Monday, April 14, 2014

National Reconciliation Can Only exist When There Is A Balance Of Harmonious Gestures And Compromise So What Is James Mancham Doing At The Exhibition??

Exhibition marking President Michel 10th Year in office

Mon, 14 April 2014

President James Michel attended the opening of a photo exhibition commemorating his 10 years in office as president, which was officially opened by the Vice President, Mr. Danny Faure.

The President was accompanied by his daughter, Laeticia.

In his opening address, the Vice President expressed recognition and saluted President Michel for his hard work, dedication and leadership throughout these ten years, describing it as “a remarkable achievement by a remarkable man.”

Vice President Faure also spoke about the theme of this exhibition, “Judge me by my actions”, which is a statement President Michel made on the 14th April 2004 during his inaugural speech.

“Making such a bold statement, demands a strength of character, a spirit of great determination and a willingness for one’s decisions and actions to be questioned, to be weighed. Judge me through what I do is being courageous enough to lay oneself open to critics, but it is a statement that calls for transparency in one’s work and responsibility and accountability for the results,” said Vice President Faure.

He further said, “Judging has an aspect of appraising, of evaluating and pointing out the weaknesses so that shortcomings can be adjusted and gaps filled, all in the spirit of wanting the best for Seychellois and the Seychellois people. The statement also echoes the principle of democracy, asking to be questioned and being ready to listen, to respond and to deliver. This is what has happened during the past 10 years. The nation has been consulted, citizens have participated in decision making, and their views have been sought, listened to and taken into account.”

He also noted that this theme, should be a point of focus for everyone, an ongoing call to move forward and enhancing determination for a better future.

“Follow step by step this decade of incessant striving to consolidate our economic and social gains, of major efforts invested in cementing international relations, in advocating for environment conservation and protection, in championing the cause of small island developing states, in promoting the concept of the blue economy, and in strengthening our democracy always with the same clear vision of wanting the best for the Seychellois people,” he said.

During the ceremony, five children, all born on the 14th April 2004, shared their own experiences of growing up under the leadership of President Michel through a sketch.

The exhibition which, was mounted in the main hall of State House, showcased different photos in relation to the ten key messages President Michel emphasized during his inaugural speech in 2004, such as climate change, democracy, progress and prosperity among others.

Speaking to the local press after the ceremony, the Chief of Protocol in the Office of the President, Mr. Gervais Moumou explained how the exhibition is laid out and other venues for public viewing.

“Apart from State House, the exhibition will turn into a mobile exhibition, going to Anse Boileau and Bel Ombre, targeting people living in the South and North respectively. We have our key partners helping us, such as the Department of Community Development, in making sure that people in all districts come and appreciate the exhibition. We’re also targeting school children in view that it will be school holiday soon. The Ministry of Education has been of great help and they have informed all the schools so that they too can participate at other venues such as ICCS, Maritime Training Centre, Praslin and also La Digue,” Mr. Moumou explained.

The mobile exhibition will end on Wednesday 30th April 2014, on La Digue.

Editor's Note:
The opening ceremony and viewing of the exhibition was attended by Sir James Mancham, Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Patrick Herminie , Chief Justice Egonda Ntende, the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Francis MacGregor, Ministers, Chief of Defence Forces, Brigadier Leopold Payet, Attorney General, Mr. Ronny Govinden, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Andre Pool, Leader of Government Business, Ms. Marie-Antoinette Rose, Leader of the Opposition, Mr. David Pierre, Members of the National Assembly and other distinguished guests.
You may find a copy of the address by the Vice President through this link:


Anonymous said...

confirmed by james michels ex wife whom has gone a bit coocoo that their son jude michel shot himself with james alix's gun that was kept in the drawer.

She said their son wrote a suicide note and that they are responsible for his death.

she says that james did not want him to keep seing a colored girl that he was having a hidden relationship with as this would have brought shame to him and her.

So after so many pressures jude gave up on life and shot himself while michel was on duty. A cover up of the event was done but now the skeletons are coming out of michels ex closet.

The coocoo wife is seing judes ghost and is confessing the whole truth that her and her husband now president is racist and their racism led to their sons death.

Everyone should hurry and tape her before she is shipped off or silenced with her truth and burden.

That explains the entourage michel has around him at state house he is indeed a racist bastard.

So who is xenophobic and racist now christopher gill and his msr or james michel and his white clan?

Anonymous said...

James Michel should tell us why he has not sacked naill scully after percy samson has been arrested at anse boileau with another three men for drug traqfficking worth over 20 million ruppees.

Scully friend to percy has been on this mans payroll for a very long time and closely monitored by the people of seychelles.

The same samson had coast guard fished out his speed boat when it encountered an accident believed then to be gunned down by the coast guard themselves.

This same samson is well known for his ocean drug runs in high speed crafts and apparently the man with most ndea agents on his payroll that is why he felt so comfortable to have that amount in the open on his property.

The mna for that district is also in on it and is financed by drug money....

I found this out here in england while all seychellois are kept in the dark yet so near this situation


Anonymous said...

jean-paul investigate and confirm this story please you are the only one who can.

first they had george michel and now samson who is next??

Anonymous said...

Did the son commit suicide or did his father shoot him?

According to Perera who was a Magistrate then, it was the father who shot his son accidentially !!

Can anyone confirm what the truth is?

Anonymous said...

Partilepep glorified themselves their leaders.which is a sign of fialure.A successful,loved leader to the likes of Mandela,Ghandi,do not glorified themselves ,the people do it automatically.Only dictators,psychopaths do that---Big statues,Mausolums,Mummified their dead corps,and try to make themselves internal.

But like Stalin,Lenin,after they pass ways their symbols vanish with them in the dustbin of history.There is no reason why FAR,Michel does not decompose as GHADAFI,Saddam,and other criminals.

Anonymous said...

Perrera is a homosexual.E pas son letemp bour le doua son fes.
ou pa voir Ki e debout carter.

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