Thursday, January 31, 2013

Verbatim of Debate from SNP activist With SFP SG on Disaster aid to Seychelles

Verbatim Of Debate Between SFP SG  and SNP activist at PLaisance.

SNP Activist: Hi jean-paul how are things man?

JP: Alright and you?

SNPActivist: Man am Happy bad weather has taught those PL a lesson and Michel is crying for help money wise!

JP: It is very unfortunate that many Seychellois family lost their homes and well beings from the disaster, we are just lucky no one lost their lives.

SNP Activist: Ti merit bez zot plis ki sa and then we would have seen if zis lopozisyon which would have suffered. Bastyon in bez dan bafon hahahaha…
JP: Man it is not good for you to wish such things onto others since at the end of the day we are all Seychellois and we need one another.

SNP Activist: Kwa me! Mon mon pa bezwen okenn sa bann kouyon sppf parti lepep, pa zot ki ti vot pou jj e dir ki gouvernman ek sa sistenm I bon. Alor akoz zot bezwen nou larzan, demann jj.

JP: Man look here this is the same mentality that has never allowed any  snp or ndp even independant
 candidates to exact change in Seychelles and this is where we differ fro political point of view. SFP knows that at the end of the day when we come to power we will have to cater and care for all Seychellois without class or reservations, no political colors should divide us. It is true that many will not share your ideas but this is why we have and we need to instill democracy.

SNP Activist: what the hell are you talking about, if you help sppf or pl you are sppf gill is sppf and all of you are pl. Larzan if jj wants it ask his voters did he not get 31, 66 votes from presidential elections ask them sa bann voler ek kouyon to contribute.

JP: Man you really are dillusional, sppf , pl is the result of failed snp legacy led by ramkalawan the sell out and even today the father of fake oppositions. Gill did not creat pdm david pierre from snp did, gill did not held Davidson barras hand to cross the floor wavel made that happen all on his own. Ramkalwan has his figurin called zonm lib in town and claims we are in a democracy since the day he stood candidacy for sham elections which gill educated him not to. As for the amount jj got as voted this is not the way forward for change in Seychelles. People vote based on policy and honesty I clearly remember snp said when meriton was campaigning that “bez zot larzan e still vot snp”. In other words he snp told people to vann zot nanm e dirzot in vot lot kote. The reality bro is we now have no change and the country is bankrupt. So how do we get out of bankruptcy which snp contributed to lead us into when they told Seychellois to take the money and vote the other way. No change no money for country sustainability. Wavel and snp policies are so bad that I will quote meritons answer  to that person. He said “but this is why you need to vote for me  and PL, SNP will always be there to oppose and never win even if you vote for them but when you vot for us you insure to receive more money from us from the next election”.

SNP Activist: Bous ou fes jp sat gill ou ete zot kin met nou dan grenn zot ki vot sppf e fer e senm divizyon dan sesel. Parti lepep si I bezwen led al rod ek bann siporter ki zot dir I mazorite sesel.

JP: Bro mon pa gaspiy mon letan ek  bann kin les zot lespri vinn andikape me mon pe let you know that at the end of the day we stand by to sesel pou Seselwa, sppf or not we cannot predict disasters or avoid miss fortunes, we are all one nation. PL is asking for money while sham elected james Michel sets up fund for this we say help Seychelles but do not give the money to this corrupted government rather we at sfp we say give it to the ngo’s to avoid pl using it as a guise for the next election or political gains our brothers and sisters needs us. Am off but I see why Seychelles is where it is today from the so called snp efforts for the people.

SNP Activist: JP PL always wins at cascade because of big favors and corruption, anse aux pins because of money and corruption and even aux cap where most foreigners with citizenship has a home, fuck off with your vage ideas and sfp shit. Nou pa pou zanmen les tonbe!


Anonymous said...

I think the blogger though SNP is profoundly touched emotionally by the desaster,and in such emotional conditions people might lost also their reasonings.

