Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures……Ancient Communist saying!

No sooner that the Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) was registered, and I gave a press conference calling for an all out BOYCOTT of the national Assembly elections, joining officially along with NDP and SNP. Immediately, the Election Commission registered another political party called Seychelles Popular Democratic Party, headed by Mr. David Pierre, ex SNP who turned in his membership to his party on national television. Mr. Pierre, was the Deputy Secretary General of the SNP.

Correspondingly, the SPDP leader has announced, through SBC help, that he and his party will be participating in the upcoming elections for the National Assembly. They will field candidates, they will seek legislative office, and they will have a vote for the leader of the opposition.

This position is completely contradictory of the common unifying platform of the Seychelles opposition. Mr. Pierre has not met with anyone in the opposition prior to deciding if he will field candidates. I am personally uncertain if he even read the Commonwealth Report on the recommendations that have been made to level the playing field for Eighteen (18) years.

   David Pierre's Son Ryan Pierre above showing the Greens in Numbers!!

Allegations of Backing By Ruling Party

Immediately, as the party was registered, numerous allegations surfaced on the internet that the ruling party was financing Mr. David Pierre’s party.

These allegations have not been denied by Mr. Pierre, until now. However, there are reports that he has been seen making numerous trips and visits to Danny Faure’s office. Mr. Faure is the Vice President of Seychelles and high ranking PL official. What would a future opposition party leader be doing roaming even close to Danny Faure’s office, all by himself? Could this be true?

Desperate Times Indeed

The call for BOYCOTT of National Assembly elections is a unifying platform of all elements of the Seychelles opposition community. In spite of all our shortcomings, and all issues internally that we grapple with, we have been able to come up with a common stance and common purpose, that unifies all Seychelles opposition.

That is, a BOYCOTT of these elections is critical at this time, because the promises of democracy and freedom made by F.A. Rene in November 1991, after Eighteen (18) years, have not been kept by PL and James Michel. It is arguable that we have backed tracked to one party state in the last Six (6)  months faster then in the last Sixteen (16) years.

A Boycott exposes the promise broken by the SPPF and PL to implement democracy with corresponding freedoms made in 1991.

A Boycott exposes what the Commonwealth Expert Team (CET) in their Commonwealth Reports note, that is, we have numerous one party state laws in place that prohibit a full transition to democracy.

Basically, though we live in 2011 in life terms, but in terms of progress in democracy and freedom, we are still back in November 1991.

The Democracy Tree Without Roots

This means the democratic tree if you will, that Mr. F. A. Rene told us he was planting in November of 1991, has not taken root after Eighteen (18) years.

Occasionally when it is exposed that the tree is really a dead tree, the next course of action, is to prop a few plastic oranges on the tree, to make the world believe, we have tree that is alive and well rooted. With the plastic oranges on the tree the communists can say that the tree is fine, it even bears fruit occasionally. You can even water the tree with sea water, it will thrive in appearance.

People of Seychelles, we are entering an era of plastic fruits in the opposition. As the opposition is shammed, like elections, and everything else around us, the world will see it for themselves, and we will not have to work to expose the sham, the entire tree without roots, will become a plastic tree

that looks so beautiful, and lively, but it has not grown an inch in real terms since November 1991 nor has it borne any real fruit except for plastic fruits placed on the tree deliberately.

Do Not Lose Hope In Humanity

These tactics are expected of communists. They use them all over the world. In some communist countries, they fake debates; others will fake projects to give the people hope, many fake economic results to fake their success, when in fact it is all grand failure.

Faking an opposition is part of the communist’s effort to fake our realities. It is used to give cover and mask to their illegitimate democracies the world over.

The common thread in all communist societies is that faking it is never enough and they are sooner rather then later, exposed to the entire world, not just the central committee!

As they fake all the way, we must be united, act as one, for a common good cause that is greater then all of our sums divided.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois! 


Anonymous said...

Money, money, money,sell outs are all about money!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say that i deeply disturbed and pertubed by the use of a photo of Mr David's Pierre to illustrate (i am unsure which point), i would urge the author/administrator of this blog to remove this picture.

I am myself the child of a politician and have have been discriminated against by the PL govt even if i was just a child. Let us be better than them please.


Anonymous said...

