Friday, February 8, 2013

Chaos Reigns In Seychelles Government


As 2013 turns into a full blown year, the chaos borne out of mismanagement is becoming apparent more and more, each day as it takes it’s toll on the lives of ordinary Seychellois. We do not need to copy and paste the Auditor General report to expose the chaos at this time. The Report exposes old chaos. Today, we treat the real issues in real time. Others can copy and paste.

VAT Fiasco In Play

As the rain pours, only weeks from the Seychelles Carnival, which is chaotically tied to Zimbabwe as a promoter this year, everyone is preoccupied with the unresolved confusion created by the left footed implementation of VAT at 15%.

This confusion has proven costly, to the credibility of the Ministry of Finance and to the general atmosphere for doing business in Seychelles. We have asked the Ministry of Finance to simply withdraw the current VAT scheme at 15% and implement a VAT scheme of 8% across the board on all goods and services. Items that were subject to GST 15% should be amended to subject to VAT 8% . If 8% is not enough to run government, then we need to find another Minister of Finance that can run a government on 8% VAT. Because in addition to that, he collects 475% on fuel as tax and 450% on beer and alcohol, not to mention 200% on cars.

Customs Inertia and Gridlock

The Customs department has responsible for clearing goods at the ports of entry has been turned into a looney tune zone with the complications of the VAT policy, the enforcement of investors of the TIA agreements, and the NDEA quest to seize drugs randomly without knowing who are traffickers.

 Customs clearance of goods has become practically unworkable and even more cumbersome then in the One Party State. To Mr. Michel’s discredit his own people are saying that the country ran much better under Mr. Albert Rene.

Ask the Vice President. The Michel critics in his camp are sounding off.
It is as if Seychelles is now going backwards, and it may actually be doing so, these traditional SPPF turning on Mr. Michel may have a point. Port Victoria is not a business friendly port. Each year we lose out to the highly efficient Port of Mauritius, that has excelled to become the port of choice in the region for shipping transshipment, cruise ship base, fishing fleet base, tuna processing, tax free zones. Seychelles needs to get its act together in this area fast, just to remain relevant after years of Ministry of Finance advocating policies that are anti business. For too many years have we been promised golden staircases to heaven and we have been delivered into the bowels of hell. In line with this, all political personalities in the Chamber of Commerce should resign. These political personalities that wear multiple hats have hurt the business climate over the years more than they can begin to imagine. Does the PL really have to control the Chamber of Commerce by hook or by crook? 

Windmills All Wind and No Savings

The PL and PUC management touted the new windmills to be a cost cutter of fossil fuel consumption by 20%. This is the figure 20%. It is a joke and outright lie of course. These windmills are the worse idea for Seychelles and Central Victoria and Eden Island a real estate investment project. When the wind does not blow, it will not produce any electricity. When the wind does blow, the windmills will make a loud swoooshing sound that will be heard loud and clear for 7 kilometers according to an expert that is responsible for installing windmills around the world, whom I spoke to recently. This means the noise will affect residents of Ile Preservance, English River, Mont Buxton, St. Louis, Bel Air, Mont Fleuri and all businesses in the Victoria city center. It will affect even State House’s ability to hear ministers in their round table meetings, as they explain to the Secretary General of State, who has been deposed of numerous presidential powers, why their ministries are a continuing bastion of failure and incompetence. What is worse, for investment, now I really feel for those poor investors at Eden Island, is the noise of these windmills, will drive the market value of Eden Island homes into the ground. The view of these windmills reduce the value of homes on Eden Island by at least 40%. What do you think the noise from windmills will do to Eden values? Another -30%, perhaps. For residents, businesses, and home owners in the areas affected, it will be more chaos to their investments. Do investors in Seychelles deserve this madness? Do you not see PL that you will hurt every single Seychellois with these silly projects? 

