Monday, April 1, 2013

Extra, Extra, Extra When The Puss Overruns From the Tumor of PL Failure


PUC Is Incompetent As An Organization

Did everyone watch on SBC as the sewer line fed into Le Rocher last week from a sewer station off Eden Island Development that is positioned right in front of Dr. Ramadoss hair brained hospital project on the seafront?

Millions of gallons of raw sewage from the Greater Victoria Sewage Project bilges into a beautiful area where 24 or so executive homes are situated. The residents said the smell was utterly unbearable and they were reporting to Seychelles Hospital (name changed from “Victoria “under request of Khalifa)for treatment from infections. The health cost has not been determined yet.

The property values of these residences have been shattered eternally. They are now worth 10% of whatever they were worth in the past. This means house owners will each lose millions. The likelihood of sale is dim. These homeowners must take steps to sue PUC for damages and seek full restitution for this unbelievable cock up that only shows how badly managed PUC has been over years without naming culprits.

Mr. Philip Morin for his part needs to be more intellectually honest with the public and not try to simply cover up futile and inexcusable errors. That is unbecoming of the professional we took him to be when we pushed for the removal of Stravens a total numbskull.  In spite of the mismanagement in the past, Mr. Morin remains the best man available for the job today. The Public must keep him honest. Mr. Morin, keep the reports honest, we are watching. Enough with the cow stories about air being in pipes when our water is white colored or red.

The proper course of action for Government of Seychelles is to privatize PUC and tie the contract of privatization to a performance ladder on efficiency. In the case of water, pipe leakage is 90% must be brought down to 6% over next Three (3) years and dam capacity must be doubled in three years using existing sites and seeking out alternate sites to stock water.

On the electricity side, the windmills must be dismantled and sold to Madagascar. PUC performance ladder must be tied in to a private partner’s ability to convert reliability to the traditional grid by consumers to solar conversion. This will cut the Seychelles 70% national budget dependency on oil imports over night.
Sun light is burning every day, stop wasting it PL.

Education Falling Apart

PL have foolishly made all Seychellois believe that they can all become doctors and lawyers and biological engineers, without backing these aspirations with quality substance. The end product is we have an inferior generation that has a little knowledge. But a little knowledge can be dangerous when it is not enough to carry the day.

Immediately, PL must limit schooling free of charge to S4 and provide bursars for technical schools that will meet student’s needs comprehensively. These students should be partnered off with business in apprentice programs to deliver the needed labor expertise the market needs. The time to produce nuclear scientists for Seychelles is past. We need students to be hands on and they need to have practical realistic skills that can be used in the work place effectively. The educational system must focus in that direction.

University of Seychelles is a flop and it will continue to be a flop. Fundamentally it will be cheaper to finance courses through Mauritius and partner with them to achieve this. Seychelles can even buy land in Mauritius, build flats, to house students and build flats there to rent out to cut actual national out of pocket student fees. You can do the same here, but tenants will have to pay. That means PL will not be given access as tenants since they only take and do not like paying rent. How much is the rent at the Plantation House on La Digue these days? Does anyone know?

Health Care on Crutches         

I really felt pathetically sorry for Mr. Michel, after he did a SBC show while visiting the hospital. Mr. Michel said: “we give free health care, people turn up drunk in the morning, they do not know their names, and we offer them CT scans to know what is wrong with them. They are killing themselves” Mr. Michel asserted.
Well Mr. Michel, what you have said is the ulterior despair of the communist ideology that you brought to power, you kept it in power, now it is eating you alive- much like a cancer tumor eats its victim. Communist ideology demand free unconditional health care. Communist ideology in health care has no place for prevention programs, no place for accountability of the patient. This is what drives the system to failure and it is much like a cancer tumor left unfettered eating the resources of medical facilities recklessly. Why do you not renounce Communism and call it the failure that it is and let’s start implementing programs of accountability, prevention, in health care and start stamping out the abuse? Or is this too much of a challenge for Mr. Michel?

Extra, Extra Cow Stuff 

Did anyone see Minister Peter Sinon telling us about the state of Agriculture in Seychelles? I never have a bad thing to say about Minister Sinon because his Father and Mother were great Seychellois that believed in Sesel Pou Seselwa! The Sinon’s have become like some kind of PL royalty it seems. Marie Pierre Lyold was Minister at Health. When that fell apart, they made her an Ambassador at large to get rid of her. I am certain today, if Guy Sinon and Rita Sinon were still alive, they would be opposing Mr. Michel’s policy of selling land to Khalifa and selling passports left right and centre. Since agriculture is in fact dead in Seychelles, I only ask the Minister of Agriculture this: how can you sit by and stay silent as the legacy of your parents, and others who fought for “Sesel Pou Seselwa” go down into the sew line of PUC?


