Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Seychelles Journalism Abuse Exposed And Minister Adams Caught Lieing

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Seychelles Foreign Minister calls for thorough re-evaluation of Seychelles media landscape

Seychelles Foreign Minister calls for thorough re-evaluation of Seychelles media landscape( The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, has called on the organization “Reporters Sans Frontieres” (Reporters without Borders) to send an assessment mission to Seychelles following the publication of their 2013 report which downgraded Seychelles by 20 places.

The new position of Seychelles, from 73rd to 93rd, places the country below countries such as Kosovo, Gabon, East Timor, Paraguay, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Kuwait, Congo, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, and Central African Republic, and the Minister has questioned the reasoning that prompted the new ranking.

In a letter sent to Secretary General of RSF, Mr. Christophe Deloire, the Minister asked what evidence was considered in the organization’s assessment to indicate that Seychellois journalists have been operating in such perilous, life threatening circumstances over the past 12 months.

Minister Adam stated that, as per the organization’s criteria of legal obstacles and the risks of danger and human rights violations to journalists, there were no legal cases brought against any journalist, nor is any evidence of any journalist being in danger. The Minister added that Seychelles had in fact made many advances in promoting media freedom over the past 12 months, including reducing many barriers as to the owning and operating of radio stations and television channels:

“In 2012, the Seychelles regulations were amended to allow for radio and TV licenses to become more affordable. Now a year-long national radio license costs 100,000 SR (at just 8,333 SR a month). This is a rate that is comparatively cheaper than a large number of countries. Can a European country of similar size boast a 500 euros a month fee for a national radio license? Also the TV license now costs 250,000SR (20,833SR a month), and for subscription TV licenses it is 800,000SR (67,000SR a month). Following this change, in 2012 it was announced that 2 privately-owned radio stations, Pure FM and Seashell FM, are to be set up. Pure FM has recruited its staff, set up its studios and will be launched imminently.”

In addition the Minister called on the RSF to work with the local media to have a true and accurate assessment as to the state of reporting in the country.

PHOTO: Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Jean-Paul AdamMEDIA CONTACT:


Anonymous said...

The dictatorship in Seychelles is in a state of wllful denial.Dr Adam said everything is hunky-dory and juonalism is getting stronger and stronger and Sans Fontiere report does not reflect the reality.

Dr Adam said,licenses have benn distributed to private companies etc..

Dr Adam,Press freedom is not limited and about proctecting the irghts of nespapers,editors,juornalists,reporters,foreigner correspondents and radio is quintessentially about the right of every Seychellois citizens to seek,receive and impart inforamtion and ideas of all kinds,regardless of fontiers and without interference.

The attempt to dube the world with claims to the contary did not have the life of a dew.

WhenPP governemnt whose mmebers should be accountble to the public refuse to come public to be questioned and give answers fialed to do so,this is limited access to information.When our National media is controlled and monopolize by Michel with his rediculous Moman avel preziden"with only Onezim his firend to ask him pre-prepared questions on issues that do not interest seychellois this is not press freedom.Dr Adam.Should all Seychellois get free access to SBC thier medias,Dr Adam?

The report exposed and caught Adam lieiny but it also shows that the supposed refroms to democratize the country have not happen and who says limited press freedom says also less democracy.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

is not limited to distributing licenses

Anonymous said...

Adam must remember when journalist and editor Ralph Volcere was persecuted by Mathilda Twome?

Anonymous said...

