Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Super sell out Tuesday has taken effect and now we are officially pimped into a one party state!

One of our SPPF spy in the SNP camp has told us that only Gervais Henri and Sandy Arissol are not present in the session on super sell out "Beau Tuesday". Reasons are presumably Gervais Henri is attending an overseas meeting at party level as for Sandy it is yet to be known.

Let’s all watch tonight's news and see how they Sold Us Out and turned a boycott into lucrative opportunity for more loot from PL. Just as they did onto Boulle and Volcere a day prior to the elections SNP i quote said "A vote for Boulle or Volcere is a vote for PL", they are even trying to do same onto Viral Dhanjee who up till now is pushing ahead with his case to null and void the sham election by PL through a rumor that he is or going to take millions from PL to drop his case. SNP who will always come out number two has been unmasked to all opposition supporters for what they truly are.

The bond or connection between the stoppage of the boycott and the resignation," sorry supposed resignation" of Ramkalawan is a ruse played to keep opposition supporters in the dark "just like PL uses onto its own supporters". 

As example James Michel salvaged David Savy leaving him as a consultant to the Airline unaccounted for all of his follies that had led the Airline to where it is currently. 

Now look at Ramkalawan's case he will resign after the next SNP convention SNP will hold dictated by him, but will stay on to aid with the party structuring or assist in party decision makings.This is a farce made up by Priest millionaire of the Indian Oceans only to fool those who refuses to see. The breakdowns are:- 

Priest millionaire will step down virtually and influence an appointment on his executive committee to lead by his discretion. We all know its Nicholas Prea with no disrespect to Jean Francois Ferrari he will pick. The role Prea has been playing is the understudy who never can get off the baby bottle from Ramkalawans care. So in future it is still Ramka who will be calling the shots as did Albert Rene whose office still remains at “Maison Du Peuple” to keep a close eye on James Michel, despite large business ventures and interest in load of domains. Even one in Australia.

We need to keep an eye out for the exchange of power Ramka will be doing in the SNP camp just as Rene "Ti pass baton ek Michel". 

A dictator to deal with a dictator for freedom is not an option, everyone must rally behind Seychelles freedom party for change only with unity self respect perseverance and honesty through gods will under SFP Seychelles will be free.

God bless all freedom loving seychellois and everybody around the world!!


Anonymous said...

What a load of bull. You expect your party to gain popularity by denigrating Wavel and the snp, you people were always asking for Wavel to resign,now that he has you are not satisfied, you say he will be running from behind will pick his replacement. Seychellois rasin had to be metamorphosed into freedom party, that was not a good start you and your party are doomed from the begining. If you want to play politics I would advise you to play fairly and not at the expense of the snp, snp has a support base built up over 15 to 20 years. How long will it take Christopher with his cross the floor background to match this!! Christopher should start winning over the minds and hearts of the sppf supporters that is his number one priority. Come on Christoper let's see some convert from the lepep camp to freedom party camp.

Anonymous said...

By all do respects unlike wavel john charles ramkalawan christopher gill does not work alone or by his ego and pride.

Christopher gill did not post this and he would agree that this was contributed from a disgruntled snp supporter, if you want fair then let me ask you a couple of questions.

Why did snp say a vote for boulle and a vote for volcere was a vote for PL just prior to election day on a black and white paper somebody should put this online to refresh your minds?

When MSR was not registered unfairly to prevent political gain in opposition were did snp stand? When Viral dhanjee was deprived his rights where did snp stand??

Freedom party is far better choice that any of the oppositions put together, simply because we will never sell out or do things just for self wealth and pride.

We will work for all freedom loving seychellois alongside everyone around the world willing to lend a hand without a catch, as for your information sppf is the past PL it is today and at the moment we have 65 PL who has assured their [participation with freedom party even to the tune of campaigning grounds.

Give my regards to your team of sell outs and let them know all good thing ill will earned must come to an end.

And from the dust shall rise another and better formed!!

God bless all seychellois and all those who have sold out and crossed the floor!