We need to think and act smarter today to remain viable in this challenging World. The best solution for fossil fuel reduction to Seychelles, is PV solar panels on every roof top in Seychelles. The Government should present a 5 year plan to implement the installation of PV solar panels on every new project, and existing structure over 5 years. They can negotiate with banks to fund it at reasonable interest rates, and get the consumer, home owner, business sector involved in capturing the sun’s energy to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 80% in five (5) years, not 20% never. The sun shines more than the wind blows PL, my little daughter of Five (5) years old could have told you that.

The Foreign Exchange Crunch

This is a serious issue that if implemented, can go a look way to curb the Eighty Five Percent (85%) of all foreign revenue generated in the country, that must go to SEPEC for fuel purchasing. There is no reason today, why Seychelles cannot curb this demand to 45%. The money saved can be used to improve our failing schools, our crippling hospitals, build a new road and implement a relocation of government office to decongest Victoria, that has now become one of the most inefficient towns to do business in the world, thanks to the traffic congestion, and lack of foresight and proper planning all these years. We said it was going to get bad but you did not listen. Now it is bad, will you listen or do we have to throw you out of government to decongest the roads of Victoria? 

Air Seychelles Chaos Lingers in Air     
2013 has rolled in, and getting on, yet Air Seychelles is still puttering on with grossly expensive flights to Praslin Scr. 1,800.00 one way, bad check -in services, rude attendants, and rip off pricing schemes for Residents and Tourists alike. At Air Seychelles, we are all treated like Bonito skipjack on a purse seiner.

On the international routes, the Air Seychelles Etihad partnership has brought more expensive flights from Seychelles than ever, on a number of routes. For example: a flight to Mauritius slammed a traveler at Scr. 10,700.00 for a Two (2) hour flight in December, economy fare. In January, that same ticket dropped to a high Scr. 7,800.00. A ticket to Mauritius should not cost us more than Scr. 4,000.00. Remember, Etihad promised lower fares and increased flights, they delivered for Air Seychelles, the complete opposite: higher flight fares and less flights all around with smaller planes so far.  The Airbus A330-300 to join the fleet has turned into an Airbus A 330-200 with over 100 less seats. Yet Air Seychelles is advertising a Airbus 380 Super Jumbo on adverts in South Africa. This type of misrepresentation will destroy the image of Air Seychelles as an airline of integrity.

This current situation with inconsequential management at Air Seychelles has made bookings in Tourism chaotic, and Seychelles has lost credibility with its travel partners. It will now take years to rebuild the broken relationships, if possible, I doubt it. The current Minister of Tourism cannot do it. He has double speak himself out of credit by now. We need a new Minister of Tourism fast .While on the subject, we need to consolidate Tourism with Transportation fast, to consolidate air access into Seychelles, before it is too late.

An Airline That Does Not Need The Public? 

 Air Seychelles in a very chaotic manner, continues to operate as if it is an island unto itself without regard for the concerns of its partners on the ground. No one in PL says a word, even if a Two (2) hour flight to Mauritius cost more than an 9 hour flight to Frankfurt. Come on guys, wake up, stand up for Seychelles, and stand up for all Seychellois. Stop watching your personal purse strings and waiting for your next 38% raise or pension for life like those fellows in SNP. Do something for your people for a change for the better for all of us.

NDEA Going For Small Fish on Scr. 50 Million Bust

On the Scr. 50 Million drug and gun bust, the crew has been remanded. Yet the financiers of this huge Scr. 50 Million cache which included weapons, is likely a cartel of investors from most political parties, have remained illusive. The State press and television has remained uncomfortably silent on this issue. It looks like they are protecting the big fish to reinvent them for another day. 

Who are the financiers of this Scr. 50 Million cache? Where did the money come from? How were payments reverted to the final source, to purchase Scr. 50 Million in drugs as alleged by the NDEA? Why so much silence for so long?

I appeal to Mr. Michel, to exercise real leadership on this issue, cause to be arrested, charged, all the Escobars in this dirty deal as you promised us, let not one be set free to allow them to start all over again, their new plans for another Scr. 50 Million cache on drugs to be tucked under another ton of salted fish. All decent Seychellois must find common ground when it comes to drugs: ZERO TOLERANCE ON TRAFFICKERS! Let us turn this drug culture around, before it turns our country upside down. 