Christopher Gill David, what level are you on? You are meddling in business issues that go to court for resolution and finality? These cases are civil cases , and you use the word: "GUILTY", imputed to criminals? On my case, I paid the lawyer every cent owned back in 1...See More
3 hours ago · Edited · Like
David Johnstone Mr Gill my whereabouts is my concern. Secondly i have said nothing wrong about Mr Chow. I have lnown Paul Chow for many years and totally agree that he is putting up a good fight to rid the country of PL and expose their faults. It is Mr Gary Tall that...See More
2 hours ago via mobile · Like
Christopher Gill Well, frankly David, your comments implicating me as a criminal, are fighting words. I was irate at them, because as I said, this is a civil matter. You know better then that, and you did what you did with malice as a fore thought.You are deliberately,...See More
2 hours ago · Like
David Johnstone Go ahead and sue me. I await.
21 minutes ago via mobile · Like
David Johnstone If my attack is one of a 13 year pld i guess mr Talls is one of a 5 year old.
20 minutes ago via mobile · Like
Gary Tall Johnstone,you are a disgrace. For you to bring so many innocent people into this is beyond belief.First it was Gill than Hoarau....Who is next? This topic was the judgement passed by a civil court on Paul Chow. This is not the first time that Mr Chow have ended up in the dock. There was a case way back with State Assurance corporation. My point was that politicians should be clean if they want to run for political office. Too many people in Seychelles are there for their own ego than to bring political change to the country. That was my point.
8 minutes ago · Like
Gary Tall In the UK no one can run for political office if they have County Court judgements against their name, even as a Councillor for their respective district.
3 minutes ago · Like

Anonymous said...

That Mr Chowshas ended up in the dock on several occasions for speaking out his monds and truth to power is known.But,you should be shocked that Pp crimanals like LUCAS,ministers robbing from the minsitery coffoers,sell out our patrimony and birthrights never face justice.

Politicans ,you says,should come clean should they want to access the higher office.You're right ,thus ,why we think Pp thugs (state terrosists) should have never hold high office and as you know they forced themsleves in office without the people consent.

Thus That FAURE who has been the Butcher's minister of economy thus help bankrupted our economy,participate in robbing 2.5 billions from ourcoffers,apporving illegal sell out of our patrimony and birthrights,etc.. shoulkd never have been a minister nor should it be the next President of this country.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

speaking out his mind

Anonymous said...

Did PL attempted to silence JP?

Anonymous said...

SFP announces that JP Isaac is no longer SG of SFP as of Last week. We thank Mr. Isaac for the positive contributions he made to the party when he did, and we wish him well in his future efforts. The office of Secretary General is now occupied by the Leader of the Party Christopher Gill.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel pou Seselwa!

Seychelles Freedom Party.

Anonymous said...

SFP has become a pain in Pp 's arse that you are so distrub that you keep inventing all kinds of illsionary comments.

You were speaking about Mr CHow who has been forced.He is not the first Seychellois victi.,A Seychellois lady a few months ago was also jailed beucase she built her house a little bigger than planned.

Pp since 1977 had decided to bullshit Seychellois while on the other hand the same Pp donkeys keep raping our consituions -rules of laws etc..
My question to PP thugs is,when is all those minister to the likes of Morgan,donkey like GOvinden,Immigration officer and the rest will face justice for thegorss crimies and continue crimes on Seychellois people?
When will PP bring back our 2,5 billions?When would those Pp donkeys selling out our patrinomy and birthrights be arrested and jailed PP?

Since,we are speaking about justice.I congratulate the Seychellis lady being appointed as judge in the supreme court.Seychelles as a sovereign Nation ,its jutice system as any important ofices should be controlled by Seychelles born not under qualify foreigners from Uganda and else where.

PP as always was trying to make her appointment a show and giving the impression that over the 3 alst decades there were no Seychellois Ladies capalbe of taking this office and as if becuase it is a women this is almost like something impossible and abnormal.No .,PP the reason why we have had women in higher offices is becuase PP either give high position to Pp followers or when there is no PP followers ,high position were illegally colonized by ofreigners Like Ntende who should leave our land immedaitely,dito to Scully,and the rest.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

who has been forced in Pp selective justice system to pay an astromonic amount

Anonymous said...

Alala. Sekreter Grenouy inn sot Kannot. Gill elects himself as new SEkreter Grenouy. JP tro busy pe study pou sa online Neurosurgery degree ek en Univercity.

Anonymous said...

see more what

Anonymous said...

Blame el materi fgor sfp problems.

Anonymous said...

If they not face justice i will show them how justice are taken to criminals,me and some freedom fighter will start to nock on their doors.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

May 8, 2013 at 12:31 PM, I was reading this debate through a friend facebook. Sad to say that some people need help more than others.