As JP put it rightfully,regardless of the political orientation of those affected by the flood,in this time of National desaster,this should not be the time for playing politic games in order for politcal gains Like RAM is trying to do.We should be UNITED in such situation as a Nation.


Anonymous said...

JP i koz angle konmela. Ekrir pyes teat.

Anonymous said...

That is the kinds of scam,the article is warning us to avoid in this time of National desaster and emergency.We need to have UNITY and show our patriotism,in this difficult time.
You may have not been affected for your you have your Villa on Eden Island, but for god sake if can not help you can at least shut up ?

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i meant 3.52PM

Pissedoff said...

Does JP stand for Johnny-Pilon?

I prefer to call him Ti Johnny-Le-Gay.

Since you debated "verbatim" with that SNP activist why don't you name him like you always name les autres?

You guys are amateurs at SFP.

SFP in a nutshell
Stupido as stupido does!

Anonymous said...

Becuase, i guess as JP told you,it is not a time for mis-using the desasterous situation for politcal gains ,as RAM is doing.It is time for UNITY and patriotism.

Who is responsible and why ,we will have enough time to disgust after things have been dealt with and our citizens re-sheltered and re- start their normal lives.

Grow up man!

Jeanne D'Arc

Pissedoff said...

So if you are not "mis-using the desasterous situation for politcal gains" what the heck is this page about bann liki zot manman imbecile?

Pissedoff said...


Bann liki zot manman kera!

Anonymous said...

Providing full information to the people ,which can help mobilize other unaffected Seychellois to come help those affected(Pictures have more impact on people than words sometimes).

If no full infos are given ,those who want to help,fianacial aids might not come ,providing images as in the above SFP POST mobilizes people,bring to their attentiomn the real damage ,it provide(uNity ZUMA is talking about)etc... .which NAtion as usual was trying to miminize ,for instance, by failing to say that 150 houses was affected and many families without roofs.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Permission was never granted to load this in your blog.

SNP Activist.

Anonymous said...

If the mismanagement of resources and bad planning is politically motivated then it is only fair to place the blame of its outcome on the shoulder of the President of the republic.


Anonymous said...

JP you were so quick to print our conversation for all to read yet you left out the main reason you can to my office.

I will put it here for all to see what you really came to my office for!

SNP Activist

Anonymous said...

...oh and if you don't apologise I will show more..!

SNP Activist

Anonymous said...

Very funny ramkalawan hahaha

JP just filmed your dereck a drug distributor at les mamelles in action.

You guys are heavy dealers there is more and you should note that manrmay dan leo i annan respe pou jp akoz ler zot fimen ouswa chase jp i stay away the only crime jp can have is drinking with what you call the lower class dan bann slums as you call ghetto.

Demann floran or loloy. I have had enough of you insulting a friend who led us to believe that though we live in a distric the of drugs and underrated hospitality we are all seychellois. JP is a genius ever since school but he chose to talk to everyone and furthermore we use to play basketball on the old court at les mamelles.

Though we made life difficult for him called him names and even tried to fight him he never gave up on us.

I remember one time we were drinking at the house and cutter brought jp by and he said get some whiskey for him but he paid since we could not afford he even said guys beer is a good start. When drinking peacefully police knocked on the door and they started kicking and hitting everyone, suddenly they came up to him guess what?

Intelect pays as this guy told them every section of the law they had violated and in return unlike what we nrmally do he said look lets remain silent no war.

Lets leave this as it is and remind ourselves that every seychellois deserves what seychelles has to offer do your search and conclusion and leave us alone.

Unlike bernard who said cota kas liki ou ill represent you in court.

fuck you wavel continue and your little coup detat with boulle and ralph will come to your doorstep!

Gran blan

Anonymous said...

Gozye helping out the victims behind his computer, JP and his mum pe get dan crystal ball!

