Monday, March 4, 2013

Michel Calls For Amnesty To Cover Up White Collar Crimes On Land Sale

In the State of Nation Address, which said little or nothing about the real state of our Nation, Mr. Michel used the attention of the nation to call for amnesty for all foreigners and their Collaborator accomplices who purchased, aided, abetted the purchase of land in Seychelles in a fraudulent manner for years under his regime and France Albert Rene regime.

This proposal of amnesty came on the heels of an announcement of a new policy to allow 70 year leases, which is what the MSR and SFP have been advocating for years now.

The SNP advocates a ridiculous 20 year lease for foreigners which in itself will destroy investments in Seychelles if ever implemented. Behind this proposal is evidence of lack of sheer mental ability to run a country .They propose chaos for us. The NDP advocate much of the same as the old PL policy to sell land to foreigners if they are willing to pay a little side money to remain silent on the deals.  The PDM policy is no policy, but to just say what the PL tell them to say, when they are told to speak.

SFP Leads The Way in Clear Ideas on Land

SFP has made it clear numerous times, that only “Bona Fide Seychellois” should be allowed to buy land in Fee Simple in Seychelles. No other company, corporation that is non Seychellois majority should be able to hold in Fee Simple our patrimony. The policy of selling land for Scr. 1.0 should be abolished as well.

SFP Proposes Land For Every Seychellois

By 2018, the SFP proposes that Government of Seychelles, tender remaining patrimony to every single Seychellois family that remains landless today, due to the lingering vestiges of slavery. Every Seychellois family must have at least one plot of land in their name to transfer to the next generation. Given that our population growth rate under PL is 0%, this should not be difficult. PL can start subdividing plots at Ile Preservance and Ile Aurore to tender out to our brothers and sisters who remain landless after slavery, and the one party state era, and the fake democracy era under James Michel.  

We Need Foreign Investment SNPL

In the case of foreigner interest in land the SFP has been clearer than any other party in Seychelles. SFP has said foreigners should be able to lease land in Seychelles held in fee by bona fide Seychellois for up to Seventy (70) years . As not to obstruct the commercial nature of these leases, obstruct investment and the betterment of Bona Seychellois, the parties should be permitted to renew the contracts at anytime they choose to. This is recognized under the Article 27 of the Human Rights Charter, the right to Equal Protection. Why would the PL leader attempt to obstruct such fundamental protections enshrined in our Constitution?

The PL leader, foolishly proposes in the State of the Nation address that Seventy (70) year leases made to a foreigner entity or person will not be renewable. I wonder if PL leader has confused Viagra for Calais which affects the functioning of the brain before making this irrational and dangerous statement?

Mr. President, you as a leader of a government cannot obstruct the obligations or commitments of contracts, if you want to call yourself a leader of a Democracy. Your suggestion Sir, is Communist in roots and borders on the incredulous. I will spell it out for you since it appears, no one can think straight in your government these days.

Michel Policy In Action

Let us say a Bona fide Seychellois leases a property to one of Mr. Presidents’ UAE Sheikhs for 70 years to build a hotel with 5000 rooms. The Government ask this Sheikh at planning stage to contribute to infrastructure development and upgrade in exchange for permitting the project. The request is made by PL after they read the SFP reality blog which now exceeds 210,000 views.  UAE Sheikh agrees to build the extension of La Gogue dam and build a second dam in South Mahe to make desalination errata.  The Sheikh agrees to also place solar panels on every house in Seychelles to curb demand on PUC and get rid of the windmill eyesores that do not work for Seychelles.  The UAE Sheikh pays upfront 70 million USD representing 1 million per annum lease. After the hotel goes up, the sheikh feels he should pay more to extend the lease for 25 years on the 25th year. This time, he offers $500 Million for a additional 25 year lease, since the hotel now has 5000 rooms on it, but the Sheihks son wants to put another 1000 rooms to the project and the rooms are now tied to 150 weekly flights from ABU DHABI, Mr. President’s former favorite place to rest and watch formula one races and catch private jets to onward destinations.