David Pierre's party is not part of the opposition. It is the illegitimate sprog of the Parti Lepep.

When he resigned he said he was retiring from politics. He told Ramkalawan on SBC not to accuse him of taking Parti Lepep's money.

Who would vote for a man like that ?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people were disappointed with the calls for a boycott. It would have meant no voting at all. It would have deprived thousands of the opportunity that comes every 5 years to extract some dosh from Parti Lepep.

With PDP v PL, it looks like both sides will be rolling in dough which will need to be used to buy votes. Expectations are high and it is making a lot of people very happy. PDP may well have more money to spend than SNP ever had. They will need to spend, spend and spend if they are to come out of this process with a drop of honour. The question is how will PL ensure that its creation will get at least one seat, preferably a directly elected one to save their faces, when they were claiming they would beat SNP 25-0. Which of the "ready candidates" will be sacrificed ?

Social Renaissance can wait !

Anonymous said...

Anybody has aright to form a party but pierre ^s party is definitely dormed to serve one purpose,play Pp stooge in the coming assembly election.<pp needs legitimacy,even a fake one,so Michel has found his new puppet now that Ram nolonger want to play his game.

Jenne Dârc

Anonymous said...

Time will tell and he who betrays our democracy and freedom will one day be held accountable. We freedom loving Seychellois we are patient and we will file before the Seychelles Judiciary the pertinent matters when time is due.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.(Martin Luther King).

Anonymous said...

The boycott message is DON'T VOTE. If you have to go and vote, fearing political victimisation, then spoil your vote by VOTING FOR ALL CANDIDATES. Leave it to Gappy to decide who should get the vote.

Anonymous said...

Listening to David Pierre, it is quite clear that he is advocating a love-in with Parti Lepep. He was all lovey-dovey with Parti Lepep all of a sudden in an extended interview with SBC. You can always tell which side of the political divide a politician is by the amount of time they get to speak on SBC. His political conversion since he resigned from SNP during the May election campaign puts St Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus to shame.

Michel does not seem confident that his new political creation will save his "democratic president" tag. He is asking the real opposition to take part in the elections and lecturing the opposition on their democratic responsibility -- despite a new party calling itself popular and democratic. And he is not even referring to David Pierre's party as opposition. A Freudian slip.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is not Parti Lepep raiding the Credit Union and stealing R150,000 to finance PDP. They will need much more than that to buy a decent number of votes to save Pierre from humiliation at the polls.

Anonymous said...

Michel knows the creation of a fake opposition funded by the communist themselves, will not save his exposure to dishing out one party state all these years under the pretext of Democracy.

18 years to wait for reform is a long time.

We must ignore these communist accolades that attempt to cast legitimacy to an not credible process by backing Pierre and company.

PL must not take this bad. Take it as a lesson in Democracy.

Simply announce a round table of all parties, and let us thrash out new laws and new constitutional amendments to bring Seychelles into a new era of Democracy with individual and institutional Freedoms.

Do not take it bad. I do not, and SFP does not. Take it with a smile PL, and let's get on with the work of serious nation building. Enough of this putz-thug, criminal communist mentality that is setting Seychelles back every single day, you try to fake your success, and impose wife beater syndrome on the population.

We all know you have failed.

Now the World will know, if you do not implement the reforms.

So get on with it. We will be there every step of the way with you.though not how you think, but how we choose to be there.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how many votes SDP gets at the polls does it? What matters is that PL has at least one opponent so the election can be called democratic.

The right thing to now would be for all parties to participate and see where the pressure really is. For all we know, a participation from all sides would really throw eggs in the face of JAM & Gappy and the real winner of the election would be Seychelles.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Pierre say he was leaving politics to go into business with his wife ? He has seen the chance of being leader of the opposition (a poodle one at that) even with just one seat in the assembly and can't resist the temptation. Who will vote for a pathetic man like that ?

The reasons for boycotting the elections are as strong as ever. But Pierre's PDP will delay electoral reforms because it removes one source of immediate pressure on Michel to bring in reforms before new elections. Michel is really worried about the lack of SNP participation and the total support from those who took part in the presidential elections. He was not as cocky as he was when he returned from a Vatican visit after 3 October incident.

