Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reform Minutes Exposed The Inability of Fake Opposition Leadership For Reform and Exposes Atorney General




Electoral Commission
Seychelles National Party – (SNP)
Mr. H. Gappy - Chairman
Mr. W. Ramkalawan – Party Leader
Mr. G. Lafortune - Member
Mr. A.  Derjacques – Representative
Mrs. M. T. Purvis - Member

Ms. J. Adrienne - Secretary
Parti Lepep – (PL)

Popular Democratic Party (PDM)
Mr. R. Agrippine – Consultant

Mrs. J. Carpin – Representative

New Democratic Party (NDP)

Mr. R. Volcere – Party Leader

Citizen Democracy Watch (Seychelles)
Working Team
Mr. M. Padayachy
Mrs. Vasunthera – Consultant Legislative Drafter/ CFTC Expert
Mrs. E. Moses
Ms. S. Aglae Consultant Local Legislative Draftsperson
Seychelles Media Commission – (SMC)
Mrs. Marie-May Bastienne – P R. Officer
Mr. I. Afif


Mr. S. Gill
Mr. W. Herminie
Mr. D. Pierre – (with appolgies)
Mr. B. Hoarau – (with apologies)

Mr. P. Boulle – (with apologies)

Mr. C. Gill

Mr. J.P. Isaac
Ms. J. Simeon – (with appologies)

The Meeting was chaired by Mr. H. Gappy, who welcomed members to the meeting.

1.1       At the start of the meeting, Mr. Volcere raised a point regarding the role of the AG’s Chambers in the Forum.

1.2       The Chair called on Mrs Nada to respond.

1.3       Mrs Nada stated that at the commencement of the Forum when she asked the same question, she did not get a proper answer.

1.4       She added that when she went to clarify the matter with the Attorney General, the latter told her that she has to be present at the Forum but not to do any drafting, just to guide them.

1.5       She added further that the Commonwealth also instructed her not to stop her presence at the Forum and to report back on everything that goes on in the Forum.

1.5       Mr. Volcere stated that he is of the view that the role of the Electoral Commission was clearly defined as to make recommendations to amend POA and the Electoral Act.

1.6       The Chair proposed to discuss Point 3 on the Agenda before presentations by members of the Forum.

1.7       The Chair pointed out that there was a communiqué from the AG’s office and the EC deliberated on that letter and issued a press communiqué as well which was circulated to all the members of the Forum.

1.8       The Chair added that the AG suggested in his letter that a copy of the draft bill be forwarded to EC for comments and that they will have a chance to respond.

1.9       Mr. Ramkalawan stated that the issue that arises from all that is happening is again the mandate of this Forum.

1.10     He questioned the Attorney General’s representatives’ presence at the Forum meetings. How can the Attorney General then after the Forum has done the work, agreed on what is to be presented,  then turn round five months later showing total disrespect for the Forum.

1.10     He added that we have to know clearly where the Forum stand vis-à-vis the Attorney General, not his office. Furthermore, he claimed that the roadmap is no longer relevant.

1.11     Mr. Lafortune queried from Mrs. Nada as to whether the mandate issued by the AG with regards to her work  involves giving feedback to the Forum of the views of the Attorney General in helping the process forward.

1.12     In reply to the query, Mrs. Nada stated that when the Attorney General  introduced her to the Forum and asked her to continue with the work, she reported back to him every day after the Forum meeting of what is happening and in addition, she submits reports to the Commonwealth as a Commonwealth consultant and the Commonwealth is very well informed of what is happening in the forum.

1.13     She added further that with regards to the statement that came out on the POA, she does not know anything as nothing was discussed with her  at the time of making the statement.

1.14     Mr. Derjacques stated that the function of the Attorney General is to act as legal adviser to the government, hence cannot have political views. he advised the Electoral Commission to talk to the government since it could be that the Attorney General is a ‘red herring.”

1.15     The Chair informed the Forum that the EC will be looking at this issue and will respond back at the next meeting. 


2.1       Mr. Ramkalawan made the following points –

Registration of political parties
2.2  He stated that the present law states that in order to register a political party, a hundred signatures is needed. He suggested that the EC should consider increasing the number of supporters.

Presentation of account
2.3       The registrar of political parties need to have a say, need to be able to look at the accounts of political parties.

Funding of political parties from state funds
2.4       He stated that if there is funding from state funds, then there needs to be specific headings as to how this money can be used.