Is Mr. President today saying a Bona Fide Seychellois that owns his land in Fee Simple will not be able to extend a lease for 25 years for 500Million USD to his UAE Sheikh friends? Is he saying that the Seychelles cannot engage in a request for additional contributions for upgrades from a proposed project extension? Well, this is exactly what Mr. President said.  It is madness indeed except if we start to look at Mr. President as the No. 1 Real Estate Broker in Seychelles.

As a broker, Mr. President is looking for the immediate and a deal today, without a vision of what tomorrow can bring to our people. That explains the Scr. 1.0 transactions and the general underselling of Seychelles land all these years. It explains why our tax base has not increased in real terms as well. In spite of having a vision for more FDI, in Tourism our rooms are now cheaper then Madagascar rooms. What a shame, Mr. President. It is a bit like giving a novice driver a golf kart and he runs it right into a big Takamaka tree. Then the driver cuts the tree because it gets in the way of his driving. But your golf kart is smashed already my friend, you will need some serious body and fender work after an era of fiasco's and mishandling of the investment card.

More Confusion For A Frustrated People

All Mr. President has done with this declaration is create more confusion for the People of Seychelles. Mr. President, under your government, a room in La Digue has gone from 350.00 Euro per night with breakfast for Two (2) to euro 18.00 including breakfast and a bike to pedal to Source D’Argent. A room on Cote D’or Praslin has gone from 450.00 euro a night to euro 25.00  per night. While L’Union has no proper accounts and does not bank cash, but it collects cash each day, we have lost as much as Scr. 600,000,0000.00 in entrance fees charged to Tourists under your leadership over 18 years. You are destroying the hotel industry. Now you want to destroy the real estate industry, what little there is out there, if you can even call it an industry. Do you hate Seychellois or something along these lines? Frankly, I am dumbfounded over your proposals. They are anti Seychellois and anti foreign investment in the context that you propose them. We need proposals that are “Pro Seychellois” and “Pro foreign investment” to move this country in the right direction. The Two are not bipolar points, they are congruent with each other.

Seychelles Needs Clear Ideas To Move Forward

The People of Seychelles are indeed frustrated with the bad policies of the Michel Administration. Political leadership must speak clearly; it must speak clearly on good ideas with a vision of solving the problems of the day, with a keen eye on the future for the next generation. The sins of a leader will be borne on the people of the next generation. Reflect man, before you open your mouth without a clear direction where your tongue is taking you and your nation. You have hurt Seychelles in an indeterminable manner with such brash statements. We want to get off the begging line not stay on it.

Our Land Is Our Patrimony 

The proposition to grant amnesty to fraudulent land deals is a crime in itself. Mr. President, you have no right to grant amnesty on crimes that involve the taking of our patrimony by means of fraud. What you are doing is washing the hands of Pilate on this issue.

You attempt wash the hands of all your own agents, which are responsible for the illicit land deals, fake companies, fake shareholders, straw men, lease buy back options, all in contravention of the Immovable Property Restrictions Act.

You attempt to wash the hands of the most prolific agents many of them lawyers in your party and in the SNP , the big brokers of land deals to foreigners with every known trick in the book filed safe and sound.

This act of Pilate is a defining moment for Seychelles, for it separates those that truly believe in “SESEL POU SESELWA” and those that believe in just slogans to fill their pockets during elections, while our people become destitute under a failed regime.

Seychellois that love their country must also want a place for their people in that country; they must fight to preserve our patrimony for our people, the Seychellois people. Does PL agree with this? Or does PL believe we are all foreigners in Seychelles as Mr. President asserts, and all Foreigners are Seychellois as they have been practicing for over 30 years? 

A Message To All Seychellois On “Sesel Pou Seselwa”

People of Seychelles, I write to you all today, as the leader of the Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) , and the former leader of the banned Mouvman Seselwa Rasin (MSR) Party that set out clearly the fundamental ideology of “SESEL POU SESELWA” for today and beyond  which other parties from time to time, tried to copy and imitate to fool you into supporting them. Do not be fooled by the fakes, they are financed by the PL and their surrogates to sow confusion and maintain the status quo for PL.

After Mr. Michel made these declarations ask yourself why? He made them because the SFP continues to menace him with ideas that make his foreign friends nervous about Seychelles. They are nervous because we will not resign ourselves to allowing our patrimony to be raped pillaged by the perverted looking for a place to hide in the world.

