

And this piss err.... piece of shit was written by one of the KA-ME-LEON that means one of the MOTLEY CREW.(Bai de way dey looook in very high-defination this time)

Nou bann GOLAN inn bez fer bann KARYIA disparet lennen pase-e la bann KA-ME-LEON in vin devan pou sey pran plas.

Ekot byen-Solda RENE pa pou mor komsa. Pase looot komdir dokter DE.

Anonymous said...

Refer to plaque of base.Does PL and James Michel know that the official languages of Seychelles is : English, Creole, French??????????????????????

Sell outs!

Anonymous said...

What is with all this Arabic writing in Seychelles??????

Anonymous said...

What is with all this Arabic writing in Seychelles??????

Anonymous said...

Be grateful that the situation is not worse. The plaque could have been written In Arabic with the words 'Seychelles Coast Guard' in English in very small letters at the bottom. Does Khalifa speak English ?

Anonymous said...

Long Live SNP and Ramkalawan off the state!

Cancel the Pensions fat cats!

Anonymous said...

JPI mon frer ler mon get ou dan sa potre enler me pa ou parey Joker dan film Batman!

Anonymous said...

PL promotes SNP Rosette in Coast Guard to no.2 man.

Pissedoff said...

I thought these positions were reserved for Pp supporters only and SNP supporters were jobless?

Anonymous said...

Pou tou bann MARTEN ek KORBO ki kwar zot GOLAN e pa kwar dan zot refleksyon, les mwan dir zot ki zot pa ni KAMELEON.

Normalman en SOLDA i represant KOURAZ non pa KAPONRI. Petet ou en teter oubyen en siser be silvouple les sa mo SOLDA pou bann ki annan KOURAZ ek LAFYERTE.


Anonymous said...

Col. Rosette is a qalified military person,the reason Pp named him at this post is not becuase he is communist or not ,but becuase all PP indoctrinated and communist officiers like Brigadier L.Payet have not advance qualification in miliatry science ,when foreign milatary represatatives come over here ,for instance,for whatever mission Pp generals do not understand those military terms they use.And lastly, becuase all of those Pp communist generals are over their 60's or have reached retirement ages and new officers seem not rerady to be scape goats of PP thugocracy, thus PP has no choice then choosing Col.Rosette..

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I joined SFP Friday. These guys are great. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Attention civilised Seychellois brothers and sisters: be there on February 4 to support the Muslims protest. Come down all they need our support. Bring bacon, ham and roast pork for all of them. They need to eat it to have strength to continue in their march for freedom to terrorise.

Anonymous said...

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