Auditing of Accounts
2.5       The auditing of the money that political parties will receive from the State should be something done by the office of the Auditor General.

Formation of political alliances
2.6       It is important that in the law covering registration of political parties that there is the possibility for political parties to be able to form an alliance before an election without having to form a new political party with a new name.

2.7       In the present system of election there is the first past the post and proportional representation. The 10%   needed for a proportional seat to be re-looked into.

2.8       Democracy should cater for small parties to come to the Assembly for them to have a voice.

Financing of political parties
2.9       The present system is believed to be  totally unfair giving money only to parties that are represented in the National Assembly. He suggested that a minimum amount should be given to all registered political parties to ensure they can fulfil their responsibilities.

2.10     He also suggested that  SR6.5 million  be the bench mark for political parties, subject to  increase based on inflation.

Documents presented by political parties for registration
2.11     Before a political party is actually registered, these documents should be made public so that people may object or comment on.

2.12     Mr. Derjacques suggested that political parties should not be allowed to take part in an election  less than one year after registration. Within six months of an election, no registration of political parties.

Membership Age
2.13     He suggested a review of the age to register as a member of a political party and proposed the age of 15 years.

2.14     He further suggested that under section 7(1)(b)(iii) -  The word ‘provocative’ is so wide and vague and that it should be re-looked.

Section 8(1) - appeals against a registration and against  striking off a political party

2.15     He suggested that it should be appealable to the Supreme Court and then the law will follow that it can be further appealed to the Court of Appeal. It should not be restricted to the Supreme Court.

Annual accounts under Section 4(1)
2.16     That it be opened to inspection and the source of funding is clear to ensure that there is no underhand of criminal funding of political parties. 

2.17     Mr. Agrippine agreed with  the concept of a minimum funding for operations of political parties should be equal to all parties in addition to the SR6.5 million.

2.18     Mr. Agrippine concurred with the suggestion regarding the review of the minimum age to become a member of a political party.

2.19     He also concurred with regards to the highest remain for a seat as it is one of the mechanism which will prevent a constitutional crisis or gridlock.

2.20     Mr. Agrippine agreed to the concept of subjecting the account of a party to the Auditor General’s office to be audited by the Auditor General.

2.21     Mr. Afif talked on the formation of a political party and the time span for the election, which he suggested  should be left open.

2.22     He added that the whole process to register a political party in his view one should look for 500 members or perhaps 1000 members.

2.23     Mr. Lafortune whilst appreciating the comments made by Mr. Afif, questioned the fact as to whether the latter is in the capacity to make comments as any other members of the forum and whether that is in line with EC’s procedures.

2.24     Mr. Agrippine did not agree that civil servants above the rank of director should not be a member of a political party executive committee.

2.25     Because the Forum had raised the question of the AG’s representative to be present in this Forum, Mrs. Nada sought clarification of the position as to whether they are going to continue as observers or whether they are going to continue with anything.

2.26     Mr. Lafortune stated that have to revert to the AG because their presence was requested to assist us in the work which would involve listening, contributing and advising and so on.

2.27     He suggested that since the mandate of Mrs. Nada is now changed, the Commission have to go back to the Attorney General to ask for clarifications and again reiterate the request that members of his office are here to participate, help and guide the process and then  see what the reaction is.

2.28     Mrs. Nada reiterated that her specific instructions were  not to draft for the Forum and she is not supposed to help the EC’s legal consultant also.

2.29     The Chair stated that he will take up the matter with the AG’s office and report back to the forum.

2.30     Since there was no more presentation, the Chair proposed that PL and PDM submit written presentation to be circulated to members of the forum before next Wednesday’s meeting.

The meeting is adjourned to 27th February, 2013 at 9.00 am for presentations by PL and PDM on the Political Parties Registration Act.


Anonymous said...

Take these minutes off this blog.

Anonymous said...

Who is asking fake oppositions?

Well SFP should keep these minutes whey are as reform should be open to there the general public and since sbc is not airing the debates or providing coverage all minutes should be loaded.

these minutes shows how ndp, snp and parti lepep are working together to hide any notion of free and fair election.

If the AG is represented on the forum why the hell did he make a move to stall the public orders act proposal submitted by the commission to government?

Why did the forum say all political parties were present yet absentia shows SFP was not attending?

Commonwealth is also receiving feedback from the AG representation in the forum we would like to hear what they think about it?

SFP load all minutes expose what they are hiding alongside SBC.

Anonymous said...

Take these minutes off this blog. It reveals the work of the Commission which is not to be disclosed to the Public.