The ideas that we promote are ideas that place all bona fide Seychellois in their rightful place in our society, where we all belong. We are first class citizens in our land, not third class citizens as Mr. President attempted to consign us.
This rightful place insures that every bona fide Seychellois rights will be respected. This makes the PL whose roots are deeply communist very uncomfortable because they exist under a culture of divide to rule, then subjugate followed by outright pillage by a few with a golden spoon. The time to stop the pillage was yesterday, and Mr. Presidents wants to grant amnesty to wash the hands of those who pillage.

In their party, there are many patriotic Seychellois that take great offense to the simple fact that Mr. Michel today, is the biggest “salesman Jim “ in Seychelles history. To them, I say this: stand up and show courage, face this man before he sells even the bath water you bathe your children in. His personal strategy has been to develop relationships to raise money for Seychelles, instead of developing economic and finance strategies to empower all our people. If Sheikh Khalifa dies tomorrow from cancer, Mr. Michel’s government will be more broke then you can imagine. I do not wish ill health on Sheikh Khalifa. I wish only that he respects our territory, respect our independence as a people in spite of Mr. Michel’s whims all intended to just lure money from his pockets.
Those who are unhappy about Mr. Michel selling their country must stand up and help us bring change to Seychelles. Change will not come with only good ideas and courage to write. We need your help, we need all Seychellois to stand up for themselves against this generational sell out attempt by Mr. Michel. Those that can help to push this cause forward must do what they can. Those that can help with volunteering their time and effort, must do so. Do not let Mr. Michel sell our patrimony and you sit down and just watch.   

Trust Only SFP

The only party we can trust today with “SESEL POU SESELWA” is the Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) . Why? PDM will sell Seychelles to one buyer. SNP brought Khalifa to Seychelles, ask Bernard Georges. PL is selling Seychelles as you read this. NDP …..I would not trust them even with a used pet bottle.

People of Seychelles open your eyes and secure your future once and for all as a People. Get off the road of failure that PL Mr Michel has dragged us all on. Speak out, be heard, be counted as a human being. Take back your dignity.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Move forward with Seychelles Freedom party. It is the only party with silver hard balls.

Anonymous said...

James Michel have no shame calling on Amnesty. Many reports have been made against James Michel to Amnesty and other high places. His criminal actions, corruption has all been reported. By a group of 58 patriots. We have just started, we still have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

You have got to read this, he needs to come and visit us again.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas
How I named, shamed and jailed: Anas Aremeyaw Anas at TED2013

Anas Aremeyaw Anas can’t show you his face, but his name carries enough weight. Famous in Ghana for his investigative journalism, Anas’ stories like “Enemies of the nation,” about corruption at customs in the Port of Tema, have blown the cover on crime all over Africa.

He started 14 years ago, when he had just come out of college. He received a tip that police were taking bribes from kids in the streets, so he decided to go undercover selling peanuts. Thus began his dedication to exposing corruption through immersive journalism, following 3 basic principles: naming, shaming and jailing.

Anas has gone undercover as a Catholic priest in a Bangkok prison and as a bartender in a Chinese sex mafia ring in Ghana. Thanks to Anas the mafia men in the latter story will be in prison for the next 40 years for the abuse of the sex workers.

Just last month Anas broke a story with the film Spirit Child, about the tragic practice in northern Ghana of killing deformed children believed to carry ill omens. Anas brought a prosthetic baby from London with a fake deformity and caught men in the act of preparing a concoction to have the baby killed. The police were standing by, and court proceedings are happening now. In “Spell of the albino” Anas follows the albino limb trade in Tanzania, where albinos are regularly killed because their body parts are believed to be lucky in witchcraft rituals. He went undercover as a businessman looking to get rich and caught the practice on film for the first time.
And today at TED, Anas breaks his latest story. He’s been undercover for the past six months at Nsawam Prison in southern Ghana, where conditions are inhumane. He shows a shocking video of a room in the prison full of dead bodies piled atop one another. The sanitation conditions in the prison are unspeakably bad, and it’s easier to get heroin, cocaine and cannabis in the prison than out. He will be breaking the story in Ghana in a month.