C. Hoareau, l’amie fidèle laquelle SFP avait à ses côtés disparue!

Maintenant, dit-elle, tous les Maliens savent que { depuis que Monsieur Tall a servi des lignes absurdes les pires insultes} rien n’est irréversible et que ça n’arrive pas qu’aux autres. Chaque Malien et chaque Malienne aura eu sa part d’humiliation et de traumatisme. Elle a signalé qu’il ne faut laisser aucun homme, aucun groupe ni clan conduire ce pays à un autre chaos. Pour elle, il faut encore et pour toujours renforcer la vigilance.

Monsieur Tall a insulté Mademoiselle Hoareau , c’est pour cela qu’elle à disparue sur la blog et sur toutes les page de SFP. Chapeau a vous Mademoiselle Hoareau, “for remaining strong and tall abouv all his insults” .

Monsieur Tall vous nous fatiguez avec votre très mauvais caractère. Faites des mots croisés, du tricot ou ouvrez une épicerie, mais laissez tomber la chansonnette. Quand c'est mauvais et bien c'est mauvais; faut l'accepter!

Ce violent monsieur Tall devrait consulter rapidement un spécialiste.

Claudette Larue.

Anonymous said...

This is a clean cut diamond Jean-Paul, good on you. Excellent!

Anonymous said...


Mr Tall is exposing PP,et la chute de Michel n`en finit plus,il est en chute libre.Quand a Adam, il est à la dérive.Il est dröle de voir qu'à la dérive,on se sent vraiment humain au fond du précipice.

Mais ou sont donc passés les oints du seigneur Michel et efant coeur (servant d'autel)FAURE?

Seychellois sont comme les abeilles travaillent et produisent des miel,tandis que les frelons(Pp thugs),grands prédatueurs.leur sucent le miel et les détruisent.

Sfp va te faire enculé.Ìl faut en finir avec ces prédatuers,(Michel le boucher et ses cliques.

Réveille toi connard!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Comment: We want to address the Minister of Interior Minister what his name Joel Morgan and – he forgets how he got to that post - just as he treats our person to Freudian ignorance.

We have time and time stated that the original mega bust up with Somalia was over the SIROP program we have been working with the SNP of Somali in exile and events, those who turned thing upside down and the bombing of Somalia.

That was the start when they decided to turn their back on the West and International community and embraced the Piracy politic.

To make this statement and then have the media circus of Seychelles, the region and the world perform their lunacy is not very amusing.
We have written bluntly and told Seychelles government that SIROP program have the capacity to influence many aspect of the so call national and regional eco0logy, sustainability and environment workings and the $millions and the resource the international community have been throwing at them.

Now this same corrupted, made and complete lunatic they dare stand at International platform and offer to help rebuild Somali – obviously the global insanity has and is taking a new dimension. This situation is not just the fault of Minister Joel Morgan – those with their corrupted benchmark since that SIROP program was created/put together – what has been done, cone, dishonest workings and the world, that region today.

May be we can help Minister Joel Morgan – just refer to some of the notes of SPUP on British workings shortly before and after 15 years of independence and mega dishonesty when they had one party state – how come this has change overnight.

We have addressed a public private letter to the USA Home Security - copy to the White House, French Embassy inn Seychellesd - those in Seychelles the armies of Parasite - are you all aware if it/we had to clear that Flat in London and the House in Kent you would have situation worse than 10 Somalia, the Lord only know about the Climate complete cackup - no reply from Seychelles police, those we have written in Seychelles and Mauritius and the USA

Anonymous said...

For your information the seychelles reality should not entertain facebook debates as they are already being debated on facebook.

If Isaac has resigned from SFP why is it that a press release has not been issued. PL are now becoming more desperate that they are fabricating lies about SFP sg resigning. We all know that the sfp blog was hijacked by PL it was on facebook.

As for Isaac we are all seeing how he is dealing with the El Materi issue and we also saw him at the court house attending the desaubin case. Volcere also was seen in the supreme court.

Sfp has made so many changes in seychelles that even death threats are being made on its supporters.

Image Oubliee

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Morgan and his master banrupted our economy,Pp has not been able to increase Seychellois salary for 3 decades,cannot operate AirSey,cannot create jobs for our youths,cannot pay back the astronomic debts Michel created,cannot provide enough medications in our hospital,and has been begging the world and living on charity since 2008 and now Dr Morgan is talking about helping Somali.