Hipster Minister Adam

Minister Adam, wearing hipster pants tight sleeve shirts and balding ever so fast made his way to SBC to explain what his ministry is doing about everything. He spoke as if he was a mono rail going straight to nowhere. The poor journalist could not ask a question. He spoke so fast as if he was covering something up, (he covers up everything) that the content of his speech made more like food processor matter. Indeed he is clever, cleverer than anyone else on the Michel crew.After

But really, the guy has no gonads to hold his own in a serious manner, yet alone be able to field real questions. All in all it makes these programs a total farce. Ralph Adam could take a question, because he was basically a decent man although he did Rene’s dirty work for a living in the one party state.            

INTERPOL EL Materi Fiasco

Now El Materi is being protected by the PL for a grand milking session before they extradite him to Tunisia where he was convicted in abstentia for crimes of corruption amounting to hundreds and millions of Dollars. INTERPOL has a red alert on him and Seychelles has no laws for asylum seekers. Under what law does this man stay in Seychelles? He entered the country on an expired diplomatic passport. That is fraud. How did he leave Seychelles and come back again? What passport did he use? The Hipster Minister Adam says no citizenship has been granted. Really? Why should the People of Seychelles trust the Hipster Minister? In fact, he is not to be trusted, because his head goes bald as fast as he talks.

Puss Overflows From PL Tumor

The puss is flowing every day, in all corners. Failure has set in deeply under James Michel Administration. Seychellois must know that they must rise to take their destiny in their hands. Do not expect communists to look after your interest. They are the ones who have been selling our passports. They are the ones who have been selling our land. They are the ones who have been stealing our islands. They are the ones flying to Hong Kong with Air Seychelles when we need to go to Paris. They are the ones who keep Seychellois suffering, struggling, day to day, scratching a living, causing discourse, arguments fights in families, because they are the why!
When they run to “EXTRA, EXTRA NEWS” to explain the failure, ignore all the promises, ignore all the nice words and promises, they are just liars.
Liars, liars, liars, your pants are on fire!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois! 


Anonymous said...

Adam is a embarrassment. Caught lying.

Anonymous said...

News has it that a person from SFP is going to Tunisia anytime soon.

The people that knows this information is scared if the sfp brings back a group of army and take over the country only to hand over the Tunisian sentenced dictator and his family to the people of Tunisia for his sentenced.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pa pa pa pa pa pa pa!


pEP seSELWA BONzour.

panDANT LANnwit en group.........

Anonymous said...

Pou blow, pa pou blow?

Anonymous said...

SFP does not have to go to Tunisia.

Tunisia will come to Seychelles.

There is a significant increase in Tourist from the Tunis market.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points raised.

Where is Ramkalawan licking his wounds off his big bum?

Anonymous said...

The People of Tunisia are watching the developments of the hiding of El Materi in Seychelles.

We will pay you a visit.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fanny- with your degree earned online, tell us where is the missing $2.5 Billion.

Pissedoff said...

The missing $2.5 billion is hidden in your mama's fanny!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fanny this is all you can say after earning a Doctor degree? $2.5 Billion is not exactly toilet paper money.

Anonymous said...

Docteur Boyo.

Anonymous said...

Yes,Tunisian are looking at Pl scam.Theyare also ready to pay anyone who can bring him to face Tunisien justice -dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

We are experienceing health issues, neighbour from a Russian Family

Anonymous said...

Tunisians are looking at Pp's scam.They might alos ask Pp donkeys to refnd all those millions they pocketed from Ben Ali as loans.Dito,the Tunisian governemnt might well be organized the arrest fo El Materi through legal or illegal means.The later means,paying millions to indivduals who is ready to get El Materi alive or dead back to Tunsia.Mayn PP drug addicts hungry for money might well be interested.

Jeanne D'Arc

Pissedoff said...

Isaac!!! Gill!!!

I love the heading of this page!!
"Extra, Extra, Extra When The Puss Overruns From the Tumor of PL Failure"

Tell me bann boyo; whose "Puss" are we talking about? Jeanne Dark's? Hahahaha...

Sekreter Grenouy, m'sie konn tou you've made yourself look like a big Puss ghran kouyon!!

Pissedoff said...

Mwan mon kwar se sa gro "Puss" dan kartye Zandark ki pe overflow...

Anonymous said...

Sa c'est tres bon pour le morale.

Anonymous said...

The arseh... of Francis Larue is not a pussy, Pissy.It seems you^RE useD to penetrating Larue 's REAR that now you think it is a pussy.It is a bit like Pp thugs think-- use to living in thier little dictatorship that they think it is call Democracy.

I will say the real pussy is good for the moral too.Should you have found a real one instead of Larue's rear today we would not have ZERO birth rate.The fact that PP is killing our unborn babdies and now you finding pleasure in the rear of a man,this can only result in Zero birth rate for deacdes to come.

Where is the renaissance morale Pp thugs is trashing about?

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

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