Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No Free Or Fair Trial And Especially NO Right To Legal Counsel By The State Making The Seychelles Judiciary More Unique By A Million Miles From Democracy But A Few Steps Closer To Sharia Laws


What is wrong with this picture is that such rights are in words and writing for Seychelles. The right to an attorney or legal aid in Seychelles is as corrupt as the judiciary in itself, if you are an opposition there may be screening involved before you might get legal aid. Should you chose to represent yourself in this court of law of Seychelles then it is better to drive yourself to the foot of Montagne Posee prison and ask for a residency permit without due process.

This confirms entirely that there is no separation of powers between the judiciary, Parliament and the executive of the country.

By refusal of a seychellois right to legal aid on the grounds that he or she has a stable financial status this is an absurd assertion by the judiciary.

Just a simple mathematics would dictate for the  judiciary To understand what is a steady income in Seychelles as follows:

A monthly income say is not less than 3000 Seychelles rupees excluding the taxes imposed by the current government.

The cost of living broken down falls in the category of Bills, Food, Transportation and Clothing that excludes Education and Health Care though not too standard it is what we have.

An average family is three or four per Domicile, just the cost of water i mean proper drinking water not the Desalination water we receive by tap from PUC still unaccounted for the Salinity Level is  to 5 rupees on small or full length bottle and a 5 ltr bottle  Seychelles rupees. Even our government officials buys drinking water rather than to use the tap water they send out to the people. Just a few days ago i saw stacks of water bottle in the blue roof hospital stored in a corner to be used by the very doctors that is silent on the content of "Aqua" Seychellois is being issued.

An average person consumes at about 2 to 3 litres of water a day; that is through a controlled and accountability format, so in a day for four person this would be 4x2 equal to 8. So for eight litres requires the purchase of two 30 SCR of 5 litre bottles every day.

For the lucky ones having a vehicle, bringing your empty water bottles to the producing factory you pay 15 SCR to refill but should you fail to be so lucky of transportation, you are left to buy from shops at 30 to 15 or 10 rupees. Even if you would buy in bulks and store you still have to pay transportation to and from which adds on to expenses though it is once a month.

Mind you this is only for water consumption but see the maths here:- if a family drink 2-3 litres of water a day then they spend 2 x 30 SCR per day equal to 60 SCR a day. So for 30 days or a month they spend 30 x 60 SCR equals to 1800 SCR. Note that this is  drinking water Alone.

Now for an electricity Bill, Plus water for shower and cleaning Bill, add children s needs and care and also food and transportation. Should i also do the math for that and say how much will remain from an average or a Seychellois Salary?

How much do lawyers charge for cases now is another question?

The answer would be they set their own fee and tariffs per cases.

Has there been any review in legal fees or cost of living in 

Well only in writing and in spirit otherwise we are just like the very slaves that built "establishment Du rois" for the french in the beginning of it all for Seychelles. Nothing has really changed. They dressed the engine but the spares from pistons down to the very bolts that holds it together is a rust haven accumulated and giving way to expose the corrupt core.

Editors note: Even the Somali pirates after being caught attacking vessels in our ocean, Even foreigners caught smuggling drugs and other illegal things to Seychelles, even foreigners buying land illegally in Seychelles are given a lawyer faster than we can say hello. No letters to the courts registrar or denial.

Why cant Seychellois have the same is it that Seychelles is not for seychellois? God bless us all.


Anonymous said...

Lets see if james michel will get legal aid when he finishes with guillaume albert for taking nathalie away from him.

I wonder how he fells when he knows a businessman is making nathalie mad with love that she sent him and his nouveau seychelles fert foot.

Laughing stock of dictatorship president. In africa there is a first time for everything and guillaume made michel his monkey.

Hopefully Ton Joe Albert has a reinforced steel cage as Michel is a screamer.


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