Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michel Says Everyone Has A Duty To Run In Elections

In an interview after returning from Australia, Mr. James Michel said on SBC, that everyone has a duty to participate in the upcoming National Assembly elections called early for no real valid reason.

It is now apparent, that even James Michel now knows he has over played his hand by allowing the National Assembly to call early elections, only because they immediately followed the Indian Ocean Games, and provided an optimum opportunity for his party to look good off the success of the players of the Indian Ocean Games (IOG). All the while, electoral reforms he promised in 2006 have been sidelined for years.

Politics and games do not mix! I warned you.

What Michel Does Not Say

What Mr. Michel does not say in the interview, is that he personally, has not upheld his own duty as the President of Seychelles, head of the Executive Branch of government to implement the electoral and constitutional reforms necessary to insure that Seychelles democratic experiment succeeds instead of fail falling flat out under his mandate.

This personal duty and obligation to the People of Seychelles, has been sidelined for Eighteen (18 )years when it comes to democratic reform and the Commonwealth recommendations. For Eighteen (18) years, we have been told we are in a DEMOCRACY, when in fact, we have over Twenty (20) One Party State control laws and constitutional restrictions that prevent the People of Seychelles from enjoying the fruits and entitlements of Freedom as promised by F.A. Rene in November 1991.

Field A Fake Opposition

To cover up this unfolding fiasco in play which we have exposed through unwavering  diligence , the communist party in Seychelles is apparently now fielding a second party in the opposition to give its processes the appearance of being credible. This Party says that the opposition needs to be in the National Assembly to make changes to the laws of Seychelles.

This is false and falsely misleads the People of Seychelles, making them think that we are in a DEMOCRACY. A person can mislead the People

through his teeth, only if he is being paid well or genuinely fears for his life.

In this case, it appears to me he is being paid, since I do not see a gun to his head, nor is he complaining of one to his head. This means we are dealing with a political sell out and self professed opportunist who wants to play football even though the rules have yet to be set in play! In such cases, the rule is usually : pay as you go.

The opposition does not have to be in the Assembly to make changes. The communists can open debate by round table and foster dialogue for change.

Then even a communist rubber stamp Assembly can make the changes. Since they do not have individual opinions, their presence is not relevant.
If an opposition is a fake opposition, its opinion is not relevant either nor is its presence in the Assembly relevant.

BOYCOTT and Expose The Judas Convention of Sell Outs  !

Seychelles is now on the edge of gaining great and vast Freedom’s as a country.

As a People , we Seychellois are on the verge of gaining great respect, for standing up against the remnants of a one party communist system that has failed Seychelles to the point we are now BANKRUPT for years, and years, as a country. Our People remain divided and bad dictator laws prevent us from moving forward.

In order to gain these great and vast individual freedoms, the situation calls for a general BOYCOTT of elections in order that the Communists and the World, will know that when it comes to our rights as Seychellois, we will not fall to the ground, and be walked over by a few self interested sell outs, who each day, will start to show their face to the nation, one by one for 30 pieces of silver.

It will be a JUDAS Convention of Sell outs!

The power of our voice, is stronger then ever today… .

If Seychellois do not vote in this coming election, the Communist will suffer a “not credible” vote. There is no way around this dubious result.

This will expose their double dipping, of running parties as a ruling party and now as an opposition. In a democracy, no one crosses this line of decency to retain power. Because in a democracy, power is never enough, you need national cohesion to move forward. Mr. Michel. Perhaps this explains to you, why your tenure has been so tuff, tuff, tuff!

Judas Convention is Sad But Good For Opposition

Each sell out, in the JUDAS Convention will galvanize the opposition into an unbeatable and indestructible force . This force, will bring change in Seychelles, for the betterment of all Seychellois and a new generation will live free and all the universal declaration of human rights under the UN Charter, will not be mere words, but will be a standard we will all enjoy as inalienable rights we are born with.

We will expose once and for all in a conclusive manner, that we are in a one party communist state, with only a little window dressing of democracy to fool everyone. There will be no further debate on this issue.

Keep Your Word Man
With that done, Michel and the communists, will have to live up to their DUTY: give us our Freedoms as promised by F.A. Rene in November 1991. This promise is the underlying proviso of a social contract which has given
us the 3rd Republic.