We At SFP demand that these financiers be brought to justice, regardless of political affiliation. If some political parties will go down for this deal, because they wrongfully thought drug trafficking is part of political party fund raising, so be it. It is high time to deal with these drug lords wrongfully hiding under the veil of quest for democracy and freedom. This is what all decent Seychellois want and we expect Mr. Michel to deliver on this.

Labor Office Has Lost Their Bearings

In spite of La Digue having only 24 unemployed people, Praslin has about 20 unemployed and Mahe has about 1,000, mostly unemployable, the Ministry for Employment has now made it more difficult than ever for business to source much needed labor to meet proprietary needs. Why would Minister of Employment do that? Politics, I suppose. But it has been done in a brash manner, and the Minister may likely end up in court, defending her actions against constitutional law/right claims. I ask the Minister to make a short reference to Article 27 of the Seychelles Constitution and ask a good lawyer what it means, before a judgment is entered against her, to her embarrassment and humiliation as a rookie Minister. On Labor, we need to be smart and act smart, we need to be honest about the realities that Thirty (30) years of failed policies has had on the labor market. Today, every Seychellois that really wants a job, can really get a job. No business will refuse employment to anyone willing to work honestly and work hard.

What we need is better pay like the Ministers get but for our people. The least PL could do is cut those silly pensions for politicians to save us some money. How can PL pension off an opposition party by Scr. 20 Million over 10 years? This is not Democracy, it is a buy out and sell out of a political party. 

Finally, it is incumbent on Minister of Labor and Minister of Education to list names for training, and create their own apprentice ship program. That is the job of these ministries. Stop breeding chaos in the labor market to divide our people. We will not be divided over your failures. If you want business to participate in an apprentice program, create one and offer them incentives to take time to train those who want to learn on the job.

We Have To Think Smarter Seychelles

As the year unfolds, Seychelles real leaders need to put their pride aside for the betterment of the country, and think smarter and be more intelligent in the course of actions taken. The economic failure of Seychelles under SPPF PL has ended the ideological war. The SPPF Communists have lost the war. Rene’s social experiments have failed. He will go down in history as one of the most infamous leaders of the 20th century, laying the foundation for failed State that endures for generations. 

People of Seychelles, we can do better then failed state status. From today, stop being fooled by PL and their fake opposition alliance. Remember they are the same people that all ran for president at the same time to guarantee James Michel a victory. Why were they not an alliance before the presidential elections? Did they get hit by a meteor after the election?

We ask PL to abandon it’s communist tendencies that set Seychelles behind every year they were in power. Abandon the bad ideas that set back Seychelles. In 2013 PL, be more attentive to your bad habits as an organization that hurts Seychelles. 

 Today, we need smart ideas smart action, to get Seychelles back on track to being a successful country for her people. This was the promise of Independence. It was not the promise that ‘we are our own master of a failing pig pen with tendency of butchery of our opponents’. Make the adjustment PL I see your leadership trying, but it has to try harder, because it has lost a lot of ground over the years swimming too long in a quagmire of arrogance and defiance of numerical logic.

Recently, Mr. President has signed off numerous presidential powers to a new Secretary General Mrs. Lise Bastienne. Did Mr. President ever think that the post does not even exist under our Constitution and presidential powers cannot be delegated to an inferior unconstitutional office? 

No. He did not.

In spite of that, his Ministers will remain silent, and take orders from their new boss. Why? Because they are opportunistic Seychellois who have their own well being in mind, and they have forgotten the People and the Constitution they swore to serve. For this, I ask all Freedom Loving Seychellois, to have their camera ready this year, to keep them accountable. It is the People of Seychelles who own Seychelles, not a few opportunists. It is the People who will have to defend the Constitution not the opportunists that break it.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

This is worse then the floods for PL.

Anonymous said...

Gill has a point.

While we are suffering from flooding and appealing to the international community for aid, we are holding a carnival in the streets and paying for performances by Notting Hill and Brazil courtesy of STB.

What a joke.

Come on people, wake up.

Anonymous said...

