Thursday, July 28, 2011

Naboth, John Desaubin's Case Postponed For Year 2012 February, See His Account Of Authoritarian Abuse By State Appointed Official Below!!

P O BOX 700
TEL: (248) 4261213 / (248) 2582511



This is my personal account of what happened in the afternoon of the 10/11/10 at the Le Marinier Restaurant at the Inter Island Queue passenger’s terminal.

About 10 years ago I left Seychelles for the political climate was in the one party state the reason for me to go settle in Australia, where I was looking for a better and prosperous life.

Realizing that I was getting old and missed my native land of which I hoped to finally spend my last days, I decided to come back after the political situation supposedly changed from one party state to multi-party which was presumed to be getting better in 1990’s.
Once back home I started looking around Mahe as to how I could contribute and invest in the catering and food business, which is what I was doing in Australia.

Inter Island Ferry Services Still operational until today yet no bar or restaurant in site.

So by sometimes Going at the New Port, Inter Island Queue I noticed that the building that was being used as a passenger terminal for people wishing to be ferried to the outer islands was empty and didn’t have a catering service that could be necessary to facilitate both workers at the Jetty and most importantly passengers waiting to travel to and from the outer islands.

So I took contact through a friend working with the Minister in charge of the location in question and received formal written permission to start such a business there. But first I had to renovate the entire building which was in a very deplorable state, and to turn it into the standard required by the Seychelles Licensing Authority.
I had to do this with my own funds, as this was not part of the proprietors’responsibility.Upon completion I named the place “Le Marinier”, to coincide with the surroundings which is mostly the sea. I decided to operate both a bar and restaurant service.

At the beginning I was given one year contract lease and later three years which was renewed upon reapplications.

Ferry booking and tour buses accumulated

Although it was a constraint to have such a short term lease, I was confident from the positive response I was receiving from all those concerned that eventually I would receive a longer lease and I would be able to give an even much better service, since there was more activity increasing at the jetty.

Former President of the Seychelles Republic Mr.France Albert Rene.

Again when my lease expired it was renewed with same terms to no extension as I was told. Only after contacting Ex-President Mr.France. Albert Rene and asking him for some help, as I had worked for him in the past, the extension of my lease finally materialized in 2002. I was given a longer lease for 5 years, and some peace of mind to commit myself fully to provide such a demanding service.

Wilton Ernesta former Director of Port and Marine Authority.

During that same period the Director of Port and Marine Mr. Andrade resigned from his post and was replaced by Captain Wilton Ernesta, who at the time was the only person which could understand and respect the demand in nature of the service I was providing
in 2006. knowing that my lease would soon be expiring, Captain Ernesta contacted me and informed me he was happy to let me know that he was going to cancel my present lease and that I would be getting a new lease for a much longer period than before.

He told me that I would now feel much more secure in this investment and I would also feel more at ease to carry on and invest in making my clients much more comfortable and provide a better standard of service.

By first decree in his Directors post was Rent Abuse.

But this unfortunately did not materialize. Instead  of securing a longer lease, I was informed that Captain Ernesta was no longer the director of Port and Marine and that he had been replaced by a Colonel Andre Ciseau and that with immediate effect my rent went up  from RS 5,000.00 to RS 10,000.00 an incredible 100% increase!!!

Only in a Picture Youth Remains Statutory.

As I was not getting any younger and knowing that Mr. A. Rene, the former president was no longer in power; I could not go and beg for anymore help. I was left with no choice but to pay this huge increase in the rent otherwise I would have had to give back the premises to the Port and Marine after investing all my life savings in it.

During this period of difficulty I was also facing another problem of having to compete with 3 or 4 mobile takeaway business that came near and on the Le Marinier premises to conduct their business. This happened as soon as colonel Ciseau became in charge of the Port and Marine. Although it was the duty of the Port authorities to regulate this intrusion.

