Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Czech fugitive Krejčíř arrested in South Africa for armed robbery this is the same man that was gifted a seychellois passport and then stabbed in the back by the PL regime for funding fake opposition parties

Czech fugitive Krejčíř arrested in South Africa for armed robbery

Radovan Krejčíř’s arrest on armed robbery charges comes two months ahead of his trial for having ‘faked cancer’ to get insurance money
Society|Foreign Affairs
Brian Kenety | 13.02.2012

Radovan Krejčíř (foreground) is fighting extradition to the Czech Republic, where he was convicted in absentia on charges of tax fraud
A Czech fugitive and reputed major figure in South Africa’s criminal underworld, due to go on trial for insurance fraud in April, has been arrested on another set of charges — assisting in an armed robbery in Pretoria last year, local media reported.
Lashing out at police for their “cowboy-style tactics” for the arrest on Sunday of Radovan Krejčíř and two of his friends, Veselin Laganin and Jason Dominguez, his attorney Piet Du Plessis said the Czech entrepeneur had been arrested for an incident in which he was an “innocent bystander,” Pretoria News said.


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Acc0rding to the Mail&Guardian, a group of six men stormed into an electronics shop in Pretoria last October and threatened its Pakistani owner with guns. They forced him to give them 200,000 rands (about Kč 500,000). At the time, sources claimed Dominguez, a former bouncer, and Krejčíř were at the shop collecting on a debt, Eyewitness News reported.
‘Hit lists,’ faking cancer
Krejčíř’s arrest on charges of armed robbery and scheduled appearance on Monday in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court comes just two months before he is due to face trial at Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court for allegedly defrauding the insurance group Liberty Life Holdings of 4.5 million rands (Kč 11.5 million) after faking cancer and receiving the money as a pay-out on a life insurance policy.
The Czech businessman is also a person of interest in a number of unsolved murder cases in South Africa. The elite police unit known as the “Hawks” in March 2011 raided Krejčíř’s luxury villa in Johannesburg last March to arrest him on charges of fraud and murder.
Although he managed to escape during that raid (turning himself in a few days later), the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation discovered what they described as a “hit list” — the names of people Krejčíř allegedly wanted killed so they could not testify against him.
One person on the list had already been murdered: alleged mafia boss Cyril Beeka, a former associate of the Czech businessman. Also named were a state prosecutor (Riegal du Toit) and Krejčíř’s Slovak-born urologist, Dr Marian Tupy, who said that he had prepared the false documents his former client used to fake cancer in order to collect the insurance pay out. Dr Tupy also testified that Krejčíř admitted to having killed prominent German businessman Uwe Gemballa.
Political asylum
To avoid facing charges in his homeland of conspiracy to murder, counterfeiting, tax evasion, extortion and abduction, Krejčíř fled to the Seychelles in the summer of 2005 and in April 2007 gained entry to South Africa while travelling on a false passport. Police say he has since become a major player in organized crime.
Convicted in absentia on charges of tax fraud by the Prague Municipal Court and sentenced to six and a half years in prison, he is seeking political asylum in South Africa, claiming his life would be endangered if he returned to the Czech Republic.


Anonymous said...

The day will come when the world will stop mentioning Seychelles in the same sentence with organised international crime. But we have to get rid of Parti Lepep first.

Pissedoff said...

SFP est mort!

Tue par Jeanne D'arc a.k.a. Jean Paul Isaak et Gill a execute le coup de grace!

Anonymous said...

The buthcer must be having sleepless nights after hearing the news for Krejcir might well choose to speak out and reveal how he and the Pp regime engagedin illicit deals thus adding evidences to the butcher's list of crimes for the ICC.It would be interesting also to know if possible how he negociated or paid Pp crook for the illegal passport.

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

Pissedoff asked youz do we know about ZOM Libre,well nothing for it does mean anythig to us and there is no need to know anything about it:But Pissedoff might be interested to know what will we do with it once Pp is topple?Well we will mould it to form the butcher^s last medal and if there is some pieces of metal left we will be glad to mould it into a chain so that our prison guards can use it as ditergent against any attempt of invation by the butcher.

Jeanne D'Arc

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