The article pointed out the dire straits our country is going through under Pp one-party system and the need for Pp change course.

Pp must recognize that communism has failed miserably and are unworkable system for societal coordination.

Michel seeks to make himself large than life.Michel has illusions,delusions and obsessions.He has convinced himself that he has grand visions which in fact are illusions of grandeur.

Michel has a growth and tranforamtion plan,he has dellusional plan of economic growth and transformation,it cannot work and be sustainable.Michle has no national vision,but a vision of division and failures,society can progress by using fialures as mean to success.
Under Michel ,Seychelles has become the poster country for Interantional alms and charity and crushing interantional debts.

Corruption under Pp has put the country on life-support,The cancer of corruption has metastasized in the Seychellois politics.

Seychelles need genuine change,at all level,unless PP takes the necessary steps to bring about the change the people and country needs ,we about to end up like Zimbabwe of Mugabe.

Michel does not put the people to bring change to you.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

An excellent article. Several valid pointers need to be discussed and addressed - urgently.
Primarily, the education of our people is paramount and need to be developed for an open society to flourish. The peoples civic duties and their rights must be taught. If the regime is incapable of doing this function, I would suggest even SFP consider including an educational programme of this blogg, for example - unbiassed. The peoples basic needs should be met - not indoctrinations which is the case currently. Childish little slogans we hear on our radio and television every day are not suitable in a modern era - more appropriate in China or North Korea. Seychellois youngsters and everybody else must be allowed to open their minds to outside world too - as many are doing on their own at the moment.
As a blogger has highlighted. We are begging the world to help us to help those of us who are in distress. Yet we are spending money on carnivals. What kind of message are we sending to the world? We are now desparate and begging - even from known criminals like Mr. Sakhri El Madri. This puts us on collision course with the people from Tunisia and others within our international community.
Applications from known criminals and fugitives for asylum must be rejected outright - not even worth consideration. Suffice to have sent a very brief letter to Mr. Madri, such as:
Dear Mr. Madri,We acknowledge your application for asylum.
Having reviewed your circumstances and taking into account the welfare of our citizens and our obligations to our international partners, we are unable to grant you asylum in our country.
Thank you (Signed).
Citizens of our country must be taught that we must not forsake our human value always for exchange of money. We must not teach our children such ethos. We have become similar to a prostitute. Any Tom or Dick can have a go, provided they bring in a few Rupees. Some would argue that even a prostitute is useful, but this PP government is useless.

Anonymous said...

You right that a new education paln must be formulated.Last year NATION told us our student excel in GCSE but almost 95 percent obtain a C grade.That is not a progress PP but backwardness.Pp also told us that French has regressed, not a sucess but failure.Communist i must say has destroy the quality of education our people once enjoyed.Before ,we had for instance,family life course(Renaisance morale,Like we did Radio programmes for School-which students have to listen every morning and then figure out or explained in their own words what the understood from the programms which was soemthing good to develop the listening skill of students ,Pp communsists cancelled it to replace it by CREOLE lesson,the later cannot be used to make studies aborad PP,it is a waste of our children times ryther thna doing mathematics etc...

As To LA MADRI case
His father was the dictator ,the dictatorship of his father is over and there is a democratically eleted governemnt in TUNISIA,thuerefore MADRI cannot say his life in in danger,that justice will be biased,or his human rights abuse.For these reasons among others he does not deserve Asylum.He should be send to TUNISIA to face justice for his crimes.

Asylum is for people whose lives are seriuosly threaten and often it is in dictatorships that people's lives are threathen not in democracy.

Seychellois refused to protect a criminal from being punished for his crimes.

Pp ,Lucas have been damaging our country image,in scam deals,participation of genocide in RWANda,money luandry,sex slavery etc...we donot need more damge of our country by a handful of crooks.

Time for PP to DéGAGE!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

correction:_Not last year i mean this month.

Anonymous said...

One more thing first on EDUCATION,the for formulating a new educational plan waht the Brit left with us can be used as thw basis ofr a new plan.In fact it was not bad at all,unfortunately communist destroy it.