Not everyone has been a fan of Anas’ work. Some accuse him of a breach in ethics. But as he says, what’s the point of a journalist who doesn't benefit society? He concludes: “What the evil man has destroyed, the good man has built.” So fight, and build again.

Anonymous said...

I want to know were Ms Macgregor get this land at Anse Royal to put it as first prize in thier loterry?IT is land that this goverment have stolen.

Anonymous said...

Good question, let the expert at SFP answer.

Anonymous said...

oh , yes, I heard he was in jail, he the guy that has something bad to say about everybody?

Anonymous said...

The picture of the PL SNP MNA on Desroches Island with Glenny Savy reminds when they said everything on Desroches Island is perfect before the elections.

I wonder what Mr. Savy fed the SNP?

Anonymous said...

Ya since then Jane Carpin did a round the world in 24 hours and so did David Pierre.

What will they do next now that the 15 million rupees is spent?

Anonymous said...

Good question.

Anonymous said...

Dear Leader of SFP and its executives.

We have in Sechelles Seychelles an Italian community and their relation to property/land in Seychelles in then colonial time, the One party State era and 3rd Republic. Some have become Naturalize Seychellois. Their very complex and complicated contribution to our economic workings, they helped set up the Central Bank, the Development Bank, SIBA - had those Italians had a lease of 20 years or 75 years on their respective property/properties they would never have helped/contributed to the development of Seychelles the way they did/have. There was /were incentives. Because they have to live there in the process help put in place working system like in Europe. They also contributed to building the core nation Tourist Industry.

Do any of you Follow the Italian politic the past 10/20 years. Meanwhile Europe is in terrible difficulty and Italy is the third largest economy of Europe. Had you and your executive been aware of the/certain highly important contribution - capacity to help form government, politic of Italy and help government stay in power or help them fall. The world workings is highly complicated and complex.

We have been addressing the issues of the COI and the IOR - RIM association, those Italians who helped and contributed importantly. When you get any group involved in such process the need to have some time of co workings relation/reporting, accountability - flow of relation. Those Italians involved were aware of the Position of the USA and Europe, the changing importance in economy and influence, the role of the Indian Ocean. Those who have been based and working in Sechelles Seycheles the past 50 years.

The government is schedule to renegotiate its Fishing Agreement with EU this year. Our person have been too often compared to a bull in a china shop - yet. The issues we have addressed, these/those are no the working of a Bull in a china shop. What incentives would you and your executive give to the Italian community in Seychelles to support, contribute in the forthcoming Fishing Agreement renegotiation - or you believe they never existed such workings.

The reasons The Lord/God gave you and the Seychellois the opportunity to inhabit, come to live and develop this land that one day you will play your appropriate role - meaning fill in the big/great gaps that those who have lived in Europe all their lives cannot do. It has taken our Seychelles Exile/refugee community a very great deal of bitter trail and errors to work to this end.

We wish to state plainly the reason we had not wished to deploy that SIROP on the web for so long because we know of its impacts - the marked impact on many of Europe workings for the past five months. We have been addressing a number of EU institutions, Media to this effect. Those high parties in Italy who know fairly well what we mean and imply here.

Our question to all the visitors and user of SFP how would you react and respond particularly towards the important Seychelles Italy relation/friendship. The Italian community in Seychelles and indeed those in Italy have found is finding that special friendship and relation getting very cold and very quiet/silence.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

In Italy even the pope has reetired while their playboy of a former leader takes their tax money and parties with underage girls.

there are many italians in seychelles that we do know off; one on praslin which stole a seychellois land by bribing a judge while she gets away with a loca for prostitutes on praslin, vincent meriton closes an eye on this because him and top friends visits their for an escort. i am monitoring will send sfp pictures soon.

the italian with his cafeteria in town were he does capucino well he treats his workers like dog and even a friend of his an italian complained that he does not like the way this man refers to seychellois as monkeys especially the black seychellois. This is what italians have contributed as well.

Another is mafia's from italy or the italian mob. Well listen carefully i know who you are were you are your offshore friends will not be able to hide things from me and remember that the lands you take and desecrate our mountains we will take back and extraditions for you to be judged from your crimes.

