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Why Is PL And Fake Oppositions Silent On This??

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How to Rob Africa
Why does the Western world feed Africa with one hand while taking from it with the other?
The world's wealthy countries often criticise African nations for corruption - especially that perpetrated by those among the continent's government and business leaders who abuse their positions by looting tens of billions of dollars in national assets or the profits from state-owned enterprises that could otherwise be used to relieve the plight of some of the world's poorest peoples.

Yet the West is culpable too in that it often looks the other way when that same dirty money is channelled into bank accounts in Europe and the US.

International money laundering regulations are supposed to stop the proceeds of corruption being moved around the world in this way, but it seems the developed world's financial system is far more tempted by the prospect of large cash injections than it should be.

Indeed the West even provides the getaway vehicles for this theft, in the shape of anonymous off-shore companies and investment entities, whose disguised ownership makes it too easy for the corrupt and dishonest to squirrel away stolen funds in bank accounts overseas.

This makes them nigh on impossible for investigators to trace, let alone recover.
It is something that has long bothered Zimbabwean journalist Stanley Kwenda - who cites the troubling case of the Marange diamond fields in the east of his country.

A few years ago rich deposits were discovered there which held out the promise of billions of dollars of revenue that could have filled the public purse and from there have been spent on much needed improvements to roads, schools and hospitals.

The surrounding region is one of the most impoverished in the country, desperate for the development that the profits from mining could bring. But as Kwenda found out from local community leader Malvern Mudiwa, this much anticipated bounty never appeared.

"When these diamonds came, they came as a God-given gift. So we thought now we are going to benefit from jobs, infrastructure, we thought maybe our roads were going to improve, so that generations and generations will benefit from this, not one individual. But what is happening, honestly, honestly it's a shame!"

What is happening is actually something of a mystery because though the mines are clearly in operation and producing billions of dollars worth of gems every year, little if any of it has ever been put into Zimbabwe's state coffers.

Local and international non-governmental organisations say they believe this is because the money is actually being used to maintain President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) in power.

True or not, it is clear that the country's finance minister, Tendai Biti, has seen none of it. A representative of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which sits in uneasy coalition with ZANU-PF, he says he has no idea where it is going.   

"We have got evidence of the quantities that are being mined, the quantities that are being exported but nothing is coming to the fiscus .... All I know is that it's not coming to the treasury. So that is a self-evident question. It is not coming to us. That means someone is getting it. The person who is getting it is not getting it legally. Therefore, he's a thief, therefore she’s a thief."

Sadly, as Stanley Kwenda has realised, it is typical of a problem found all over Africa.

The continent is rich is natural resources that are being exploited for big profits, but the money is rarely used for the benefit of the people. Instead it goes to line the pockets of corrupt officials who then often smuggle it out to be deposited in secret offshore bank accounts in the developed world.

So who facilitates these transactions? And how and why does the developed world make it so easy to launder this dirty cash?

In this revealing investigation for People & Power, Kwenda and the Ghanaian undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, set off to find out. Posing as a corrupt Zimbabwean official and his lawyer, their probe takes them deep into the murky world of 'corporate service providers' - experts in the formation of company structures that allow the corrupt to circumvent lax international money laundering rules.

It just so happens that the pair's enquiries take place in the Seychelles but, as they discover to their horror, they could just as easily be in any one of a number of offshore locations (or even in the major cities of Europe and the US) where anonymous companies can be set up for the express purpose of secretly moving money and keeping its origins hidden from prying eyes.
Filmmaker's view
By Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Despite the abundance of resources on the continent, success has been very elusive for many Africans. The narrative is one many are too familiar with: corrupt leaders force themselves into political office, then they work to undermine the progress of their people.

That is what leaves many African countries poor - corrupt leadership. It hinders progress.

What has kept this diagnosis of Africa from a cure is not immediately clear. Foreign aid, debt relief and the many notes of economic salvation have been applied. Not much has changed. Dreams fail for many young Africans. The trouble with Africa still looms large.

The need for Africa's troubled state has inspired my career as an undercover investigative journalist.

Over the past decade, I have tried to focus on human rights violations, corruption and the many ills that plague society. Through many anti-human trafficking and anti-corruption stories, I have come close to answers.

Exposing bribe-taking police officers, public officials and other corrupt individuals has brought some change. This has been on the ground, yet many of the problems still persist.

