Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Seychelles Freedom or Political Suicide For Seychellois Voters???

The 2015 year is and will be recognized as the year where the oppositions truly confirmed a defeat for the ruling party now known as (Parti Lepep) Peoples Party in Seychelles.

The biggest question now which no one is asking is where do we go from then? There is no Budget, the assembly or parliament is 100% Parti Lepep if the allegations that the leader of opposition (Mr. David Pierre Of The PDM) is a fake. How and when will change be fully operational? Seychelles political parties each has or had  a vision, a plan or a way forward; so the question is what common ground of a way forward will be or has been reached now that they have allied to back one cause which is to remove Parti Lepep from power.

The SNP or Seychelles National Party which has Planned as its primary target once in power a total commitment to eliminate illegal drugs namely heroin and to deal with the untouchable Escobar’s once and for in a mere one year of their coming to power. This is a very good point but is it the top priority for Seychelles Allied Oppositions? Those other political parties had equally good proposals as primary targets should they had come to power. So whats up now?

What will be the new order of priority now? Is it the people of Seychelles? Is it getting back at corruption and the people behind them? Is it Stability, Independence and Forgiveness over the whole of Seychelles?

Well if it is reconciliation we have gone off at a bad start. After many incidents from both sides of parties be it opposition or the outgoing (PL) I decided to investigate internally. After seeing different party supporters talking and hugging each other I attended a motorcade in full PL colors inside an snp function/motorcade. There were no such incidents of intimidation or retaliation rather people under alcohol influence which chose to feud amongst one another. Despite such; this did not make it anymore violent as it was stopped when it even began. Heck I ended up in a dispute with a snp bunch in the stadium car park victoria but I was intact and untouched.

The only confirmed issues where in the districts where instigations from both sides alongside motorways some fanatics were assaulting one another but with quick reaction party members as well as police officials got things under control. The main issue with these incidents is the rampant consummation of alcohol and the violations of traffic regulations by both parties. Police discretion i believe has kept the peace.

It is to be noted that it was confirmed from the actual first round result that when all oppositions allied in votes they oust the ruling party. They were right to celebrate but to the people what comes next is what is needed. Running a country and governing is not a simple job of holding alcohol party handing out food and giving money every now and then.It is to make good on promises and being fair to all citizens dispite our differences.

There is a level of immaturity on both sides where on facebook some PL die hards claims they will die for their party if they lose the Presidentia election 2015 and for some of the oppositions supporters on facebook they also published arrogantly threats of wanting to arrest and imprison "PL" loyalist and alleged corrupt officials without due process. Though stability remains and political leaders have not once confirm either inference above.

Did anyone consider that when and I say when the snp wins the second round with the allied votes they are no longer an opposition but the rulling party? 

Well they actually become the governing party and it is to be noted that since all political parties have allied under a coalition government of national unity then the parliament elections becomes a whole other monster again? The irony here is that even if members of the other political parties will contest the parliament election individually; since they are part of the coalition government this will infringe on their independence to address cause and concerns towards the incoming government of snp for seychellois victims and needs? What will be funny from this is to see party Lepep actually opposing the once oppositions in the national assembly for the minority for once. That is if they do not shut down!

It is good to get rid of a devil but there is also a saying "better the devil you know than the one you don’t right?" Well as I am all for change I believe that we can get to know our own little devil which aspires to run our country as they did months back when (Together) they signed agreements to contest voters register and filed constitutional court cases and conducted protests (As One).
So why have the oppositions not yet come out with a communiqué to tell the supporters of Lalyans Seselwa, (SPSD) Mrs. Amesbury & Independent Candidate Lawyer Philippe Boulee. What’s in it for their investment of  their vote. Any sane politician would never think people are like cattle that once they vote for you; you own them that is (Michelism) especially when there is always greener pastures at every evolution. Many Seychellois whom voted for “Ton Pat” "Alexia or Boulee" is inclusive of defected opposition snp and PL supporters. They will not consent to vote for someone they do not believe in if they already gave them up and are not enlighten about benefits to a such investment by their votes.

Heck! No one goes into business based on verbal inputs. Everything is paperwork. If “I nepli letan pou per e fer Seselwa dormi boner” Publish the arrangements, be bold you have already won.  The oppositions managed to pull 51.57% when all votes from each candidate excluding PDM's  is added. Let us not wait for those votes to go to spoil or be bought just because of trust issues.Let's act now! 

We all know Mancham joined snp and gave Ramkalawan his hat in an open gesture at Belombre later to find Ramkalawan removing his man from parliament while smiling in his face.Lets not repeat history. Yes we need change but this time people are prudent and aware.

Hell i do not believe in snp when it holds many individuals that i crossed paths with that are as good as those they are trying to remove from power but the people needs change we need change and i would encourage others to invest a vote in change but we need transparency for a such investment otherwise we are lost.

See this little mathematics courtecy of seychelles today:-


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