Bernard george set up quite a few of them,as well as this offshore with a peter vander valk

Anonymous said...

Our population is 91,000 wo never see a country that population grow that faster like Seychelles even they killing our babies it grow that fast or plus foreigners conquror who buy our passport make it grow that much.They will give back one day our passport and we will deport all those alliens that have landed on the island.

Anonymous said...

ki sa zur?

Anonymous said...

James inn dir li ki la, li ki konmande.

Anonymous said...

Li ki la Li ki konmande can cost him his life,if he dont STOP playing games with seselwa and continue doing things their way and not listen want SEselwa ask for this guy has forget that is the servant of the peoples.

Anonymous said...

Our population is now 91,000 and Nation failed to mention what % of that is the true Seychellois and naturalized Seychellois. This is very important to tell us but as usual they bury it under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

'cost him his life'my friend James and Albert will laugh if they see this, because they have been in criminal actions for 36 years no body dare touches them. Oli sa sesselwa that can stop them. Pakor nee mon zenmi.

Anonymous said...

JAM will never STOP playing games, knowing that you like it, otherwise why vote for him.

Anonymous said...

How many times will he beat Seychelles on the reef of failure?

Anonymous said...

Criminal Michel and gan mmebers wnat to give thmeselves Amnesty or what?A criminal Michel can give hisslef amnesty.Amensty Michel is eqaul to PARDON.I order to be aprdoned first society must know the Why,where,want and who committed the crimes and cuplrits must rpesent themselves in front of the victims answer their qeursions and only if victims accept your explainantion ,they alone can pardon you.Society is absed on rules of law thus society can only punished criminals for their cimres or grant them Amenesty.however,the later cannot exist before the former.
Any self -given Amensty wil be rejected by the people.

Secondly,Michel should be well-placed to know that Laws forbibben him to sell out the people patrimony as eqaully Alw which dated back to 1939 stipualtes that NO FOREI>GNER is authority,allow to owes or buy land in Seychelles.Morevoer,from the very beginning of Pp illegal sell out ,the Seychellois people were warning you of your premeditaed crimes but arrogantly you palyed deaf ears and gnored ther people.

No self -given Amensty will be accepted by Seychellois.Justice comes before Amnesty PP.

Waht you should do Michel instead of asking for Amensty beofre you have even answers your crimes is take back all our land you illegally sold to foreigners back and that rapidly as well as revoked all our passport you sold to foreigners ,some potential terrorrists.Telling us Pp is going to stop the sell out after its has already sold everything and to stop selling our passport is not enough.

NoA Mnesty for criminals who pre-mediate their crimes and put at risk Soveriegnty.Amnesty laso Michel is often given in a situation wherby there is a reconciliation and transition of ogvernemnt,after a war etc...Where is the transition to dmeocracy Michel-No transtion but Amensty.Stop folling yourself Michel.

Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I have email Amnesty, with bit and pieces of complaints, from face book including the killing of babies in hospital. Having saying this i would like other people to do the same, more complaint better chance of having something done.

Anonymous said...

Look,Pp jailed Seychellois for a handful of Marijuana 10-20 years in jailed,and now those PP criminals who have committed treason for thirty plus years want Amnesty before even facing justice.If you can jailed Seychellois for marijuan for 10-20 years than PP for your multiple crimes EXECUTION can only be the right sentence for you crooks.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

what are you waiting for jeanne, did you do your share of writing to Amnesty?

Anonymous said...

any patriots would have done his or her share by now. Keep at it until until we find answers. Do not expect miracle with one letter.

Anonymous said...

We have noted the Oooops in reply to our last contribution about the Italian Community in Sechelles Seychelles and the Italian Nation in Europe and across the world.
As a young person we did a great deal of milking and we tried to beat our own record - those who know Seychellois cows in those days we had Jersey pure and cross and Frisian - those who believe in tying the cow tail when milking we do not/did not.

This said the Oooops - we are calling for another Ooooops.
How many of you who cares and do wish to change Seychelles recall the DOW in 2007/8, the USA politicians and great economic, banking and market experts what they attributed to this Historic high and in 2008 the global mega crash.

