Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who Is Importing Prostitution Into Seychelles??? Who Is Protecting The Slave Driver??

Mr President Seychelles is small- Please Answer the question.

Hungarian detectives bust international prostitution ring

2011-07-05 07:44
Three people have been arrested on suspicion of procuring women for prostitution, mainly for clients in the Middle East, the National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) told MTI on Monday.

The NNI's statement said that Vivien Sz and two associates sent women aged between 18 and 25 to the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Lebanon, The Seychelles and Egypt, as well as several European countries, for the purpose of purveying sexual services.

The women, including fashion models and participants of beauty competitions, were promised photo shoots for men's magazines and high earnings over a short period of time if they also undertook sexual work. They were able to earn up to 1,100 euros a day, while 20 percent was deducted by the suspected pimps.

The ringleaders, who made travel and other arrangements, were arrested in Hungary and have been put in preliminary detention.


Brigitte said...

We should go undercover!!

Anonymous said...

Michel as President should know about it they do not go through custom control and no one in the regime ever raise the question probably beucase Pp has approved this human trafficking and human abuse.Last year STAR wrote about Australian ladies who came to our shores and landed at La Miser or Babaron.Arabs are known to be perverse and like abusing people especially women.Look in their own countires with the own females,they are forced to married old men while still under age.
By the way CNN has launched a programme to fight against human abuses may be we can also particiapte as our country is also concern.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

He gave us:

1. Hospital
2. Generator
3. Desalination
4. Delo Kaka
5. Palace Delo Kaka

We may soon necome a colony of UAE, we can have UAE Passports

Now,What is your problem if he brings in a few prozy for his satisfaction ?

Brigitte said...

check that out!!