Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Democracy Dies, We Want FREEDOM!

This week was a very busy week. While the cooling off period was used by PL and PDM candidates to sit down, relax, have a Guinness and drink over the charade, I was doing my part to expose the One Party State National Assembly Elections .

Democracy Funeral Service at Mont Fleuri

The first order of the week was to call in to the Democratic Party office, to pay my respect to dead Democracy that lay in rest, in a coffin. As I entered the DP office, there it was, on the veranda, a little coffin, big enough for but a young youth. The coffin was white, and the message was clear: Democracy had died in Seychelles, and its death has been announced by the fielding of a fake opposition, by the Communist party.

I placed my bouquet of Perry Winkle ( Rose A Mer) in the coffin and said my prayers for Democracy and Freedom. You will recall, Rose A Mer is used to kill worms in your belly when you were a child. The bouquet was draped in black cloth to symbolize death of Democracy.

Democracy Dead For A Long Time 

Democracy has been dead since 1977 in Seychelles. New hope for Democracy and Freedom came with the ushering in of Multi party elections and the return of Mancham to Seychelles on April 12, 1992. But that hope did not bear fruit, aside from the occasional patronage by SPPF. Rene left office without meeting his own promise to us. In fact, he left us indebted and Michel not only picked up the bill, he tripled our outstanding debt on a borrowing spree for Four (4) years unmatched in our history.

Since 2004, Michel spoke about Democracy, but did little to help it prosper. The last elections have only exposed that democracy in fact, has never been alive in Seychelles. Just this week, the Freedom Party had 500 leaflets confiscated in town and distribution was halted for the BOYCOTT. The man “Pti Norcy”, who sells Weekly was slammed behind bars for Three(3) hours. What kind of Democracy is this with Michel? State House thugs accompanied the Police to enforce political will upon us.

Confirmed Dead On Arrival

The arrival of these fake elections, confirm Democracy in Seychelles is dead. In no country will a ruling party field its own opposition party. It is just not done, and it baffles me to think that PL thought they could do such a treacherous act to kill Democracy. This is like a Uncle sleeping with a Niece in his brothers house. NCC would step in. The Niece of course is told to stay silent or else! 

It is just not done. When it is done, a Pandora’s Box is opened. You know what happens when Pandora’s Box is opened. You destroy everything you created yourselves.

 Why Democracy and Freedom Is Important To All Seychellois

Democracy and Freedom go hand in hand in a healthy prosperous society. When it is in place, respect for the individual is enshrined and this allows each person, each citizen enter a flood gate of opportunity to improve themselves in all aspects of their lives. Democracy removes the valves of the state that regulate our lives from our lives needlessly. When the State is reduced to essential governmental functions individuals can have the opportunity to excel in life. When that happens our country wins and all Seychellois will win.

Freedom respected sets the human spirit free for all of us. For communists this is a promise of a bad dream. For Freedom Loving Seychellois and great men like Dr. Martin Luther King, it is the promised land.

Rene and Michel has promised Freedom like Dr. King dreamed of. This promise was made in November 1991 when Rene told us he was moving the country to democracy.

But Rene and Michel did not deliver Freedom. Instead, Rene promised, Michel stuffed it……according the ceremony I attended, right into a coffin from day one the fake opposition in play symbolizes this.

People of Seychelles, we have all made mistakes in life. We all have dreams, and we all want a better life………., this weekend, raise your hand to be FREE ………Tick three times: 1. NO -to One Party State, 2. Yes- to Democracy,3. Yes- to Freedom!

Tell James Michel and company We Want to Be FREE!

Boycott National Assembly Elections!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


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We want Freedom!

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You don't know what you have till you lose it.