Btw ou frekant Raymond Clarisse konmela, you're in to play writing!
I'll give you an 8/10.

SFP activist

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how many MILLIONS is RAM going to give the Protestant Church as donation from all those millions he has been pocketing in form of pension for life,he who supposedly a member of this church.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

ki senn la sa SNP activist?

Anonymous said...

SNP activist is the same one who call him self pissedoff.

Anonymous said...

Pissedoff: Kir di vox!

Vox: Lan menm lan menm.

Pissedoff: La sente i ok.

Vox: Enr...en lerym dan nennen delo dan le zye...

Pissedoff: Mwan mon pe flote parey florantan.

Vox: Ounn bat ek Spook dan le-o

Pissedoff: Spook? in al kot sa boug ki annan enn pti ton kony seve!

Vox: be lekel sa?

Pissedoff: sa lot renar kin ganny katrevandizan semenn pase!

Anonymous said...

Vox are you after more of those links like I gave to Isaac?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Vox that was me

SNP Activist

Anonymous said...

Gran blan o

Mwan sa…en pti gran nwar

You also said that JP was a “genius” at school?
I hasten to think what the class dunce was like if “le genius” can’t even spell “Colledge and Univercity”

You also said that JP doesn’t mind drinking with the “lower class”?
I didn’t know we had a “lower class” in Seychelles? Is that something that SFP have created and does that make JP “upper class”? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mr Jean Paul Izaaq a.k.a. ti Johnny-Le-Gay the “upper class” Flight Instructor moonlighting as a Neuro Surgeon whose mission is to find Gill’s brains. So far he’s only found Zandark buried deep deep inside Totof empty kokosye!
He is also waiting for Lacomet to come out of his drug induce stupor so that he can examine his brains as well but we know that he will wait forever on this one!

Ti Nwaro

Anonymous said...

Ewula ti Nwaro

Only JP has a serious pair of BALLS.


Anonymous said...

Protest for Change....

There is no evidence to suggest that past carnivals have brought any more paid tourists to our shores, except that, those sponsored by the Minister of Tourism. This enable him or the government to make claims that our tourists number has increased. More lies. Besides, this regime is quick to deny the citizens their rightful right to assembly, by way of protest, if they chose to. However, when the rgime wants the citizens to "celebrate" - to put up a good show; they go out of their way with propanganda to make it happen. This is the case with this carnival. The radio and tv stations are full of inuendos to get the citizens to come to town.
We should take this opportunity to show the regime that we are not puppets on a string and dance to their tunes, whenever they want us to. The days when slaves were made to dance for the entertainment of the masters - are over. If St.Ange wants his wife and children to come to town,wriggle their butts for our pleasure - he is free to do so.
We would return the bowl of maize that his ancestors gave us. Besides the Anglican church on Sunday had the courage to preach, that it is not in keeping with morale rennaisance to be oggling bear bottoms and boobs on our street. There is a better place for this kind of things.
If we truly want change in the Seychelles, we should protest. DO Not dance to their tunes. DO NOT ATTEND their carnoval. Let them explain to the world why the citizens do not wish to participate in their one party state. The decision is in our hands.

Anonymous said...

***!!!WARNING TO SFP!!!***


Anonymous said...

This carnival should be cancell some Seseslwa have just lost all their belonging in a diasaster and will take time for them to rebuilt thier homes and what they have lost.its better they stay at home and save thier money to rebuilt want they have lost if i was in their place.This just show you this regime dont care for its peoples and dont have respect when some Seselwa are in pain,for them to go ahead with their carnival.

Protest i agree with you total in the streets for change.its a matter of time we take in the streets.Last time police gave warning before its happen this time they will not have time to give public warning it will come by suprise.

Sfp supporter Johnny

Anonymous said...

Yes many have lost a lot but life must go on. The country cannot come to a stand still because of this storm.
In fact it's in times like this that we need a feel good factor!

