Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Small Comparison As To What Lenght Will Seychelles Institutions Will Go To Recruit Or Hire Foreigners While We Seychellois Are Given The Shell Of The Peanuts For Service In No Different Magnitude. Aret Pran Seselwa Pou Kouyon. Equal Pay For Equal Service!

"It has become apparent that even if we now have a Seychelles University we will never be looked at or regarded as equals in profession as a graduated and experienced professional in any fields in our own country Seychelles. The only way to address these issues is to once and for all put them forward.

No mediocre parliament or grand speech from Sham Elected presidents office. Just Facts and facts after facts So Help Me God........."

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Secondary-Head of Mathematics-Indian Ocean-August 2013 (Ref: 10189)

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Job Information

Age Range:
Ages 11-18/Secondary/High
Start Date:
25 August 2013

Job Description

Position: Experienced Head of Mathematics
Start Date: August 2013
Island paradise beckons deep in the azure and tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. If you fancy a taste of a 'palm tree swaying on the beach' lifestyle working in an international school that will offer a unique and rewarding professional experience and you are free from August 2013, then look no further. Contact your local recruiter to find out more about this once in a lifetime opportunity working as a Head of Maths.
The school is wholly parental owned and is operated on a non-profit basis catering for 700 great kids, 55% of whom are local; the rest are an international mix from India, Sri Lanka, Australia, the European Union and more. Conditions of work are excellent in well resourced and air conditioned facilities. Behaviour and academic ability are of an excellent standard; the school enjoys impressive IGCSE and A-level results not to mention envious university entrance. Teachanywhere has visited the school and it has to be written that the setting is truly tropical surrounded by swaying palm trees and hills carpeted in lush green rain forest.
Although British experience is prefered to reflect the curriculum, all nationalities with relevant National Curriculum of England and Wales experience will be considered from KS3 to A-level including IGCSE. For this position of responsibility at least 5 years of maths teaching experience is needed; a relevant qualification is desirable. You must have an excellent command of the English language. The appointed person will be expected to be part of the team that supports and develops the policy, practice and culture across the age and ability range. The challenge will be to ensure that students are able to access the curriculum whatever their learning need or previous school history, thereby reducing the level of disengagement and disaffection.
Annual salary ranges from SR330000 to SR420000 depending on experience and qualifications and is offered with free fully furnished accommodation, flights at the beginning and end of contract, medical insurance, baggage allowance and an end of contract GBP4000 tax free gratuity. Residents of the island are given National Identity cards which allows special rates for inter island flights and access to top hotels at a cheaper rate and such.
The Indian Ocean offers those who are seeking a more relaxed pace of life away full of all those activities of which we dream when we look out of our window upon a grey drizzly day; finish school and head on down to the beach with a good book or how about a late afternoon of deep sea fishing? Do your research; two years in the islands is so different to a two week holiday!


Housing-single,Medical,Flts-1x,bonus payment

Benefits Notes

Salary is SR25000-30000 per month (UK1250-1500). Accommodation is single occupancy and can be given as a housing allowance. Medical insurance is provided. Flights are only given at the beginning and end of contract. Utility bills are not paid. The contract is for 2 years and at the end a tax free gratuity of UK4000 is awarded.

Region Overview

Browse through any related website or lonely planet guide and you will be overwhelmed by a desire to chase an opportunity to live in an equatorial paradise characterized by warm tropical waters, white sugary sand, shallow coral lagoons, lush mountain rainforests, and palm trees dangling over unspoilt beaches?BUT BEWARE?.visiting an island paradise such as the Seychelles is a totally different experience than actually living there, where taxation is high, shopping and entertainment almost non-existent, drug and alcohol crime is on the increase, and the chances of romance are remote. This is the only place in the world where second hand cars INCREASE in value and a 7 year old Japanese car costs US$20K. Foreign imports are expensive and the economy craves foreign currency doing anything it can to retain as much as possible. Black marketers on the beach will offer you up to 8SRs for one dollar (bank rates - 5 to a dollar). Five dollars will buy you a small portion of traditional fish and chips at Neptune's Fish Bar in Victoria but do not expect a wide variety of familiar household products like HP and Heinz in the local supermarket! If you are mature, love the outdoors, crave a slow pace of life, an avid bird watcher, a keen swimmer, not one for excessive saving, willing to immerse into the local culture on every front and a bit of a recluse at night preferring a good book than a night on the town then this is the place for you. But hey let's not get too critical - the school provides accommodation (o


Pissedoff said...

Sa loser nincompoop Gary Tall blocks all my comments on his Seychelles Reality Today because he is afraid of the truth.

Gary Tall gran pilon what are you afraid of? You asked me to come talk to you on facebook yet I cannot find you there. Say what you have to say her you pizza delivering loser!

Bougla you are a joke!
Bann self proclaimed ambassador fes parey ou ki fer nou pei ganny klase konman banana republic!

Anonymous said...

well said Pissedoff. Gary Toll is nothing more than a junky, and that makes SFP nothing more than a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

keep on dreaming Toll, ambassador pizza hahahahaha tihihihihi welelelelele

Anonymous said...

zoto ki ambassador, ambassador son lapo fess pa puli.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Just one word to describe Gary Tall 'coward'. This man have no class what so ever. pli move ki dekinien ek troukler.

Anonymous said...

Mazanbik pou touzour mazanbik. Nwar Dan sesel I kouyon. Reken pa manz nwar akoz zot kwar ki I kaka balenn. Albert inn anpli son pos e inn tir lekor e lot lera ki parey en lera kinn tonm Dan delwil pe vann nou zil avek as bann bebet mizilman Arab ki eswiy zot fes ek zot lanmen . Mon bann frer oeuvre zot lizye.

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