This film, How to Rob Africa, takes this further by focusing on what many leaders in high office do that leaves the continent in a bad shape.

Decades into political independence, many African governments remain reliant on foreign aid, yet often as soon as this aid arrives it is spirited away into the personal accounts of the leaders who are supposed to be looking after the interests of their people - and ironically many of those accounts are back in the West.

It is no surprise that many Africans are left asking the developed world: "Why do you frown publicly about corruption, yet turn a blind eye to its fruits?"

What we sought to do in our investigation was to point in the direction of money laundering as a substantial contributor to Africa's corruption - or at least one of the most important enabling factors - and the role played by corporate service providers in setting up structures to allow it to take place. 

In the Seychelles, we found how easy it is to rob Africa. We learned about the clever but brazen tricks and scams that can be used (for a fee) to disguise the origins of money and the identities of those who are moving it around.

We do not say that all of Africa's woes are the fault of others outside the continent. Nor do we assume that criminality is the only reason why Africa, despite its many natural riches, has been kept in poverty.

But we did come away wondering why the outside world feeds Africa with one hand and takes from it with another. Why cannot the resources for aid be directed into fighting this obvious problem? Is it not about time that something was done to stop those stealing our wealth, and those helping them steal it, from evading responsibility prosecution for their crimes?


Anonymous said...

I don' t know about mainland Africa, but I know Seychelles is rich enough to look after herself financially. We are rich enough to be a proud nation that refuses to accept financial aid from the likes of IMF, The West, Khalifa and any other. Only last week I felt so ashamed when SBC & Nation found it right to praise Khalifa's generosity for helping fund the heart operation of one of our baby. Our little country Seychelles is so rich that we should be funding such operations ourselves. We should pay our way in this world when we are blessed with so much riches. Our Seselwa should be paid a decent salary for them to survive. Next we have the need for a similar medical case, we should expect help from our own local Royal Family who runs IDC, INternational Airport, Domestic Airport and many other large Seychelles money making concerns. Our Royal Family can afford to fund Seychelles budget for the next 20 years and still have plenty spare cash left over. Allowing our Royal Family to get away with daylight robbery is yet another case of The West paying lip service to Africa.

SFP Supporter

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

si mon ti enn sa bann snp ek ndp ki pe pran larzan ek sa bann zans mon ti pou kanmi!

Anonymous said...

Charles Lucas was caught red handed and his offshore should be investigated by FIU along with a German National living in Beoliere who he is heavily involved with. People like this are not helping improve Seychelles reputation abroad.

Anonymous said...

Comment 6.29&6.34 by! Piss stop writing your comment under peoples names,we know you are against what is best for the future of Seychelles and Seselwa you more than one face on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Not only caught with his pants down, but seeing his response on SBC TV just now shows his deparation. Not a convincing argument , was it? He was trying to turn his defence into an attack on the investigating reporters.
Are the citizens of Seychelles convinced?? Obviously the Minister of Finance is not convinced since he stated that he was aware there were illegal deals undertaken.

Anonymous said...

One interesting thing about banks worldwide is that bankers are often corrupted by the large amounts of cash that passes thru the banks and other financial institutions. When one looks at Seychelles missing $ 2.7 billion, it is obvious that corruption is a worldwide economic nightmare and our bankers are up to their eye-ball in it. The only real restraint that restrains these thieves is the police and judicial systems of the nations where the crimes occur. If the people allow their own police and judges to descend into incredible corruption, how can outsiders intervene with any degree of success? We Seychellois allowed those unscrupulous individuals to steal the billion dollars from all segments of our society. The truth is that "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" and when this is forgotten by citizens-thieves will run rampant bringing poverty where ever they go.

Anonymous said...

To SFP Supporter

November 8, 2012 11:23 PM, well said mate.

We are indeed a rich country and can get richer, it is unfortunate that the Government Of Seychelles are working for their wallet only.

It took two African Heroes to prove what we SFP have been saying all along.

There is no excuse to such violated conduct of our source of living. All of us Seychelloise/Seychellois has been ripped of by GOS, and it is not over they will keep on doing it until we stop voting for the leader of corrupter James Michel.

SFP Ausralia.

Anonymous said...

This sickening government is not only sucking of our back but also sucking of these poor African children who are dying of starvation every bloody day. this is more than shame, this is murder, and now we have other nationality such as bloody australian ripping off as well, so next time we said arabs go home make sure to say corrupted aussies fuck off.

