Friday, July 8, 2011

NDEA DEPUTY CHIEF PASSES AWAY, (who will he be replaced by)??




The President has expressed his sincere condolences to the family of Brian Nicette, who passed away in the early hours of this morning at the age of 51 following a brain hemorrhage this week.

 “The sudden demise of Brian Nicette has left us in deep shock and sadness. He was a well respected, and much loved officer of the NDEA who made Seychelles proud with his determination to rid the streets of drug traffickers and drug sellers. He was a role model and a leader.  Brian was will be missed by us all and his positive contribution to the country will be remembered. My profound sympathies and thoughts are with the family and friends of Brian, as well as his colleagues at the NDEA,” said President Michel.

Brian Nicette was the deputy Chief Officer of the Drug Enforcement Agency since September 2010, and had been with the NDEA since its creation in August 2008. He had a distinguished career in senior security roles for the Customs Department, the Office of the President, and the Ministry of Finance.


Anonymous said...

Brain was used by Michel to do his dirty work.

Michel did not have the decency to insure Brian had regular medical check ups.

Now he is a hero.

Anonymous said...

Brian Nicette is no hero. He worked with the Irish mercenaries for James michel to enforce drug traffickers bust's but as we all know he and Irish companions have so far been only busting the little people for one or two are three cigarette with substances and sending them to jail by the load while the bigger fish roams freely.

Nicette was even seen with scully visiting a big fish on several accounts fully aware that he was a major trafficker of heroin. The evidence that is seized by the NDEA is said to be disposed off and burnt after the trial but no one knows if truly it is the case example " an individual who uses drugs get high after two to three cigarettes consumed yet when they say police burns drug they stand close to the fire and inhale the fumes yet they remain soaber.

This is bogus, they do not even have a mask on another is the evidence that remains can easily be replaced by the NDEA themself and inserted back into circulation. So who checks this who checked out Nicette and scully this we have to know!!

Nicette will be judged in the high above by the lord almighty just as others will and believe me it will not be pretty so no medal of honor for nicette while the twenty five big dealers roams freely and little people jailed. Michel's war on drug has failed entirely.

Anonymous said...

I felt sorry for the guy who died at 51. But when Michel started to praise him, I started to feel otherwise. I just do not share Michel's values and view of things. I became suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Nicette went after the little guy with a smoke, and made his life hell. He used his state sanctioned power to do so under full control of Irish to make it look like NDEA was doing a good job.

The reality is that the escobars are all still free because they come primarily from SPPF camp.

Why do we know them, but they stay free.

Gill told Morgan to go talk to them if he cannot stop them Morgan said there are 25 of them so what is Michel and Morgan waiting for?

NDEA has turned out to be the same BS as ADAMS. Only NDEA is run by an Irish that cannot find work in Ireland.

James Michel get serious on drugs and tell Morgan to stop spending all his time at Environment and SPTC making babies.

Tell him to get to work or ship out. We are sick of excuses.

Anonymous said...

They are not all effeminates in the cabinet, then.

Anonymous said...

Escobars cannot exist in a micro state without support from NDEA and Cabinet!


Seychelles is not that big, in fact , we all know, it is damn small.

Leave the little guy alone, and focus on treatment for him.

Focus on the Escobars!

If Michel is serious on drugs, he will deal out his cabinet and clean up NDEA.

NDEA should stop faking Press Releases to make it look like they are successful when it is the opposite.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

Incinerate drugs? Yeah, tehy showed that on TV(SBC) once and I remember the smirk on the face of the fellow who was responsible for the process. He's the same one who works at the morgue, the same one who takes bribes from the families of the deceased when the corpse is left there whilstwaiting for relatives form abroad to arrive. Just check the records and the receipts and countercheck with the funeral date.

Anonymous said...

Counter check the drugs stash at NDEA. They have burnt drugs only once. Where is all the drugs.

Come on, Michel needs to get tough on drugs. It starts at the bird house at New Port.

The first thing you do is ask Scully to go home.

Then recruit a Seychellois of integrity that Scully and company fired, to run the show.

There are many. If Michel needs names he can contact us through a properly ID agent.Send Derek or St. Ange if you like.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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