Friday, August 19, 2011

Mr. Jaques Hodoul Resigns Who Will Be Next??



19th August 2011

Mr. Jaques  Hodoul resigns

The Office of the President has announced that Mr. Jacques Marie Hodoul has today written to President James Michel, tendering his resignation as Justice of Appeal in the Court of Appeal, in accordance with article 131(1)(c) of the Constitution of Seychelles.

Vice President Danny Faure, in his capacity as Ag President in the absence of President Michel from the Republic, has accepted Mr. Hodoul’s resignation with regret.  Mr Hodoul, who is aged 67, had been appointed to the post of Justice of Appeal in March 2005.

In the letter accepting the resignation of Justice Hodoul, the Vice-President thanked him for his services to the Judiciary and to the Republic of Seychelles as whole, for Mr Hodoul’s earlier services as Minister of State in the 2nd Republic, and for his personal contribution to the development of Seychelles.

Mr. Jacques Hodoul, had held various ministerial positions in the Second republic from 1977 to 1991.


Anonymous said...

Can't stand working with McGregor.

Anonymous said...

Must also remember his part in Rene's one party state after the Coup.
He is to be blamed for land aquisitions and many more. One must not for our history. Going into hiding do not hide your sins. One day!!!

Anonymous said...

From the greater prospective of our Nation Judiciary Institution working - even if you like or dislike a person. He brought balance judgement and contributed that the Appeal Bench had/gain respectability.

Anonymous said...

Probably a foreigner as Michel is anti-Seychellois.We have just seen that shortly by importing an old retired Brit to assist tirant at the Prison ,i guess he will to the same in the case of replacing Hodoul.He prefers paying lots of money(inDollars) to foreigners than sending our people abroad for training.

Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc