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How Will James Alix Michel Explain His New Ventures Into Giving The UAE A Piece Of Land For A Coast Guard Base On Our Territory and Now Purchasing Black Market Weapons Through Irish Mercenary!!

Story the Irish Government Suppressed Sunday 4th July 2010
Since sensational claims emerged in Ireland three weeks ago that serving members of the Defence Forces were buying weapons on the black market for the Seychelles Government or indeed a secret organisation within the government, the Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern TD, has been asked if he would make available a year old Garda report (April 2009) into allegations that Government officials were buying guns on the black-market.
In a written Dail Question addressed to the Minister for Justice and Law Reform by Deputy Martin Ferris, Dermot Ahern was asked:
“If he will release the Garda (Police) report into claims that government officials were buying guns (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.”
In a written reply Minister Dermot Ahern said:
“In response to correspondence from the individual referred to (Gerry Walshe) by the Deputy, I sought a report from the Garda authorities on the matters raised.  The correspondence in question did not raise the claim that Government officials were buying guns.”
“I was informed by the Garda authorities that the person in question made a number of allegations of unlawful activity and inaction by the Garda Síochána.” (Police Force)
“The Gardaí have found no evidence to substantiate the claims made.  Local Gardaí have met with the complainant to discuss the allegations and he has declined to make a formal statement of complaint to the Gardaí.”
“In circumstances where the complainant will not make a formal statement to the Gardaí it is difficult for them to further investigate the various matters raised.”
However, Clare based businessman, Gerry Walshe claims otherwise.
Mr Walshe who exposed this incredible story when he published details about it on the website the organisation he setup to stand for Truth and Justice by exposing corruption. Claims to have seen evidence that Irish Army personnel were buying weapons on the Black Market and he has published various claims with supporting evidence. This website published on the 19th March 2010 with the result his claims were investigated by the Seychelles media who published their own follow up story of 5th April 2010 and have printed several follow up stories since.
The story about Irish Army personnel buying illegal arms on the black-market in South Africa is only reaching the Irish Media now.
He further claims that the Garda investigation was a cover up.
“In September 2008 local Garda Superintendent Michael Cummins and a Sergeant came to my home in Co. Clare. When I tried to raise the issue of illegal arms and other matters the superintendent nearly fell off the chair sniggering at me and said
“Ahh, but listen to me all cops are good cops and you can’t beat them all.”
“It was insulting and I feel I was not allowed to make a statement. The Superintendent dismissed me so I showed them the door. I later wrote to his Chief Superintendent, Gerry Mahon and Minister Dermot Ahern, to complain that Gardaí had apparently lost evidence I gave them and had lied to me. I also complained about the way the Gardai had treated me by telling me that there were only good cops and that I “can’t beat them all.”
I was risking my life to expose these outrageous crimes and I feel I was treated very disrespectfully,” explains Gerry Walshe.
Mr Walshe allegedly recorded Superintendent Cummins telling him there are only good cops and he can’t beat them all and he has put this recording on the website
We understand Superintendent Cummins, who is originally from Kilkee Co. Clare and currently based in Kilrush seven miles away, is being transferred to Co. Cork shortly.
Equally amazing is that Mr Walshe allegedly made recordings of Peter Demptsey, the owner director of CIA ltd., Confidential Investigations Athlone, the security company at the centre of these allegations. In the recording he tells Mr Walshe about serving Irish Army Officers buying arms on the black-market in South Africa and shipping them to the Seychelles and how he is suing the individuals involved for double crossing him and taking over his security contract in a €16 Million Irish High Court Case.
Mr Walshe has a copy of the Irish High Court document 2009/2845-P and has also put this on the website.
It shows a documented link between two security companies, C.I.A. Ltd. Athlone and AVER International Ltd., with a former Irish Army Sergeant (Niall Scully) currently the Deputy Police Commissioner in the Seychelles and a former Irish Army inelegance officer (Declan Barber) currently the head of F.I.U. Financial Investigations Unit in the Seychelles.
The other men named in the Irish High Court document where three serving elite Irish Army Rangers namely Mark Conlon, Seamus Griffin (now retired) and Mark Mc Eneany who has transferred to the Irish Weapons Wing which buys weapons for the Irish Army. Francis Chang Lang, the former Governor General of the Central Bank in the Seychelles, was also named in this amazing development.
According to Mr. Walshe, Mr. Demptsey, owner/director of C.I.A. Ltd. Athlone made the allegations that these three serving Irish Army officers where on contract to him as well as being serving members of the Elite Irish Army Rangers. Mr Walshe claims he saw other incriminating evidence of a weapons manifest matching bank account payments, soldier’s signatures etc.
Mr. Demptsey has not commented on, or denied the authenticity of the audio recordings. We believe the Irish High Court case covering these issues has been discontinued.
Although Minister Dermot Ahern has stated that the correspondence in question did not raise the claim that Government officials were buying guns, Gerry Walshe begs to differ.
He claims Minister Dermot Ahern is lying and should be sacked as he wrote several registered letters to Minister Ahern on different occasions and informed him about government officials buying guns on the black market.
In a registered letter 28th July 2008 to Minister Dermot Ahern, Mr Walshe made reference to “people connected with foreign companies paying government officials”
Mr Walshe also informed Minister Ahern in another registered letter on 21st November 2008, which states.
“Facts of evidence after evidence going missing and the fact that I have come forward in the past and was actively involved in identifying criminals at a serious level that resulted in Garda corruption which led to several deaths plus Government officials buying illegal goods on the black-market which does include quantities of illegal guns etc.”
Mr Walshe claims he informed Minister Dermot Ahern in another registered letter 24th July 2009, which had an enclosed copy of another letter dated 21st July 2009 to President Mary Mc Aleese, in which he stated.
“Note ‘you are now on record’, you where offered proof that members of the force, both former and present as described in letter 7th July 2009, where involved in serious criminal activities and you failed to respond. Think of this before you consider whether or not to sign Dermot Ahern’s Criminal Bill into law as it is clear that some of these people should get twenty years jail not more powers to be even more corrupt.”
Mr Walshe stated in another registered letter to Dermot Ahern 15th August 2009
“In relation to responsibility, you are the Minister for Justice and it is your responsibility to ensure that Gardaí do their job. If they do not do it, then it is your responsibility to remove them or resign. In my 21st November 2008 letter, to you and Chief Superintendent Mahon, I stated I had evidence that Government officials were buying illegal goods on the black-market and that this did include quantities of illegal guns etc. You failed to respond to my offer of proof and warning your careers would go down with them if you failed to take action; and Minister, you recently gave these people more powers.”
Mr Walshe claims the registered letters prove he did inform Minister Ahern that government officials were buying guns on the black-market, that Minister Ahern colluded to cover up these crimes and lied to Deputy Martin Ferris in his official Dail response.
Mr Walshe is calling for the sacking of Minister Ahern as a result of the facts now emmerging. He also stated Minister Ahern should not get a €100,000 annual pension, as did the disgraced Minister for Defence Willie O’ Dea after he was forced to resign in February. Furthermore he states, that under the current financial climate, that the Minister for Defence and Minister for Justice should be amalgamated under a single Ministry, as was previously the case.
The Labour Party has now piled on additional pressure. During a debate at the Select Committee on Defence, Labour Deputy Brian O’Shea asked the Minister for Defence Tony Killeen:
“There has been publicity recently on Irish Army officers supplying arms to assassins in the Seychelles.  What I really want to know is whether there is any substance to this, and if there is, what it is?”
Minister Tony Killeen replied:
“The issue relating to the Seychelles is under investigation.  As the Chairman, Deputy O’Shea and other members are aware the investigation may lead to future action.  In such circumstances, it would be unhelpful or dangerous for me to speculate further on the matter.  It may be that people may be obliged to answer charges on the matter.  However, there is no indication at this point that this will prove to be the case.  When it becomes possible to make information available, without the possibility of damaging any action that might arise, I will be happy to provide it.”
Deputy Brian O’Shea now intends to follow up the matter with an Oral Question next week.
Deputy Thomas Broughan has also written to Minister Tony Killeen, Minister Dermot Ahern and to the head of Garda Bureau of Criminal Investigations about these allegations.
Senator David Norris will also be tabling questions on the matter in the Senate before it goes into summer recess.
Presently the arms dealing allegations are being investigated by the Irish Military Police.
Gerry Walshe