Right across the world the news media about the Dow reaching an all time/historic high. We have worked indirect with the former heads of the /Feds and others - a number of critical issues we have been addressing for the past six months nobody listen. Yet it was the same refusal to listen in late 2007/8 that cause - those who knew and know the highly corrupted of global workings, Banks, Market to so to say pull the carpet.

We made certain input yesterday and the impacts on global market - good people is this normal when anybody in this world given the mega bonus scandal in Britain and EU who can make such input affecting the global market to rise or fall and everybody say that person just do not exist and the armies of so call experts and the results. In cluding Wikileak existance.

Anonymous said...

Seychellois I will be very careful if I was you. As you may soon PP surveillance aerial drones peering into your home windows. It is already a reality in some cases which i notice in a relative's hotel year 2012 when I was on holiday. The good news is I found it just in time. Having saying this, you still have time to protect to protect the wealth and assets that you have build up for the security for your family...

In spite of everything that's going on in Seychelles, JAM has NO BLOODY PLAN what so ever to avoid sequestration...sad part we know he is hell-bent on raising BLOODY TAXES to finance his luxury life~!!

It really frustrates me to see Seychelles in despicable situations and my family, relative and friends working their butts off to provide for a scum bag like JAM & FAR......

Anonymous said...

Over the past 21 years the Seychelles Exile/refugees call for greater transparent in the Oppositions workings - the many instance they acted no better than FA Rene and JA Michel, meaning, events from outside, the involvement and contribution of EU, Australia, the USA, Canada in driving process - the vast majority address the public and the world as if it is their doing only - FA Rene and JA Michel is very well aware.

In early 1995, we addressed the vast many in EU, the USA and Africa this situation cannot go on where by those who take credit, so call experts come forward and state and write upon such bases and sets of workings this and this was brought about when it was all invention and being invented to please and work their respective interests and politics. The results those who know and manage such issues we had two major economic meltdown as results - what those individual s and their so call experts told the public and the media involvement.

Those who worked and the setting in place of the IOR - RIM associations, economic development in the Indian Ocean region, the Gulf Region and Africa, again the manner and approach used to explain the positive economic and social developments - particularly the politicians and the big financial institutions and multinationals.

Beside many terrible very negative developments - most important that earthquake and tsunami of 2004/5 - 300,000 death and the terrible economic devastation nobody drew/choose to draw any lesson. Including Seychelles and Mauritius.
Those involved in higher global management, who contributed to OAU becoming the AU, Events in EU, Again the the Indian ocean Region and Gulf, the highly corrupted workings of the politicians, the media and the big multinationals and Finance - the mega meltdown of 2008/9 the process to put the politicians under spotlight, the big banks and the corrupted media.

In Seychelles the situation. The role of the Opposition and decision of Mr Christopher Gill to start the Mouvement Seychellois Racine and later SFP. In Europe the issues which drove those in the USA to set up Occupy and how it came over - yet those in the USA state they started it. It is the same situation with our Seychelles Oppositions - they refuse to debate what drive them and the due process and FA Rene and JA Michel is very aware of these issues.

Given the death of Venezuela President - e want to stress to everybody in Seychelles, Mauritius, those form the COI, the IOR - RIM and African Union, had our person been staying in France, Germany or Italy when the changes was taking place in the COMECON and USSR and China the economic, political and military pendulum would have have swung this far.

We recall the Agenda of the Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson, we had hoped that with the election of President Obama, those in the USA who would come to realize the world cannot go on working as it is - just a few very rich and the rest very poor, controlled and manipulate to work and bring greater riches. It has never work and will never work - with all the mega media and human control and engineering and policing. Small nation like Seychelles and Mauritius have problems - their politicians cannot face reality. "Mr Christopher Gill ought to underline to the people and on the Blog he started MSR not because of Seychelles, the mega corrupted practice of the Political elites and their governments - those from Occupy Movement, this inspired him to practice the same approach in Seychelles, the Global feeling about corruptions, be they the big banks and multinationals. Having been addressing such issues for the past 21 years about the mega ripoff of that SIROP program, somebody would stand up and defend it.

We have reintroduce many aspects of that program online and the world can read every details which were/was not available and the choose to start another bigger mega rip off and where this will end.

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