Opposite of Le Marinier there was a building where workers from the port used as a shelter, this was immediately closed and those workers were told to go and use the Le Marinier restaurant if they needed shelter; even if they were not dressed accordingly for the business environment nor required any service from the bar or restaurant.

All of this I felt was to discourage me from continuing my business at Le Marinier!! Soon after, I was given a one months notice, by the Port Authorities dated 30/7/07 and that my lease would no longer be renewed, and that there was no valid explanations besides the notice given.

Colonel Andre Ciseau with Minister Sinon, overseas in the name of the Country.

So I wrote to Colonel Ciseau the new director of Port and Marine inquiring on what grounds was this happening; to which he replied that he did not need to give me any reasons or explanation and that he would not change his position on this matter!!

Attorney Anthony Derjaques after Rejection Letter as Member of Parliament was Submitted in his Name.

I then approached Private Attorney Mr. Anthony Derjacques, whereby we decided to take the matter to court. We felt that my rights were being violated, by this new director of the Port and Marine, Colonel Andre Ciseau, who had no regards whatsoever to a citizens rights.

The case proceeded to court and was presided by Judge Perera, who issued a court order to protect me from being evicted until he had given his verdict.

The State of Le Mariniere until Today still empty and unused.

To everybody’s surprise just before verdict could be heard on the 10/11/10 exactly, on Human Rights Day. Colonel Ciseau sent (7) seven port security officers to the Le Marinier restaurant who exclaimed that they had been given orders from Director Colonel Andre Ciseau to break into Le Marinier, and remove everything that belonged to me and to place them outside.

Colonel Andre Ciseau as Director of Port and Marine Authority.

They were also accompanied by the legal adviser of the Port Authority a Ms. Evenor, who herself told those security officers that what they were going to do was illegal, as there was a court  order from Judge Perera preventing exactly such a situation from happening until the court gave a verdict.

Today Justice Gustave Dodin sent the case for February 2012.

I quickly called my lawyer Mr. Anthony Derjaques to Le Marinier, who immediately came over and before those security officers could break into Le Marinier, we went to the police headquarters to ask for assistance. Astonished and surprise we were told by the police officers on duty that day they were aware of the situation, and they had been given specific orders “Higher up” not to interfere with what was happening at Le Marinier, unless a “Criminal” offence was committed!!!

So we rushed back to Le Marinier where the officers started using hammers and crowbars to break into Le Marinier right in front of everybody including tourists watching who were wondering what was happening.

Angry and helpless to find myself in this situation, I almost reacted physically to protect my business and belongings, but fortunately my lawyer calmed me down by convincing me that this matter will be taken before the courts and that I will have justice for what was happening locally or internationally no matter the cost.

After everything was removed from Le Marinier and placed outside, I had no choice but to hire a pickup truck and also assistance from a friend to transport my belongings home.

At present I am still out of a job.

President Michel Called himself a man of the People.

To  conclude; it is really sad and disappointing to know that after all of these years of the government “preaching” Democracy, Equal Rights, Fraternity, Human Rights, investment protection etc…..  One of their own executives still did whatever he wanted to me and my life support and he is considered above the law and not to be touched.

And James Alix Michel The Current sham elected President said "ZIZ MWAN PAR MON AKSYON.

I’m sure this is not the first case of power abuse and corruption and I know it will not be the last, but everything comes around eventually and justice will prevail.

The Supreme Court Still as Blind as a bat.

I am also skeptic about the Human Rights and UN organizations, who are sometimes invited here in Seychelles by this government, and plays a very minor role in trying to resolve or condemn such injustices which is happening on our shores.
What we see every time on state TV is what we are allowed to see. On SBC when these organizations are invited to come here to Seychelles, they only talk of the natural beauty of our islands and the smiles on the faces of its inhabitants saying we are a peaceful nation!!

President disgraces international Principles on Human Rights by Promoting Chaos.

