Sunday, July 10, 2011

Viral Dhanjee Has The Communist Beast By The Tail

 After the MSR was blocked from being registered as a political party in the last election and political debate in Seychelles was curtailed by a communist system in place that feared the principle of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”, one of its members Viral Vadilal Dhanjee set out to file papers as an Independent Presidential Candidate.

Mr. Dhanjee’s candidacy was refused, and he was denied participation in the elections, a direct violation of his right to participate in public and political affairs of his country. This not only violates the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles, it is a violation of the UN Charter of Fundamental Human Rights, which the communists have ratified. Typical of communists, they say one thing, do another. When they do this little exercise, they pass themselves off as being smart and capable. They are not of course, and every patriotic Seychellois, must tell them to their face, the truth.

Hire A Fighter For Freedom

To take on the communists establishment point man Mr. Hendrick Gappy, the Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Dhanjee and his advisors knocked on the doors of tough, no nonsense lawyer who is very intelligent, and brews with a fighting spirit when human rights are at stake: Madam Alexia Amesbury. Madam Amesbury is earning a well deserved reputation for being a real Fighter for Freedom. Her tenacity to see victory is second to none when it comes to Human Rights.

Constitutional Court Rules In Dhanjee’s Favor

Well prior to the elections, the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of Mr. Dhanjee being entitled to stand as a Presidential Candidate. However, in typical communist arrogance, the Electoral Commissioner and his team ignored the decision, and denied Mr. Dhanjee the right to file his candidacy. Hence, as the elections were in place, Mr. Dhanjee’s name was not on the ballot paper, for fear, that he would pull the balance of votes needed push a second round.

Court of Appeal

Madam Amesbury filed a motion to the Court of Appeals to stop the elections, until such time that Mr. Dhanjee’s candidacy was present on the ballot paper. In an erroneous ruling, Justice Macgregor applied the Balance of Convenience Test for Injunctions, to a Fundamental Human Rights issue. When Human Rights are at issue, it is never convenient to the state.

Justice Macgregor is a former SPUP founder, and Central Committee member of the SPPF. He has been an MNA and Speaker of the National Assembly for many years, and he has been nominated -appointed by the SPPF PL as a Justice to the Court of Appeals. With this in mind, Madam Amesbury filed a motion to have Justice Macgregor removed from the bench for this case, as Mr. Dhanjee did not believe he could obtain justice with his presence. Similarly a Motion will be filed to remove Justice Hodul, another SPPF PL appointment, who suffers from a medical issues that may prevent him from delivering Justice. Justice Hodul you will recall, as Minister, signed numerous Land Acquisition Act property orders in the One Party State.
In a rash move, to get rid of Mr. Dhanjee’s  case, it appears that the Court of Appeals is doing the politically expeditious thing: hear the case on July 12, 2011 and get rid of it to save face for sham elect president, James Michel (PL). 

The Court Is Inconsequential To Human Rights Violation

Regardless of the decision of the Court of Appeals, Mr. Dhanjee’s lawyer has been burning the midnight oil for Freedom and has extensively researched the UN Fundamental Human Rights Charter obligations the Seychelles is being held to uphold by the Dhanjee case.

Pull The Communist Beast Tail

After the Court of Appeals is finished, the Dhanjee case will got to Geneva, before the UN Human Rights Committee. The case will be heard, and very likely, Dhanjee will win his case again. When that happens the Committee will very likely SANCTION the communist regime in Seychelles until the elections are set aside and Mr. Dhanjee is given the opportunity to stand as a candidate, as he should have been given in the first place.

Such a ruling, will affect international funding for Seychelles initiated requests. Jean Paul Adam will have his plate overrunning with SANCTIONS before the UN Human Rights Committee. Dhanjee  per-sues  his case because he is a great patriot that loves his country . The pain communists, will only end when we have new presidential elections and you end the practice of sham rigged elections in Seychelles.

Seychelles SANCTIONED For No Human Rights Country Report

Only in March 2011, the Seychelles was SANCTIONED by the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, for not filing any Country Report for over Seventeen (17) years. This violates Eight (8) different conventions on human rights.

What Is The Message?

The message is on the wall: “The Communists in Seychelles are being exposed”.

Anyone that attempts to give credibility to Communists for self gain, promotion, of self enrichment, will similarly be exposed as well!

No good ever comes from a deal with the Devil…..

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

at least Gill and company are fighting! Keep up the good work. Where would we be without this people today?

In lungos I do recall they put up such a fight to have their human rights cases filed for UN , I thought they would break the chairs.

This is what Seychelles needs, not an opposition gone into silence.

Anonymous said...

I am very confused. Gill who is supposed to be a racist is associating himself with Dhanjee. We all know Dhanjee, Chaka, Adam Moosa (late Hassanali) are/were all Seselwa of malbar/laskar origin.It is SPUP who were/are the real racists, they are the ones that called for the deportation of these falimies before independence. In fact they are the ones who 'dissapeared' Hassanali after the coup in 1977. Hope Dhanjee does not end up like Hassanali who incidentally was very vocal after the coup.

Gill you are not a racist as they all had me believe. Gill & Dhanjee, you have my full support for a JUST,FREE and FAIR Seychelles.


Anonymous said...

I have come to learn that in order to divert attention, Gill is being discredited and labelled as a raist. If we all focus on the racist issue we will forget the real issue of freedom.

Zom Lib represents freedom for SPUP, SPPF, RENE, MANCHAM, MISEL & THEIR ASS LICKERS.

We need a monument to represent the oppressed Seselwa who happens to be the majority when you consider the vast majority who are in exile due to the mess back here in Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

Interesting points above.

How can I be a racist when I am made up of all race?

How can I hate what I am?

How can I destroy what my children are?

The issues I presented under MSR manifesto were legitimate ideas for political debate: 1. selling of passports, 2.selling of land to foriegners, 3. selling of our patrimony. These are not race based issues. They are immigration issues, which even larger countries of the world grapple with. Seychelles being a micro state, make the issues more serious.

PL is afraid of these issues, because they have built their political house on sand and not a solid foundation.

I am Indian, I am French, I am English, I am African, I am Chinese, I am American. Most of all I am a Seychellois. Because I am all those ID's in some way, does not mean that every French, English, African, American, Indian, can come to Seychelles to take her ownership.

Mr. Dhanjee is a Seselwa Rasin no more and no less then I.

Any Government, that sells passports and sells its patrimony to will find any thing to confuse the public about what their critic says of them.

Reason being, they want to keep on selling passports and keep on selling our patrimony, it is easy money for them.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

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