Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seychelles Water Problems Is All Because Of James Alix Michel And His Administrations. Why Should Seychellois Suffer While They Enjoy??

While the Seychelles is going through worst periods of drought its supposedly excellency sham elected President James Alix Michel (man of the people) Flies out with a Delegation to Vietnam fully aware that his people may not shower, drink or retain water to produce for economical sustainability.

SEE Press Release Below:

President James Michel left Seychelles for Hanoi to undertake a state visit at the invitation of the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Truong Tan Sang.
This visit is expected to further strengthen relations between the two countries and is the first official visit of President Michel to Vietnam. Discussions are expected to focus on fisheries, agriculture, tourism, financial services, air services as well as opportunities to enhance trade and investment between the two countries.
The Presidential delegation comprises Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, Senior Government officials as well as representatives of the private sector.

The Seychelles Water Reality

It should not take Seychelles a few rocket scientist or weatherman nor shaman to tell us that we need to safeguard, trap and contain water for supply and demand of our nation. Any person who would need such advice may or can actually be considered to be one of Charlie Chaplin s best ever made production.

The worst thing a head of state can do is to fly out with a delegation at leisure and expensive cost with taste to seek diplomatic ties from an invite while his people are made to watch local media SBC commercial of a person having a shower with "Amoris bath soap and shampoo" when Seychelles has no saying when one will ever receive water supply for their own needs.

Seychelles and Seychellois was given dams according to an old source by the British while we were still under their rule and governance; yet until that day we have not even been able to see built by current and unchanged regime a well that local farmer could do with a few pick axe and a shovel from anywhere in the world.
While the Arab Suleiman swam in pool water at former plantation club we were standing by roadside with buckets waiting for the bowsers for water and we still are today

There is water in Seychelles
Water in Seychelles is in overabundance and just needs to be tapped into. When the rain was pouring heavy causing many floods and destruction such as terrace degradations, erosion and many more we did not know what to do with (H20) Water.  We brought in a consultant to assist us draft and confirm that improper drainage are the cause of floods and also improper constructions approved by the planning authority itself allegedly as political favors despite the risk they possed in the midst of bad weather.

So what about our water issues??

Well simply we need more dams and we need to end corruption and egotistical ventures.

The Seychelles planning authority and ministry of land use and habitat is and has always been one of the main reasons why we Seychellois have to shower either in a cup, a jar, a bowl a bucket and sometimes even in another persons bathroom. Our shame as a nation is none other than failed ministries such as the land use and habitat under the James Alix Michel's administration.

Khalifas Inside pool full of water always on right >>>>

The amount of big hotels approved on a weekly, daily or even monthly basis by the planning authority and ministry without consideration as per the effects it would have on the demand and supply of waterto our nation is enormous and it continues as businesses and ventures that depends on our depleted water source non evolved since the British colony continues to pile up and surface.

Why Is It Taking So Long To Build More Dams??

It is not taking too long to build dams it is merely a strategy used by communist PL to remind the people of Seychelles who is in charge. The only solution here is for one of James Alix Michel's top officials to take the plunge as i have exposed this one more thing on them, then maybe we will get a dam.

It is only going to get worst if nothing is done. Just think about when hotels such as coral strand completes, the extension near North Holme and more not to excuse the charter boats that pump fresh water supplies for journeys and trips on a daily basis.
 These are in large amount and the boat classes are from yachts to super motor yachts all belonging to rich foreigners while the people of Seychelles waits for river water or bowsers to make trips run a business or to live as a decent human being.

Khaliffa bin zayed al nayan's inside pool in Seychelles always filled with water

One of our river is polluted from sheikh khaliffa's Ascon workers ruling it out as an option for water source while his pool or pools at his home even if he is not in the country continues to remains full of fresh water supply on a daily basis.
Sheikh Khaliffa's Swimming pool on top of Mahe at his house full of water always
To think that the same sheikh was buying off land near his property at Barbarons and Anse Bois leau to allegedly build a water bottling factory. "The nerve! Shit in our river than wants to sell us clean water from our own clean river source elsewhere.

Many of our main politicians are reserved on the subject of water or distant. This is because they have either made preparations for themselves by use of their status and contacts to cater for their personal interest such as hotels, Chalets they rent out and even friends with these big hotels mostly owned by foreigners that are sucking up all of our reserve from the dams and other sources to make profits.

As it is a Seychelles government policy not to discourage investor it will sacrifice its own people a few dollars and call that progress and country growth while in reality they cannot even build a public pond to trap a few droplets of rain water rather than electrical powered water fountains called their monuments.

That's the Seychelles Water Reality!!

God Bless all Freedom Loving seychellois and send us some rain soon as we cannot trust PL to take care of us water wise.


Anonymous said...

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on your blog lately.I know, I’m geeking out lol. This is one of the best article I' ve read from your blog. Tall is going red with jealousy. The biggest mistake UK blog is doing is to blow their own trumpet and to not allow freedom of speech. This is sad because people are looking down at them. They cannot accept critisism. So they created these little imaginary friends in their weaked mind to make them look good.

Reading here and looking at those pictures, I asked myself, how can the citizen put up with that shit.
Jean-Paul my friend I admire your courage and determination, Seychelles can do with few more courages and warm hearted people like you. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Both Albert Rene and James Michel have sought immortality by leaving a legacy that will out live them and endure for the ages.