Anonymous said...

There the Pathetic go again, boycotting a serious post, and using my name in vain.

Somehow Mr. Ramkalawan has gone into hiding, without answering the last batch of questions that exposed his sell out, and his party SNP being used as a sell out rag fake opposition like PDM PL money laundering government.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill
Seychelles Freedom Party

Anonymous said...

The Aljazeera interview of Charlie Lucas has indeed exposed him red handed, in attempting to aide abet, assist money launderers in his view, to evade taxes, and hide illicit funds with his proposed assistance, with the use of his offshore company registration business, and his legal professional robe as a lawyer.

Charlie Lucas has brought great shame upon Seychelles and people like him are directly responsible for Seychelles money laundering reputation. What is amazing is how straight faced he remains.

If the PL government is true to its word of fighting money laundering as Minister Pierre Laporte says, then he should deal with this small group of people led by Mr. Charlie Lucas and revoke his licenses and call on CJ to dis bar this un-scruplous member of the Seychelles bar. There are many more after him who will qualify to walk this plank.

If FIU leaves this matter to the vague, the outer world of floating clouds, the entire offshore sector will implode over night.

We must recall that the Minister of Finance PS, Mr. Steve Fanny was in charge of all offshore companies at the time of this filming of Charlie Lucas gone rogue.

His interview on SBC said, he was collecting information from those criminals to give to FIU as a defence.

Sounds good except for one thing Charlie: an attorney cannot reveal the contents of his meetings with his client to any enforcement agency unless his client approves.

So that was more deception from a member of the Human Rights Committee in Seychelles.

No Shame.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill
Seychelles Freedom Party

Anonymous said...

Seychelles has become safe heaven for mafia to do their dirty bussiness.
Lucas has face proffersional journalist,that's why he has been expose.We need more interview like this in near future to expose all communist mafia on the island,this guy must be punish and get a real punishment but with communist kangaroo court we will not see justice be done for his wrong doing.
Seen years some lawers in Seychelles are getting involed in corruption and also promoting corruption in Seychelles now with more foreigners landing corruption sting.They also involed in Heroin traffiking mean escobar are in the law and communist office in Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

We agree entirely with the comments made by Christopher Gill,blogger 8.45 AM.
We wish to make our own....
We feel it wasan embarrassing performance watching the Minister of Finance on our television last night, struggling to explain away illegal activities indenntified within our own offshore services.
The citizens of Seychelles should commend the 2 independent reporters who brought this out,rather than attempt to condemn them by the lawer who was caught out. The Minister admitted that he was made aware that certain financial services providerswere operating outside the law. This is a revolting indictement of our system. The Minister is already well known for detecting dishonest financial activities within the government departments - and now within SIBA. He must not only acknowledge illegaliities, but he must take immediate action to remedy these situations. The perpetrators must be made to account for their misdeeds. If the current Minister of Finance is aware of these failings - having only been in the job a short time - surely his predecessor must have known some of these failings, but failed to act? If the Minister wishes us to believe he is different from his predecessor, and he aspires to be considered as a future candidate to become our President, he must show leadership and show the citizens that he is credible. He must find out what his predecessor knew and why he failed to act. This is important for the reputation of the Seychelles, especially now that we are supposed to be within aperiod of social rennnaisance.
Insofar as that lawer'sattempt to label the 2 reporters as ciriminal-
this is laughable. Who is the criminal here Mr. law man??
The Minister should stop fuzzing, assess immediately how badly our offshore industries are affected and attempt to restore a degree of credibility in our offshore services - for the love of Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

If Lucas and that other offshore company get away with this, then it is more PROOF as if any more proof were needed that people in high places in Seychelles are involved.

Anonymous said...

Seen a long time the higher one are getting involed in it and getting away with it and it be not the last time for communist.

Anonymous said...

Lucas is a disgrace.

Where is Volcere and Ramkalawan on this?

What about Bernard Georges another crook.

Anonymous said...

Volcer ek Ram ousi de gran voler seen they are politic.

Anonymous said...

They are all in money laundering.

Why does PL protect them?

Anonymous said...

Charles Lucas is on Human Rights Commission.

Michel must call on his immediate resignation.

Human Rights Commission discredited in Seychelles.

It is run by money launderers.

My God save us!

Anonymous said...

God please do not forsake us pitiful Seychelles

Anonymous said...