Anonymous said...

Reply to "Bull"-

We asked for Ramkalawan to resign before elections when he broke his word to Christopher Gill to unite the opposition. This was the key to victory even if PL rig elections.

Unity is the only real option.

SNP and Ramkalawan do not believe in unity because their strategy is plan to be No. 2 and remain No.2. There is no strategy to be No.1.

Ramkalawan can stay in SNP as far as we care. He can grow old leading SNP. We do not care, because SNP will likely not exist in the future, with the way they do things today.

What MSR does is none of your business SNP Apologist.

What SFP does is none of your business SNP Loser, as long as you do not have the will to unify the opposition you are no longe rrelevant to us or the opposition.

Only SPPF PL will have any value for you. That is for SNP to give credibility to an uncredible democracy as you have been doing. Example: "SUPER SELL OUT TUESDAY" when you all crossed the BOYCOOT line, and went to pick up your salaries for the month, and swear in a One Party State MNA as your PR MNA.

Do you think the people of Seychelles do not see your bollywood stage show?

Of course they do.

That is why we have run out of membership forms today. We are ticking new members from SNP everyday. Because you are a bunch of perverted brain twisted sell outs!

SNP took 20 years to get where it is because they are stupid, and do not know how to do politics to win. They are happy to be No. 2 so that is why it took you 20 years.

For your information, no one cares about me crossing the floor. Today everyone knows why I did it, thanks to facebook and internet and print media. DP contacts me daily. Mancham had me writing in Seychelles Review for five years, until he sold out, and I moved on, like I am moving on now, after Ramkalawan and SNP sold out.

SPPF supporters, those that do not believe in SPPF want a serious alternative to be No. 1 SNP Sell out! They do not want to join a party and be No. 2 or No3., when they can hide at SPPF camps and wean off whatever they can from the system. This is why it is compelling to have a united opposition to swing votes. Your strategy SNP LOSER, has taken Seychelles no where in 17 years. The numbers are what they were in 1993 . So your strategy has been a gross failure. You must accept it.

When you have accepted your failure, you must then open dialogue and be willing to change, to survive. Failing that Seychelles Freedom Party once registered, will swallow you up and you know it.

Only Gappy stands between SFP and SNP being swallowed up like a burger. So far, he has done all he can to help you to please SPPFPL.

Converts from SPPF are in SNP right now. Jean Francois Ferrari, Wavel John Charles Ramkalawan, Pauline Ferrari, Gerard Julie, Brian Julie. Do you need more names?

It is not a sin to be an SPPF Convert. Your statement gives the sense that you believe SPPF converts are less human. No wonder you always lose elections, you bunch of pathetic losers.

I say pathetic because you want to have us all stick to you for 22 years and you will offer the same BS ideas, you are dishing out here on our blog, because no one wants to comment on SNP blogs.

After "Super Sell Out Tuesday"- SNP should just shut down.

I never have seen a bunch of so many men, reduced to nothing, after they held the hopes of a Nation, for so long.

Go home, get a job, live another dream, refocus yourselves, you are all not cut out for this stuff!No.2 is not enough.

I was born into it, and lived through it when Dr. Ferrari acquired my step fathers business, Rene threw my family out, and killed some, and stripped search my mother when she came back to Seychelles.

Piss off Sell Outs!

All of Seychelles has a reason to be pissed off at you sell outs!

Give way!

I have to go dig for some water now.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

What MSR does is none of your business SNP Apologist.

Why is it so much your business what SNP does ?

Anonymous said...

If you were running out of membership application forms, you would not be degrading yourself with your constant attacks on SNP. It's a lie.

Anonymous said...

SNP Apologist-

What you say on SBC is everyone's business. Why? You are paid with taxes that we all pay each month, called GST.

What kind of politician says what they do is none of any one's business when it is on SBC?

If we place something in the Public Domain it is everyone's business.

SNP has really lost their marbles.

Reserve your beds at North East Point .

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

We have been PIMPED!

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