Secondly,a government must be composed of expert,qualifed persons not to the likes of Mitsy and Govinden.For instance,check was Govinden tells us inregrads to new election Atc namely "that the GVERNWEMNT MUST ammend new law"This guy beleive that ogvernemnt and Parliament is the same things which it is for a communsit.In a democracy the ammênment of Laws are made by Parliament which indepedent from governement"In this case how can you have funtional institutions when those at their helms are under qualified and not amture enough in the positions they are granted to.


Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Chaos have been raised to its higher height!

Anonymous said...

Alain St Ange is having a very hard time explaining the benefits from this carnival, 3 days of merrymaking for him and his hangers-on. He thinks the more he shouts and spits in SBC's mic the more we will believe him and accept that the carnival held against the background of storm damage and families still struggling to repair their lives is what we need. He is telling us that French Chang Him supports him. It does not mean a former bishop cannot have poor judgement.

Anonymous said...

Chris, is Lise Bastienne the real vice president? What is Danny Faure? Man or mouse?

Anonymous said...

How can we explain this to the world? Celebrating and Dancing in the same streets that only last week were claimed to be damaged by flood water and Seychelles people had to wade and were suffering! Here we go again, faking and lying! Nothing matters as long as we can extract money from any quarter,first we exaggerated about the Tsunami, second we stretched the Pirates issue and now a heavy rainfall has become a National Disaster! Allez Seychelles

Anonymous said...

We will never know how much aid we will not be getting because the donors are looking at us partying.

Anonymous said...

Now, Now you cannot expect much from banana republic with Alain's hunger for power. Alain once told me that one day Seychelles will be under his control.If Sydney Harbour had mouth it would back me up.voleur comme son père.

Anonymous said...

Indeed St. Ange has this complex. He has said to me that he can go all the way to State House and trump SPPF.

This means he intends to unseat Danny Faure, Meriton, and Lise Bastienne.

I personally see Lise Bastienne as the next Presidential candidate after Michel.

Anonymous said...

Carnival opening a BIG FLOP!

Money wasted down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Win dans louni Devan ban marmay dan nou lavil.

Anonymous said...

Big FLOP indeed!But for PP is a success as always.

Carnival does not generate benefit.No extra arrivals as an effect,only foreign participants whose expenditures are being paid by Tax payers.

A three-hour flight Sey_Mauritius on AirSey cost a fortune-maybe St Ange be busy finding ways to reduce price to make it affordable and interesting to his clients.For instance,by reduce catering on board from breakfast and lunch to breakfast and sandwishes,there is no need to serve both breakfast and lunch on a three-hour trip to mauritius as well as no need to have first class.etc.etc..etc..

St Ange should simply present his demission.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

st Ange should be busy

Anonymous said...

One thing that buffle me is why does the chiurches stay quiet dan sa safair dans touni dan lavil dan nou pei? Is that a sign of approval because they are hiding something worse than that? Kaka sec

Anonymous said...

I look at Joe samy and feel sorry for the man.he looks like someone that you have removed his brain from the head an modify it genitically.during the day he look lost poor guy.when there is festive activities he is swicthed on in full mode.

Anonymous said...

2.02 Pm
I have been asking myself the same question for sometimes now.One reason maybe that PP is fiancailly and illegally pampering them.Or Mybe Michel promised WIEHE a BASILICA once he starts pumping oil and rob us in billions.

I think we should write to both Catholic and Protestant leaders a letter to ask them for clarification.Nad As Bischop Wiehe should he not react to our letter or demand then the POPE should be sent a Letter of complain and asking Him to replace WIEHE by an active,young,energetic,sincere Bishop who really defense the Church and beleivers form tyranny like Ex-POPE was known for.

Weihe actual position and his sdilent is destroy the church and making beleivers go to join other faith not because they no löonger belevie in christianity but a shame of the position the Catholic church is taking in regard to PP tyranny.

Jeanne D`Arc

Anonymous said...

Maybe the priest n bishops love it,it give them their kicks at night. Delo kaka khalipha.

Anonymous said...

