Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Facebook is virtual and words don't touch a person, Bernard Sullivan needs to be free!!

The constitution of Seychelles is once again being breached by the arrest of a facebook profile owned by Bernard Sullivan whom has been accused of allegedly saying "James Michel needs to be shot".
Several concern facebook viewers who knows of Bernard Sullivan's feelings towards  the Regime who not only took over the country from a coup with the same president existing today at the point of an AK47. The sentence for coup D'etat participant and collaborators has never been addressed in the country for there has never been a judgement on the issue.

The entire world of  today especially those who keeps sending the congratulations to James Alix Michel for wining a sham election because of one opposition mans ego and pride at the cost of so many. Bernard Sullivan is one perfect example of that; if and if that is Bernard Actually said what he has said the entire world needs to be concerned. The key is before Human Rights can truly accept the country as a member the coup D'etat Issue needs to be addressed!

Normally a vale of ignore is cast on countries that has undergone such transitions and sanctions imposed, so in the case of Seychelles lets actually consider that people are frustrated and are starting to consider an up-rise. Realistic as it is international bodies will not let its people stay behind to part in such so as we have all known the amount of foreigners that is being given passports to keep PL in power will not chose to be left behind nor the little Indian construction workers that just wants a better life for family at home and another home away from home were they will have a better living standard.

Seychelles is a small island state that has never once filed a Human Rights Report on the ruling Governance side.

So it is up to its people to take matters into their own hands when dealing with people like PL under James Michel but threat if there is or was any is not the way to do it a boycott is and has always been the one and only solution just as the protest when we know the courts are unfair in order to secure the release of MR. B.Sullivan over nothing.

Heck even if Bernard said he needs to be shot it remains to be proved his grounds and motives even with what!! It Can be a water pistol after a trial for being part of the coup Proof of such lays in his book after one untitled a man of the people.

Funny thing in all of this Ramkalawans main worry was the spotlight at the court house and going back to the assembly centre of attention on his mind!! SNP needs to shack up now more than ever and boycott for a level playing field. This is what the leader of opposition had to says on facebook in relation to the arrest

"I sat in a Magistrates Court this morning and I wondered what it was all about. Sad the way a man's freedom can be taken away by the stroke of a fool's pen. It is time the churches and others stand up and be the prophets of this land to condemn evil. If this is justice, then we are surely going back to the days when monkeys were judges!"

Judge for yourself why the opposition should shut down and let a Real opposition under one banner of Unity for Real Democracy take the task.

Bernard Will be free and he will have a chance to freedom without anger and misconduct if he did what he is accused off!!


Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan needs to boycott or everyone of his fans will end up furious and go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Seselwa unite with freedom party

Anonymous said...

Set Bernard Sullivan Free Autocrat!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Bernard Sullivan i en Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

They took guns and murdered people and continue to do so.

Here an alledged facebook expression with diverse non-concrete fact becomes a criminal intent. What a world we live in.