Pissedoff said...

Totof; thank you so much for this old black and white picture of FAR and the freedom fighters!
It brings back memories of our glory days when we liberated our brothers and sisters from your playboy uncle!
Look around you and see how FAR we've come from those dark days when we were being taken for a rider. Nowadays we have black doctors, black lawyers, black accountants where in your uncle's days these professions were reserved for whites only!
Now you understand why ZanpolIzak has the confidence (not sure about ability)to take on any political leaders for a one to one debate!

Many have forgotten what we have done and achieved for them but 56 percent still remembers and believes!


Pissedoff said...

Ooops! I meant for a "ride" not "rider"
Secretary has gone for the day and I'm lousy at proof reading. Tee hee!

Anonymous said...

Albert Rene is still screwing his secretary. Wow!

Anonymous said...

FAR is by far the biggest coward of all time.

The only thing missing are the thousand of Tanzanian and Malagasy Mercenaries who landed on our shore to provide security before FAR could get out of his hole at San Souci and address the Seychellois.

It is true that we have black Seychelois doctors but they spend more time in politics than the clinics. We have black Seychelois accountants who are waiting for the opportunity to audit the books at the Central Banks, we have many black Seychelois lawyers but no Seychelois judges.

We have forgotten many things like the Water Project that never materialize, the building of new roads to ease up traffic congestion, the housing projects for the 56% but we will never forget how FAR and a group of criminals committed treason on June 5th, 1977 to avoid going to jail for the bombing of the Reef hotel, the Seychelles Radio Station, Hassan Ali store and many more.


Anonymous said...

But Pissed off- We are BANKRUPT!

Ah, the revolution failed.

Now you are just trying to keep power, to not face a jail term.

We all know that!

Once you grab the tail of the tiger you cannot let go. The tiger might bit your ass.

We are on to you pathetic bunch!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

What about the two mafias below, do u like their photos?

Pissedoff said...

Christopher Gill; according to you everybody who has ever crossed the floor are "sell outs" or traitors except you! Yet you, the first floor crosser claims to have done it because your life was put in danger by your uncle! LIAR!!! You crossed the floor for profit and you will do it again given the chance! Never have your life ever been in danger! You betrayed James Marie Mancham for money just like Judas, the man you so love to compare to others, betrayed Jesus for money!
You are a liar, a hypocrite and a profiteer and a scumbag!
Now in your fight for profit you are using the old tactic of fear to create an enemy within so as to generate support for your sick ambition. You are demonising all Muslims and I hope to god that the Muslims in Seychelles are following your bloggs you sick individual!

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