Pp protect them because even Seychelles President is corrupt and criminal,President must resign for letting this happen seen years no wonder why their coffer are empty and leaving on doll from IMF to much long hand in communist.

Sfp supporter

Anonymous said...

If Seychelles is perceived and established to be a money laundering base for criminality as in the Charles Lucas/Aljazeera expose then OECD,EU,Commonwealth,USA will come down hard on little Seychelles with limit on funding, aid, assistance etc..

Aljazeera has opened a can of worms PL will have to deal with the matter, or be discredited internationally.

So far, the Minister of Finance Pierre Laporte and just talk.

He has not done anything.This means he is covering up money laundering, and he is no different then Charles Lucas.

Anonymous said...

If they come down hard on Seychelles.Seselwa will suffer and pay the price,because of those communist crooks.Its time to rally in front of state house and ask for justice and change.

Anonymous said...

Six armed person came to Jean Paul Isaac residence looking for him last night.This is what Seychelles Freedom Party has to go through every day since our existence.Michel thugs are up to their old tricks again.It is a disgrace and i am warning Lepep to keep these thugs at bay or there will be serious consequences internationally.

Anonymous said...

These bastards are hungry for more blood.A murderer is always a murderer.Have you not killed enough of our people?

Anonymous said...

Michel are u looking for troubel you will get it doubel,just leave SFP members in peace!

Anonymous said...

We will send more undercover journalist to exposed your illegal dealings in illicit drugs,money laundering and murder.They will be on their way soon to show the world the this government is destroying the existence of a people.

Anonymous said...

We got to show this murder,that his dirty tricks will not work,that way he has brought Gurkass to murder Seselwa.

Sfp supporter.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for anyone to tell me they believe Charles i can laugh in his/her face.

Anonymous said...

Seychelles is still under investigation, more to come soon.

Anonymous said...

Srdjana sent this press release from state house out


Dear all,

My apology,

Please find below how the third paragraph of the previously sent Police communique should have read.

Thank you.

"Lapolis in raporte ki rezilta letopsi fer lo lekor Msye Labrosse In demontre ki delo dan pouman ek lemorazi son larat kin koz son lanmor tandis ki Msye Molta in mor an rezilta desan kaye dan poumon e problenm leker".

Jean Toussaint. P.R.M.

Could no one seychellois have proofed it before she sent this thing out? This embaraces the seychelles as our main language is creole and there are mistakes such as Poumon , Larat e menm Disan is badly spelled.

Well i guess this serves james michel right for employing a serbian while he claims we need to empower seychellois. Anyway we need to empower seychellois to write creole??

Anonymous said...

Money laundering is money laundering.

Lucas is a shameless person.

He should be dis barred sent to jail.

Anonymous said...

Excellent cover on this Seychelles Freedom Party, while everyone else went to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Excellent cover on this Seychelles Freedom Party, while everyone else went to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Communist Escobar also should be expose!

Anonymous said...

My Seychellois comrade it's time we learn from aljareeza and try to setup James Michel too. Remember he is an illeterate and will not be able to handle a setup. Let's use our brains people and work on this one. It is the only way to get him out of power.

Anonymous said...

Pissedoff yaraze ban la don li en bones!Ya cool down avek son nerv.Pissedoff has no comment like always just swearing using names of other peoples.
Every time he see communist been expose he jump in the air,are you one of them that have a account in Switzerland gran voler?Soon you willl be jumping in a frying pan.

Anonymous said...

"Bones" sa ki mon met dan fes ou manman!

Anonymous said...

In 1989,Graham Hancock wrote the LORD OF POVERTY,scrutinizing the INTERNATIONAL AID INDUSTRY which infuriated many in the INTERNATIONAL AID BUREAUCRACIES.

Hancock views INTERNATIONAL AID as a elaborate GAME in which public money levied in Tax from the POOR of the RICH countries is transferred in form of FOREIGN AIDS to the RICH of poor countries,the Rich in the poor countries then handed it back for SAFE KEEPING to the RICH IN RICH countries.He debunked the MYTH that INTERNATIONAL AIDS works and must not be stopped because the poor will die without it.He argued that if the statement that AIDS MONEY WORKS is true then presumably the poor should be in much better shape than before Independence.If so the AID JOBS should be by now over.