We have enjoyed  some prosperity during this period as a People, but we cannot progress further as a Nation, without the social enshrinement of individual and institutional freedoms necessary in a democracy.

Seychelles quite simply cannot move forward any longer, carrying with it, one party state baggage that James Michel insist we must carry to suit his style that he ushered in 2004.

I hear Mr. Michel is talking the talk slowly but surely. So don’t take all this bad Mr. Michel, we are just walking you through familiar ground.

Take it slow, one day at a time, and don’t forget, sweet Jesus, he will help you along…you will really need him, considering your track record.

Boycott Fake Opposition!- Roast a  TANG!

Boycott National Assembly Elections- Stay Home!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Mr Christopher Gill thank you for those great pictures - we were forbidden to discuss politic given the working of Colonial Service and the Judiciary Banch Mark - beisde other Ethics.

In Private we had the time and opportunity to meet and discuss with very many Leading Land Owners and Planters, business man, developers, like Jack Custon, Dug Scammel, Don Augustinus, Dalgety business, Beau Vallon Properties people, Civil Servants - not to mention politicians and senior Police Officers.

It is all very good for historian and later politicians to comment and argue - "they were not there at the Time, they have to rely on what is told to them and written - archive"

Sechelles Seychelles like most nation has/suffer from the same challenge, the Son's and daughters of the Land who refuse to come forward and take their proper responsibility - they leave this to those less able and qualify and the horrible mess afterwards.

We thank our grand parents, for the love they planted in us and how we shared that love with your Father Mr Peter Gill and how he responded at the time and over the years - a lesson for the children and future generation.

This is the real life.

Anonymous said...

Will all opposition forces pull their resources together to campaign for a boycott ? Will we see any of these banners next month in Seychelles ? The message is simple. BOYCOTT.

Anonymous said...

Oh please!!!

Anonymous said...

We are going to break the rules this morning - the very tragic circumstance of Mr Percy Ah Mane death, his Family - events in preexile and during exile - when he returned to Sechelles Seychelles, all the exile executive of SNM/MPR. Events the past 21 years.

We did not ask for the President ship or State House or $1 - $10 millions. Herd of cow and goats or wives, land, title before we agreed/committed our self to putting together that exile/return program. Hence all the Seychelles think we are daft particularly the young generation.

We put together that SIROP program and vast many issues of our ancestral heritage build into it based upon what they had planted and given us and those who know in Creole - the true conotation of "SIROP".

In France and French speaking nations they know all about is connotation and meaning.

That "SIROP" exile/refugee return program was build, concept and put together arround, including and build a very great deal of love - across centuries from the early Greeks, Roman and modern civilization have written about love and President FA Rene and his Ministers knew of those issues. That "SIROP" program was not build on hate and revenge. All the Christian denominations in Sechelles Seychelles knew about it - safe for those who wanted to create division and hate in the world.

Had our ancestors build this nation on hate - we would not have been there today, as children not come to this world and those children of ours today not alive. As such the values of love and friend ship - when they are destroy, tramplled upon, abuse what ensue.

Anonymous said...

Since when does communists understand wthe definiztion of democracy?Rigged election Pp call it democracy,illegal dissolutionof assembly for PP is democracy.DEMOCRACYPP means rule by the people not a gang.

Pieere Told us he must goto the Assemblytopasslaws.wehh what the shake of passing new laws when Pp and cronies donot follow and abide by existing laws.It is not by passing new laws that makes the country democratic but forstly by abiding and respecting laws.

would allparties boycott?Probably not ,for Pieere new party is a pp sponsored party for the sakes of faking andplaying Pps communists game.Pierre as hehasproved in the past he is not a seriuos politician nor someone that seychelleois can puttheir trust in:He does not seems toknow whichwaytofollow.tody he is SSNP,,today hisPP then his own party,thus someone in doubts nd delimmas,Seychellois cannot beled by a captain who does not know which course he issling the ship.
Boycott PP fake Assembly election and boycott Pierre fake and unrepresentative party.

Jeanne d'Arc

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Talking of love - Mr Ralph Volcer has a strong headed daughter as such again our ancestral working.