Anonymous said...

Instead of asking for a boycott of the carnival we should all come down with our banner to express our suffering under our illeterate president. This is an awesome opportunity to get international media attention. When the float moves to the VIP stage we should be ready to raise our banner to show world media what Michel doesn't want them to see. A few of us will be arrested but it will be worthwhile. The opposition needs strategy to unsit this animal call Michel. He likes attention lets give it to him on carnival day.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Whether we should stop it or not,remains an open question.But you right,St Ange Carnaval does not bring Tuorists nor money in any forms,in fact it is a ifancial durben more on tax payers.

Carnival should be something that Show Seychellois tradition ,cutlture and history.For instance,Brasil or Venice carnival have to do with Brasilian and Vinecian tradition in Seychelles it is about world traditions and cutlture.Instead of seeing Seychellois showing their cutlture and tradition,we end up seeing that of Indians,chINESES ETC...EVEN eTIHAD aIRLINE CREW.

Of course,St Ange will tell us it is a success.He s eager to bit his 2012 fake arrival records,and i can asure you his is going to bit it.How?By adding and counting foreigners participating in the carnival that state pay on their expenses as arrival.Each time Khalifa lands at Pointe Alrue,St Ange register him as new arrival,Each time Expats return from holiday ,St Ange record them as new arrival.Each time foreign tuna seiners dock at port >Vicotria to rest,St Ange register them as new arrival.This year he would also islted those Seychellois who have been catered by Berjaya Hotel as new arrvial too,And if that is not enough,St Ange can allow register those flocks of birds migrating from Europe to escape Winter on Aldabra as new arrival too.Then,he would not only beat his 2012 record,but the record which who automatically place among the top ten potential candidate for 2013 Nobel prize winner.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

best the world record

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'arc o. Ki ou bez rabase ek fake arrival records. Please write something that makes sense and any intelligent person can understand.

Anonymous said...

Protest To Survive...

It is important that the citizens have the right to show their disgust at how this government perpetually manipulates the minds and the system - to their own advantage. Whether this is through carnivals or other means.
Bloggers have poroposed different views regarding this carnival. One has suggested that "We Do Not Attend". Another has blogged thhat "We Protest by Placards". And yet another said "We should get it cancelled altogether". Different ideas are healthy to promote a better life for our citizens. All those suggestions have relative value, except, perhaps for blogger February 5, 6.08 PM. His only idea is that "We will shut you down". This intimidating, arrogate seems to have got very little by way of useful contributions. He is completely devoid of ideas, origin of the past. This is precisely why we need to demonstrate to the world the plight of our citizerns, and hoepfully, for a better Seychelles for all. Whether a pprotest is achieved collectively, or individually - the decision rest with the people.
Protest You Will Survive - If You remain silent and dormant, you will always be a door mat. The choice is ours.

Anonymous said...

if the green light is given we are ready to take in the streets with our Placards i can not wait to see this happen Seselwa shouting give us our land back,arabs pack up and go back to the desert,when the last time we did ssaw something like this happen in Seychelles.Seselwa shouting on the streets an end to invaders an end to those criminals we wanna see democracy and justice.I'm ready to participate and give out some fliers all over Mahe and Praslin again like last time with the boycott.

Sfp supporter Johnny

Anonymous said...

Forget La Digue.

Anonymous said...

2,52 PM

Those intlelegentalready understood it,only marrons do noWe have a right to protest and as owners of thie land it is not a servant like Michel or other Pp crooks who will stop us from protesting.

Moreover,If chinese,Indains and other can come in our country and protest who the hell would stop us from doing it.

In fact,Michel is praying that he do not protest,he is afraid that he ended up like Gadaffi.

Should Pp failed to conduct politcal refroms and think now that he is already doing illegal oil deals in our names that would give him more billions to steal and enslave us,he is completely wrong.

Why do people protest?Becuase of being unsatisfy,frustrated and want change,liberty,and their dignity back.