The message of Hancock 's analysis is that The LORDS of POVERTY make up an invisible army of faceless,nameless,heartless,feckless and so forth,INTERNATIONAL CIVIL SERVANTS,DEVELOPMENT EXPERT,.CONSULTANTS and ASSORTED FREELOADERS... unleashed of our country(also whole AFRICA)to perpetuate and sustain a culture of poverty and beggary.

Hancocks points out...the ugly reality that most poor people in most poor countries,most of the time never received or make contact with AID MONEY in any tangible shape or form.

It no doubt that foreign Aids the way it is distributed to PP does not benefit the people either the people nor the country but rather feed the tyrannic regime of PP survival.In sum,after years of foriegn Aids handed without accountability and transparency to PP thugs,the crowning achievement of WESTERN DONORS AID in Seychelles,is establishment and entrancement of a ONE-MAN,One-PARTY totalitarian state.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

10.34 Pm
Yes,Pissedoff has no comment or pertinent arugement to defence his amster.Please,do not blame him for that,he was taught at NYC not to think,have opinions,ideas etc...for the dear leader his Semi-god is there to think for him.The only time he can express himself ,dito to his NYC cammarades is when they have ot praise their Omnipotent Semi -god ,Their Dear leader for his grandiose,mistic,supernatural success and achievement,but otherwihle they are forced to shut up and accept their master dictation A LA LETTRE as the french would say.Having not been able to express oneslef freely like Pissedoff for decades leave lts of psychological damage,for istance,Pissedoff is retarded,have difficulty ot answer simple questions for it simply to hard a task for his little under developed little half -brain,asking him to think give him headache,migrane.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Jeanne D'Arc, The worse culprit as far as wasting public money and politic are concerned is the United Nations! It is a bureaucratic institution staffed by thousands of phoney PhD's like our Professors Rolph Payet and James Michel! A waste of time and money, as we see happening when dealing with Syrian crisis; UN was responsible for Rwanda massacre and lately in Sri- Lanka war crimes!
United Nations should be abolished, the money put to better use and the PhD's to find jobs in a real world.

Anonymous said...

Wether UN should be closed or not ,needs open debates,for there are countries including countries with dictators at their helm who find or use UN as shield for their own dictatorial survival,e.g regimes like those on Cuba,N .Korea,Iran etc....There are instances wereby UN can be useful for instance,in Lybia people revolution,without the approval of the UN to use force against Ghadafi,things could have had turned bloody,for Ghadafi was on the verge to commit a Genocide on His people:dito to Yemen Up Rising,without UN pressure things could had dragged longer and so ofrth.

My concoern about Mr Ban Ki-moon visit here and what seychellois is expecting from Un Chief is namely that he defend and remind PP thugtocrats of Un missions---Human rights and Freedom,Democracy ,good governance and so on, and not that after he has visited Vallee De Mai and handed over the nicest Cooc De Mer nut to be found, that he become so happy that he forgot to concentrate on his real mission.

Looking at JENPA comment and readinf Nation article on his visit,it seems the issues of debate or that he would raise have already been agreed upon in advance:Piracy,SIDS,climate change,tuorism,which are important issues but not necessarily the main objectives drafted by Un members such as Human Rights which should be one of his priority.

Lastly,let us not critize me Bna Ki-moon before hs arrival and before he has even open his muoth.Let us see what he got for us,there might be surprises as well as deceptions.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

Stop the genocide in GAZA.
First,Are you one of those many Arbs Pp gifted you our nationality to come and promote Arabs hate in our Cghristian country.Or have you been paid by Khalfia to take side in a biblical and century long friction between Arabs abd Jews?I remeber Pp breaking our Non-alignment position last year in UN by voting in on bill to support Palestinian.Is that what Seychellois ask PP thugs to do?

Ban Ki moon would be here next week,and he would likely come to praise PP govt. for its supposed seccuss in fighting Piracy.Maybe before he set foot on our shores and start chanting his praises to PP rogue regime,we could together have a check of Pp^s record in its fight on piracy.

Here is PP recrod on this matter--TWO/three successful interventions by TAZAR to recue Seychellois hostages captured in our EZZ,and that after the hostages rapidly sent distress signals to the authority.Apart from that Pp has achieve nothing.PROOF-there was a time when Pirates were using our outer islands as advantce base to conduct their operation--it was only after Int. press made the case public that Pp govt. deplored soldiers on those islands.many time Pirates were able to sail as close to our inner islands--they ended behind Silhoutte,La digue.Denis Island without PP encovering them--it was only after local fishermen spotted them and alerted the authority that PP acted.