We have a son born arround the circumstance of that SIROP program - the SPPF/PL today and the more complex aspects of President FA Rene. The mountain of issues and mess relating to our nation politic, social progress etc., the past 21 years. As parents we foget very fast.

There are a couple of others like them, importantly related to our Sechelles Seychelles greater political issues.

In an ideal world - like we, without our knowledge - but in the manner of our ancestors, thrown in deep water, we did not go to political universities and special political schools. Those of us the same age group, boys and girls to talk, chat and listen to the older folks talking, politicians and then citizens. Our contributions in return to the Nation and people to change that One party system, Communist and extrem Socialist system. We are being very modest and we can be otherwise.

These very same young Sirs, and Madam of today - they refuse/do not want to do this. Where and how will they learn to give and build the future Nation - when we are old or no longer there.

By today's standard and practice, the youth and young generation their capabilities to input into society, economy and politic at a very, very young and early age - give the technology in place and society working.

We have a very serious and grave situation in Seychelles and our international 45,000 migrant/exile communities youth, young Sirs, Madam. Their refusal to engage, play their role and grasp the notion - they will inherit this Nation, people, heritage and good Land.

We are not talking of the children of the SPPF/PL, their early education and unpringing.

Anonymous said...

At this time I think all parties making up the opposition should reconsider their boycott strategy and go in there in order to get as many votes away from PL as possible.


Anonymous said...

Many votes understand Pp self-appointed electoral memebers which job is to ensure Pps victory by rigging won^t change anything,but instaed aprticipating will legitimize pp failed politics and illegal practices.Boycott is the answer to faked electoral commission,biased nat.medias,and it will delitimized pp communists and its new orphan child Pieere and his pp stooge party.

Jeanne Dârc

Anonymous said...

What difference would it make if the opposition take part ? We will be where we were before the assembly was dissolved.

What difference will 4-6 opposition MNAs in the assembly make to our lives ?

What difference will a handful of opposition MNAs make to the development of democracy in the country ?

If anything, the presence of opposition in the national assembly is holding back democracy.

SPPF/PL have had enough time to democratise the country and the election process.

Anonymous said...

Doesn¨t James Michel realiza that he is leading this country in the same political caos like Libia, Syria, Yemen, Morroco etc... Very soon the Seychellois people will have no other option but to take to the streets to ask real changes for a REAL DEMOCRACY.

We should boycott the parliamentary elections and stand against this Sham Elected President.

Seychellois we must seriously consider a peacefull protest in order to mantain our fundamental democratic and human rights

Anonymous said...

If James Michel cannot come to his senses and implement the electoral reforms that has been ask by the international observers then there is no alternative .The people should decent on the streets of Victoria and protest for their rights.

Anonymous said...

There is one man who should be grateful for PDP. Gill. If Gappy did not need to register PDP, he would not have registered SFP merely a week before.

Anonymous said...

Reply to last comment.

Mr. Gappy registered the SFP because he had no outstanding issues with our application.

It is as simple as that.

Thank you all for your input and ideas.

The fight for Freedom in our Country is bigger then all our sums divided.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

"Are those who lead the west, the UN, the EU Britain, France, the USA aware of the serious gravity of the announcement to pull down the Muslim place of Prayer and build a bigger Mosque, current capacity according to the SBC 150 to 700, funded by the United Arab Emirate" the political, social, cultural, ethinc implication when we have 15,000 Seychellois in exile/refugee,ther economic situation ad plight - they brought the political changes to Seychelles - the one party state/Communist the West, th EU, the UN, Seychelles government lie about their existance - their rights and their children in relation to our ancestral archaic, fraternal Masonic, illuminati heritage.

The issues of compensation we have raised for these 15,000 exile/refugee.

On the same news SBC that they are creating a New Police Force/structure to combat serious crime because of situation on Praslin - what kind of National Strategy is this given waht is going on in the region and the world.

We have been involved in the Arab world, Muslim regional and international issues, economy, Finance, energy and conflict for the past 33 years. Covering highly complex issues, national and international.

This development will anger a very great deal of exile living Seychellois as well as Seychelles. This will affect and infuence their archaic, fraternal, Masonic and Illuminati - heraldic heritage working, for those across the world who study and work with such and those issues. The mega lies and cover up by the media, the establishment and international instittions who supposedly monitor such working. The reprecussion and overs pill across the world.