As a human being this is really disappointing, we need to see more action from these people who hide behind those nice words of “Justice, and Equal Rights”. To prevent more people from suffering and being abused in a similar manner.


Note: That Colonel Andre Ciseau prior to being Director of Port and Marine functioned under the military code of conduct at the Seychelles Coast Guard.  So to my belief his actions by sending (7) seven strong arms to break and enter without respect to court proceeding is the extent of his knowledge of constitutional Laws Of Seychelles.

President A Former Army Officer Promoting from his old Pack is All He Knows!

In short an army officer uses weapons or force to protect the country but can the country protect itself from the same army officer that protects it when they are reinstated in Society???

Yours Sincerely,

Naboth, John, Desaubin.


Brigitte said...

They waited for you to renevate it, then took it away from you.

Just like that.

I'm sure you're not the first & you won't be the last either.

If you persist then justice shall prevail, but you can't give up. You have to show them for what they are.

And the UN etc don't care one bit. You should know by now that unless there's something in it for them, they don't budge. There are Countries with even worse attrocities but the UN is nowhere to be seen. Because there's no natural resources for them to manipulate.

Anonymous said...

Naboth John Desaubin's story is the story of victimization that goes on in Seychelles, everyday.

Victory to John Desaubin!

Anonymous said...

Naboth John Desaubin's story is the story of victimization that goes on in Seychelles, everyday.

Victory to John Desaubin!

Brigitte said...

Well, it's not victory yet is it??

Brigitte said...

SPPF love the fact that they can manipulate everyone in thinking they are doing the best for them.

Cat CoCo came in & finished the traditional way of travelling & the lively hood of the boat owners, which i believe is the most important.
They made Cat Coco stop at Praslin only, to 'allow' the small boats to make 'some' money. The boat owners saw it as SPPF is looking after them. They don't see the bigger picture. Cat Coco took all their business. They recieve crumbs only. And they believe that the crumbs are good enough for them. That's the worse part, they TRULY BELIEVE that the left overs are good enough for them.

Anonymous said...

I share your grief and pain and it is unfortunate that it is time to realize that what is unfortunate for you is another persons fortune. Someone is benefiting from your loss and this is what keeps the government in power.

You have suffered a lot in the past 5 years or more,but can you imagine how it feels for the many and many people who have been subjected to this exclusion and manipulation for more than 30 years.

In the end, when certain politicians in the opposition fail to recognize that their flame is is over, we endure more pain and suffering day by day.

Anonymous said...

Was he supporting SPPF when the going was good for him ?

Anonymous said...

Well i think when Seychelles was in a one party state everybody was sppf if you were not then you would be in exile no??

So judging from what i have read i can see he was ten years overseas, well ten that's political asylum right??

Jean Francois Ferrari did not need asylum nor did wavel Ramkalawan since ramka the informant was on the one party state pay roll, JFF with daddy manning his AK47 to any black persons heads with Pauline cheering in Ferrari's old Mercedes Benz a red one.

And the fact is the same two and many more are still on the one party state communist regime pay roll and they care less what happens to john Desaubin!!

Anonymous said...

This is theft at day light.Pp authorized the gentle man to invest his saving in to a business then it goes back and kidnapped the whole bisness for rediculous reasons.Probably in a few months we will see a Pp crony being the owner of a new business or a foreigner operating in the building.
Lets unite to get rid of this gang of crooks now.

Jeanne DÂrc

Brigitte said...

It wasn't for a ridiculous reason, they knew excatly what they were doing, when they saw Mr Desaubin coming, dollar signs was all over him. They instantly thought of a way to bleed him dry, instead of the economy & the people. Including Mr Rene, his 'friend'. And that was to get him to fix up the place & then take it from him. Like taking candy from a baby.

Anonymous said...

You right!Such practices are not uncommon to Pp,we all remeMber how they stole Mr. Lee's millions and other American Nationals dollars by using the same tactics.