If since 2010 pirates' activities have been reduced to 50 percents,it is not because of PP govt. but the aggreessive and active interventions of NATO naval forces and other ofreign navies.If Cargoships can now safely sail through the Suez Canal dowm to the EDEN STRAITS TO ASIA AND AFRICA
,IT IS NOT BECUASE pp GOVT,but of NATO interventions.If in 2012,the 50 percent reduction would again be lowered ,it is not because of PP govt. but the recent military interventions by Kenyan mitary who took over ports until now controlled by priates.

Why then does EU,NATo all praising PP govt. for their own success?The answer lies in the fact that PP govt has sign a deal with EU,NATO to take all pirates they captured OUT SIDE our EZZ to our shores in return for money.EU do not want to see potential Somali terrorist landed in their jails to finally after their sentences be granted Asylm,thus a future and potential risk for their country security against terrrists attacks.So their idea to entice the corrupt,greedy PP govt with some dollars in order to tzrnasfer their durben on our Nation.And of course greedy and corrupt PP govt without question,without seeing the long term risk for our land but the money it will pocket and steal only.

NB-That all pirates captured by Seychelles Navy in their interventions were sent back to PUNTALAND to complete their sentecne as aprt of a deal made by PP and Puntaland govt. after PP invested millions there to build a prison for this purpose.

All those pirates now sitting in our jails were not captured in our EZZ and we should any any case take them to our shores for int law demand that the pirates caputred should be prosecuted in the country whose navy arrested them.

In a word Pp govt.did not fight piracy or reduce it but NATO ;EU and other foreign countries.Pp has failed to increase the amount of patrol boats ,Pp has failed to set up a Naval base in the region to better tavckle the threat,illegal fishing .drug trafficking etc...

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

One love,one peace

NON -ALIGNMENT is not SFP,PP,SNP,Boulle but namely the POSITION the people of SEYCHELLES dicided they want their country to take on the world stage and SEYCHELLOIS expect Pp govt. to follow and repect their wishes.Whether you like it or not,or have more sympathy as an individual for Palestinian or Jews ,it is your rights ,and If the Butcher because decided a Citizen(niot President)that since he has fallen in Love with Khalifa he has become pro Arab abd wanted to support them he can,but not in the NAME of our people.

Waht kind of JUSTICE you want for Seychellois? EQUALITY.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

If the Butcher decided as an individual(privately)

Anonymous said...

Ban Ki-moon will arive today.Probalby will prasie Pp on its fight against CLIMATE CHANGE.
Fighting Climate change means doing everything possible to reduce Greenhouse gases.

It is not a samll country like ours with a population of 83 heads and with almost no industry that would make a different in the fight against Climate change ,but big industrial country.

When Pp planted Three ugly wind turbines on our coasts ,it do not reduce our fossil fuel use,for hundreds would be needed to be effective,but it rather destory the natural beauty of our Land,our mian asset that attract tourists to our shores.

When PP planted wooden logs on our coasts,it is not fighting against cliamte change,but protect our coasts from erossion cause by climate change(sea level rise).

If PP wants to fight climate change or better say do our part as a Nation ,then PP should start fixing SOLAR panel on individuals houses,govt buildings etc...

-Encourage Seychellois to buy and drive Electrical vehicles.etc...etc...etc...

jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


I do not want to re-define JUSTICE or EQUALITY, all I want to say is that we should STOP the ZIONIST from killing innocent Palestinian in GAZA. Many Jews have distant themselves from the APARTHEID state because the regime's action is ANTI Jewish.

You don't have to take my word for it! SEE FOR YOURSELF:

Who gave you the right to represents the people of Seychelles on this issue? When did you poll the people on this issue?

Are you a ZIONIST? Is that why SFP has the same logo as the IDF (Israel Defence Force)? Is being square a vice of yours or are you just mis-informed?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope Israel drop a nuclear bomb on these Palestians.
And no I do not belong in SFP, I am not Chris Gill, nor anyone affilicated with SFP. I just want the Jews to be able to live in peace for once.I want the Jews to be able to enjoy the land God gave them.

Anonymous said...


No children of God would build a Nuclear Bomb to destroy the world! I am not affiliated with any political party either.

Jews live in peace all over the world.

Anonymous said...