It is time to protest as it is time to get Pp out of power.Like Ghandi put it"Protest is one of many tactics which are needed to chanlenge existing power structures and bring about progressive change".



Anonymous said...

More Rabase from Jeanne d'Arc. At least do a spell check before you post.

Anonymous said...

Asylum Seeker....

We are now being prewarned that Sakhri El Madri, an Arabic criminal from Tunisia is about to be considered for asylum in our country.
Have we become the laughing stock of the world? Only recently the government controlled media were telling us all kinds of stories regarding this criminal who is wanted by Interpol. Seychelles has got a treaty to uphold Interpol. Similarly, The United Nations Charter regarding the granting of asylum is basically the person who seeks asylum must be in fear of his life etc.. He must seek asylum in the FIRST country where he feels safe. This person was given permission to stay in several other countries Before Seychelles, including our Arabic partner QATAR. Why are we now then considering offering this Arabic criminal asylum? This would put us in quarrel with many countries who want to see this criminal tried by a court. Why us? Citizens should bear in mind that only a couple of years ago, a poor African man who claimed that he was in fear of persecution in his own country, decided to seek asylum in Seychelles. Without much ado, the poor chap was returned to his country of origin. We did not bother to find out if he has been tortured or even killed. It seems it does not matter in Seychelles - so long that the criminal has got money to support PP, he would be considered.
It is claimed by our government that this man would be dealt with in accordance with our laws. What laws?? The laws only apply if PP says it does. Stop fooling around. Our citizens should organize our protest. Get real.

Anonymous said...

So our so-called president, elected through fraudulent means gets to decide how much each one of us is worth. With a population of around 85,000 Kalifa has bought us for 100 million only. That equals to around $1176 per head. So Michel you think this money is sufficient to change the way of life of a nation. We have lived our creole cultures for centuries and who the hell gives you the right to sell us for such a meagre sum of money. James Michel you deserve a bullet through your ass.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Living illusive dreams and false hope,
whilst believing dishonest words from
undisciplined fabricating libertines.
--A fool’s paradise--

Anonymous said...

Drug dealing in Seychelles involves high level political players.

They need to be exposed.

As for the damage by the storm, GOS needs to cancel the 4.8 Million pension per year to politicians.

The Disaster Relief Fund had only 1.5 Million in it at the time of the rain.

This is a shame.

Anonymous said...

SNP Activist is full of delusions, here are the reasons:

1. He thinks SNP is a opposition, it is in fact a pseudo-opposition or fake opposition, another word is artificial opposition;

2. he does not realize that it is Seyhellois who are hurt in the floods irrespective of politics and the reason why they support any party is not an issue;

3. he fails to understand that if PL and SNP would give up the 4.8 Million pension per year, there would be that much more money to help the people hurt in the floods to add to the measely 1.5 million in the disaster fund.

Now PL will need Khalifa to bail them out of another failure. SNP activist forgets it is Bernard Georges who was Khalifa's lawyer.

How much will that cost all of Seychelles?

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill
Seychelles Freedom Party

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gill, thank you for the points above. I would add Sir, that the 4.8 million rupees between PL and SNP in pensions is theft of our money and another form of corruption.

In 10 years this is over 48 Million, which could provide an excellent disaster fund.

Giving that global warming is affecting small island states, it is a good time to cancel these pensions and prepare responsibly for the future calamities.

Anonymous said...

Thsoe pensions SNPL have given themslves for life yes should be canceled,for it is unsustainable for our economy, and such among has no justification.

Should their be pension ,it should be regulated,for instance,a person could be qualify for pension after serving over 8 years in public sector and he or she must contribute for hs or her pension.