With the fatal accident, St Ange will get the visibility he wants. The wrong kind of visibility and he will not be able to claim Seychelles is a safe destination for tourists when visitors get killed being transported to their hotel. No safety culture, soon after the fire at Fishermans Cove Le Meriden hotel.

Anonymous said...

Putting the blame on visibility as if we have smog,fog,etc.. like in Europe is really as redicule as St aange looks like.

It is becuase of Bad traffic control,excessive speed,Bad training of leaners.Disregard of traffic codes ,driving under alcohol and drug influences.In Europe should someone is supicious to be under drug/Acohol use--one is tested on the spot by police and amybe ask not to drive and license remove--we do not have this under PP communsist.

Dito,to first aids,In Europe any leaners us attend first aid courses as part of the leaning proccess and they must pass the first aid test ---in Seychelles under PP that does not exist.

Other causes of road accidents could :bad road maintanace,roadway design,equipment failure,drivers' behaviours,distracting driving,speeding,etc...

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Most citizens watching the performance - or lack of - our Minister of tourism at the opening ceremony of the carnival would nothave been impressed to witness how our Minister struggled to deliver a useful presentation.
Our Minister was desperate to nulify crticisms raised by the preach on Sunday reagrding this carnival. He was clutching at straws, claiming that the retired Bishop had supported the idea. The retired Bishop merely sent his best wishes.One can hardly claim this as support that.Hewas being polite. Unfortunately now that there is a major accident causing the death of a reporter, some people interpreting this to be apre-warning from the church. One must wonder howmuch money has this minister spent bringing somany foreign participants for this carnival? If a simple flight to Mauritiuscost over Rs.10.500 per seat. Howmany came fromfurther away from Mauritius? Obviously once invited,the minister must paytheir flights,hotels,travelling expenses etc.etc.A great holiday for some. Show us the account Minister. How are we to recover the amount spent of our taxes?
It is highly unlikely that we get any more tourists in Seychelles because of these expenses. One wonders ho many of these foreign participants would have been accommodated in the partisan hotel at Port Launay? Several suitable words come to mind to categorise the inefficiency of this Minister. Amongst which are: idiosyncracy, imbecility or bouffonism. It would be pointless for this Minister to seek treatment from the Seychelles hospital, for any of these conditions because Dr.Mitsy is unable to help,ashas been reported. This would be a catastrophe. And he would be more likely to comeourin a wooden box,mortis corpus,asseveral of our citizens have encountered recently - as reported, but never acknowledged. The situation in our country is dire andneedto be addressed,urgently- failingwhich we are likely to require treatment elsewhhere. This situation in our country ismade even worse,when incompetent Ministers are rewarded and are appointed by proxy by former president. That would not solve our problems.

Anonymous said...

When foreigners were dancing on our soil
with some stupid LEPEP looking on
I could spot a few sad faces among the lot.
Alain St Ange face glimmer and his eyes
enchanted with hope of using his post
to allure the naked Brazilian’s bum.
The Nepean cops stick in hands
was no fun to watch with such
anger over their blood thirsty faces.
Sadly our beautiful Seychelles has become
“gentille Alouette “
LEPEP plumerais the mountain
to the sea, selling out when idiots are dancing.
MEANWHILE those who have lost everything
are crying tears of blood in silence of
their shattered dream of ever receive
help from its Government.
SHAMELESS SEYCHELLES party over the head
of those who has lost everything in the flood.
Partying over the pain of its people and country.

Anonymous said...

They danced while victims of flood suffered;

they danced while a journalist was killed by public safety negligence, another victim.

Anonymous said...

JJ Spirit Foundation wins best local float. More scandal for the carnival.

Anonymous said...

Carnival has been moved to the weekend after Easter. Peak season. No hotel rooms will be left for real tourists. Genius, Alain.

Anonymous said...

JJ spirit was a float of birds and everyone covering heir faces in shame.

Khalifa paid for the feathers and they were brought in on Etihad.

Politics as usual.

The Mauritian group was fantastic and they made St. Ange look like the Ceour De Carnard he is.