You are compromising the reputation of Seychelles and the Attorney General Office and all parties to this meeting minutes.

Anonymous said...

Take these minutes off this blog. It reveals the work of the Commission which is not to be disclosed to the Public.

You are compromising the reputation of Seychelles and the Attorney General Office and all parties to this meeting minutes.

Anonymous said...

ouch the truth hurts, run to your mummy.

Anonymous said...

Seychelles reputation is already chaotic. Why don’t you tell James Michel and his Government to stop robbing Africa? Stop selling our pass ports and land. James Michel and his inadequate government are the one responsible for Seychelles reputation; it is just as nasty as their own personal life. In every meeting I go I discourage people investing in Seychelles. My Korean friend together who wanted to buy land in Praslin for farming has changes her mind. Two business colleagues of mine who wanted to have a fashion warehouse in in Victoria h ad back off. A relative who wanted to open a mechanical and spray painted workshop has also gone somewhere else. I will not stand by and let the people I love throw their money in a black hole with no return.
I say thank to SFP for taking their free time to educate and warn others!

Anonymous said...

It looks like this for sure. I work in a travelling agency here in Melbourne. I cannot tell you the number of times that I have stopped my clients from going to Seychelles.In Fiji offers friendly and professional services at a very cheap rate. Not only does my clients save thousands of dollars but also enjoy the best of the best.
My apology to Mr Gill and all those in tourism industries. It is up to you to confront your Government who are charging you a leg and arm in taxes, and live you with no choice but to rip off your client in order to pay your taxes. YOUR DUTY GATHERED TOGETHER AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.
Seychelles rely on tourism to survive, going like this and the amount of hotels that are being build every day will soon turned into ghostly building.
I have friends working all over the world and we are all doing the same, redirect our clients from Seychelles to a better place where they will not be ripped off.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typo mistakes, getting ready for work. amount of hotels being build per year not per day. Have a good day. Best wishes in making your voices heard. a bottle of water 40 rupees, be zot O!

Anonymous said...

No excuse what so ever, there are other ways around tax. It is 100% legal to hide assets from the government.It is also legal to generate certain types of tax-free income, which you never have to report to the government. Play your roll smart, stop feeding your hard earnings in James Michel overseas bank account.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed we are suffering. But the GOS says we had a banner year in 2012.

Makes you think you are nuts if you let it.

They should take politics out of Tourism. Reduce Tourism to a Bureau of Marketing and get on with business. Have it run by the private sector. That is the only way forward while they try to figure out their way out of this mess.

Thank you.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill
Seychelles Freedom Party

Anonymous said...

The AG is clearly disrespecting the Commission and its work. Why do the parties attend????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

What JAM and his inadequate government does not realise is that if they paralysed tourism with by ridiculous taxes they too in the long run will suffer. This year financial event will rock the boat harder than ever before and this time each and everyone in tourism will be sea-sick..JAM and his government has set to slaughter tourism.
For that reason I believe that it's prudent to keep your money beyond the government reach. Like I have said before work smart do not give your hard earnings to a corrupt system!

Anonymous said...

Furthermore how much is enough? Do we really need more Hotel in Seychelles?
Throughout the history of after event of June 1977 this bankrupt, desperate corrupt government has proven that they will that they are prepared to do drastic things to cover their loses. DO LET OUR TOURISM COLLAPSE GET TOGETHER AND FIND A SOLUTION QUICKLY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Anonymous said...

typo error plenty learning from Jeanne.

Anonymous said...

yes i get you, do not let.

Anonymous said...

You judge me,
You hurt me,
You expect me to fail,
But I don't have a care in the world.

You push me,
You punch me,
You expect me to fall,
But I don't have a care in the world.

You criticize,
You laugh and tell lies,
You expect me to cry,
But I don't have a care in the world.

You think I am weak,
I know I am strong,
You put me down and tell me I'm wrong,
But I don't have a care in the world.


Anonymous said...

Last year was crystal tears, this year tears of blood. SFP is not a match for PP GROW UP. PP will go on and on.NONE STOP for generation to come.

Anonymous said...

PL will never be able to deal with sfp like it has bought off all the other fake opposition parties.

SFP in years to come will keep educating influencing and thrive towards change.

If PL thinks they will be here for another 10 years guess again, all those old farts including the ones which holds so many post will crock not by the hand of someone but from god given end of term, SFP will have children and childrens children asking blunt in the face of fake opposition and their pl masters to tell the truth, if they do not they will see their pictures posted online, recordings online, videos online and many more.