This is how mafias operate.The different to other mafia organisations is the fact that Pp mafias use,abuse State institutions to conduct their crimes.

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

Not everyone supported SPPF in those dark days, only the weak and opportunist ones.

Brigitte said...


Brigitte said...

Mrs Sara Rene's house by the beach on La Digue - if it's still owned by her!!??
The land belonged to someone else, (i don't have the name i'm afraid)he looked for planning permission to build a property. Planning Authority said no no no.
Too close to the sea, they said. After much persistent to no avail, he had no other option but to sell.
& guess who bought it (for the lowest price i'm sure) & build a house for his wife on it???

Anonymous said...

It is a sad story. The country should not be run like this.

BUT too many people support this system if it works for them. It is hard to sympathise when they complain after the system has turned against them.

Brigitte said...

Very true indeed. They all go with it when it's suits them. They don't care about anyone else. When it hits them, they complain, come election they're back in. Until the next time.
'BUT' we have a lot of poor people back home no matter how we try to cover it. Overpopulated houses for one, they cannot even afford furniture for their 'flats', SPPF 'gives' them fully furnished & everyTING. They will always go with where they think their next plate of food will come from & of course ALCOHOL. SPPF 'gives' them that.....and that's the most they get & they are HAPPY with that.
What can you do?????

Seychelles Freedom Party said...

SFP policy is any Seychellois that seeks help to fight this system!!

We will support them!

Communism by it's nature creates a multitude of divisions in society, to destroy communism you must break the divisions in your mind and your hearths first.

Seselwa Unite "that's the first step"!!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!!

Brigitte said...

They have no drive, no will to do anything for themselves, because SPPF told them they don't have to.
Now they're tellign them they have to, but they have no clue what to do, they are waiting for SPPF to them word for word what to do to earn good money. SPPF themselves don't know what to tell them now because they have never earned money the honest way.
Some people travel abroad to buy & then sell @ home, but although the ones i've met swears they make a profit, i just cannot see it. They're still in an overcrowded house. They still don't have the basic of things but they have everything else that their neighbour has. To make a profit you'll have to sell @ triple the price really.

Brigitte said...

"to destroy communism you must break the divisions in your mind and your hearths first."

Easier said than done!!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed!It is easy than done and that can be explain by the fact that after almost four decades of communist indoctrination and repression our poeple have turned to robots.They have been forced for decades to stay silence,let the dear Leader think and deicide for them ,which with time they get use to such dictation and think it is normal.

Educating them on what democracy is,of their rights,responsibilty and duty in society which in return will amke them more active in politics and in society as a whole.regardless how difficult it might it not a reason not to try with the pretext that it is easy said than done,in order to make things work we must put things in motion or in practice without giving it a try we cannot detrime if something will work or not,As the adage goes action speak louder than words and it is only by action that we can see results.Lets not be pessimsitic before we have even try.

Jeanne D'Arc

Brigitte said...

Fair enough but what has been done so far (not sure exactly what) is not working. How do you plan to make them understand? MEDIA is - i believe - the most important way to give people information. So far all that seems to be going on is tit for tat. Tit for tat ain't going to improve people's knowledge, if that's still to come then we have a very very very long wait, which is why i say easier said than done. Actions does speak louder than words. Let's see some!!

Anonymous said...

You comepletely right that Media has a greater impact on people,that explians why PP refuses to allow opposition free access to national meadia and dito to allow access of internet in all households and God knows why.But there are other means that can be as effective as tv,internet,For example,a movement,oppostion parties can produce a monthly leaflet on a specific politcal issue which can be distributed free of charge at your mailbox.You can also use the old but effective method long practice by Religious bodies namely sending members door to door on weekends .You can also organize seminars at local level, conducted by local opposition representatives,and even NGOs can play a role.These are things that can easily be done, the difficulty lies in getting those bodies unite to make this happen.

Jeanne DÂrc

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