Pension if any should it be granted should be: earn as your serve and contribute.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Only THE CANCELLATION of RAm's pension for life can give him respite.He is a man and pasty with no policy promising to do nothing.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

The blogger,February 6,2013,Jeanne D'Arc - is absulutely correct.
Carnivals are supposed to show case our tradions,culture and the way,we,as people of this land have lived and are still struggling to make a living. It makes no sense whatsoever to import foreign presenters or participants to celebrate our culture -absolutely useless. Whoever thought ofthis idea knows very little of our culture and what carnivals are all
about. Having said that,from St.Ange's perspective, he may not have taken any notice of our cultureas we know it. Such things as moutia, sega, copra,coconut pickers would have been alien to his ancestors.In fact, they went out of their way to abolish these things. This guy seems to be in a world of his own. Targeting potential tourists from Brazil,for example, is rather an impotent idea.
He might as well have brought some carnivalers from Brazil whilst he was swaning around there, at our expense. Apparently this minister is totally inadequately suited to deliver tourists to our islands.
A retrograde grand blanc,an SNP reject,and now PP trumpet blower do not qualify to be aminister. Basically,he does not know what he stands for. He would still be available when there is a change of government. A disgrace.

Anonymous said...

My friend,The problem with Pp thugs is that they have convinced themselves that they are rights even when the sky is falling on their heads.We would have liked to see the kind fo Carnival we knew during the Brit time showing our intangible cultural heritage.

St Ange and Pp probably have their own definition of Carnival.I would advice them to once go to see.BRAZILAIN AND VENICIAN CARNIVAL then they would have and insight of aht is all about,and its improtant to promote a nation cultura heritage.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Is any one know,how much they gona pay those foreigners they have invited to participate in this carnival or hotels is for free sponser by sT Ange and PP?Just wasting money instead of use this money and help our brothers and sisters who have lost their homes.

Anonymous said...

We do not know,PP does not keep records and audits.But surely enough to re-build a few houses.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

PP has been attempting to hide his whereabouts.Then after Tunisian new governemnt identify that he was hiding in Seychelles,PP asked him to leave temporaily the country to calm down thing or at the least to pretend they did not know where he was.

Al MADRI is a criminal wanted by TUNISIAN justice for his participation in decades of human rights abuses,embezzlement etc...He must be handed back to the TUNISIAN Authority to face justice.Seychelles must not be the second Safe Haven for dictators and complice after Saudi Arabia.Seychellois refuse having such a criminal on its soil,it will damage further our Country's reputation.And after the damage caused by LUCAS we donot need such bad publicity anymore.

No Asylum of foreign criminals on our soil.Our relationship between Tunisa and Seychelles as Nations is more important than that of a criminal to the likes of Al MAdri.Waht it means giving Al MAdri asylum,It means that in the future he will be granted our Nationality.Seychellois refused their Nationality gifted to foreign criminals.

PP has not rights to give asylum to a foreign criminal and morevoer,Madri life is not in any case in danger,and thirdly TUNISIA is no longer a dictatorship which MAdri formed part of ,he cannot say his human rights would not be respected,or justice would be unfair,etc... like under Ben Ali the system he was part of.

Pp has probaly accepted millions from MADRI in retrun for Asylum.Seychellois refuse the present of criminal MADRI on their soil.

Go to dictators and complices safe haven in SAUDI ARABIA not our country.

Jeanne D?Arc

Anonymous said...

AL MADRI is wanted by the new Tunisia governemnt(a democratic state)to face justice for his crimes.

As a democracy,Tunisa,repect Human rights,justice system independent, inrerantional norms etc...So no excuse not to send Al MAdri to TUNISIA to answer his crimes.And alst,He was not in Seychelles Pp told us,Why he did not then asked for Asylum in the Arab state he was hiding?Why is PP so eager to give a criminal asylum?Probably he had mult-millions of dollars stolen from his people,and he is offering PP millions in return for Asylum.

Let us stop PP scam.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'Arc Allow me to address you.

Beside other places in France the statue of Jeanne D'Arc on Boulevard St Marcel near the Gobelin and Bastille Metro.

