Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seychelles Government Kills Two Birds With One Stone By Accepting The Destruction Of Our Forest and Animal Habit And The Poisoning Of Our People by Exposure To Toxic Fumes

"The People of Glacis nearby the region of Northolmes or should i say Hilton Hotel Seychelles is being deprived of clean air and tranquility in peace. This very morning a few disgruntled residence of Glacis, Sorento went as far as the police station complaining of foul odor emitting from heavy diesel machinery and heavy noise echoing from the bottom ground right up to the residents room where they would rest or sleep.

A resident claimed that when he contacted the environment department on early morning until now. No response from the other end, after struggling to reach the environment department that handles site visit. Failed.

When i paid a visit to the site or area i saw constructions ongoing at full force and no barriers to contain the level of dust that was being dissipated when there was no rain and as well as a small GPU look alike device that was spouting black carbon smokes complimenting the darker smokes coming from fleet of heavy machinery dealing with transportation of materials and debris from the site.

So what is governments policy on protection of our natural resource, our environment and to top it all up our people the "seselwa" people.

Let us not be fooled that the blue economy hands forth is the highest subject needed to be looked at  but rather the destruction of a country and its people."

This Red Regime Should take heed of the La Misere fiasco that resulted in a nation consuming shit water or excrement's from ascon indian workers to build Sheikh khaliffas palace. another perfect but rather similar example is the roche caiman swimming pool issue when PUC power station was emitting high carbon fumes and dust  that would contaminate the swimming pool water and cause the workers there hazardous risk's. This same issue was tackled and a reducer was used to control carbon emission.

We do not need professor or god knows how many titles Rolph Payet has to tell us "karbon pa bon pou espire". The following article below tells us that clearly and steps to sue or take legal actions against the construction company and its hired developer for imposing health risk to the residents of Glacis is and may well be on the way.

Meanwhile i compliment my letter to the world health organization director with a follow up regarding this case and the risk's at hand.

The Many Hazards of Diesel

Diesel vapors can irritate eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Excessive short-term exposure can lead to dizziness, drowsiness, loss of coordination, blood pressure elevation, headaches, nausea, asphyxiation and lung damage. Breathing diesel vapors for long periods of time can cause kidney damage and reduce the clotting ability of blood.

Diesel fuel can irritate the skin and aggravate any existing skin condition. A large skin exposure can lead to severe redness, pain and chemical burn blisters. If the fuel is not cleaned from the skin quickly, it is absorbed into the blood stream where it can cause symptoms identical to inhalation exposure.

There has not been enough research to positively associate exposure to diesel fuel with cancers. However in one study, there was evidence of increased risk for lung cancer in men estimated to have had substantial exposure to diesel fuel. There was also an indication of an increased risk for cancer of the prostate in these workers.

Bus drivers and garage mechanics may be routinely exposed to diesel fuel. There has been too little research on the long-term, chronic effects of this type of exposure. Every effort, therefore, should be made to reduce or eliminate exposure.

What can be done to minimize exposure?

Fuel pumps should have vapor capture devices to prevent diesel fuel vapors from escaping into the breathing zone of the worker. When such devices do not exist, workers should avoid breathing the vapors and attempt to keep fuel spills to a minimum.

Wearing gloves may also help to reduce exposure. However, diesel fuel can easily penetrate most glove material. Gloves made of nitrile or viton have been shown to be the most effective barrier against penetration of diesel fuel. Neoprene gloves may also provide some limited protection. Vinyl gloves or butyl rubber gloves provide little or no protection.

Adequate first aid procedures are essential to minimize the health effects of exposure. If a worker gets diesel fuel on skin and/or clothing, he or she should flood the affected skin with water and remove and isolate all contaminated clothing (in a sealed plastic bag). The skin should be gently and thoroughly washed with soap and water. If symptoms such as redness or irritation develop, the worker should see a physician immediately.

If fuel is splashed into eyes, remove contact lenses. Flush eyes with water or normal saline solution for 20-30 minutes; at the same time contact the nearest hospital or poison control center.
When a worker is overexposed to the vapor, he or she should leave the contaminated area immediately and take deep breaths of fresh air. If the worker experiences symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath or burning in the mouth, throat or chest, the worker should immediately contact a physician and/or go to the hospital.

When cleaning up spills, remember to remove all sources of ignition. Use absorbant paper to pick up the spilled fuel. Seal contaminated paper in a bag for disposal. Wash all contaminated surfaces with ethanol followed by washing with a soap and water solution.

Diesel exhaust exposure can cause a wide range of health effects from mild irritation to cancer. Health effects will vary from individual to individual and will depend on the length of exposure to diesel exhaust and the concentration of exposure.

Short-term/Acute Effects: Many workers are familiar with the burning and irritating effects of exposure to diesel fumes. Common complaints include eye, nose and throat irritation, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes. Some workers may have a brief reduction in their lung capacity after an exposure. Most of these symptoms clear up when workers go home or exposure ends at work.
Chronic Effects:

Evidence is mounting that diesel exhaust exposure can have a serious effect on the immune system. Among other things diesel exhaust exposure:

• Probably promotes or worsens allergic rhinitis (i.e., sneezing, stuffiness)

• Can trigger or make asthma attacks worse in vulnerable individuals. Exposure may also be responsible for new cases of asthma, but the evidence is not yet clear

Long Term Effects - Cancer

For years, there has been a great deal of controversy over whether diesel exhaust fumes cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Studies of bus and truck drivers and maintenance personnel at garages have been mixed – some have found a higher than normal incidence of lung cancer in study groups; others have not. This year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has drafted a document classifying diesel exhaust as a possible carcinogen. The agency states that “at low levels as well as high levels” diesel exhaust was likely to pose a risk of lung cancer and other respiratory disease. Similarly a panel of California state scientists concluded this year that diesel exhaust poses a serious threat of cancer to the general public. A group of researchers in Japan have isolated at least one extremely carcinogenic substance from diesel exhaust fumes - (3-nitrobenzathrone); these researchers found a remarkable increase in emission of this substance when engines were working under heavy loads.

The risk of lung cancer appears to increase with the years of exposure to diesel fumes.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce exposure to bus drivers and garage workers. Ideally, school systems should purchase new diesel-powered vehicles or engines that have reduced emissions. But even with older diesel –powered vehicles, measures can be taken to reduce or eliminate exposure.
In the garage and storage facilities:


Anonymous said...

Partilepep failed to provide enough energy suplies to all those establishemnt.Have Seychellois told them to speed up the use of soalr energy in abandone in Seychelles.Wind nergy could also be used not those big WINDMILLS but MAGLEV wind turbine smaller,could be palce literally anywhere on buildings,operate at low wind comapre to WINDMILLS,no noise nuissance,produce more energy than Windmills,could be use on coastal palces like Port,Airport,On coral islands,etc....

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