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing on my mind.
Total removal of JAM and his government. Ki sa zour!

Anonymous said...

Ki sa zour ooo

Stop dreaming.

Make it happen.

Ki.... sa... zour!

Anonymous said...

Now it's time to investigate JJ Spirit Foundation. JJ Spirit foundation has been set up as part of the corruption scandal. How does JJ Spirit get so much money to build a 150million building. Their float must have cost 1 million. They rent a massive office. Who bankrolls JJ Spirit. Seselwa open your eyes, we are being robbed daily.All money spent behind JJ Spirit would have gone a very long way helping flood victims !

Anonymous said...

A carnival could be a good publicity for a Nation if it puts in the place The cultural heritage of the Nation and i must say St Ange's Carnival does not put into value our cultural heritage,but that of foreigners and Seychellois is left far behind at the tail of the Carnival.

I would not mind,that foreigners are invited to give some favour and pep to our carnival,but in any case should they be the soul of the Carnival as now under KING MOMOS(St Ange).
IF our cultural heritage was the heart of the Carnival,i would not even mind that on the evening of the Carnival,music concert,comedy show,Acrobatic show(by Chinsese aprticipants) performed to give some night lives to the Carnival.

St Ange Carnival does not promote Our cultural Heritage,thus it is not the best promotion for our country and Tuorist industry and generally speaking,we should stop St Ange Carnival ,let us first get our Toruism industry on track by operating Direct flight to our main market ,only after he get things back on track economically we should consider a CArnival ,this time one that really put into value Seychellois Cultural Heritage and traditions.

JJ deveil Spirit FOUNDATION,is an indoctrination apparatus to brain-washed the youth:it fully sponosor illegally by Tax payers money which is a discrimination perpetrated by PP for those millions of Tax payers'money are distribute to a chosen small group of youths thus do not benefit ALl Seychellois youths.

JJ Spirit members are often the ones who benefit from ScholarShip not because they are the best but for the affliliation with the ruling part.

The other purpose of those indoctrianted youth is to ensure that at district levels they infested those office thus ensure the longivity of PP thugocracy and enslavement of the majority.

That PP can find hundreds of millions to build a bulding for its gang members show the extent of corruption under Pp thieves.Micchel cannot find enough money to compensate and re-build flood victims houses and properties ,nor find enough money to modernize our health system but by magic can find multi-millions for a buildings for a few youths member of PP aprty.Tax payers money Michel,Is when spent out should benfit the majority not a handful fo supporters,this is called DISCRIMINATION Michel and abuse of power,and rape of the constituion.

Stop stealing Michel!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

t ogive some flavour

Anonymous said...

Ki sa zour ek stop dreaming, wake up to your senses , the one that will change Seychelles is not born yet.

Anonymous said...

2013 is the begining of the end for PP thugs.Change is inevitable ,and we must become the change we want to see.I will take my responsibility and foster this change.

The future belongs to those who prepare it today,and we are.And as Malcolm X once put it"I donot mean that i advocate violence,but at the same time,i am not aginst using violence in self-defence: I donot call it violence when it is self-defence,i call it intelligent" and he added " not allowing the people to defence themselves,it is crime".

ANd finally Pissedoff,Change is the law of life,and those who only look the past or present ,arre cetainly to miss the future.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

He is born~

Anonymous said...

TO:...the one that will change Seychelles is not born yet.


Anonymous said...


While not being an expert in the aviation industry,i have been wondering like many Seychellois waht AIRSEY could do to be profitable and at the same time provide interesting and affordable TICKET PIRICE to its costumers.

After some intensive search ,i learnt that an Ariline fianacial durben is mostly due to high fuel price.Since,Airsey cannot influence Jet fuel price ,it however,make savings elsewhere to compensate its fuel costs and provide affordable ticket prices to customers.