How well do you know aware of Wiki Leak workings and why like Wikipedia those who started such project.

When one goes pubbing or clubbing it is the norm mostly to go with the trend of discussion - mostly football.

This said back to your comment - We/I belong to those few individuals from Seychelles who held the view, in as much the One Party regime/government committed some terrible atrocities and crime - against the view/position of high parties in the USA, South Africa, Britain, a number of our leading exile/refugees opposed the use of force to eliminate its Leaders and politicians - instead that SIROP program.

Few global politicians like Dr Henry Kissinger have gone public and stated - the world/humanity we have other alternative mechanism, resource to bring about changes, make others account and find solution - yet the recourse to arms.

To go down the road of Dr Henry Kissinger and a few individuals we have associated and indirectly worked with the past 30 years, it required that one understand the greater complexities of aspects of world workings. Like a person who understand Football very well.

Par of this understanding is that you have to use a number of mechanism instead of guns. Those mechanism cannot act/work by itself it requires Human and other mechainsm.

Hence when we put that SIROP program in place 1987/87, things like the WWW which it brought o the world and society.

It also brought many Regime change right across The COMECON, the USSR, North Africa, Africa, Latin America. One of those country was Tunisia. The regulation like good football you are required to know and monitor many aspects of such development and we have been doing this form the past 21 years, those in the USA, Europe, Gulf Region, Africa, china and Russia who know we have this capacity. Including the corruptions, the abuse of power and crimes.

Hence when the so call North African spring came about - those who criminaly manupulated certain high maechnsim and today the world have more reason to fear, those who have taken power. Those who wanted to usde certain mechanism just to create havoc and they judge they can control the situation better - the Russian have an excellent term - "Jazzing".

A great many aspect of events in Tunisia was influenced by that SIROP program, President FA Rene, Mr guy Morel, Mr Mario Ricci and some of the Ministers knew and was aware of very many issues associated.

Just like we palyed a crucial role that the Shah of Iran almost took political exile in seychelles then, the son in law of the former Tunesian Leader currently in Seychelels, another person one of the son of President Ghadafi had wanted to seek political asylem .

Our question - how come when we put in place that SIROP program and the Regime change it brought along was ok, like the WWW, events and outcome - do you not think it logic that we have to equally handle/be part of the consequences. We are equally guilty and accountable.

By the way those like President F Mitterrand, then Like President Ronald Reagen - the list is long, they were involved. How come we do not ask/seek that they are tried and their crime believe us is great in instance. If you understand the greater world workings.

Please do not swear, try and reply react in a polite way - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Excuse we did not edit the above contribution.

We have noted the threads/comment calling for boycott of the 3rd International Carnaval de Victoria - your reasons.

Having addressed the above thread - given that those of you who support SFP. Had you been involved in that SIROP/combine CDU, DP, SNM/MPR and Alliance even if most of those/you changed side or just left political engagement altogether, there would be that small minority/few who/those duty would be to monitor events of their work and involvement and engagements, developments.

You all know very well under the One Party system - one would have had to be insane to even talk of a Carnival. The police would have got involved - the person made to disappear or just vanish.

Like it or not we dislike to remind the world and anybody - as against a military option to change Seychelles in 1987/86, we opted for that SIROP combine program - again the requirement to think and foresee down the road, time to come ahead some of the many development associated. Like that International classical Festival of Music which went on for near 15 years and its impact on classical music in Seychelles, schools, choir and the conservatory of music. So to this Festival and the Creole Festival.

We wish to ask a question why do we not see some or a few of those exile former, address their view plainly here. After all they benefited from that SIROP exile/refugee program and President FA Rene decision to allow Multiparty return, events and development the past 21 years - the current government of President JA Michel .

In the same manner, argument as we have briefly presented above about the son In Law of the Tunisian former president and situation so tho this International Carnival de Victoria and our high responsibility to monitor it, more important development, positive and negative and express our views if necessary and required.

