Friday, June 3, 2011

Dhanjee Moves To Void Seychelles Sham Elections

Mr. Viral Dhanjee has filed his Petition before the Constitutional Court of Seychelles to void nullify the entire Presidential Elections of 2011, for being denied the right to participate in the democratic process by the Electoral Commissioner, contrary to guarantees under the Seychelles Human Rights Charter.

Constitutional Court in Conspiracy To Sham Elections
Mr. Dhanjee won a case before the Constitutional Courts of Seychelles, wherein the Three (3) panel judge ruled that he has a constitutional right to participate in the affairs of state. However, in conspiracy with the Executive Branch of government under James Michel, the Constitutional Court prescribed no remedy for the violation and breach of Mr. Dhanjee’s rights.

The Constitution of Seychelles is a modern document that unlike many other constitutions, it prescribes remedies for violation of human rights and individual rights. The Court went conveniently blind, and conveniently forgot how to read the Constitution of Seychelles.

It clearly was not an error nor was it incompetence, because the Judge reading the judgment was no other then Justice Bernadin Renaud, the person who officiated over the drafting of the Seychelles Constitution. He knows every violation of right must have a remedy. The Constitutional Court has Plenary Jurisdiction to resolve such issues. If they have any integrity, they are powerful. If they lack integrity, they fail us all.

Courts in The Sham
The Viral Dhanjee case along with the MSR case for party registration has blown open the Courts of Seychelles conspiracy with the Executive Branch to prop up the sham regime of James Alix Michel. MSR case is on appeal as well. In MSR case, the Attorney General cited not one case law, and won the case. The Judge took no Judicial Notice of the Fundamental Human Rights Charter of the Constitution of Seychelles. He even inferred conduct and action by mere speculation.

Court of Appeal In Conspiracy To Sham Elections
On Appeal to stop the elections, Mr. Dhanjee faced Justice Francis Macgregor and his request to stop the Presidential Elections of 2011 was denied on the argument of the “Balance of Convenience”. Anyone who has any knowledge of Constitutional law will know that the “Balance of Convenience Test” does not apply to fundamental human rights. With this erroneous decision, the courts can rule that the Balance of Convenience” made it appropriate to kill a person that was running away from the Police.

Another erroneous error by Justice Macgregor that calls into question the independence of the Judiciary in Seychelles with red lights, is the decision to allow the Attorney General file an Affidavit in his own name, on behalf of the Electoral Commissioner who did not file an Affidavit, though he is a Defendant Respondent in the case .

Justice Macgregor accepted a substituted Affidavit in the name of Mr. Ronny Govinden the Attorney General. In any democratic, law abiding society no judge would, even if he was bias, allow such flawed documentation to be filed by the State Consul.

In any State that is democratic, a State Consul filing such erroneous documents to balance a human rights case would be terminated immediately.

Instead, what did we see after the Sham Election results? The Attorney General lining up to kiss the Sham elected President on the lawn of State House as if the Oscar Awards were up and the Best Actors were being rewarded and recognized.

Void Sham Elections of 2011
Mr. Dhanjee’s case to void the elections of 2011 will be heard on June 14th, 2011. If the Constitutional court is truly independent, he will win his case and elections will be declared null and void Ab Initio because a candidate that should have been on the ballot paper was missing and there was reasonable time to have placed him on the Presidential Ballot Paper.  

These cases have exposed the rig process and the sham elections better then any Commonwealth Observer Report could do justice to Seychelles precarious situation wherein Shiek Khalifa has pumped over $200 Million to salvage a failing Communist regime. Only the attention of the international community can bring Seychelles back to normalcy at this point.

As we wait for the court ruling, we are already in a One Party State, and there is no official functioning opposition. Seychelles is coming apart at the seams and Sheik Khalifa is pumping money into her, under the “Sesel Pou Arab” policy of Sham Elect President James Michel.

We must now call for a new constitutional conference round table for new laws and new rules, put in place. Then we will pass that and then we can have decent civilized elections, without vote rigging and election sham.

SNP is duty bound to Boycott the PL until a Constitutional Conference is duly announced. Nothing else will do at this point.

We must step up the campaign to Boycott key activities and key crony businesses.

James Michel has wiped out the Ferrari car with a SHAM!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

The court of appeal is basically full of government stooges who do as they are told.
Myself (Steve Scholes) and Terence Stewart recently had our appeals thrown out by these people and one of the reasons cited was that we were not bothered to return to Seychelles for the appeal.
The Irish bandits deported us so we could never return to do just that!!!!
Also, the appeal court basically went along with Judge Gaswaga's decision which was never his in the first place.
Liam Hogan of the FIU decided the "penalty" not Gaswaga and the whole basis of the decision was that they were upholding the sentence.
We never had a trial and NOTHING was ever proven that we ever did anything wrong but in a corrupt country a fair judicial process is irrelevant.
Let us see what happens when a credible, independant court looks at the "evidence" and these Irish bastards and their paymasters are brought to account because they may be able to hide in Seychelles but not elsewhere.
Good luck with this but when government appointed officials can be bought for a few thousand dollars and young children are allowed to be tormented by mercenaries I unfortunately do not hold out much hope.
The election result was a sad day for democracy and freedom and I really feel for the fantastic people of Seychelles.
Steve Scholes and family

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve and thank you to your family.

I deeply regret that you were robbed of jusitce in the Seychelles Courts.

The Seychelles Freedom Party will work for change in Seychelles, and will work for Freedom!

The road is long and the battle will be hard .

But we in SFP beat the PL SPPF everyday. So each day we win when we expose their shams!

Your contribution on this blog is a great Victory for my team fighting for Freedom in Seychelles.

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing

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