Anonymous said...

ya man! these two dictators FAR & JAM didn’t want to build dams for local consumption.Instead they allow bloody dirty arabs to waste the little water that we have to wash thier stingky shitty asses.

Anonymous said...

Garry ,nou pe espere ou avec patience an Septembre.
Pou nou boir un bon verre baka kan apres pou nou mange lavien tortie baka e annan plis ki trois moin depi ki e pe formante man.Anmend pizza ton ton.pas bliyer pou amend sang pou nou fair li goute.Jemmy.

Anonymous said...

Present at the meeting were the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms. Idith Alexander, the Secretary General of the Executive Office of the President, Mrs. Lise Bastienne, the Seychelles non-resident Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Philippe Le Gall, the Mayor of Victoria, Mrs. Jacqueline Moustache-Belle, the Chairman for Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Marco Francis, the Chief Executive Officer for Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Gilbert Faure and the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Agricultural Agency, Mr. Marc Naiken .

This is how much it cost us from our tax payers money and on who so that we can make water sacrifices.

Anonymous said...

sa bann langet zot manman pe fer faver zot bann etranze. Zot pe pran tou noudelo e donn arab pou lav fes apre ki zot in servi zot bann prostitiye.

Anonymous said...

In ler pou nou fer liki ek sa gouvernman, fodre nou desann e dir non ankor grenn dan nou lavi.

Sa bann malbar konstriksyon pe bez tou nou delo pou zot bann proze liki me selman zot pa oule anmas delo lapli.

Anonymous said...

Oli sa bann zoli parol ki eden island ti dir zot pou store zot prop delo pou konsonmasyon zot bann villa ek proze?

Tou sala boushit sa. Bannla pa pe anpar delo lapli ouswa fer pickup anmenen ponpe dan kek sours larivyer.

Zot pe pran ek puc e store li dan zot bann rezerv. Ki diferans sa i pou fer? Nanryen akoz prezan ki danm pou diminyen.

Dapre kouyonnen ki zot ti kouyonn seselwa zot ti dir pou fer ponpe e distribye swa enport lezot fasilite parey desalinasyon ouswa anmas delo lapli. Sa i pa leka.

James misel fodre rann nou kont?

Anonymous said...

You are very right my friend those monstrosity projects said that they would make provisions to supply there water to themselves for projects and service

requirements by means of river collection water and distribution by truck to storage tanks on site or through rain water collection as well as maybe the desalination plant treatment.

What has been done is we have been fooled to believe these industries wanted to make any expenses.

To them the cost of filtering the water sources on a daily basis is not cost effective thus only some river water is collected but rather for cleaning and plant watering, washing vehicles and other needless things.

What really happens is they prey on the PUC treated source and pump as much as can be and store, which consists of decreasing the dam reserves.

No authorities will disclose or investigate and expose this as it is easier to be bribed than to work under PL.

Anonymous said...

When i look at the sheikh's home i ask myself why the hell would we allow such a project to be in place when in fact these people stay in hotels such as four seasons mostly with their prostitutes and pimps.

The last time someone let free a few pigs on the sheikh's property and it is said this is the reason why he dose not go there anymore. Maybe we should start sending pigs to hotels to be free and rid of arab's.

This method is a lot better than burning our country to get attention.

Anonymous said...

Garry,pas bliyer pou ou amend ou moteur.nou annan pizza shop isi aussi. Ou a capab gayne un ti tiack mem si Pou 1HR per day.
Amend ou gravat avec ou palteau pou ou impress man.nou napas delo si at the moment amend un lapomp ton ton.merci davance. Cho cho.

Anonymous said...

zoto zot inn remarke ki JAM y plant seve?

Anonymous said...

i parey un vietkong ki ti pe la ger avek meriken.

Anonymous said...

aret nonm non sa liki fou Garry, taler ya kwar y inportan. envoy sa lav son vye dizeff.

Anonymous said...

konmdir sa dimun, quel drôle d'état d'esprit.

Anonymous said...

The whole river of La Misere has been gifted to Khafilia.He has even built a Dam and that ilegally.

Anonymous said...

It seem Tall is a pain in your ass for you sell-out politician!I hear only tall on your blog not corrupt politicians.

Your problems in the coming 21 century will be Faure brothers not Tall ban bigot.

Anonymous said...

August 30, 2013 at 8:44 AM if that is for sure? You Seychellois people are either lay back and lazy or just plain stupid. Can't ypou group together and do something about it. Your river and you let bloody arabs take it!

Anonymous said...

Get off your lazy asses and do something about your bloody river. If you cannot have your river 'THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE IT EITHER'! NOW GET TO WORK!

Anonymous said...

Salam malicom, labus labus? We the imirati will take. Over these islands of seychelles.our. great royal highness is too cleaver and powerfull and influencial.
Whatever he ask he gets on the island.Its because fools never died.

Anonymous said...

Michel liki ou manman fes ou manman there are noSeselwa that can be judge.How much you are paying this Scotish?You can even have trust in your peoples liki ou manman.

Anonymous said...

Khalfia is not clever,he cannot even read and write,it is Pl members who are hungry and greedy.Check,Barry Farue,he gifted Ile Soleil to himself.The isalnd was supposed to be reversed to Seychellois business persons.Suddenly Bary Faure decided on its own to stop selling land to Seychellois.Ten months later ,he is now selling it to a racist South African because there is lots of bribes to pocket for himself.They talked about environment protection,what about creating jobs for Seychellois?

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