We had/have seen this situation coming since 1987 and important reason we have opted for a Senate - an Upper House and a Lower House system in Sechelles Seychelles in that SIROP exile/refugee program.

My Guardian Judge - EJ Stiven was regarded as a leading expert in the Multi ethnic religious issues of Zanzibar and East Africa by the Colonial Office and Judiciary - what have been pased on to our person as knowedge and input in such issues.

Anonymous said...

Well, then I guess he had no outstanding issues with Pierre's party either. After all, it's all democratic isn't it? Now even ramkalawan is indirectly saying that Pierre is/was for sale. As if he is Mr Clean himself.

Anonymous said...

David Pierre has sold his soul to Parti Lepep. Ramkalawan never did that. Some may disagree with his judgement or some of his decisions, but he worked for the opposition and not Parti Lepep.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Gill, Gappy would still be sitting on your party registration application if he did not have to register PDP. Were you not surprised that he registered SFP a couple of days after you responded to his letter ? Parti Lepep is unlikely to have registered SFP before the elections knowing you were joining the boycott.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Seriously-

The letter sent an unmentioned warning to Mr. Gappy, that reminded him what was ahead if the Party Seychelles Freedom Party was not registered.

Mr. Gappy and the Election Commission cannot afford to be in court everyday over party registrations. It destroys their credibility and puts the credibility of the structures of state to question by exposing executive and judicial branch to scrutiny.

They learned that with the MSR case, which is still in court, and it will make its way to the UN Committee on Human Rights.

Finally, there was nothing left for Gappy to question, since we submitted a near empty manifesto.
Our members list were double checked by ourselves according to the standards we expected them to be checked by Mr. Gappy. We even signed off on tip ex -ed errors.

Do not simplify the rationale behind a complex situation.

Perhaps we will all be better off if we pose questions before we offer answers.

Example- if Pierre has not been bought, where does he get financing to field candidates? He has been a full time MNA for years?

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

It seems that our leaders forget our history. They live with today happening and do not remember our past. Michel reckoned that we must all participate in election and this is the democracy he predicts. He seems to have short memories. He was part and parcel of 2 election 'BOYCOTTS' by his SPUP party in North Mahe and La Digue in the time when Albert Rene (his boss)was in oppostion. Come on man maybe you can trick some people sometime but you cannot fool everyone everytime. Be serious for once. We have a history and we must not forget it.

Anonymous said...

"David Pierre has sold his soul to Parti Lepep. Ramkalawan never did that. Some may disagree with his judgement or some of his decisions, but he worked for the opposition and not Parti Lepep"

The funny guy is at it again!

Really and what did Wavel do in 2008 when he negotiated with SPPF/PL to have an increased salary and pension and he and his party voted with the PL for a budget which started a spiral of increases in utilities and ultimately with a ruppee devaluation?

Really and what did Wavel do when it got to the apptment of Siva as embassador, he got his party to abstain from the voted. Now Davidson Barra claims he heard Wavel negotiating with Siva on that day (naturally like all the SNP Leaders then Davidson thought what Wavel was doing was ok then)?

And only until recently, when it was patently clear that the electoral process was flawed (SNP itself said so in 2007 in a document) and yet particpated in the election and legitimised only to cry foul when he was defeated?

The above were not lapse of judgment they were active acts of collaboration with a system which is patently evil, and he dares call Pierre a traitor. Ramkalawan is King Traitor himslelf for having looked only out for himself over the years and taken the people for an 18 year old ride, we are now in a one party state thanks largely to our opposition leaders, give me a break traitors!

Anonymous said...

Not convincing at all.

Anonymous said...

Ramkalawan is behaving like a bad loser, the same way Rene behaved after losing the presiden title to Mancham back in 1976. Ramkalawan doesn't have arms to start a coup with so he is suddenly for boycott as he cannot seem to win an election through the ballot box.

He's been bullying everyone in his party around the last decade and now that Pierre has backed out he is suddenly a traitor, the saem way Wavel has been to the people since the day he voted for his own salary increase just prior to the devaluation. Talk about being bought!