We once again ask those of you whatever you disposition and mood - please to think and take time to churn the issues over then come back and react /reply - thank you.

Particularly our respective exiles/refugees across the world, our diaspora communities and they total some 45,000. Those who are making the efforts to come for this Carnaval - those of you some 23 years ago would have said let us do a Carnaval and then mount a government change. In your respective country and land/adopted home, your media, press and such events - the process of democracy there. So that you can gauge/weigh and judge what we are writing. Your national Institutions.

Anonymous said...

Lok my friend,
I firmly beleive that the use of violence/force without justification is the repartee of illeterate and attracts men of low morality and the last refuge of the incompetent.I bleive that poeple's power is stronger than any army .I beleive that change can be brought about by people in peaceful protests.

However,change can be made impossible by Dictators like we saw in Lybia and now in Syria becuase Dictators think that they have a legitimate rights to oppress ,enslave their people.And in this case as J.F Kenndy put it"those who make peaceful change impossible ,makes the use of force inevitable".

People as you have seen through the Arab sprints wanted peaceful change,violent change come when those who beleive in peaceful change are victimized by Tyrants and as human has a natural instinct to resist when one life is at risk then use of force become the only tool in the box and often uses as the last resort to protect themselves against tyranny.

Self-defence is a right of anyone whose basic human rights are violated.

The great Ghandi once said"I do beleivewhere there is choice between cowardice and violence,i would advice violence"That does not means Ghandi was a violent person or advertise vilence but recognize that when it happens and it is incited by oppress people is becuase they did not have a choice or any alternative left.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

"LOOK" my friend and not LOK.

And BTW Jeanne D'Arc you once said the wind of change is blowing in the Indian Ocean toward Seychelles from TUNISIA and LIBYA. Non!
You also mention about BEN ALI. Non!
Ben Ali son-in-law is in Seychelles. Non!

Hey! I didn't see you with your placard during our famous CARNINAL DE VICTORIA.
Carnival is a waste of money! Non!
Celebration 5th June zot pa oule!Non
Ki sa ki bon pou zot!

Mwan sa zot bezwen rekonet mwan par la fason mon "e-la-la-la-li-oooo".

Anonymous said...

WE will not use placard for a end we will use force and divice we will shake the up soon we are planing.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

I said it and beleive it is.It might not have reached our shores but it is on the way.I think i told you too,that if PP does not change by itself by 2016 ,we will bring change to him,Just wait.In the meantime PP should use this time to change itself,for forcing the people to bring the change to him,might cost him his life.

I will add also a comment on Al MADRI,PP being paid millions by Al MADIR is trying to make us beleive ,the TUNISIAN governemnt is not asking for huis arrest which Seychelles governemnt should do as African Union member and not protect him.Madri simialr to Glenny ,Francis,David todl millions ofTunisian tax payers money he needs to face the Tunisian court.Seychellois does not want criminal foreigners on their shores.

No asylum for Crimian lMadri.If PP proceed with it and cgave him asylum,the next governemnt would hand him over to Tunisian governemnt to face justice.

On Carnival,i refuse to particpate in a Carnival that does not put Seychellois cultural heritage and traditions in value.It is a waste of tax payers money and does not promote our Nation interest and no revenue is coming out of it.

Instead,the money being thrown to the dust bin by St ANge should have been used to re-build flood victims homes.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Sometime you are a dog and sometime you are the hydrant.

Anonymous said...

You call me a Dog.Look,a dog is the only thing on earth that love his master more than himself--does that fits more to Michel character --he who love Khalfia and foreigners more than himself?

ON HYDRANT,I will use B .Clinton's qoute"Sometimes i feel like a fire hydrant looking at a pact of dogs."

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Oui Jeanne D'Arc vous etes une chienne c'est pourquoi vous aimez votre maitre Totof!

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