Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Democratic Reform clouded while the constitution of seychelles gets bypassed and abrogated by the courts of appeal, another big boycott and protest is iminent...

Office of the Electoral Commission

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Date: 13th December 2011

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“In the case of PDM v/s Electoral Commission, the Constitutional Court awarded its judgment in the favour of the Electoral Commission in that the calculation was to be based on the Total number of Vote Cast in accordance with Schedule 4 of the Constitution. However, in its ruling of 9th December 2011, the Court of Appeal directed the Electoral Commission to compute the Proportionally Elected seats based on the Total number of Valid Votes. The Electoral Commission is disappointed at the decision of the Court of Appeal but shall abide by its ruling.

Under this ruling the PDM will be entitled one (1) proportionately elected member whilst Parti Lepep will be entitled two (2) additional proportionately elected members.

Both political parties have been called upon to nominate their respective proportionately elected members. PDM has nominated David Pierre, whilst Parti Lepep has declined to nominate any additional members.

Evidently there is a difference in the interpretation of Schedule 4 of the Constitution amongst the courts; hence it is imperative that the matter be addressed in the Electoral Reform to ensure clarity to all stakeholders. “



Anonymous said...

Well for people with full brain the article is straight forward.someone get his seat/s îf he /she wins 10% of the vote Pieere did not make 10 percent.secondly spoiled ballots was added by to the 7.4% Pierre had to illegally give >Pierre a seat he never won.What is it difficult in this article to understand?How simplied it must be for you to be able to coreectly interpret it?

Pp must immediately reverse it position or a dig massive boyoctt will follow.

Time for regime change.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

ZENDASS, is PP giving you a diarrhea?
You are talking about people with full brain.Well do you and your neryien fer get full brain? Your brain is very unusual cause on the LEFT side there isn't anything RIGHT.While on the RIGHT side there isn't anything LEFT. You keep saying Time for regime change? Don't look in mirrors to see your future because all you will see is what behind you!


Anonymous said...

The constitution is clear. It has been raped by rogue judges in the court of appeal, Mathilda Twomey, MacGregor and Fernando.

David Pierre has been appointed by Parti Lepep's judges and not elected at the ballot box. That is not going to worry the despicable and gruesome character.

Court of Appeal has made an unconstitutional decision. The national assembly now not only lacks legitimacy due to the boycott, but is unconstitutional due to the ghostly and ghastly presence of David Pierre. The problem has not been solved but made worse. How much lower will David Pierre sink so that he can get richer ?

The constitution must be given back its supremacy and corrupt judges must resign.

Having made clear it wanted a "leader of the opposition" in its one-party national assembly, is Parti Lepep feeling embarrassed by the public and gang rape of the constitution by refusing to take up its 2 additional seats ? Who would have thought ? No one thinks they have any scruples and they do not. Before the infamous court of appeal decision, Parti Lepep made it clear they supported PDM's case. Now they are acting as if they accept the results declared by the Electoral Commission on election night. What a mess ! Are they pretending they did not issue orders to the judges ?

This country must be put on the road of constitutionality.

Anonymous said...

That's David Pierre's song. He got loads of money this year and he is showing it. Our institutions will not be celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Donot worry about David Pierre ,he just have to know once Pp topple he would have to give bakc the money he is pocketing as member of Assembly that he was not mandated to.He will have to give back the money back or be jailed if he cannot refund back.

Jeanne D'Arc