Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Words Of Wisdom From Seychelles Freedom Party Leadership On Why PL Won The Rigged Sham Election 2011!!

The perspective you take is a knee jerk position in light of an apparent defeat. I understand your frustration. I feel your pain. But please consider these points carefully.

PL does not have a majority. That is the whole point of what I have been writing about for Five (5) years.

They rig elections, buy voter ID cards from drug addicts and Baka slaves before elections.

They compile fake lists for roofing sheets, Refrigerators, Toilets, flat screens to manipulate the poor and desperate people of our country that are vulnerable the most, because of PL's failures.

They shower them with artificial attention.

Money is dished out, before elections. One driver collecting people in Praslin had Sr. 250,000.00 to dish out. 

It is a highly corrupted and manipulative process.

In addition, state largess is rolled into the effort and state budget as well.

Indian contractors, GOP workers are given red shirts to wear at rally, and stay in the back ground.

GOS (Government of Seychelles) employee must show up and must be present at rallies or they lose their jobs; if they are not seen by superiors.

Everyone in the rallies have to "check in with someone, say hello a see me kinda thing and check me ".

The boat list for Praslin and La Digue is double checked, and 500.00per person or even 1000 at a time is given for a day excursion. Boat owners have to provide the service.

Only use of state apparatus can make this happen.

On the Voters List- fake citizens grace them as much as 5000. This election 7000!

At Social Security office ID card are made on the double on request without verification.

These are areas that the Observers do not see, because they focus on the process of voting, not the process of shamming elections.

PL is weaker today than ever since 1980. You must remember politics is not played in the one dimension. It is in the 3rd realm. You cannot see the political credibility. You cannot touch it. But it is either there or not. 

For PL, it is gone!

They stole the election. It has been exposed to the WORLD. There is no turning back, only moving forward for real FREEDOMS.

I am more hopeful today for change than ever, because in the past we did not expose them, everyone played along.

To All Freedom Loving Seychellois Unite For Real Democracy and a better Seychelles under Seychelles Freedom Party. One opposition with everybody’s ideas taken into account!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill


Anonymous said...

Even with a rigged election Parti Lepep still did not have the backing of the majority of the registered voters.

Anonymous said...

Our excuse for making double entry - today is Indipendence Day and 35 years.

Given that one or two blogger is asking alternative approach to Legislating system of the Nation - for the past 30 years our view and last year Mr Paul Beranger came out and stated if his party won a Senate "bicamreal parliament would be introduced" in view that several blogger are using Mauritius System and model and example.

Beautiful word to pronounce and to talk about the introduction of a Senate in Mauritius/Seychelles . However, how many Mauritian/Seychellois out there understood the meaning of a Senate?
It would have been better if you gave an introduction of the meaning of a senate instead of just over-using the word to appear “so distinct”!

What is a senate?
According to wikipedia a senate is a deliberative assembly, often the upper house or chamber of a legislature or parliament. Well for many the above are still alien words let me try to get this into more simpler words.

Mauritius/Seychelles has a unicameral parliamentary system which means that Mauritius/Seychelles has only one house which is the actual parliament, National assembly with (60 directly elected member, 8 best losers and 2 members from Rodrigues.) current number of elected in National Assembly for Sechelles Seychelles.

Mr Beranger is talking about a bicameral parliamentary system which common in modern democratic countries. In a bicameral parliamentary system there are two houses which means “two parliaments”. Mauritius/Seychelles may then have a national assembly and a senate. Normally the Senate is referred to as the upper house and has a smaller membership than the lower house.

To get people in the picture let us take the example of UK whereby there is a House of Lords which in the past was based upon an aristocracy system or nominees and a house of representative/Commons with directly elected members.

In Mauritian/Seychelles context: A senate in Mauritius/Seychelles is not a bad idea BUT the question to be asked are as follows:
What will be the number of members in the senate?
Will the senators be elected by the people or nominated by politicians?
For how long will senators stay in the government?
How will the relationship between the two chambers varies?

So instead of just proposing something, the best is to clarify about the details that people need to know.

Anonymous said...

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