Many airlines today,save money on jet fuel through FEUL HEDGING:The airlines gamble against the future price of feul,if an airlin thinks cost of fuel will rise in the future,it sign contracts for months/year.E:g Southern Airlines(USA)paid in 2008,U$3.5 billions below the industry average for jet fuel by using FEUL HEDGING:

Another way to cut costs is to use Only one type of Aircarft and fuel efficent crafts such as Boeing 737,Airbus 320 etc.. with allows an airline to to save money on maintenance,repair and the airline has only to stock parts for one model of plane use.The airline will ALSO save money on pilots and mechanic training ,since it does not need separate training programs for each different type on aircraft.

Using new technology,such as Internet booking-it reduce call centers,reduce desk check-in at airport.Self check-in amchine could also help reduce costs.

A newmodel of doing business in the aviation industry(successfully impement by airlines like Lufthansa,Singapore etc..)is by delinking operations into strategic businnes unit,(groudhandling,cleaning,enginnerings etc..) from amin airline and incorporate them as separate pontentially profitable subsidary companies.E.g Airysey enginnering could be an indepednet company that while provide Airsey its service could broaden its customers base and generate most of its revenue by providing its service to exteranl clients(otherairlines).This will allow Airsey toget rid of all those subsidries and concentrate solely on its CORE business namely Transportation(passegers/cargo).

Eliminating First Class,and offer only business class while converty some business seats into *Economy seats(the income of an airline is proportional to seats sold)Thus more economy seats more revenues).

On short hual flgiht (sey/Mauritius,Sey(Kenya etc...No neeed to save lucnch after serving half an hour later a good breakfast,Lunch could be repalce by sandwishes,and all extras in betwwen payable.It reduce cutlery,and save energy usaully used to heat up dishes.

The time an airline landed at its destination is also importatnt ,e.g landing early in ther morning or later in the evening reduce the cost on landing fee and aprrking at Airport,for at those time fees are lower ,turn -around shorter,for there is less traffic density.Arriva9ng on time at destination is important can amke an ariline save money.For instance,On a flight Sey,via ROME to Zeurich in 2008,after arriving later in ROME due to Delay on departure,we missed our connecting flgiht to Zuerich (for it was the alst figlht to Zuerich)we were then transfered and catered at hotels at Airsey costs.This money lost ofr this particular fight,for money generated on seats sold ,must be used to pay for hotels.Airsey back then could have avoud this lost by simply depaerting early from Sey,allowing connecting passengers to have over options should they missed their first connecting flight.

There are more ideas for St Ange,David Savy Nad pp,Contact us for further infos.

Jeanne D'Arc

Contact us!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

successfully implemented by Singapore etc

Anonymous said...

after serving half an hour before

Anonymous said...

Electoral Commision v/S under qualified and Pp gate keeper Govinden ,the later wants to force its will on EC and keeps the Staus quo.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...


Akoz ou pa HEDGE ou Taba.Write something that makes sense please.

Anonymous said...

I love these articles.

They really pull the pile of shit out in the open.

Anonymous said...

Pp enver heard of FUEL HEDGING?Would be good to know,for it would solve Airsey high fuel price problem,and allows it to make saving ,good for an airline.Pp ashould not compalin and tell me to write something that make snese when it does not know how to make things work,or stay ignorant of what going on in the Business world,else it would bankrutp us a second time.

You do not have ideas,you do not havesolutions to the problems it causes ,it could at least use ideas of thoers.

On VAT SFP has proposed a reality,undiscriminitory solution use it.
Dito on Energy useit ,and say Thank to SFP for seeing Pp's mistake and even corect them and propsoe solutions.etc..etc..etc..

Grow up guy!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Pp has never heard of

Anonymous said...

SFP has proposes a realistic solution use it Pissedoff!

Anonymous said...

On traffic congestion

Anse Royal could be developed and used as politcal capital wihle Victoria stays commercial capital due to its Habour etc,and as political capital.The problem today is that Victoria is where everythings goes,this increase traffic congestion .This is a problem you often see in Africa ,wherby all activities is done uînthe capitla and other part of the country remains undevelop which attract people all over the country to concetrate in one place.

As Bahama has long been praticing,law can be passed that allow ONE CAR per Family.etc..etc..etc
Contact us for more infos PP.

Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

you are so full of it.

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