Just think of seeing a video of james michel online selling seychelles to arabs and ramkalawan and volcere collecting their crum's from the deals. It will happen!

Parti Lepep will no longer find youths wanting to join them and there communism as they will be scared to spend the blood money or buy or spend as a camera at each corner awaits them.

enough will never be enough as even mafioso, traitors, thieves, and foreign convicts will see their picture scattered on the world wide web reaching governments and partners of whom is seeking their head on a stake.

Yes we may hear a few death's of foreigners in hiding here or pl from sppf die hard's but at the end of the day we will be free and sfp will bring us there.

Anonymous said...

Do not forget that JAM, FAR and the rest of this corrupt government planted their seeds in so may lose whole around the country. What I am trying to say is Seychelles is contaminated by PL bastards. In every district about 12 bastards all rouge my friend. How will any party with dignity deal with PL vermin's growth? Tell me?

Anonymous said...

I meant hole, just woke up and it is cold.

Anonymous said...

Govinden demonstrates how incompetent he is-He does not know his duty,authority and limit.

Time to get Pp out of power.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

How will you do it?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Govinden is not the only person who does not know his duties and limits.

Anonymous said...

the whole lot of them think they are king.

Anonymous said...

How will you do it?NO COMMENT just be patient.

Anonymous said...

Yes SFP good job.

Anonymous said...

They all incompetent ,they should be repalced as fast as possible and the best way for Michel to do that is by dissovling his faield and crooked ogvernmnet,Maybe he will then benefit for a less harsher jail sentence.

If they think they kings--sooner than later we will show them that they are dogs.I adivce Pp to change now before we bring change to him whereever he is --in a drypit,in Khalifa's asshole,in a dushbin,regradless where we will find him and gang.

And do not forget to remove those foreigners illegally controlling our instituions such as Chief judge Idi Amin,Scully,and others.

jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

One more thing.SFP is doing more than a good job.If PP is rushing to change things is becuase of SFp not SNPPDM with PP lap dog RAm and GUN dog Pierre.

Waht Pp is doing be it on Educvation etc.. most of what they doing if not to say all,are ideas from SFp they are stealling though they do not really know how to put them into practice.

Morevoer,i can see noone doing politcs with the exception of CHRIS who is fit,intelligent,have vsions etc... to lead this country in the 21st century and concidering all the mess Pp has left behind.

The 21st century leader is someone who knows the way,goes the way,and shows the way.I think all Seychellois who have been following politics for the last decade can justify this facts unless proviven overwise.

Jeannev D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Indeed RAM went to sleep. Even Volcere is asking more questions in Election Reform.

Ram is just looking for more money as usual. We have paid this corrupt man enough and we will be paying him until he dies under the PL system.

Anonymous said...

To the blogger who says he discourages anyone or everyone to visit Seychelles. My suggestion here is to discourage them from staying in hotels own by arabs only. You should have a list of seychellois owned establishment and
let everyone know that it is the only safe place to stay in Seychelles. Let the terrorist hotels remain empty and they will close and leave and explode their bombs somewhere else. We need a list of all Seychellois-owned and anti-PL owned hotels in Seychelles that can be promoted. Can someone please provide us with some details of that.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne according to you only MR C. Gill has intelligent and visions? zot o asse donn kouyon.
Mr P. Bulle , have visions, intelligent, principle and dignity.

Anonymous said...

Listen, listen well we all have INTELLIGENCE who could possible have more than Albert Rene? The hole he dug 36 yrs ago, has left us paralysed, bankrupt and no way out. You people can try, GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

I am the blogger who discourage tourism in Seychelles. However if someone provide the list of Serious Seychellois Hotels I will be more than happy! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No there are others.Mr P Bulle might has intelligent but he has proven to date to be a poor thinker.

Chris has shown the ordiary Seychellois that he is competent and more equipped to face the challenges.Leadership in the 21st century is no longer a fixed role.In a fluid ,dynamic environemnt rules,21st leadership is thought leadership.Others have not been able to proved themsleves yet.And after all, Leadership is a product of something.We have seen that SOMETHING in others yet.Lets them prove themsleves yet and demonstrate their intelligence.

When isay he has vision is simply he sees the problems that need to be fixed and the goals that need to be achieved and the skills to make them happen.

RAM also has a vision,his only vision is being a stooge.

Jeanne DÂrc