Sunday, September 28, 2014

I have managed to retrieve the seychelles reality blog after it had been hacked into and placed out of service.

The blog was recently over this year hacked into and placed offline after the post and interview of Richard Freminot.

Shortly the NDEA sent me a letter explaining that i will be sued if i mention ndea names rather than the ones allowed alone. Fines of up to five million or years imprisonment was expressed from the letter.

My response is as follows: "Dear sir who wrote me the letter. The names or name of NDEA agents i mention is of public knowledge and ever known from previous revelations they have made in public limelight on the sbc seychelles broadcasting corporation. It is also to be noted to your knowledge that there is a website online called where the seychelles judiciary air's  cases and reports on cases in the essence of a free and fair justice one availed to the public. This same website whenever there is a case placed by the National drug enforcement agency publishes names and surnames of agents directly involved in the case or cases and that is somewhat liable as per your letter as well."

Whether this practice by is to cease or the law needs to be amended remains as a constitutional matter which i will and intend to be addressing in due time. No laws should infringed a person's right only to allow a violation to go through or else we will have anarchy.

[2]               The accused denied the charges and the prosecution called Yvon Leggaie who testified that he had been an agent of the NDEA ( National Drug Enforcement Agency) for the past 5 years and  stated that on the 24th of June 2012 he was on duty at La digue. He was working with other agents namely Moumou Bacco and Gomme and he had got information around 12.30 a.m that one Shirley Ragain had a lot of drugs with her. They had proceeded to the location around 12.45 a.m. and surrounded the house. He had instructed agents Gomme and Bacco to watch the windows and he and agent Moumou had entered through the window. They had got in and knocked on the bedroom but there was no response. Thereafter they had gone in and observed a woman sleeping on a bed and another on a mattress. He had identified himself as an NDEA agent. The two women had identified themselves, the one on the bed had said she was Jerina Marengo while the one on the floor was Shirley Ragain. He stated there were two men namely Guilaume Bochie and Etienne Kilindo in a separate bedroom.
There is also matters at hand relating to the case of Harmon Chellen's death and Bernard George frank Elizabeth's involvement in the land case which remains to be handled now that the blog is back in mode.

The real questions are: What did the autopsy report say both from seychelles and Mauritius? Is it not negligent duty when an arrested person evades the police in a police building? Should there not be an investigation in the Lady who claimed sexual abuse or harassment?

"The matter is threading on diplomatic shores and needs to be handled with the utmost diligence. whether the AG or Minister St Ange of seychelles made their statements the truth in the matter is that this issue should not be used for cheap politics and tarnish the relations between seychelles and Mauritius.

Ronny was right to seek an inquest in the matter as there are meltdowns leading to negligent duty by seychelles police in the matter. The authorities in Mauritius equally needs to be clear on the matter whether they have any reports other than what seychelles has it should be disclosed to preserve relations between both sides.

The Seychelles Police Commissioner Ernest Quatre has welcomed a judicial inquest into the death of the former Director of the Mauritius Tourism Academy, Harmon Chellen.
The inquest was announced by the archipelago’s Attorney General, Ronny Govinden yesterday.
“An inquest is a public matter, putting evidence collected and a case before the magistrate’s court is a way of showing transparency, allowing the truth to be heard and ensuring that justice prevails”, said Quatre in a statement issued by the Seychelles police this afternoon.
According to Quatre, the process, once completed, “should fully resolve any doubts which may have existed or were created in this matter.”
This relates to the alleged sexual assault against a female hotel employee with Chellen named as the suspect and the death of Chellen by drowning where his body was recovered floating in the sea.
The police statement issued this afternoon noted that the decision to formally hand over the completed police report to the Attorney General for consideration and possible inquest, was taken following a meeting between the Department of Police and Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport.
“It is to be noted and as established through our investigation that Mr. Chellen did leave the Port Glaud Police Station unnoticed and without permission, at around 12:10 hrs on the day of his death, with his body found floating in the sea near L’Illette at Port Glaud at around 14:50 hrs, that same day,” said Quatre in the statement.
The police has meanwhile reiterated calls for members of the public who may have information relating to the circumstances either in the reported sexual assault or the death of Chellen, to come forward.


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