Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Friendly joke Courtesy of Jean-Paul Isaac

A friendly joke:  Four wise guys were invited to a known as “Ti Michel’s House”, upon their arrival there they were offered a glass of whiskey which the host poured himself. 

Suddenly there was a lot of noise and the Fourth Gentleman was tossed out of the house with an explanation.
So without a care in the world the three remaining Gentleman went ahead to have their drink, the biggest a preacher like said “Am the one in these three with most power so I should have a full glass don’t you think?? So agreeing with him “Ti Michel” gave him his full doze.

The minute he got his glass he gulped it up and down the hatch; just minutes of this he drop down like a sack of potatoes. The curious two incognitos styled remaining looked at him on the floor and stared at each other and said “could it be”!! So into the throat with both glasses they went. Same minute they turned at each other only to say yes it is “poison”!!

Both idiot also came right onto the floor inside “Ti Michel’s” house.

While all this was going on the fourth gentleman that was tossed out, had made it to the nearest police station whereby he issued a complaint that he had seen “Ti Michel” pour a substance like powder into the glasses and when he queried about he was tossed out. The officers took a direct interest and rushed off in their “bokbok” right up to “Ti Michel’s” home, only to find the three men lying on his carpet. Quickly reacting they called the ambulance which fast and furiously made it on time to pump the poison off these three guys chest.

A few days after their release from the central hospital, they reported to the police station. The officer in charge explained to them that they have ti Michel under custody until they can get there statements to put with the forth gentleman’s one to prosecute him. As funny as it may sound all three looked at each other and said “No need officer, because the next time we will go to his house we will only drink wine!!

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