Friday, February 13, 2015

How Can We Really Have Change In Seychelles Without Any Excuses

 Let's not use politics of Seychelles as a tool to spite hatred and violence while the same persons spreading these false gospels are profiting from the peoples vulnerability in cash and assets.

The Apparent truth's

No one wants to lead Seychelles but they wish to lead its people!

The line above is clearly explained when we look at the reality of Seychelles politics. First and foremost the (same old shit) that every five years comes around knocking promising this year is our year at the pole; when the only one who really ends up doing the pole dancing for tips is the very people who thinks they are inspired to vote for change. The assembly lifetime pension defines that!

Ramkalawan and Mancham are now seeking attention through the news papers claiming that one or the other cost us Seychelles or cannot do anything for Seychelles and the seychellois people. A great lesson should be learned from that and well learned by the people of Seychelles. Temper tantrums from these guys only comes round when there is money at play and this time its the credibility of the Seychelles elections. Wavel John  Charles Ramkalawan i quote from the letter to the editor date 11th this month 2015 had this to say at the question of perks and benefits from the process, while we the people had to face "fouy dan nou touni lo airport for foreign exchange, fouy kot nou san warrant by police, viktimizasyon si ou napa en tit ouswa en top zanmi dan parti governman", just so they can ruthlessly force a fat cat salary and homes with travels from the peoples coffers.

SEE Quote: (6. He states that I should refuse the monetary benefits that I am receiving. I think this is too low to answer.) 

This is only the tip of the iceberg when the same man who refuses to comment on the monetary status f himself also finds it unfair that police openly searched Navin Ramgoolams home  and exposed so many money alleged to not have been acquired from legal means. See Proof below from extract on facebook.

What i do not understand from Mr. Ramkalawans stand on this is short as a question. If he was president and allegations had it that in that big green Chateaux at ST - Louis there were loots and many other items alleged to had been born of illegal proceeds would he not have shown accountability to the police? Is that the quality we want from someone aspiring to become our leadership?

Well the same man and priest proposed a mere 5000 rupee pension to the people, he promised accountability for unsolved crimes from the coup in Seychelles, the selling of our patrimony and accountability to money born out of corruption if SNP comes to power!

I find it difficult to comprehend that the same man who trust's the system to bring a court case against Lepep for his beating and hospitalization, he cannot simply bring a case against these alleged corrupt individual today and "Pronto". Will he if he comes to power do like his predecessors and simply point fingers without proof only to quench the peoples thirst?

This is why Seychelles will never change with these same old shit despite it being a different day!


I would write about this but one thing Ramkalawan is right about is that Salesman Jim is no longer relevant to Seychelles politics as should he also be after so many failed attempts even violating the 3 mandate policy he boasted about that one should be aloud to serve.


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