I would advice Pp to stop to fix the problems of Seychellis firstmand any tax payers'money should it be given to other nations must have the approval of Seychellois.Pp must stop with its rediculous show on Interantional scene and fit the probelms of Seychellois and that now.

On piracy,in the meeting yesterday in the Uk,the interantional community has again made public,piracy has been reduce to 80 percent ,the remain 20 percents of attacks are taking place in the omali'^s water not in Seychelles waters,nor Egyptain,water or the golf of Eden.So Pp should stop bullshiting us with piracy which is sending the wrong message to interantional investors and tourists.

Build new Dams,Morgan,Put soalr panels on individuals house to sovle our enrgy problems,rehabilitate our burt mountains,help fllod victims,etc...

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

May 9, 2013 at 12:21 PM, agree what is on Fezbuk finis in Fezbuk. Why bwing hewe to make kankan.
Mr Isaac did you wisign ow nott?

Anonymous said...

Eskise mi, mi no spiss inglis.

Anonymous said...

If Gary was not vulgar then I wouldn't call him a Tall. Nonetheless, it is Adam who is covering up the government actions towards journalist and the misuse of the government medias houses NOT Tall.

A little vulgarism is often easier to digest than a pack of lies.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Isaac,

Mr.Gary Tall is saying on seychellesrealitytoday blog that you have resigned from SFP.

Is it true?

If so why?

By A Freedom loving Seychellois.

Anonymous said...

Adam is attempting to cover Pp abuses while Mr Tall is successfully keeping to expose Pp thugs.Dr Adam with his arrogance ,even went on to call on a well-known and proffesfional organisation like "without board"to re-evaluate its report.Adam think this organisation should have been part of the propaganda machine for PP thugtocracy and of course Dr Adam has convivned himself that this organization would have to abide by his dictation.

My question to Dr Adam is,does SBC give free and qual accesss to Oppostion parties,Nogs etc... as it is stipüulated in the constitution?The answer Dr Adam is no,press freedom is not limited to giving licenses but allowing juornalists as well as the public to get access to information without intervention.E.g-Oppostion leaders Like Michel in with his "En momann avek ONIZIM",other programs should exsit whereby other politicians can express their possition.etc..

We also want to see and what should be noraml--that when Michel,his ministers make official visits abraod ,on their return that the hold Press conferences ,and that not alone with ONEZIM but in the present of all juornalists who wanted to attend.

Figure this out--Seychelles is far below Serria leone ,a country that went through decades of war,still doing better than Pp thugs.Waht a shame Pp!

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that The SFP SG was caught with his hands in the vol rosbif Gill...sanmem in bez ganny pouse...
I got this news straight from the horse's pun intended here be cause the meat was beieved to be beef...yes beef but Ti Johnny-Le-Gay told me over a beer at Pirates arms...non ti Johnny?

Anonymous said...

May 10, 2013 at 2:04 PM, you must be one of those fanatic PL. Jean-Paul is a hard working family man, so shut your filthy mouth up and think before you type. UK garbage. Be a man like Jean-Paul and show your face on our shore, walk his path before you type and before calling Jean-Paul a thief. Jean-Paul will be back soon, we all need a little break sometimes.

Anonymous said...

MICROBIOME :) :) :) alias Tall stop crediting yourself.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

May 10, 2013 at 2:26 PM

Is he recoveing from a nervous breakdown?...or is it frost bite hahahaha!?

Anonymous said...

Recovering my ass this guy is taking peoples signature as we speak to register his own political party.

Am from pl i know and i signed his paper.

The election commission is to announce this very soon.

Anonymous said...

May 10, 2013 at 6:42 PM Like I said before, you are not man enough. Show your face on our shore and walk his path!

Anonymous said...

May 10, 2013 at 9:09 PM


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dr Michel sent condolence to Turkish President after the aftermath of a bomb attack.Funnily,The buthcer spoke about terrorist acts.But i remind Terrorist Michel that dictatorship is also terrorism,State terorism.

Jeanne D'Arc

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