But Pierre will have to get more than 10% to derail the boycott. It is hard to think that the 25,000 opposition supporters will vote for him in large numbers.

Anonymous said...

The opponent must be a credible one for the election to be called democratic and credible. PDP is hardly a credible opponent, unless Pierre can prove that he has not been tainted by a single rupee received from Parti Lepep to fight these elections.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a teacher and maybe someone could enlighten me what are his qualifications, if he went to secondary school only like James Michel-
Hell what we need now in seychelles is a Teacher president and a Teacher Oposition leader.

Seychelles is a joke...

Very soon troukler will register a political party

God save all freedom loving Seychellois

Anonymous said...

Just common sense. Who is going to vote for this baldhead???

Like Bob Marley siad: we gonna chase these crazy bald heads out of town jajajajaja

Anonymous said...

The registration of Pierre and financial support of his cause by the ruling party is a "shoot from the hip" response, not thought out carefully.

An election must be deemed "credible" to meet minimal requirements for being democratic.

If the election is "not credible",it can result in country credit downgrade and lost of loans and investments etc...

This is the risk factor Michel has now placed Seychelles in with his politics of arrogance, and faking democracy since he took over in 2004 from Rene.

As long as all parties hold the BOYCOTT line in the opposition, Pierre's party will not be deemed to have any credibility.

Without that, he will not get 2% of the vote.

PL will slide some SPPF-PL votes to Pierre and even candidates.

But the long and short of it, is, if people stay home or spoil votes in protest, the turn out will be the single determining factor of whether or not the vote is "credible".

I believe the People of Seychelles in a big majority, will choose Freedom over Oppression and Manipulation. Even young PL will not like to see this type of abuse of the system, is will be an eye opener.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

These political shenanigans are not good for the country's morals.

The real message from PL as we sink deeper in the moral quagmire is -- social renaissance can wait !

Anonymous said...

I am for the boycott; however no credible opposition will be avalable to monitor the polling stations if we go ahead with it. That will mean PL will have the freedom to slide enough of it's vote to David Pierre to make the opposition look credible.

Anonymous said...

Pieere undoubtly does not know where he is going:He does not seems to have a political ideology.Seychelleois refuse such dummies qithout aims and conviction.A question was where was he qualified?At pp polite buro bythe master of qualification and titles the der leader Michel.

Jeanne dArc

Anonymous said...

David Pierre is a STATESMAN.

His ideology is MONEY, USD preferably.

Anonymous said...

Mancham is a Statesman, his ideology is money.

So expect and endorsement of David Pierre coming from James Richard Marie Mancham.

Anonymous said...

"We are super piglet as they say in good German"

After the SBC announcement concerning the rebuilding of the Mahe Muslim Mosque - the La Digue police issues and all night - nastiness. This morning we found/saw three pears by the tree - given that the Family have lived in Kent/Ashford 21 years.

Why we say we are "super piglet" as children - have let out a few issues about that SIROP exile/refugee program - our realtives had lots of fruit trees - where in Europe, the USA and Australia they eat sweets and chocolate all day. We as children got up at 5 am and collected the fruit depending on the time/Season - the same on the way and back to school.

Like in Africa, Asia "those who practice black or white magic as children you learn why a fruit had fallen down and some of the associated issues" - you either wash them or removed the bad part and ate the rest, unafriad.

This morning we made good note of "those pears" where they had fallen and the number of holes the "slugs" had dug. Slugs do buzz/talk, like all creatures - Pince Charles talk about eating worms and in Sechelles Seychelles those form S4S and other Wildlife bodies.

This is life at work - how can "slugs in England and pears" know and hear about our politic last night - the Leadership form NDP, SNP and SFP.

We have washed them all three, "took the worse eaten by slugs, removed the holes and eaten part same process we would have done as children age 6 - 10 years old and had one for break fast this morning.

We have learnt a very great deal in the process and become wiser.

{"By the way that Pear Tree cause the bankrupt of Woolworth Group among others"} We have come to share some of the "slugs" wisdom with you all this morning

Pissedoff said...

Christopher Gill are you a Paedophile? You just cannot help yourself. Every so often you have to post a picture of a semi nude underaged child on your blogg! Now you have one of David Pierre's son! Whats wrong with you guys can't someone kick your fucking arse?

Anonymous said...

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