The only critic I have against Pierre is his timing for backing out which should have taken place months before he did. The timing was a pure act of malice, nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Can't you see that if Parti Lepep or SPPF have been trying to buy Ramkalawan all these years, they have not succeeded. The man is incorruptible. As more and more people succumb to Parti Lepep's money to start so-called opposition parties, Ramkalawan's detractors are at a loss to understand why he was able to resist. They continue to deal in fairy tales.

While it is true the attempts at rapprochement with Parti Lepep in 2008 (David Pierre is promising us more of that) and voting for the budget and salary increases were politically misguided, they are not by any means evidence of corruption. SNP quickly learnt the lesson from this mistaken strategy.

With PDP, we now have real examples of betrayal and greed. We do not need to continue with fairy tales about SNP.

Anonymous said...

David Pierre is SNP through and through! This new party is a plot concocted with SNP.
Gill is SPPF through and through! He keeps posting old SPUP picture as subliminal messages to all his blog readers. He is Michel’s agent to break the opposition and he is doing a good job! The boycotts that he is calling for are all bullshit because knew Pierre was fielding. If Pierre did not come in the picture he would have fielded his little monkeys!

Anonymous said...

All i see with regards to Ramkalawan and the SNP is party in total diasray with more than half of its Executive Committe Members who have either sold out and in the process of doing so. The party does not even have a newspaper (whilst soi disant smaller parties like NDP are able to put one out), all Ramkalawan/SNP has managed to achieve since 18 years is personal enrichment, that is all. In fact we are back in one party sttae, thanks to the SPPF/PL and SNP. That is the simple truth.

On issue of corruption, do not make me laugh it is well known that Ramkalawan has taken money from SIVA, Eden Island, Albert are not these ppl there to prop the SPPF/PL regime.


Anonymous said...

"Can't you see that if Parti Lepep or SPPF have been trying to buy Ramkalawan all these years, they have not succeeded. The man is incorruptible"

And the pope has never jerked off in his life!

Albert Borizin

Anonymous said...

More fairy tales.

Anonymous said...

The case for the boycott is as strong as ever. There must be political reforms to remove the unfair advantages that Parti Lepep enjoys, before it is too late for reforms through the ballot box.

Pierre's opportunistic decision to form a party and take part in the elections in no way whatsoever diminishes the strength of the case for the boycott. But it does alleviate the political pressure on James Michel to undertake meaningful reforms before the next national assembly elections.

James Michel would be unwise to think that he can manipulate the electoral process and ensure that Pierre leads a poodle opposition in the national assembly of yes men and women, and that the real opposition will give up the fight for real reforms. He would be boxing himself into a corner, with unimaginable and untold consequences. There is still enough time to step back from an inferno of his own making.

The 25,000 who unequivocably voted for the opposition in the presidential elections, despite massive inducement to vote for Parti Lepep, cannot be denied a voice. The one-party state must be left firmly behind us and, in any case, for those tempted to turn back the clock, the world has changed immeasurably since 1977-1993.

History has shown that political machinations like Pierre's Popular Democratic Party (a misnomer if ever there was one) do not fare well. Remember Rhodesia and South Africa where the white regimes had similar short-lived political arrangements with black puppets in order to avoid majority rule. Marshall Petain's Vichy regime fared no better, when the French people chose to listen De Gaulle then exiled in London.

History may not be Pierre's suit. He is after all a self-professed mathematician with a bent for logic. He would do well to put aside calculations and plans to enrol paid collaborators for nominations day next week and see what lessons history has in store for demagogues like him. Pierre will pay dearly for his pétainisme.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone expalin to me what is different between now and prior to the 2011 Presidential election? If my memory serves me right the SNPs were ridiculing Gill for proposing a boycott then and now they are the most ardent defender of a boycott, is that we call De Boyo 4 Fes?


Anonymous said...

We can call it that,but i think they have come to realize that as long as the playing field is no even all their efforts for change will stay an illusion.The boycott is a good decission they taken and should continue until real reforms are undertaken by PP.Only fair means can lead to fair ends.

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

Vox, what was the difference between 2006 and 2011 ? There's your answer to your mischief.

Anonymous said...

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