Monday, June 13, 2011

Tomorrow the whole team of sell out snp is going to cross the floor and join the assembly again. The Boycott that has been put forward by Ramka, Volcere and Boulle based on the ideas of Christopher Gill has and will not be properly implemented because Ramka and his team has been to cozy to being second best on the back of freedom loving and wanting Seychellois.

Tomorrow is a day of all days when every and everything the snp has ever told who ever becomes a lie and betrayal, to falsified the real intent a masquerade of demission as leader with a catch of staying on but as a consultant was impose by ramka in an article from seychelles today; "Lest we forget that PL sacks only when big exposure may affect them but allows them to remain on as consultants.

Example David Savy with air Seychelles, Joel Morgan with cellate marbles for perseverance housing and many more.

Tomorow will not be a time to kepp quite and remain in pride for snp; we have been opposing a regime of corruption and dictatorship for so long by gathering behind the false bearers of freedom, tomorrow we will open our eyes and send away the pride we will not tolerate selling out for money.

Everyone is welcome to join a real opposition "Seychelles Freedom Party will be there for all who wants real change and unity for a true democracy".

Tomorrow the king of all sell out will be opening his bag of tricks ag

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